• A number of companies are trying to create ways to pay their employees with cryptocurrencies. And while the concept might be appealing to some, there are several obstacles that have – at present time – kept it from widespread adoption. Back in December 2017 when GMO Internet Co. Ltd. announced its intentions to start paying up to 100,000 yen (roughly around $900) per month by Bitcoin to its employees, the public’s reaction was, as expected,

    Want Your Salary in Cryptocurrency? It Could Happen Sooner Than You Think

    | 2018/03/14 6:00 pm
  • Nine million users have flocked to global trading and investment platform eToro. What exactly is so appealing? The great sense of community and user-friendly interface are big pluses, according to a number of customer testimonials. Housewife-turned-trader Lena Birse (‘Onegirl’ on the platform) admits to having “no financial background” yet enjoyed a 36 percent gain on her eToro investments in 2017, and is now a Popular Investor (PI) on the site. “What I love about eToro

    Why Have 9 Million Traders Flocked to eToro’s Social Trading Platform?

    | 2018/03/14 6:00 pm
  • The arrival of newly created ASICs and a large decrease in mining profitability has had an impact on the GPU mining market. Nvidia expects the demand for graphics cards to decrease over the course of this year as a result. What could this mean for the GPU market today? The Rise of ASIC Miners The cryptocurrency mining industry has seen significant changes through increases in miner counts and subsequent decreases in mining profitability over recent

    Is GPU-Based Cryptocurrency Mining at Risk of Extinction?

    | 2018/03/14 4:00 pm
  • In January of this year, DADI launched an ICO that required investors to undergo KYC (Know Your Customer) verification in order participate in the token sale. Investors were asked to provide personal information (full name, address, DOB, etc…) as well as upload a copy of their photo ID. According to recent reports, nearly all that personal data has been leaked and is now been used by scammers to try and steal people’s coins. Users Voicing Complaints

    DADI ICO Investors Become Targets of Phishing Scams Amid Reports of Data Leak

    | 2018/03/14 1:30 pm
  • ZeroEdge is extremely excited to announce that entrepreneur, blockchain expert, and mentor, Dean Karakitsos has joined the ZeroEdge advisory team. Dean is a visionary innovator in disruptive technology development and business management with more than 20 years of experience bringing an industry-changing approach to designing and launching dynamic new technology products across multiple industries. Dean is a founder of Bloqchain Science – New-York based blockchain development and solution provider which specializes in smart contracts creation and

    Dean Karakitsos – Founder of Bloqchain Science Joins Zerocoin – Crypto Currency for Gambling

    | 2018/03/14 1:00 pm
  • Following the attempted breach of its systems earlier this month, popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced its plans to evolve its ecosystem by implementing a decentralized exchange. Binance Keeps Building Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, announced on Tuesday that the company is currently developing its own public blockchain for the transfer and trading of digital assets. The network will be called Binance Chain and is set to provide cryptocurrency traders of all kinds

    Big Things for Binance as Exchange Decentralizes

    | 2018/03/14 8:30 am
  • Ripple Labs Inc. will not be able to settle its high-profile dispute with rival R3 Holdco in California. Instead, the obviously-not-decentralized cryptocurrency company will have to duke it out in the away territory of New York City. Clash of the Titans A San Francisco state appeals court has recently denied Ripple’s attempt to expedite an appeal which would resolve a lawsuit against R3 Holdco. Instead, the lawsuit will likely play out in a New York

    Ripple: If You Can Sue It, It’s Not Decentralized

    | 2018/03/14 6:30 am
  • Following in the footsteps of Facebook, Google has announced it will ban cryptocurrency and initial coin offering (ICO) promotional material from its ad platform. Google Cracks Down on Sketchy ICOs & Crypto Ads Alphabet Inc.’s Google explained the new policy will go into effect in June of this year, affecting its search engine, advertisements on YouTube, and and its display-ads network. Google’s crackdown is intended mainly to “prevent consumer harm” and follows Facebook, which adopted a

    Google Bans Cryptocurrency Ads, But Bitcoin Not Affected

    | 2018/03/14 4:15 am
  • After Calendar 2, a popular scheduling app in the Mac App Store, was updated with the ability to mine the Monero cryptocurrency on users’ devices for the developer’s benefit, it quickly disappeared — but why? Gone, but Not Forgotten Recently, an update to the Calendar 2 app afforded developer Qbix the ability to mine Monero — a popular, privacy-centric cryptocurrency — with users’ computing power. The mining function only kicked in, however, if users chose

    Monero-Mining Calendar App Removed By Apple

    | 2018/03/13 5:30 pm
  • BitRewards provides a premium rewards platform powered by artificial intelligence for both merchants and shoppers. How Bit Works BitRewards mission is to provide a loyalty and rewards platform which connects online retailers of all kinds with customers. With BitRewards, merchants get BIT software at no charge. The software is based on an innovative and profitable product with a five-year market history, which has been proven to grow revenue by an average of 17 percent. Meanwhile,

    BitRewards Hits Softcap, Offers Cashback & Loyalty Points in Cryptocurrency

    | 2018/03/13 11:00 am
  • Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse recently claimed that cryptocurrencies are solving real-world banking and remittance problems — with future generations set to build and improve on the foundation laid by blockchain technology. In doing so, he also stated that Bitcoin “is the Napster of digital assets.” Inapt Comparisons Though the Ripple CEO says that comparisons between his cryptocurrency and Bitcoin are ultimately compliments, he also took the chance to compare the dominant cryptocurrency to peer-to-peer file-sharing

    Ripple CEO: Bitcoin ‘Is the Napster of Digital Assets’

    | 2018/03/13 7:30 am
  • When a crypto exchange or digital wallet provider is compromised, the digital loot is often moved away so fast that there is no chance of recovery. This is what happened to Coincheck in January when 523 million XEM tokens were pilfered from the exchange. As promised, however, the Tokyo-based exchange has just completed reimbursing its clients for the loss. According to a report in the WSJ, Coincheck claims that it has completed the compensation it

    Coincheck Clients Compensated from Crypto Heist, XEM Soars

    | 2018/03/13 3:30 am
  • On March 10, the ICO of the operating platform SKYFchain was launched. This is the first B2R (Businesses-to-Robots) operating platform for unmanned cargo logistics of its kind, based on the blockchain technology of smart contracts. The system is available to all market participants and allows implementing logistics schemes and financial calculations of any complexity in SKYFT tokens. SKYFchain is an open blockchain platform for keeping records of all the key events occurring with cargo robots and

    SKYFchain Operating Platform for Unmanned Cargo Logistics Started the ICO

    | 2018/03/13 1:30 am
  • Phoenix is taking the risk and volatility out of cryptocurrency investing with their already proven platform that delivers maximum return with minimal risk. Bitcoinist sat down with the team behind this unique project to find out why they did it, how they did it, and what investors can expect. Bitcoinist: How would you explain Phoenix to someone who is just learning about it for the first time? PT: Phoenix offers a unique opportunity to progressively generate

    An Exclusive Interview with the Team Behind the Innovative and Profitable Phoenix Investment Platform

    | 2018/03/12 11:30 pm
  • South Korea’s cryptocurrency craze no longer appears to be limited to older investors. A reported 1 in 5 people their twenties have purchased some form of digital currency, according to reports by the Korea Financial Investors Protection Foundation. South Korea: 20-Year-Olds ‘Most Active’ Investors While Seniors Invest More Conducted in December 2017, the survey covered 2,530 South Koreans aged between 25 and 64, with 22.7% of 20-somethings reporting purchases of cryptocurrency. Those in their 30s

    South Korea’s Millennials Catching Up to Their Elders, 1 in 5 Report Buying Cryptocurrency

    | 2018/03/12 7:30 pm
  • The recent cryptocurrency craze has new investors throwing plenty of money into questionable digital assets, and markets with volatility they aren’t prepared for. John Oliver’s latest segment on cryptocurrency not only informs viewers of the current state of the market, but also hammers home why they should always think twice before taking the plunge.  Cryptocurrency Isn’t for Everyone On the latest segment of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,” Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency markets

    Television Personality John Oliver Takes on Cryptocurrency, Brock Pierce, and Bitconnect in Latest Segment

    | 2018/03/12 5:30 pm
  • The biggest problem affecting low-income earners in developing countries from achieving a better quality of life is inaccessibility to credit. In fact, one of the main goals of the United Nations is inclusive and sustainable economic growth that can only be achieved if low-income earners (for emerging economies) with limited access to credit and loans are given financial inclusivity through decentralization of credit facilities that are currently dominated by the big banks. In Brazil, for

    SWAPY – Using Blockchain to Enable Easy Access to Credit and Affordable Loans

    | 2018/03/12 3:30 pm
  • Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro has claimed the successful launch and sale of Petro — the first ever state-issued cryptocurrency. Petro Cryptocurrency Sale Reportedly Tops $5 Billion Petro is the first cryptocurrency which is purportedly backed by natural resources. According to Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro, the sale of his pet cryptocurrency has raked in over five billion dollars during its pre-sale period. The cryptocurrency has also reportedly received 186,000 certified purchases. If true, Petro could potentially

    Venezuela Sold $5 Billion in Petro Cryptocurrency, Claims President

    | 2018/03/12 9:30 am
  • The attempted breach of Binance’s systems on March 7 sent a wave of fear through the crypto community. Binance is one of the world’s largest exchanges with over a billion dollars in daily trade volume. Many traders still leave a lot of their assets on the exchange so it is holding a very large pot at any one time which makes it a lucrative target, far bigger than any traditional bank. The company has realized

    Binance Seeks Bounty Hunters to Track Hackers – $250,000 Reward

    | 2018/03/12 3:00 am
  • Since the first diamond was excavated from the ground, the diamond industry has been shrouded in mystery. Only professionals know the actual value of a given stone, and it’s extremely difficult to successfully purchase or sell diamonds at their legitimate market value. CEDEX adds much-needed transparency to the traditional diamond industry. Turning an Opaque Industry Transparent CEDEX is engineering a revolution in the diamond industry by allowing the precious stones to be traded just like

    CEDEX is Transforming Diamonds into a New Asset Class

    | 2018/03/12 1:00 am
  • The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is investigating JustBet for claiming to be registered in an Australian-owned territory, while actually being based in Costa Rica. The popularity of online gambling continues to grow, as does the interest in cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. JustBet, a sports gambling platform allegedly registered in Australia, seems to be capitalizing on this by allowing its users to bet in Bitcoin. Members of the platform can place pre-match and live bets

    Bitcoin Sports Betting Site JustBet Under Investigation by Australian Authorities

    | 2018/03/11 10:00 pm
  • Online sports betting has been growing in popularity over the past few years and is now the leading form of online gambling in the world. An interesting niche within the world of online sports betting has also been growing and, while not yet quite as popular, is set to explode in 2018! Betting on E-Sports at Crypto Casinos If you are looking to get in on some hot ESports betting action at one of the

    ZeroEdge to Offer 0% Commission on E-Sports Betting

    | 2018/03/11 9:00 pm
  • The MoonLite Project aims to dominate the cryptocurrency mining industry through the creation and operation of multiple industrial-scale data centers powered completely by green energy – with plans to primarily mine Bitcoin, DASH, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Big Dreams, Bigger Reality The MoonLite Project has set out to become the dominant cryptocurrency mining company in the world by utilizing the latest emerging technology, operating as efficiently as possible, and utilizing an industry-leading team of experts. Most

    MoonLite Aims to Dominate the Cryptocurrency Mining Industry with Green Energy

    | 2018/03/11 5:00 pm