• NXT Lost, Hacker stole 8.3 million NXT! A story of how hackers stole quite a lot of NXT from the popular exchange BTER. The total amount is 8.3 million NXT, with CFA Consulting leading the manhunt. Read the full article here. Shadowcoin Developer Interview! Shadowcoin is one of more well known private centric coins. Read my article to find out why they are worth your time. World’s first Virtual Bitcoin Expo! Bitcoinist did an write

    News Summary: August 24-30

    | 2014/08/28 11:59 pm
  • A rising coin with a becoming more popular centric of privacy, is Shadowcoin. I was able to talk to the main developer over at Shadowcoin, and here’s is what he had to say. 1. What is Shadow’s end goal? To establish Shadow as the ultimate P2P privacy solution for anything web-related – the anti-Google if you will. Anonymity is our primary focus, so we want people to be able to talk, shop, browse and publish

    Shadow Coin Developer Interview

    | 2014/08/28 11:46 pm
  • For those unfamiliar with Darkcoin, you better start researching on it as it had begun a new era of anonymous coins in cryptocurrency which is arguably the reason for which we see many anonymous coins these days. Coin Specifications 22 Million total coins X11 Algorithm 2.5 Minute Block Generation Decentralized Masternode Network Anonymous sending with DarkSend+ Difficulty Retarget through Dark Gravity Wave Darkcoin was launched at the beginning of the year, and the constant updates

    Darkcoin: Improving on all Stages

    | 2014/08/27 5:19 am
  • After my last article highlighting some of the anonymity players in the market was published I was asked (more than once) why in the world I neglected to mention blockchain 2.0 focused, strong anonymity player, XCurrency. My reasons for this are two fold in that 1) there is no way I could cover all the players in the anonymity market in a single article and 2) XCurrency seems to be much, much more than a simple “one

    XCurrency: a serious contender for the 2.0 crown

    | 2014/08/26 10:16 am
  • Following the hack of the BTer exchange a deal was negotiated with the hacker for him to return all the stolen NXT to BTer against some Bitcoins. Sure enough, the hacker didn’t keep his work and kept 8.3 million NXT by himself. I was the lead negotiator of this deal, but I am now ready to lead the hunt for this hacker. I had lengthy talk with him, and got a chance to understand him

    The hunt for the missing Nxt has begun

    | 2014/08/23 8:47 pm
  • As most working in the bitcoin space will tell you, Bitcoin is not anonymous, it is pseudonymous. Now at first glance that statement feels a bit superfluous, a play on words if you will. Leaving the suggestion that the two might more or less be equivalent. However, as it stands there are some significant differences between those two positions and there is a whole market developing around finding ways to take transactions on the blockchain and

    Market Focus: Anonymity

    | 2014/08/23 9:14 am
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    The History of Litecoin

    | 2014/08/22 11:33 am
  • Officially jumping into the coveted 3rd slot and  declaring itself “King of 2.0”. BitSharesX (BTSX) with 106,424 BTC  (53,755,292 USD) has used the most recent alt-coin push to propel itself past some serious competition. Signalling to the market that there is plenty of room for fresh innovation at the top. A series of Distributed Autonomous Companies, BitsharesX is the logical economic culmination of open source. If open source development allowed a small upstart from Helsinki to take on IBM, what

    A New Star Rises

    | 2014/08/22 10:57 am
  • One of the bigger contests to keep an eye on in the cryptocurrency market is without a doubt the smart contract race. With the ability to effectively decentralize, automate, and replace multiple trillion dollar industries it represents a sizable target for entrepreneurs and developers of all shapes and sizes to place their crosshairs. While the developers over at Blackcoin (specifically David Zimbeck) have technically already won this race (and I’ll get to that point in

    Smart Contracts, Intelligent Investing

    | 2014/08/22 9:30 am
  • A couple weeks ago I had an interview with the MastCoin developer, and he expressed some of his thoughts through the questions I had asked him. Here, we can see the interview: Q: Who composes the MastCoin team? Our team is an internationally diverse group of experienced professionals, which includes software developers, marketers, and members of the altcoin community. Many of our team have worked together before, but this is the first time we’ve launched

    Interview with MastCoin Developer

    | 2014/08/22 7:30 am
  • Heavycoin is an interesting coin having been released a couple months ago. Here, an interview regarding the Heavy1 algorithm with the developer: Q: What makes an algorithm with multiple hashing more secure than something like scrypt or Scrypt N-Factor Scrypt/adaptive-n is a single cryptographic hash function.   Using a single cryptographic hash function as the basis for a crypto-currency is fine until that cryptographic hash function becomes weak, for example, due to advances in cryptography.  You

    Interview with HeavyCoin Developer

    | 2014/08/22 6:18 am
  • If you are new to cryptocurrency, you may have not heard of BlackCoin. Actually, you should’ve. A coin that rose in a successful way, not only this, with such volatility, but was still able to hold its ground for quite some time is something unseen nowadays. Definitely, one of the few coins out there with a strong development team and a great way to bring upon innovation into the coin. Block time: 1 minute Difficulty

    BlackCoin: Multipools, BlackHalo, and much more

    | 2014/08/21 4:29 am
  • “Supercoin, a X11 crypto coin, announced that they are finishing the last details on the new p2p decentralized trustless system and launching the new wallet with “SuperSend Trustless” on August 25th.  “SuperSend Trustless” is based on multisig technology and provides anonymous transactions to Supercoin users. Supercoin recently announced completion of the initial implementation of the p2p decentralized trustless system and beta testing of “SuperSend Trustless” will start on SuperCoin’s network on August 20th. The whitepaper

    Supercoin, a X11 crypto coin launching new wallet with “SuperSend Trustless”

    | 2014/08/19 2:19 pm
  • Cryptocurrency exchange BTER was hacked yesterday and a significant quantity of funds stolen, including 51 million NXT (then worth $1.7m). NXT was the number one currency exchanged on this platform. This is by far the largest hack that has ever happened in NXT’s history. Although it was entirely down to BTER’s lack of security, NXT as an economic system has started bleeding. Indeed, the hack concerns over 5% of the total money supply and, notwithstanding

    BTER Hacked, NXT PoS at work

    | 2014/08/16 8:40 pm
  • SysCoin is more than a revolutionary crypto currency; it allows low-cost financial transactions like Bitcoin and also provides businesses the infrastructure to trade goods, assets, digital certificates and data securely. Syscoin technology is said to run over the blockchain and the Syscoin Platform provides innumerous abilities for businesses to trade their products or services. The Syscoin project is being closely followed by the community and already collected a cheer number of supporters. The Syscoin team

    Exclusive Interview with the Syscoin Team

    | 2014/08/14 6:38 pm
  • It seems as if most coin developers keep on abandoning their coins for some reason. Fortunately, there is always someone in the community with the required skills to take over the coin, and that is the case with IncognitoCoin. A coin with high expectations and a good plan set up to back it. Unfortunately, the developer abandoned the coin leaving it to no good person to take over. This is when the community stood up

    IncognitoCoin: Community Relaunch

    | 2014/08/13 3:35 am
  • Recently Reddcoin has been making some serious market gains, both in volume and in price with a 24 hour volume of $578,183 and price of 41 Satoshis at its peak. This wasn’t a sudden growth either, as you can see by the following graph that shows Reddcoin price as well as volume over the last 3 months. As you can see, over the last 3 months, Reddcoin has been steadily gaining both volume and price,

    Reddcoin: Major Market movement!

    | 2014/08/11 11:46 pm
  • A coin that has received much attention in the past few weeks due to the innovation they will bring with the release of their coin is Syscoin. Syscoin aims to provide all sorts of businesses the infrastructure to trade goods, assets, digital certificates, and others in a secure way. The way it differentiates itself though is that it implements this marketplace, this infrastructure directly into the blockchain which is something unseen in cryptocurrency. Detailed information

    Syscoin: Business on the Blockchain

    | 2014/08/11 2:54 am
  • Shibecoin is quite an interesting coin due to the past it went through, but fortunately, like many coins we’ve seen, it has moved on from its past development team to a community decided development team. So let’s recap Shibecoin’s situation, and the history that has followed it: The main development team was composed of “Loq” and “Energion” as are their names in bitcointalk. The coin had a small premine which seemed fair. However, after many

    Shibecoin Community Relaunch

    | 2014/08/10 7:48 am
  • We all know that Scrypt ASICS are now available for purchase, and miners have been hashing away at Scrypt coins, leaving GPU miners to scramble to under algorithms, most popular being Scrypt-n and x-11. Scrypt ASICS may have also had a negative effect on prices, for Darkcoin and Vertcoin. Darkcoin is the most popular X11 coin, and Vertcoin is the most popular Scrypt-n coin, so it’s logical to assume that is where most GPU miners

    Litecoin and ASICS: Effect on Market

    | 2014/08/08 10:43 pm
  • XCloudcoin is an altcoin that integrates the cloud into cryptocurrency. Currently, the cloud feature is in a closed beta, and is mainly being given out to those who wish to review it. Therefore, I approached XCloudcoin, and they were kind enough to provide me with an invite. Other than this, XCloudcoin is also verified by CoinsSource with a trust rating of 6/7. It should be noted that the last point is given after a postage

    XCloudcoin: Cloud Integration within a coin

    | 2014/08/04 8:07 am
  • To many, Africa may seem as a continent wth little or no technological development whatsoever, and that is the first time mistake people make. Most Africans do not own credit cards or bank accounts, but they are owners of cell phones, and it’s through these cell phones where African people make their transactions. But how is cell phone use influenced by cryptocurrency? Companies such as M-Pesa which handle a majority of transactions in Africa are

    CryptoCurrency and its effect in Africa

    | 2014/08/03 12:55 am
  • The Russian government prepares to ban crypto currencies. As stated by the Russian news express RIA Novosti, the Russian Finance Ministry is planning on legislating against the use of crypto currencies. The Russian Finance Ministry is issuing a proposal to prohibit the use and operations with money substitutes and value transmitters such as digital currencies. The Ministry is also considering not just prohibiting crypto currencies, but also to bring criminal responsibility to companies and individuals

    Russia Plans to ban crypto currencies

    | 2014/08/02 9:40 pm