• Today I’m with David Tiessen, the founder of GENERCoin. GENERCoin is an asset tied coin, with backing via Arterran Renewables. GENERCoin is another example of how cryptocurrency can impact what you wouldn’t expect, like helping to sustain the planet through using sustainable biofuels. 1. What sparked the idea of GENERCoin? GEC is the result of a chance encounter between myself, and Lloyd Davis Arterran’s CEO. Everything I work on is in regards to creating a sustainable

    GENERCoin: Dev Interview

    | 2014/08/01 9:25 pm
  • Cloakcoin, yet another annymous coin. What makes this one different? First, its method of making transactions is one of a kind, by using an extension of PoS (proof of stake). They also have a decentralized peer to peer market in the works, known as Onemarket. They also have a plan to build a prototype coin known as Blockcoin. It owuld be used to test their ledger, which is known as Oneledger. Blockcoin would remove bloat

    Cloakcoin: Developer Interview

    | 2014/08/01 5:46 pm
  • CryptographicCoin One of the few coins out there to show real promise by integrating truly anonymous technology is definitely CryptographicCoin showing some never before seen combinations in order to achieve the goal of anonymity. By integrating technologies from Zerocoin, Novacoin, and even PeerCoin, it seems as if the goal at hand is fairly simple. The purpose of CryptographicCoin seems to be clear as they strive to bring a securer and more anonymous network, a field

    CryptographicCoin and CloakCoin: Anonymity Battle!

    | 2014/08/01 7:02 am
  • We recently had the opportunity to  interview Charlie Lee at the Amsterdam conference. Charlie Lee is the creator of Litecoin and recently joined the Coinbase team after working as an engineer for Google. He has earned a Master’s degree in electrical engineering and computer science at MIT. Litecoin has often been referred to as the “silver” of the cryptocurrency world for being second only to Bitcoin in popularity and value. Bitcoinist: Okay, so here we

    Exclusive Interview with the Creator of Litecoin: Charlie Lee

    | 2014/08/01 1:15 am
  • Last Tuesday, Gold Bullion International – GBI as confirmed the opening of a live gateway on the Ripple protocol in order to be able to create a new gold backed crypto currency. The company aims to simplify what has traditionally been a corky, time-consuming and expensive process while trying to combine the best that technology has to offer. Steven Feldman, co-founder and CEO of GBI. Said: “We have been leaders in combining technology and precious

    You can now use Ripple to buy and trade gold

    | 2014/07/31 3:31 am
  • KeyCoin, for those unaware, is a hybrid PoW/PoS running on the X13 algorithm. It has a total of 1 million coins in the PoW phase, which has already ended, and a 20% PoS interest yearly. Now, what makes KeyCoin unique is the anonymous system to be implemented including Tor nodes. Not much information has been given by the KeyCoin developers as it seems they wanted to keep it a secret for most time. However, as

    KeyCoin Anonymity reviewed by Dan Metclaf

    | 2014/07/30 4:37 am
  • HYPER, a Scrypt coin with a Space MMO. You can read up on a full features list of the coin here, as I did an interview the developer already. But today we are focusing on the new Counter Strike tournament they launched, where you can earn prizes in HYPER! 1. What do you plan on achieving with the HYPER Monthly Counter-Strike Blitz? The HYPER Monthly Counter-Strike Blitz is a way for anyone to play  Counter-Strike on the

    HYPER launching Counter Strike Tournament!

    | 2014/07/29 11:45 pm
  • CryptoNote was designed as a useful tool to help people separate themselves from the current financial system of total control and surveillance. The ultimate goal of the CryptoNote platform is the widespread recognition of the technology through the development and marketing support of those willing to take on the current financial system. Obviously, Bitcoin is leading the market at the moment; however CryptnoNote, along with the other innovative platforms such as Ripple and NXT, are

    CryptoNote – A toolkit for truly anonymous and untraceable cryptocurrencies

    | 2014/07/28 12:54 pm
  • Getting companies, and even governments to become more conscious of carbon emissions is hard, to say the least. With no incentive to really become eco-friendly, and no one to really push them to become eco-friendly, companies will stay the same. That’s where GreenCoin comes in. 1. What sparked the idea of GreenCoin? Carbon emissions are a global problem which requires a global solution. Government intervention has attempted to provide various solutions though, to date, these

    Greencoin: Carbon Emissions Coin

    | 2014/07/28 12:23 am
  • How will the association with SYNCcoin affect the price and stability of VootCoin? A: Due to the progress in development of both Vootcoin and Sync, we have built a strong foundation and this is will offer opportunities for new investors and will ultimately lead to stable and future growth. Will VootCoin remain a single entity or be utilized in the SYNC brand? A: We are discussing the potential of integrating both of the brands however nothing

    Interview with VootCoin Developer

    | 2014/07/26 3:04 am
  • If you didn’t know already, Vertcoin is an ASIC-resistant coin, one of the first coins I found out about and wrote about. Vertcoin with has been slowly dropping in market cap over the last few days, but that hasn’t discouraged the community with releases such as the Stealth Address, and now the POW change to Lyra2. Below is a short video explaining stealth addresses more in-depth. 1. What is Vertcoin? Vertcoin aims to be the cryptocurrency of choice

    Vertcoin: Interview with Dev about upcoming POW change!

    | 2014/07/25 9:57 pm
  • Global Denomination, with 1 minute transactions using X11 and Digishield is a coin that promises the ability to securely and quickly send GDN across the globe, with 6 confirms average in 6 minutes. Also with a decentralised community with the interests of the currency in hand, this is a coin I don’t see going away anytime soon. 1. What sparked the idea of GDN? I first heard of Bitcoin in early 2013 and started researching

    Global Denomination: Coin Dev Interview

    | 2014/07/25 7:57 pm
  • Everything is happening incredibly fast. We are growing and our services are evolving so rapidly we sometimes even forget to mention all that we achieved. Sharing news is something that we should definitely do more often, and as an attempt for improvement, we hereby present you some of our latest accomplishments. We hope that this will only make you want to know more!  Price Reduction- This is simply incredible. We have never thought it will

    Genesis Mining- the World’s leading hashpower provider- What’s new?

    | 2014/07/25 2:08 pm
  • Presenting a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, but with the goal of harnessing all the computing power and energy a cryptocurrency generates towards a meaningful scientific and medical purpose. What is Cure Coin? So much energy and power is wasted on re-securing the blockchain and computing arbitrary hashes for Bitcoin. CureCoin is an alternative cryptocurrency that boils down to a proof of work system based upon valuable computer calculations. Cure Diseases Valuable scientific and medical data is provided by the

    CureCoin: A cryptocurrency that eliminates disease

    | 2014/07/24 9:34 pm
  • eUtopium is a coin which is currently in a crowdfunding period, more of a IPO in my eyes, but consider it whatever you want to consider it as. eUtopium will start out with a proof of work phase that will last a year running on the NIST5 algorithm. The reason for this is because it is more energy efficient, which causes less heat production and consequently, a lower load on the computer’s processing power. Once

    eUtopium: An aim towards Education

    | 2014/07/24 4:42 am
  • What is Cryptogenic Bullion? Cryptogenic Bullion is a peer-to-peer internet currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world and inherent fundamental specifications enable it to more efficiently function as a store of wealth. Cryptogenic Bullion was released in June 2013 primarily for storing wealth. It is the first crypto-currency to display all of the properties of money, while providing the bearer with interest for holding it. Bitcoinist recently interviewed with the CGB

    Cryptogenic Bullion: The Investors Crypto

    | 2014/07/23 9:52 pm
  • Q: How did you start the creation of the X11 Algorithm? Darkcoin came about after many months of thinking about how to create anonymous money. One of the necessary features of a monetary system like Darkcoin is a brand new proof-of-work system.  What I really was aiming for with X11 is a similar development curve where miners would fight to create small advantages much like the early start of Bitcoin. I think this a requirement to

    Interview with Evan Duffield

    | 2014/07/23 2:41 am
  • Nowadays, innovation seems to be the fuel that steams the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Every Developer Team is trying to give their best contributes; but still, the market is asking for new features to make the use of crypto currencies increasingly easy. One of the Teams who aim to be on the edge of innovation is the VRC – Vericoin Team. The VRC project has been one of those works that have really shown high quality technical

    Exclusive Interview with The Vericoin Team

    | 2014/07/22 4:43 am
  • UROcoin does not need an introduction by any means, but for those who have not heard of it. URO is a coin running on the X11 algorithm with a 1m total within the first three months. Whats interesting however, is the fact that they want to back urea at 1 uro to 1 metric tonne of urea which is a difficult task indeed. Here is an interview regarding the steps they have taken to reach

    Interview with URO Developers

    | 2014/07/18 9:34 pm
  • New York City Attempts to Shut Down Bitcoin Ben Lawsky, Superintendent of Financial Services at the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) announced on reddit today New York’s proposed new regulatory framework for virtual currencies. The regulations will be formally published in the July 23, 2014 edition of the New York State Register – which starts a 45-day public comment period. A copy is available here on the DFS website. A summary of

    New York City Attempts to Shut Down Bitcoin

    | 2014/07/17 7:59 pm
  • Execoin (http://execoin.net), the fast ASIC-resistant crypto currency, proudly presents the first open-source Electrum wallet with stealth addresses technology! After months of intensive development, the Execoin team has released its own open-source implementation of stealth addresses technology based on the Electrum-EXE wallet (http://electrum-exe.org/stealth). Unlike proprietary closed-source stealth payment solutions currently available on the market, the Electrum-EXE code can be audited in order to make sure that there are no security vulnerabilities or intentional backdoors . Integration

    Execoin is the first to release open-source wallet with stealth addresses support

    | 2014/07/14 11:51 am
  • Exclusive Interview with the communications and Marketing responsible for Cryptonote Platform You may have already heard about innovative CryptoNote platform and its reference code Bytecoin (BCN), the first currency said to have truly anonymous transactions and egalitarian CPU mining only. Cryptonote technology is based on ring signatures, differs from Bitcoin source code completely and is already being discussed by the community. On July 4th Bytecoin celebrated its 2nd anniversary and we took this opportunity to

    Exclusive Interview with Bytecoin and Cryptonote Platform

    | 2014/07/10 9:19 pm
  • Like most coins, HYPER is a scrypt coin. Unlike many coins, they have a SPACE MMO in the works, similar to Voidspace. Today I’m here with the developer of HYPER discussing the views and direction that HYPER is headed, with potential followup articles in the future.  1. What is HYPER? Essentially, HYPER is a low energy cryptocurrency designed for use in online games, MMOs, virtual worlds and more. The currency is currently used in Counter-Strike, Minecraft,

    HYPER: Coin Overview

    | 2014/07/09 5:47 pm