• This past week has demonstrated how exceptionally volatile the cryptocurrency space is. Not limited to Bitcoin, this week has seen many prices of altcoins collapse providing the perfect opportunity for high returns in the short term. Altcoins Worth Focusing On This Week: HIRE, ZCL, BRD, NEO, and GAS The altcoins worth shifting immediate focus to for the upcoming week are HIRE, ZCL, BRD, NEO, and GAS. These cryptocurrencies have major events, speculation, announcements and presentations in

    5 Altcoins to Keep an Eye on for the Week of March 10, 2018

    | 2018/03/09 9:00 pm
  • After raising over $7 million USD in just a few days of its pre-sale, EQUI is carrying a lot of momentum to transform venture capital (VC) investing. Bitcoinist spoke with Baroness Michelle Mone and Doug Barrowman about the project and why they believe it will be a “game-changer” for VCs, breaking down barriers to entry for the average person. Interview with Baroness Michelle Mone and Doug Barrowman Bitcoinist: What problem does EQUI attempt to solve?  Michelle

    Can Baroness Michelle Mone’s EQUI Token Transform Venture Capital?

    | 2018/03/09 3:00 pm
  • In a somewhat surprising turn of events, PayPal Holdings Inc. is rather bearish when it comes to cryptocurrency in the short term. As reported by Bloomberg, PayPal Chief Executive Officer Dan Schulman isn’t particularly confident in the future of cryptocurrency. While speaking at the Economic Club of New York in Manhattan, he had this to say: Regulations need to be sorted out and a whole number of other things. It’s an experiment right now that

    PayPal CEO: Cryptocurrency ‘an Experiment’, Not Interested At This Time

    | 2018/03/09 1:00 pm
  • Think cryptocurrency is a bubble ready to burst? Think again, says the ex-head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Too Deflated to Pop According to ex-Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Chair Jim Newsome, cryptocurrency is not a bubble on the verge of bursting. He believes this since the industry is still in its infancy and the vast majority of institutional money is still holding off on entering the market, primarily due to uncertainty regarding future regulatory

    Former CFTC Chair: Cryptocurrency Bubble Is Nowhere Near Bursting

    | 2018/03/09 7:30 am
  • You probably know that the Waves ecosystem provides solutions for safely and securely storing, trading, managing and issuing your digital assets – but we’re willing to bet that there’s plenty about Waves you don’t know. The Fastest Blockchain in the World Did you know that Waves is capable of handling hundreds of transactions per second? The Waves network has implemented a ground-breaking new protocol which will allow its blockchain to process thousands of transactions per

    5 Things You Didn’t Know About Waves, The Fastest Blockchain in the World

    | 2018/03/08 3:00 pm
  • The new Dirty Coin cryptocurrency has a connection with legendary hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan via the estate of founding member Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Just when you think the world of cryptocurrency can’t get any more wild or strange, you get hit like a roundhouse kick to the head. The world of hip-hop, kung fu movies, and crypto collide due to the announcement of the creation of a new cryptocurrency. The new crypto is called Dirty

    Shades of Shaolin as New Dirty Coin Cryptocurrency Has Wu-Tang Clan Connection

    | 2018/03/08 11:00 am
  • Despite concerns over volatility and security, research has shown that the vast majority of businesses are open to using cryptocurrency for business transactions, and that positive awareness is being raised over cybersecurity. Business Sense In their push towards mainstream adoption, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency continue to solidify themselves in the minds of business owners everywhere — who are increasingly more open to utilizing cryptocurrency for business transactions. A study by Neustar International Security Council (NISC) has

    Despite Security Concerns, Vast Majority of Businesses Interested in Cryptocurrency

    | 2018/03/08 9:00 am
  • Mainstream cryptocurrency adoption is one of the biggest problems which this sector faces today. Coinbase’s newly announced cryptocurrency index attempts to tackle this issue. Although awareness of cryptocurrency has skyrocketed over the last year, there has yet to be real moves toward widespread adoption. So far, many traditional investors have been quite adamant in not joining the cryptocurrency and blockchain space as an investor. This hesitation may be due to the risk and volatility of

    Coinbase Launches Index Fund: A Gateway for More Investors

    | 2018/03/08 5:00 am
  • Analysts, traders, and investors are constantly looking for the next big thing. While Bitcoin is far from fading, other cryptocurrencies may emerge to replace it as the standard for digital financial transfers. One company that has made a lot of partnerships and gained a lot of attention recently is Ripple. According to reports, a number of industry experts predict that Ripple’s XRP could be the next big thing as large gains from a sub-dollar asset

    Experts Claim Ripple Could be the Next Bitcoin

    | 2018/03/08 3:00 am
  • For the first time, a federal judge has upheld that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are commodities and thus subject to regulation by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies Are Commodities U.S. Federal Judge from the Eastern District of New York, Jack Weinstein, ruled on Tuesday that cryptocurrencies should be treated as commodities, reports CNBC. The ruling is a landmark as this is the first time that a court upheld the CFTC’s

    US Federal Judge: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Are Commodities

    | 2018/03/07 5:30 am
  • The Japan Consortium is set to launch a revolutionary smartphone app called “MoneyTap,” which will allow customers to settle transactions instantaneously, 24/7. The app is powered by Ripple’s blockchain technology. Instant Domestic Transfers for 80% of Japan According to an announcement on Ripple’s official website, this is the first time in Japan a mobile transaction settlement app has been developed which will be utilized by multiple banks throughout the country. SBI Net Sumishin Bank, Suruga

    Ripple-Powered Mobile App to Provide On-Demand Payments in Japan

    | 2018/03/07 4:00 am
  • If you are the average cryptocurrency enthusiast, chances are that the majority of your portfolio is sitting in the wallets of a crypto-exchange. While it does seem safe, your hard earned money is just a hack away from becoming the victim of a Mt.Gox-like hack in no time. Scams. Scams Everywhere. Fake Vitaliks. Fake McAfees. The twitter handles you are commenting on, are they even authentic? Is the blue tick even real? In an average

    5 Steps to Avoid Cryptocurrency Scams and ‘Fake Vitaliks’

    | 2018/03/06 6:00 pm
  • Near the middle of February, collapsing socialist country Venezuela launched Petro — the world’s first state-issued cryptocurrency — purportedly backed by the country’s oil reserves, and there is quite literally no reason anyone should ever invest in the farce. Backed by Incompetence President Maduro’s decision to create his own cryptocurrency might seem strange, given that Venezuela itself is in the throes of an extreme economic crisis. In addition to human rights abuses, the entirely incompetent

    Petro is a Terrible Investment (If You Didn’t Already Know)

    | 2018/03/06 4:00 pm
  • A shady cryptocurrency ICO has been caught using stock photos for their team members, including actor Ryan Gosling as a graphic designer. There’s a long history of companies using celebrities to endorse their products for marketing purposes. Of course, there’s probably just as long a history of unsavory people looking to cash in on a person’s name or face by fraudulently linking the celebrity to a product that they are not endorsing. A somewhat similar

    If ‘Ryan Gosling’ is on the ICO Team, You Probably Shouldn’t Invest

    | 2018/03/06 6:45 am
  • Visakhapatnam, also known as Vizag, may be a picturesque little coastal city but if all goes according to plan, it could become India’s FinTech hub. Chief Minister of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, Chandrababu Naidu, is no stranger to transforming cities into veritable tech hubs. First Hyderabad, which houses the country’s Google and Facebook headquarters, and now Vizag. According to Forbes, Naidu, as the chief architect of the FinTech Valley Vizag initiative, hopes to

    FinTech Valley – Vizag Aims to be India’s Blockchain Hub

    | 2018/03/06 12:30 am
  • South Korea’s largest chat app operator Kakao is looking to expand into the international Blockchain market via a so-called “reverse ICO,” sources report. ‘Reverse ICO’ Could See Kakao Coin According to local news media outlet The Bell March 2, Kakao, which in January raised over $1 billion for AI investment, will also launch its own cryptocurrency called “Kakao Coin.” An unnamed local industry official was quoted as saying: There was a talk that Kakao would

    South Korea Chat Giant ‘Will Launch ICO’ In New Blockchain Drive – Report

    | 2018/03/05 1:00 pm
  • BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group has reported that its Forensic and Investigations Division has successfully followed the laundered proceeds from the high-profile Coincheck hack — in which $534 million worth of NEM (XEM) coins were stolen — to an exchange in Vancouver. Lost & Found On January 26, 2018, the cryptocurrency world was once again rocked when Japanese exchange Coincheck reported the loss of 526 million XEM coins — worth upwards of $530 million. The theft was

    Coincheck’s $534M of Stolen NEM Found By Blockchain Forensics Firm

    | 2018/03/05 11:00 am
  • Venezuela issuing its Petro cryptocurrency has inspired Cambodia to release its “own cryptocurrency,” according to the local Blockchain industry. Entapay ‘Can Replace VISA’ for Cambodia A press release for the country’s forthcoming ASEAN 2018 BlockChain Summit, which will take place in the capital Phnom Penh March 7, tells readers to expect a “notable” announcement regarding a new payment medium called Entapay. According to organizers, the project, once launched had the potential to “replace” payment giants

    Cambodia Expected to ‘Follow Venezuela’ With National Cryptocurrency

    | 2018/03/05 7:00 am
  • At press time, the combined total market capitalization of cryptocurrency sits just above $470 billion, as coins across the board have started to recover from the massive correction which took place in January and February. In the last 24 hours, however, no cryptocurrency in the Top 50 has outperformed Ripple (XRP) — but what’s driving the price pump? Ripple Runs In the last 24 or so hours, the price of Ripple (XRP) has abruptly spiked

    Ripple (XRP) Has Suddenly Run Up 20% — But Why Now?

    | 2018/03/05 5:00 am
  • The launch of TRON’s main net has been moved up, but questions still remain as to what the pumped-and-dumped cryptocurrency really is. Finally, the project’s director of technology has some answers. Launching Ahead of Schedule According to Lucien Chen, TRON’s director of technology, the launch of the cryptocurrency’s main net is slated to be moved up from July 1st to May 31st. Meanwhile, its test net — which will allow for the running a full node, the

    TRON’s Mainnet is Coming Sooner than Expected — But What Is It?

    | 2018/03/04 9:00 am
  • North Korea remains unsurprisingly persistent with its nuclear program in the face of new US sanctions — and one former top NSA official claims cryptocurrencies are to blame. North Korea’s Nascent Cryptocurrency Industry While the United States looks to cut off North Korea’s income and force Pyongyang to play ball in regards to its nuclear and ballistic missile programs, the dictatorial country is reportedly using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to skirt economic barriers. Former top National

    Ex-NSA Official: North Korea Funding Nuclear Program with Cryptocurrency

    | 2018/03/03 6:30 pm
  • Canadian economist Mark Carney — who also serves as the Governor of the Bank of England and Chairman of the G20’s Financial Stability Board — has called for greater regulation against the “anarchy” of cryptocurrencies, despite claiming that “they’re failing” and are not a threat. ‘They’re Failing’ Canadian economist and Bank of England Governor Mark Carney unsurprisingly continued his anti-Bitcoin and anti-cryptocurrency rhetoric this morning in a speech to Bloomberg — in which he threw

    Shocker! Cryptocurrencies Are ‘Failing,’ UK’s Central Banker Says

    | 2018/03/02 9:00 am
  • Superbowl champion and four-time Pro Bowler Richard Sherman is a big fan of cryptocurrency, having been in the game for years. He isn’t such a big fan of fees, though. ‘Skimming off the Top’ NFL defensive star Richard Sherman by no means bandwagon-ed into cryptocurrency. He actually got involved in digital currencies in 2014, when we started accepting Bitcoin payments for official merchandise. He’s also invested in Ethereum and Litecoin — which he claims have

    Richard Sherman Loves Crypto, But Hates Trading Fees

    | 2018/03/02 7:00 am