• A new draft law has been presented in Russia which proposes the regulation and production of cryptocurrencies and digital assets.  Regulating Cryptocurrencies A new law in Russia has been proposed which is aiming to regulate and control the production of cryptocurrencies and digital assets in financial sectors. The newly proposed legal framework would properly define regulatory requirements for cryptocurrencies, ICOs, mining, and trading. The law was also proposed in order to curb or stop illicit

    Russia Plans to Regulate Production and Control of Cryptocurrencies

    | 2018/01/28 9:30 pm
  • Budbo, the company whose immensely popular app has been dubbed “the Tinder of weed”, is now focusing on leveraging the power of the blockchain to help document supply chains and aid research by providing extensive transparent data. Their token sale is now live. The current legalized marijuana industry is fragmented and marginalized, something that has led Budbo to identify a dire need for some form of systematic organization that also incorporates a transparency of operations.

    Budbo – The Blockchain Solution For The Cannabis Industry

    | 2018/01/27 3:30 pm
  • Charlie Lee admits his ambition to work with Monero in a series of tweets he posted yesterday, claiming that Litecoin’s liquidity would be a good fit for Monero’s anonymity and fungibility. Monero (XMR) project lead Riccardo Spagni and Litecoin (LTC) creator Charlie Lee would appear to be taking tentative baby steps in potentially bringing their two coins closer. Spagni posted the following tweet yesterday, which first bandied the idea of a possible merger between the

    Possible Litecoin and Monero Merger Steps Closer To Reality

    | 2018/01/27 11:00 am
  • YouTube viewers are upset that their computers are being used for cryptocurrency mining due to YouTube ads being hijacked with Coinhive. While the value of cryptocurrencies continues to fluctuate, the desire for people to mine them hasn’t abated at all. In fact, many individuals look for additional ways to enhance their cryptocurrency mining. One option that many have turned to is the notorious Coinhive code that is often embedded in websites. Now it’s shown up

    YouTube Ads Hijacked for Cryptocurrency Mining

    | 2018/01/27 3:00 am
  • The gaming industry is reportedly worth in excess of $115 billion worldwide. There are over 2.3 billion gamers across the planet and over 55,000 new titles were released in 2017. This is set to expand as smartphone technology evolves with ever more powerful hardware and graphics capabilities. Millennials are spending more time gaming than any other generation before them and players are still flocking to PCs as well as consoles to get their fixes. Gaming

    Game Machine – the Easy Way to Invest in the Gaming Industry

    | 2018/01/26 6:00 pm
  • The origins of the digital wallet cannot be pinned down exactly. All we know is that the idea had actually circulated around in the late 90’s, but few utilized it. A couple of entrepreneurial companies such as eBay came up with early e-payment programs – but they failed due to poor publicity. We would come to know this as the era of the first generation of digital wallets. Fast forward two decades and a technological

    The Future of the Digital Wallet

    | 2018/01/26 4:00 pm
  • As a crypto investor, do you often find it very hard to keep track of your many coins and investments? Wouldn’t you like a way to see all your holdings easily, and buy and sell different coins with the click of a button? Here’s how Saifu could help. Saifu – Taking Cryptocurrencies Mainstream Wallets, private keys, accounts, addresses; most of us have gone through all that before. Securing and keeping track of all of our

    Tired of Tracking All Your Crypto Investments Individually? Here’s How Saifu Could Help

    | 2018/01/26 2:00 pm
  • Katy Perry is the latest celebrity to jump on the cryptocurrency bandwagon, recently posting an image of her crypto-inspired nails. You know a particular thing has hit the mainstream when you see celebrities flocking to be associated with it. In their never-ending quest to stay in the public eye and remain relevant, they’ll glom onto the latest trends and hold on for dear life. The latest example is Katy Perry, who has definitely jumped onto

    Katy Perry Showcases Her Crypto Claws

    | 2018/01/26 7:00 am
  • Robinhood, the self-acclaimed fastest-growing online brokerage in history, is getting into cryptocurrencies. It will be offering zero commission crypto trading starting in February. Not quite stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, but opening to crypto trading is certainly a step in the right direction for the US company. Robinhood is a big hit with millennials as it reportedly has 3 million users with a median age of 26. Venturing into crypto will

    Watch Out, Coinbase! Robinhood Targets Millennials with Free Crypto Trading

    | 2018/01/26 12:00 am
  • The Internet of Things is an exciting and quickly growing field of technology, and blockchain technology could make the platform quicker and more inexpensive. Cyber-Physical chain is looking to change the way IoT works. Streamlining the Future The Cyber Physical Chain (CPChain) will enable the ever-expanding Internet of Things (IoT) industry to grow into a more universal network for devices all around the world. The primary goal of the project is to reduce the costs

    CPChain Bringing Blockchain to the Internet of Things

    | 2018/01/25 5:30 pm
  • Six BitConnect investors, who collectively lost over $700k on the platform, are taking the company and its affiliates to court in the US. Earlier this month, BitConnect released this piece of so-called ‘System News’ on its website, outlining the fact that closing the Bitconnect lending and exchange platform. In line with the halt, the company reported that it would be moving forward with some key changes made to its platform, primarily rooted in the idea that

    Will Justice Be Served? Bitcoin Trading Platform BitConnect Sued by Six Investors Who Lost Over $700k

    | 2018/01/25 3:15 pm
  • China’s People’s University Law School vice-president Yang Dong has let slip the country is preparing new regulation on cryptocurrency and ICOs for 2018. Sorting ‘Good’ From ‘Bad’ ICOs Speaking at the Southeast Asia Blockchain Summit, Yang, who is also director of the Center for Financial Technology, further “denied” a blanket ban on cryptocurrency trading and ICOs would continue indefinitely. China has enacted a major clampdown on how citizens can legally access and trade cryptocurrency in

    Chinese Official: New Regulations for 2018 May End ICO Ban

    | 2018/01/25 12:00 pm
  • Most of the news about Ripple has been negative over the past month. The company’s XRP token has fallen from its great height by over 65%, so it is in need of a boost. That came this week when Ripple announced two new partnerships for its xRapid pilot project. According to reports, a telecommunications company and an international payments specialist will be the latest to use Ripple’s highly volatile currency as part of their money

    Ripple Adds New Partners for xRapid Project

    | 2018/01/25 3:00 am
  • Mark Twain said, “During the gold rush it’s a good time to be in the pick and shovel business.” Why? Because pick and shovel businesses make money even when the people who use them don’t find gold. This is a perfect metaphor for how to make money in crypto irrespective of the volatility. In this case, the pick and shovel businesses are the exchanges, wallet providers, and all the other crypto service providers. Unfortunately, most

    How to Make Money in Cryptocurrencies Irrespective of the Volatility

    | 2018/01/25 12:30 am
  • CashBet is trying to raise the profile of its ICO through a sponsorship deal with Arsenal FC. News hit press out of the UK this week that Arsenal Football Club has signed an agreement with a blockchain technology company. An Alternative Route To ICO Promotion The company in question is CashBet, which is gearing up towards an initial coin offering (ICO) that is set up to raise the funds that the company requires to develop

    Arsenal FC Just Announced A Sponsorship Deal With CashBet

    | 2018/01/24 10:30 pm
  • As Bitcoin (BTC) continues to languish far below its December high of around $20,000, speculation is rife as to whether this is the sound of the bubble bursting. The incredible recent volatility in BTC prices has in no way diminished the interest of investors, who are pondering what 2018 has in store for the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. Can it repeat 2017’s astonishing return? Are recent price swings based on the cryptocurrency’s actual utility and

    Bonanza or Bubble? Insulate Yourself From Bitcoin Price Volatility

    | 2018/01/24 5:30 pm
  • Artists not getting fairly paid for their content is a growing problem today, as music streaming services are cutting them out. Voise has a solution that will put the power back in the artist’s hands. Taking Advantage of Artists We live in an age where music creators aren’t getting paid the revenue they deserve for their work. The most recent lawsuit against Spotify is great evidence of that, with Wixen Music Publishing launching a $1.6

    Revolutionizing Music Streaming with Voise, the First Music Platform on the Ethereum Blockchain

    | 2018/01/24 3:30 pm
  • The impetus behind Bitcoin’s success is, without doubt, society’s increasing demand decentralize money. Rapidly growing dissatisfaction with banks and governmental monetary policies have led people to seek new methods of storing and transferring value that would eliminate intermediaries, central authorities and regulators. Being controlled by an algorithm and maintained by a decentralized community of miners, blockchain-based cryptocurrencies have created endless opportunities for the underbanked and unbanked. Add to that the decreased risk of fraud, censorship, and

    Invisible War: How to Stop Being Screwed by Centralized Crypto Exchanges

    | 2018/01/24 1:30 am
  • Governments across the world are either opening their doors to crypto or closing them. Exchanges need to keep up with this fast-paced ecosystem and seek out friendly nations and markets. Japan is still a haven for crypto and Tokyo exchange BitFlyer has recently gained approval to operate in Europe. According to Coinmarketcap, BitFlyer is the world’s fourteenth largest exchange with a 24-hour volume in the region of $300 million. More significantly, it carries 80% of the

    Tokyo Crypto Exchange BitFlyer Approved for Europe

    | 2018/01/23 2:00 am
  • The 21st-century business world continually faces technological advances which challenge the present status quo. Almost every industry has been affected by the advent of the internet and can feel these disruptions in their daily work. Furthermore, the continual increase in connectivity between people makes the globalized world seem smaller each and every day. The future of the average man has been threatened by an elite class through these advances in technology and the ever-increasing globalization

    Uncertain Future, Changing World

    | 2018/01/22 2:00 pm
  • The number of applications for blockchain technology is simply staggering, and new ones are being launched every day. The latest development for implementation of the blockchain is a gaming platform whereby users can resell digital titles in a decentralized marketplace. Steam is the dominant force in PC games today, and the online marketplace has over 18 million users at peak times, according to its stats page. There are over 1,600 games available for sale and

    Ready, Player One! Crypto Solution for PC Game Resales

    | 2018/01/22 5:00 am
  • Crypto traders can be a fickle bunch as  last month’s hero can quickly become this month’s zero. Altcoins can go out of favor just as fast as they came into it and can rapidly slide down the market capacity charts in favor of a shiny new contender. One stalwart of the crypto world that has suffered this fate lately is Litecoin, and many are speculating about the effect the actions of its founder have played

    The Life of Litecoin Without Lee

    | 2018/01/22 2:30 am
  • California-based technology company NVIDIA has asked retailers of its graphics cards to prioritize sales to gamers over cryptocurrency miners. The Rush for Graphics Cards Despite the cryptocurrency market’s recent drop, cryptocurrency miners are still able to produce a sizeable profit. In 2017 the global cryptocurrency market grew at an exceptional rate and this also caused a huge spike in cryptocurrency miners. Currently, cryptocurrency miners can receive a fast and relatively high ROI on their mining

    NVIDIA Asks Retailers to Sell Graphics Cards to Gamers Over Cryptocurrency Miners

    | 2018/01/21 9:30 pm