• Now fully exposed as a fraudulent pyramid scheme, Italian authorities have labeled OneCoin a Ponzi scheme and imposed a fine of  €2.5 million for the company to pay. While Hungary and other countries have merely banned or taken OneCoin to court, Italy has stepped up and become one of the first countries to take a hardline stance against the company. This seems to be the first instance where a government, in this case, Italy’s, acting

    Italy Labels OneCoin a Ponzi Scheme, Levies €2.5 Million Fine

    | 2017/08/11 10:15 pm
  • Bitcoinist spoke with Volodymyr Panchenko, Founder and CEO of DMarket, a first-of-its-kind marketplace that allows gamers to buy, sell, or trade in-game items from any game on any gaming platform. Bitcoinist: What is DMarket? VP: DMarket is the first cross-game marketplace that allows gamers from all over the world to trade or exchange in-game goods originating from any gaming platform. In fact, DMarket will allow more than two billion gamers to buy and sell their items.

    Interview with DMarket: The First Cross-Game Marketplace for In-Game Items

    | 2017/08/11 4:15 pm
  • A Russian entrepreneur has announced the upcoming ICO of Bitcoen, the world’s first kosher cryptocurrency that will follow Jewish law and traditions. Growing up in South Florida, I was used to seeing kosher delis dotting the landscape. Now it appears that kosher will be hitting the digital age as a new Jewish cryptocurrency called Bitcoen is set to be launched. This new kosher cryptocurrency is the brainchild of Viacheslav Semenchuk, a Russian entrepreneur. Bitcoen takes

    Cryptocurrency Goes Kosher with the New Bitcoen

    | 2017/08/10 7:30 am
  • One of the first and biggest major retailers to join the Bitcoin revolution has invested heavily in its blockchain subsidiary, and has also changed its internal strategy on accumulating Bitcoin from 10% previously to an incredible 50% now. This move coincides with the digital currency breaking its all time records this month and soaring to unprecedented highs.

    Overstock Cryptocurrency Strategy: In It For The Long Haul

    | 2017/08/08 12:30 pm
  • The prominent blockchain-based digital asset management startup Po.et has announced its partnership with the global content studio Blink. Proof of Existence 2.0 Po.et is a very young blockchain startup that aims solve multiple problems in the digital content industry. The Singapore and Los Angels-based project utilizes blockchain technology in order to create a platform that makes publishing, licensing and distribution of digital assets easier. The Po.et platform would essentially use blockchain technology and smart contracts to

    Po.et Partners With Blink To Automate Licensing Digital Content To Major Media Companies

    | 2017/08/06 6:15 pm
  • It only seems like a couple of days ago that we were all huddled  around our computer screens in nervous anticipation. The countdown tickers onscreen marked the inexorable march towards an event that could change the world. Fingernails were being bitten down to bloody stumps, until finally… zero hour! So much has happened since then that… What? It was only a couple of days ago! Oh, so did anything happen? Not Immediately The alotted time came and

    Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork : Price Swings and the Aftermath

    | 2017/08/03 3:00 pm
  • John Mack, the former Chief Executive Officer for Morgan Stanley, is taking the plunge into the cryptocurrency world in a big way as he breaks from traditional investment models in order to launch an ICO. Mack is one of a few traditionalists who is moving with the times, hoping to not be left out in the digital currency cold as it plows astronomically forward. Many in this traditional sphere of investments have been skeptical of what

    Former Morgan Stanley CEO to Launch Investment ICO

    | 2017/08/03 11:15 am
  • This ‘stealth’ cryptocurrency hedge fund is being backed by the top venture capitalists in Silicon Valley. Choosing instead to let its performance numbers speak for themselves, the fund has shied away from the spotlight and never even announced its recent fundraising round. The Way Forward MetaStable Capital, is a hedge fund in ‘stealth’ mode that primarily focuses on cryptocurrencies and ICOs. One of hedge funds founders is the well-known CEO of AngelList, Naval Ravikant. This unique hedge

    The Secret Hedge Fund That is Outperforming Bitcoin

    | 2017/07/29 11:00 am
  • On Thursday, undefeated World Champion boxer Floyd Mayweather delivered a staggering uppercut to ICO (Initial Coin Offering) detractors by promoting the upcoming Stox.com ICO to his 16.2 million Instagram followers. A $hit T$n of Money In the Instagram post, Mayweather can be seen on what looks like a private jet, with twenty-five stacks of hundred dollar bills on the table in front of him. In the text accompanying the image, he predicts that he will

    Floyd Mayweather Predicts ‘I’m gonna make a $h*t T$n of money’ on ICO

    | 2017/07/28 3:15 pm
  • Provably fair blockchain lottery True Flip has announced a strategic partnership with DAO.Casino, the gambling blockchain protocol which allows for the creation of custom-made decentralized online casinos funded and run by the community. Both projects are currently in ICO stage. The Beginning of a Beautiful Partnership For their first joint project, True Flip will undertake the development of a decentralized lottery game on their platform utilizing DAO.Casino’s gambling protocol. True Flip expects this update to

    True Flip and DAO.Casino Enter Strategic Partnership to Improve User Experience; ICO Nearing Completion

    | 2017/07/27 5:30 pm
  • With a year-to-date growth of almost 4,000%, at the close of the second quarter of 2017, it was Ripple that was the star of the cryptocurrency world. The growth of Ripple, and its token, XRP, has been phenomenal in a market that is used to seeing astronomical growth. The XRP token closed out the second financial quarter of 2017 on June 30th priced at $0.26 USD. That is a 1,159% increase for the quarter alone

    Ripple Outshines Bitcoin and Ethereum, Up Almost 4,000%

    | 2017/07/23 7:00 pm
  • The cryptocurrency industry is full of altcoins, and their number has already exceeded one thousand. Due to the fact that most cryptocurrencies are open source, it can often take just one tech-savvy enthusiast to fork a virtual currency and thus create something completely different. That is how Litecoin came to be. The Birth of Sibcoin When it comes to these forked cryptocurrencies, however, the sad truth is that unless the developers have something serious on

    Can Sibcoin Outdo Mother Coin Dash?

    | 2017/07/08 12:00 pm
  • Tim Draper-backed Tezos’ ICO has already netted over $100 million in contributions during the first day of its 12-day uncapped campaign. Tezos: $109 Million With 11 Days To Go Having launched slightly ahead of schedule July 1, the token sale had received 31,224 BTC and 129,468 ETH as of press time Sunday. The delayed release of the latest ERC20 token, dubbed Tezzies (TEZ), was keenly awaited by investors following Tim Draper’s announcement he supported Tezos’

    Tim Draper Uncapped Tezos ICO Raises $109M In 15 Hours

    | 2017/07/02 5:00 pm
  • Blockchain startup block.one raised a record-breaking $185 million USD through the ICO of its EOS cryptocurrency. The Hong Kong-based startup block.one recently announced that they have raised $185 million in 5 days, through the ICO of their cryptocurrency EOS. The record-breaking amount of funds that were raised, were enough to take the record from the Bancor ICO. The Bancor ICO was able to raise $150 million for its ICO. The Technology Block.one’s product is EOS, a new

    Block.one Breaks Records, Raises $185 Million in 5 Days

    | 2017/07/02 11:00 am
  • Famous investor and ex-hedge fund manager, Michael Novogratz, predicts that the cryptocurrency market will be worth $5 trillion in 5 years. The Rise of the Cryptocurrency Market After the cryptocurrency market managed to show such explosive growth in such a short time, many investors, speculators, analysts and fintech specialists predict a bullish long-term trend for its future. In this year alone, Bitcoin’s price hit a new ATH to grow by 167%. Another cryptocurrency that had an impressive

    A $5 Trillion Cryptocurrency Empire in Just 5 Years?

    | 2017/06/28 10:00 pm
  • Blockchain lottery TrueFlip has announced the launched of their token crowdsale on June 28th. As of this writing, 2 million TFL tokens of 14.7 million overall supply have already been sold, which is worth approximately 1225 BTC or $3.1 million USD at today’s exchange rates.  The platform was launched in beta in April 2017. Since that time, over 110,000 lottery tickets have been sold to 40,000 unique users. Overall winnings amount to approximately 21 BTC. In early

    Blockchain Lottery TrueFlip Launches Crowdsale, Raises 1225 BTC Within Hours

    | 2017/06/28 12:00 pm
  • The Sibcoin team has announced the launch of Perevod.io, a decentralized service for international money remittances. The service allows two parties to send each other fiat money through Sibcoin-supporting exchanges and requires no specific experience with cryptocurrencies, which fulfills the project’s promise of bringing cryptocurrencies closer to people. Perevod.io is applicable in numerous use cases, including operation in underbanked countries, bypassing international sanctions imposed on financial services, and avoiding excessive transaction fees inherent in traditional

    Sibcoin Launches a Decentralized Service for International Remittances

    | 2017/06/23 12:30 pm
  • ZenDao, a decentralized platform developed on the Metaverse Blockchain, is launching an ICO on June 23rd, 2017. The project seeks to utilize solutions provided by Blockchain technology in order to create a digital representation of the real-world collectibles on the Blockchain and establish an unalterable digital provenance ledger and ownership transfer channel. ZenDao aims to provide smooth solutions to complex problems and to create a fair and open market standards. ZenDao has identified the current

    Enhancing the Value of History with ZenDao

    | 2017/06/19 5:00 pm
  • Altcoins, a collective name for all cryptocurrencies except bitcoin, have become the main point of attraction for cryptotraders around the world. The altcoin market, full of promising new coins, highly reputable old rivals of bitcoin, and downright scam coins, shows an equal potential for making someone a fortune or leaving them penniless. Altcoin exchanges pop up like mushrooms after a summer rain, a fact that is predominantly attributed to the need of diversifying one’s altcoin

    Altcoin Exchanges: Pros and Cons of Top Platforms

    | 2017/06/19 1:00 pm
  • Crypviser is building “the first encrypted network for social and business communication based on Blockchain”. [Note: This is a sponsored article.] The World Needs Encryption With the inception of the Internet, securing information has become a fairly complicated task. While physical documents were somewhat easy to protect, the digital world provides many more challenges as information needs to be constantly available and in transit. Cryptography has become indispensable for both individuals and companies, the former

    Crypviser: The Next Step in Cryptography Evolution

    | 2017/06/16 9:30 am
  • Crypviser is building a blockchain-based all-in-one network for secure social and business communications. ICO is currently ongoing. Improving on Privacy with Blockchain Technology In today’s Orwellian society, privacy has become a rare and valuable asset that some go to great lengths to protect while others simply throw it away in exchange for convenience. As technology evolves, however, so does access to privacy-oriented tools and their underlying technology. Blockchain tech has gone a long way in the realm

    Crypviser Will Encrypt Messages on the Blockchain for Private Communications

    | 2017/06/09 3:00 am
  • Blockchain-based distributed cloud platform SONM, whose CEO describes it as “Airbnb for computers,” is about to launch its ICO. Cloud Computing Comes Down To Earth SONM, which stands for ‘Supercomputer organized by network mining,’ is a project designed to take the power of cloud computing to the next level using Blockchain. “SONM is like AirBnB for computers, letting anyone with a smart device, like a laptop, smartphone or gaming console, take advantage of their unused computing

    ‘Airbnb For Computers’ SONM Gears Up For Imminent ICO

    | 2017/06/08 3:00 am
  • Independent feature film Braid will set a new precedent for independent film finance by using an ICO funding model. By leveraging the accounting and documenting elements of the Ethereum blockchain this new way of funding promises to disrupt traditional film financing models. The Evolution of Crowdfunding Independent film producers have been attracting financial support for their projects through crowdfunding websites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter for years. Funding through these types of websites is usually incentive-based, with backers receiving merchandise, dinners

    Independent Film’s ICO says Goodbye to Hollywood

    | 2017/06/05 6:00 pm