• Mark Zuckerberg just announced that Facebook wants to find out how cryptocurrencies could integrate into its platform. The role of Facebook in all of our lives is different. Some are regular users of the platform, using it to catch up on activities of friends and family. Others are frequent contributors, sharing their day to day with anyone that will listen. Many businesses and media outlets employ Facebook as a direct route to customers and clients.

    ‘Power Back Into People’s Hands’ – Zuckerberg Announces Facebook’s Crypto Focus

    | 2018/01/04 5:00 pm
  • Ripple executive chairman Chris Larsen has become “the richest person in the world” according to reports assessing his stake in the exploding cryptocurrency. A Sea Of $Billions In a tweet Wednesday, BitFury founder and commentator George Kikvadze noted that Larsen’s 37% stake in Ripple, which has an ‘implied’ maket value around $320 billion, makes him richer than Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. “If centralised Ripple is worth $320 (billion) then decentralised Bitcoin is (definitely) going

    Ripple Co-Founder Becomes ‘World’s Richest Person’

    | 2018/01/04 9:00 am
  • 2017 has been a record-breaking, awe-inspiring rollercoaster ride for cryptocurrency valuations increasing by more than 2000% in some cases. With all the hype and global attention on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) were attempting to tokenize just about everything in 2017. However, in this culture of tokenization, what everybody has failed to observe is that with price spikes in crypto valuations comes energy spikes in transactions processing. Consider the following: In September 30,

    Kwatt Coin – Tokenized Electricity a Revolutionary Solution

    | 2018/01/04 7:45 am
  • President Nicolas Maduro announces that 860,811 young people have registered to mine the Petro, the new national cryptocurrency of Venezuela. Paper Virtually Worthless Economically, Venezuela has been in terrible shape for a number of years. The failed socialist policies of Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro have destroyed the national economy, caused massive hyperinflation, and led to a humanitarian crisis where food and medicine are in short supply. In such times, many have turned to mining

    Over 860,000 Have Signed Up to Mine the Venezuelan Petro

    | 2018/01/04 6:30 am
  • Many people believe that Bitcoin is the preferred currency of criminals, but experts think that criminals are dropping Bitcoin for other digital currencies. The Rise of Privacy Coins In the last couple of years, deep web markets have risen in popularity. The major appeal of such darknet markets is the ability to obtain illegal goods like drugs and weapons in an anonymous way. But the recent technological advancements of law enforcement agencies has made purchasing goods

    Criminals Have Found an Alternative to Bitcoin

    | 2018/01/04 4:00 am
  • Both of these highflyers are taking the crypto community by storm. Which one will fare better in 2018? Who do we believe will outperform the other? Find out.  If Ripple is the Goldman Sachs of crypto, Stellar is its antagonist, Robin Hood, with the latter pointing out that the former is hanging onto to nearly 60% of the originally issued Ripple tokens. Which in my ledger implies they can easily manipulate their own market. For reference, 60%

    Ripple vs Stellar – Which Coin Will Win?

    | 2018/01/04 1:30 am
  • Dogecoin has become the latest cryptocurrency to seize a $1 billion market cap as commentators suggest the metric is now of little use. What’s in a Market Cap? As altcoin markets surge this week, new all-time highs are in sight for many Top 50 assets. 35 altcoins, in addition to Bitcoin, can now be found in the top echelon – those with a market cap of $1 billion. Along with fellow newcomer Komodo, Dogecoin has

    Much Wow? Dogecoin $1B Market Cap Fails To Impress Pundits

    | 2018/01/03 9:00 am
  • The New Year has started with a bang for cryptocurrencies as most of them are posting gains again on day three of 2018 during the Asian trading session. Bitcoin itself has had a shaky start but crypto fervor is still strong as a number of companies are getting onboard the blockchain train. In an effort to boost stocks Hooters Restaurants’ investor Chanticleer has announced plans to offer customers virtual currency in return for eating at

    Hooters Boosted by Backing Bitcoin and Blockchain

    | 2018/01/03 4:00 am
  • When a major update is rolled out or a hard fork occurs, interest in a coin will increase along with its price. This has certainly been the case for Bitcoin and Ethereum, but things are not always so smooth for other altcoins. The long anticipated Wraith protocol update for Verge was expected to be rolled out on New Year’s Day, and hodlers were hoping for a price spike.  Prices started to head upwards around the

    Faith in Wraith Misplaced for Verge

    | 2018/01/02 10:30 am
  • This year is likely to be a little more stable for many cryptocurrencies which have enjoyed monumental growth during the last three months of 2017. Some, however, could continue upwards, boosted by partnerships, tech upgrades, and listing on more exchanges. Ripple has already made huge moves in the past couple of weeks, pumped largely by news of greater acceptance by banks and credit card companies. At the time of writing, it has surpassed Ethereum by

    Could Coinbase Send Ripple to the Moon?

    | 2018/01/02 2:30 am
  • Bearish mainstream finance figures have begun forecasting a consumer return to gold once Bitcoin “uncertainty” dents their confidence. Bitcoin ‘Uncertainty’ Will Prompt Gold Return In two separate interviews on pro-Bitcoin Cash news media network CNBC, Gartman Letter founder Dennis Gartman and gold mining CEO Sean Boyd both tipped the precious metal to ultimately benefit from Bitcoin fluctuations. Boyd noted: I think, over time, the question will be: are these cryptocurrencies and the developers of these

    ‘Is Crypto Mining The Public?’ Goldbugs Tell Media Gold Will Be Great Again

    | 2018/01/01 3:00 pm
  • Marko Kobal, co-founder of NiceHash, the Slovenian startup that serves as a marketplace for matching spare computing power to miners, stepped down from his role as CEO last week. This comes just weeks after NiceHash lost over $60 million to a high profile cyber attack. Christmas came early for many Bitcoin enthusiasts this year, reaping huge gains from Bitcoin’s meteoric price surge in the first half of December. For NiceHash, however, the month of December

    NiceHash CEO Steps Down After $63 Million in Bitcoin Stolen in Cyber Attack

    | 2018/01/01 3:00 am
  • Like a lot of crypto enthusiasts, you got a shiny new hardware wallet for Christmas to store your digital assets, but you aren’t sure how to go about setting it up. Not to worry! This 7-step guide will help you set up your Ledger Nano S safely and securely. 7 Steps to Setting up Your Ledger Nano S Santa came down the chimney and left you a brand-new Ledger Nano S under the tree! Hurray!

    I Got a Ledger Nano S for Christmas, Now What? 7 Steps to Set Up Your New Hardware Wallet

    | 2017/12/31 7:00 pm
  • 3Commas is a suite of “smart tools” to help cryptocurrency investors minimize risks, limit losses, grow profits, and manage their portfolios across multiple exchanges. Saint Petersburg, Russia-based 3Commas offers experienced and beginning traders alike a suite of “smart tools” designed to help them manage their portfolios across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges while maximizing profits and limiting losses. Before test-driving the platform, Bitcoinist sat down with 3Commas CMO Mike Goryunov to talk about what prompted the team

    3Commas – Smart Tools for Intelligent Cryptocurrency Traders

    | 2017/12/31 3:00 pm
  • There have been a handful of forks from the main Bitcoin Network over the past few months, and that seems to be continuing into the new year. Bitcoin Interest plans to fork at block 505083, on January 22, 2018. Bitcoin Forks Bitcoin Interest is the recently announced fork of the Bitcoin network, including full replay protection. They’re planning on changing a few things, but keeping more of the protocol together. For those of you who

    Bitcoin Interest Fork Slated for End of January

    | 2017/12/30 9:00 pm
  • EOS hype is off the chart, but does the company have the capacity to outperform Ethereum? We answer that question and several more as we do a deep dive into the company, its management, and its business model. It’s easy to proclaim the latest technology the next internet, [insert crypto] killer, or even the next generation blockchain. But will it hold up to the hype? That is the question EOS is about to answer. To

    As EOS Tops $8 Is the Sun About to Set on Ethereum’s Reign?

    | 2017/12/30 5:00 pm
  • This year has been nothing but monumental for cryptocurrencies and the blockchain industry. Maybe we will look back on it in years to come and see 2017 as the genesis of a new way of blending business and technology. 2017 could be seen for crypto as 1995 was for the internet, when things really started to take off. Bitcoin has been around since 2009, although, for many years, it has been seen as largely a

    Crypto Movers and Shakers of 2017

    | 2017/12/30 5:00 am
  • Ripple just became the world’s second most valuable cryptocurrency. This is a big deal. But why? Is Ripple a good investment? Will banks adopt it? Let’s find out. Why Is Ripple Causing Waves? While Bitcoin and the rest of the top 10 cryptocurrencies are well below their peak, Ripple is enjoying a meteoric rise and is trading at $ 2.22, up more than 49% from this time yesterday. In fact, it just unseated Ethereum as the #2

    Ripple Dethrones Ethereum, Now #2 Cryptocurrency Behind Bitcoin

    | 2017/12/29 4:30 pm
  • The violent sell-off of cryptocurrencies seen recently had been expected long ago.  Everybody was talking about growing bubble, everybody was trying to predict the dates and levels, but as usual, it has come up unexpectedly. Or not? Below I will name the key drivers that triggered the move and the possible scenario for most cryptocurrencies under the leadership of Bitcoin. The current Bitcoin slump is the function of mass profit taking. During the recent months,

    [Op-Ed] Bitcoin: Denial Stage Will Bring Us To Bull Trap

    | 2017/12/29 10:00 am
  • Poloniex just reported that it’s going to require verification for legacy accounts. Here’s what’s what you need to know:  On December 27, 2017, cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex released this press release. The release outlines that fact that the company will soon start requiring that every account held on its platform is verified and that, to this aim, will start removing accounts (so-called legacy accounts) on an as-yet-undecided date. Here’s Poloniex’s official statement on the development: We

    Everything You Need To Know About The New Poloniex Verification Policy

    | 2017/12/28 9:00 pm
  • CNBC has continued its confused cryptocurrency coverage with the airing of fresh criticism of Bitcoin Cash and praise of Bitcoin itself. Najarian Turns Spotlight On Centralized Bitcoin Cash In stark contrast to the network’s recent standard angle, which has seen the overly forward support of the Bitcoin Cash altcoin and warnings about Bitcoin, a recent edition of its Half Time Report witnessed a conspicuous U-turn. “The fact that Bitcoin Cash is controlled… by two individuals

    ‘Only Two Individuals’: CNBC Airs Rare Bitcoin Cash Criticism

    | 2017/12/28 6:00 pm
  • Venezuela’s first state-run cryptocurrency will be backed by three of the country’s major natural resources. Venezuela previously announced their intention to step into the crypto spotlight by creating their own digital currency, the Petro. The country’s president, Nicolás Maduro, noted that the creation of the state-controlled crypto is a way to “innovate toward new forms of international finance for the economic and social development of the country.” Sidestepping Those Sanctions It could also be due to

    Crude Oil to Support Venezuela’s Petro Cryptocurrency

    | 2017/12/28 2:00 pm
  • The financial services giant is planning on offering digital asset trading beginning in the summer of 2018, sources close to the bank have reported. Old Money Moving In Goldman Sachs is becoming one of the first large banks in the US to embrace Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies, as the bank is currently building a team to tackle many of the issues that will come from implementing the trading. A major issue now is how the

    Goldman Sachs to Offer Cryptocurrency Trading

    | 2017/12/28 10:00 am