• The Securities and Exchange Commision released a public announcement that warns celebrities about endorsing potential unlawful ICOs and cryptocurrencies. The ICO Craze ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings have become the new trending investment opportunity of the year. According to the data from Coinschedule, there have been different ICOs this year which managed to raise the total amount of over $3 billion. The reason why so much money is being invested into ICOs is the fact

    SEC Warns Celebrities about Endorsing ICOs and Cryptocurrencies

    | 2017/11/03 8:00 am
  • Holding cryptocurrency is all very well, but these days it hardly seems to be used to pay for anything. Merchant uptake is slower than the momentum needed to reach the mainstream. The merchants still take cash, but transferring between the two is an extra step that we could do without. Paycent may just be the crypto-fiat bridge we are looking for, with a whole host of other benefits too. [Note: This is a sponsored article.] What

    Paycent – The Easiest Way to Connect Crypto and Fiat

    | 2017/11/01 2:30 pm
  • The Norwegian mining company Intex Resources ASA has announced its plan to launch the first ICO for an asset-backed token. Companies are Turning to ICOs for Fundraising Initial Coin Offerings have become the new popular method for companies and startups to raise money. This year most prominent ICO was conducted by the Canadian-based messaging app Kik. The token sale by Kik, which is also called Kin, was able to raise the amount of $125 million in a matter

    Norwegian Company Launches First ICO for Asset-Backed Token

    | 2017/10/30 11:30 pm
  • So we’ve all been allotted some more free coin, albeit this time ‘experimental’ coin… just for a laugh… a bit of fun… to see what happens. Planning on HODLing? Dumping? Mining for more? Whoa there Charley-boy, hold on to your horses. Before you get all excited, there are a few things you should know. Okay, Hit Me! Ummm… I’d love to, but to be honest there are a few things that I should also know. In fact,

    Bitcoin Gold – All that Glitters isn’t Gold

    | 2017/10/27 2:00 pm
  • Kyiv, Ukraine – Law firm Axon Partners, in conjunction with cryptocurrency consulting firm ForkLog Consulting, have released an English-language version of their comprehensive report on the regulation of Bitcoin and Bitcoin-related businesses around the world. What’s in the Report Titled Bitcoin Regulation: Global Impact, National Lawmaking, the report, which was published in its original Russian language in February 2017, details the regulatory status of Bitcoin and Bitcoin-related businesses in Australia, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong,

    Axon Partners and Forklog Consulting Release 2016 Report on the State of Global Cryptocurrency Regulation

    | 2017/10/26 1:00 am
  • Jeff Garzik, one of the original blockchain developers and co-founder of Bloq, will announce a new currency called Metronome later today. The “world’s first cross-chain currency” makes its debut at the Money 20/20 conference in Las Vegas, as reported by Bloomberg. Cross-chain currency? Their words, not mine. The idea is that Metronome will be the first currency which is portable across multiple blockchains. The example case given in the Bloomberg article is rather confusing, and suggests that coins “used

    Garzik to launch portable coin amidst SegWit2x ‘upgrade’ debacle

    | 2017/10/24 11:15 am
  • Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is due to fork from Bitcoin on block 491407 and all holders of Bitcoin can be credited an equal amount of BTG to their BTC. The new coin is being launched as a response to ASIC dominance. Bitcoin Gold is the latest Bitcoin fork with the split occurring on Bitcoin block 491407. The coin is seen by the developers as a response to the ASIC driven monopoly of the main Bitcoin chain.

    What You Need to Know About the Bitcoin Gold Fork

    | 2017/10/23 12:00 pm
  • Jordan Belfort, the infamous penny-stock broker formerly known as the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’  recently stated that ICOs are “the biggest scam ever”. The Hype is Too Real The whole cryptocurrency space has had an exceptional growth rate this year. The total cryptocurrency market capitalization recently reached its all-time high of $172 billion, which is pretty impressive since the last year the market cap was only worth $12 billion. Many experts and analysts have various

    Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort: ‘ICOs are the Biggest Scam Ever’

    | 2017/10/22 7:45 pm
  • To help introduce Eloplay to the crypto community, Bitcoinist is excited to announce that it will be giving away 20,000 Eloplay tokens to our loyal readers. Do you like gaming? Do you love crypto? Eloplay is the popular eSports gaming platform that combines both. They’ve been in operation since 2015 and have recently been making a name for themselves thanks to the new Smart Tournaments feature that they recently rolled out. What are Smart Tournaments,

    Bitcoinist is Giving Away 20k Eloplay ELT Tokens

    | 2017/10/21 1:10 pm
  • Recognizing the importance of digital technologies in the financial world, President Vladimir Putin has ordered the issuance of a national cryptocurrency. Concurrently, Russian industry is intent on attaining supremacy in the cryptocurrency mining industry by introducing new computing technology. In effect, the Russian Miner Coin (RMC) company is promising a revolutionary technology for Bitcoin and altcoin mining that would significantly improve energy efficiency. Breaking Computing Technology Paradigms for Cryptocurrency Mining By using technological innovations, Russians

    Russia Intends to Dominate Finance and the Cryptocurrency World by Introducing New Technologies

    | 2017/10/20 6:00 am
  • Cryptolocator, a global marketplace for Ethereum trading, has announced the launch of its trading platform where users can securely trade Ether and other altcoins. With a current market cap of just over $30.6 billion, Ethereum is hands down the next most popular cryptocurrency next to Bitcoin. Unfortunately, most cryptocurrency trading platforms are “Bitcoin-first” and offer a limited number of ETH trading pairs. In fact, some don’t offer any ETH trading pairs at all. There is

    Cryptolocator Launches Global Ethereum Trading Platform

    | 2017/10/18 12:30 pm
  • Russia has announced plans to launch a nationalized cryptocurrency called CryptoRuble, citing competitive advantage by being the first of its kind in Europe, and as state-controlled digital money in the light of an increasingly digital economy. Russia has announced, via communications Minister Nikolay Nikiforov, that the country will begin experimenting with a nationalized cryptocurrency. Exact facts are scarce, and most of the information comes directly from quotes from Nikiforov, although it is believed that once

    Russia to Issue First State-Backed Cryptocurrency ‘CryptoRuble’

    | 2017/10/17 3:45 pm
  • In the wake of Snip’s recent partnership with Bancor, both platforms are looking to take their relationship to the next level with what they are calling a “mutual airdrop”. The airdrop, which is scheduled to take place on October 18, 2017, at 10 pm UTC, will reward holders of both BNT and SNIP with free tokens. Once the airdrop starts, anyone holding at least 300 BNT will automatically receive 450 free SnipCoins (SNIP). At the

    Snip – Bancor Airdrop Rewards Holders with Free Coins

    | 2017/10/16 6:45 pm
  • Eloplay, the eSports gaming platform that has been making a name for itself in recent weeks with the addition of its blockchain-based Smart Tournaments, is counting down the final hours until the launch of its token sale, which begins on October 16. Great Things are Afoot at Eloplay In the days and weeks leading up to the launch of their token sale, the team at Eloplay have been hard at work forging new partnerships and

    Eloplay Token Sale Countdown Begins

    | 2017/10/16 2:45 am
  • Eloplay, the innovative eSports gaming platform that lets players at all levels organize and participate in tournaments with decentralized prize pools, has announced the start of its token pre-sale. The popular eSports platform has been in the headlines in recent weeks, first for implementing their blockchain-based Smart Tournament functionality, and then for its partnerships with Wings and Bancor, not to mention the addition of professional eSports gamer Daniil “Zeus” Teslenko to the team. Eloplay is

    eSports Pioneer Eloplay Announces Token Pre-Sale

    | 2017/10/14 2:15 am
  • After many cryptocurrency exchanges have become targets of hacks, users are looking for a decentralized alternative in order to protect their assets. Eliminating Risks Over the past few months, the cryptocurrency market had an impressive growth rate, reaching a total market capitalization of $176 billion at its peak. Such rapid growth has not only garnered the attention of investors and speculators, however. With the increased interest in cryptocurrency trading, more and more criminals have focused on hacking

    Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges Are the Next Big Thing

    | 2017/10/12 2:00 am
  • Famous cryptocurrency proponent and antivirus software developer John Mcaffee stated in a recent article that governments fear cryptocurrencies because they can’t tax them. Making Profits with Cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrencies have received a lot of attention from individual and institutional investors since there is a lot of money to be made. From day trading to cryptocurrency mining, there are a lot of ways to make a profit in the digital asset space. Initial Coin Offerings have become one of

    John McAfee: Governments Fear Cryptocurrencies Because They Can’t Tax Them

    | 2017/10/10 4:00 pm
  • According to a recent report by security intelligence group RedLock, hackers were able to breach into the Amazon Cloud services of two companies in order to mine Bitcoin. Amazon Cloud Used for Bitcoin Mining In a recent article, Business Insider reported that hackers were able to hack into the AWS cloud services’ infrastructure of two companies in order to mine Bitcoin. According to the security firm RedLock, the two affected companies were Aviva and Gemalto. The security firm

    Hackers Breach Amazon Cloud to Mine Bitcoin

    | 2017/10/08 9:00 pm
  • According to reports, new hedge funds are now investing millions of dollars into Initial Coin Offerings. ICOs: The New Way to Make Quick money? In the last couple of months, Initial Coin Offerings have received a lot of attention from investors worldwide. According to data from Coinschedule, 153 projects were able to raise the impressive amount of $2.3 billion through ICOs. Experts believe that hedge funds are the main contributors of these ICOs. A recent

    Hedge Funds Are Investing Big Sums Into ICOs

    | 2017/10/05 11:00 am
  • Wu-tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah appears to be affiliated with a cryptocurrency venture looking to raise $30 million in Cream tokens to fund cryptocurrency ATM empire. Ghostface Killah will assume the role of Chief Branding Officer as part of the Cream token ICO looking to raise $30 million, although he has so far remained unavailable for comment. In a recent interview, Brett Westbrook, CEO of Cream Capital elaborated; His work capacity will be laying out a framework for

    Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah To Launch Cream ICO

    | 2017/10/05 10:45 am
  • Cryptolocator, a global marketplace for Ethereum trading, has announced the launch of its trading platform in mid-October of this year. The Cryptolocator platform brings together trading partners from around the world and facilitates transactions with popular cryptocurrencies. Unlike most trading platforms that focus on Bitcoin, Cryptolocator prioritizes Ethereum, setting ETH as its default cryptocurrency. First users of Cryptolocator will be able to trade with significantly lower fees for the first 6 months after the project

    Altcoin Trading Marketplace Cryptolocator Announces Mid-October Launch

    | 2017/10/03 12:30 pm
  • On the 29th of September, the IMF’s Managing Director Christine Lagarde spoke in London at the Bank of England of the possibilities for cyrptocurrencies, comparing their rise to a brave new world of wonder and possibility. IMF Chief, Christine Largarde, gave her speech entitled “Central Banking and Fintech – A Brave New World” at the Bank of England conference, in which she tackled innovative future trends including cryptocurrency and A.I.  She highlighted use case scenarios

    IMF’s Christine Lagarde Sees Cryptocurrencies Potential For ‘Dollarization 2.0’

    | 2017/10/02 2:15 pm
  • Rhea is launching the Crypto20 trading platform, a capitalization index of the top 20 cryptocurrencies enabling investors to hedge their investments across a range of the top rated, by market cap, cryptocurrencies. The Rhea ICO will begin on Monday, October 2nd. [Note: This is a sponsored article.] Simplifying Crypto Investing with Rhea and the Crypto20 Cryptocurrency investment can be a minefield for those new to the field, presenting a dizzying range of options combined with

    Countdown to the Rhea ICO Launch

    | 2017/09/30 10:00 pm