• The Marshall Islands is set to create the first ever legal tender issued as a cryptocurrency, the Sovereign (SOV). Sovereign Currency for a Sovereign Nation The decision comes straight from the sprawling chain of over 1,1000 volcanic islands’ parliament, who have declared that Sovereign (SOV) will be exchanged and distributed as a digital coin. The Marshall Islands — a sovereign nation located halfway between Hawaii and Australia — currently use the United States dollar (USD),

    Marshall Islands to Issue Crypto Legal Tender, Sovereign (SOV) — A Global First

    | 2018/03/02 5:00 am
  • Nothing will boost the price of an altcoin better than a listing on a major exchange. They don’t come much bigger than Bittrex which announced the listing of Tron (TRX) a few hours ago. Tron has been lagging since its almighty pump back at the beginning of January. When crypto mania was at its peak, fear of missing out gripped a lot of newbie traders who jumped in on what they thought would be the

    Tron (TRX) Awakes on Bittrex Listing Boost

    | 2018/03/02 2:30 am
  • Bold predictions on cryptocurrency prices can always be taken with a huge pinch of salt. If it were that easy to predict the price of Bitcoin, or Ripple in this case, we would all be driving Lambos. One analyst, however, is confident that the price of Ripple’s XRP will reach $16 by the end of the year. According to reports, Samson Williams, CSO of Ireland-based fintech firm SeedUps, predicts XRP will go to $16 by

    Crypto Experts Weigh in, Predict Big Gains for Ripple in 2018

    | 2018/03/01 11:30 pm
  • Goldman Sachs-backed startup Circle made waves earlier this week when it acquired cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex. A couple of experts share their thoughts on the implications for the soon-to-be first compliant US crypto exchange and its customers. Most Crypto Exchanges ‘Over-Regulate Themselves’ As the dust settles on Circle’s acquisition of Poloniex, U.S. regulators are keeping a close eye on KYC/AML compliance of cryptocurrency exchanges. Joseph Weinberg, OECD Think Tank Special Advisor and Chairman of Shyft, a

    So Why Did Goldman Sachs-Backed Circle Really Buy Poloniex?

    | 2018/02/28 10:00 am
  • ‘Godfather of Ethereum’ and founder of æternity, Yanislav Malahov, tells Bitcoinist why his startup chose to set up shop in the tiny country of Liechtenstein, which countries blockchain companies must stay away from, and why he believes most current cryptocurrency projects will fail in the next 5 years.  Yanislav Malahov: Liechtenstein Regulators ‘Very Open’ to Blockchain The sixth smallest country in the world, Liechtenstein, has become one of the most appealing destinations in the world for startups

    Most Current Projects Will Disappear in 5 Years, Says ‘Godfather of Ethereum’

    | 2018/02/28 2:00 am
  • Europol has noted that cybercriminals are becoming better at covering their tracks by opting for more privacy-focused, anonymizing cryptocurrencies like Monero, ZCash, and Dash. Europol Sees ‘Distinct Shift’ to Anonymizing Altcoins A cybercrime analyst at Europol, Jarek Jacubchek, recently told Business Insider that the unified European police agency is seeing a “distinct shift” from Bitcoin to alternative cryptocurrencies that offer greater privacy. Jacubchek said:  So basically, you can achieve a higher level of privacy using

    Europol: Monero, ZCash, and Dash Are a Major Problem

    | 2018/02/27 5:30 am
  • Days after launching the world’s first ever state-issued cryptocurrency, the government of Venezuela has opened up a cryptocurrency school for its citizens — presumably to educate them on the glory of Petro. Prioritizing Petro According to reports, the government of Venezuela has opened the doors to a cryptocurrency training center at the Granja Laboratorio Petro School in Caracas — supposedly to educate interested citizens on how to buy, sell and mine cryptocurrencies, as well as illustrate

    Venezuela Opens State-Funded Crypto School as Citizens Starve

    | 2018/02/26 9:30 pm
  • With over 40 ICOs and over $1 billion raised already in the new year, the nascent industry is on pace to top last year’s mark of $5.6 billion. 2018: An Even Bigger Year for ICOs? Last year, there were 902 so-called Initial Coin Offerings (or ICO) projects tracked by TokenData. Out of that amount, 142 failed prior to the offering, and another 276 failed after raising funds. But despite a lackluster success rate of about

    ICOs Raised Over $1 Billion in 2018, And It’s Only February

    | 2018/02/26 5:30 pm
  • Crypto markets have been a little flat over the weekend, and there have been a few small shifts in either direction. Bitcoin has maintained a steady course around the $9,700 mark, fluctuating a couple of hundred dollars both up and down. The lack of momentum has trickled down through the rest of the altcoins, and there really isn’t much going on this morning, apart from in the Litecoin camp. Litecoin is currently up 10% on

    Litecoin Lifts off Ahead of LitePay Launch

    | 2018/02/26 3:30 am
  • NEO and bitcoin are two cryptocurrencies which have risen to prominence since their inceptions. These coins possess some similarities, however, they also possess a number of important differences. Here is a closer look at the key similarities and differences between NEO and bitcoin. Similarities Popularity – Both NEO and Bitcoin are extremely popular. That is why both coins are in the top ten coins by overall market cap as of February 12th, 2018. NEO and

    NEO vs. Bitcoin – Key Similarities & Differences

    | 2018/02/25 9:00 am
  • In an annual filing to the Security and Exchange Commission, America’s second-largest bank has expressed fears over cryptocurrency’s potential to undermine the control of major banks. Making things difficult It has long been speculated that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies pose a threat to major banks and traditional financial institutions. Now, Bank of America admits it could be forced to deal with the “substantial” costs associated with the emerging market. “The widespread adoption of new technologies,

    Bank of America Admits Bitcoin is a Threat in SEC Report

    | 2018/02/23 10:00 am
  • A senior Turkish politician has repeated claims from the country’s deputy prime minister that it will seek to create ‘Turkcoin,’ its own national cryptocurrency. Opposition Demands Regulation Several weeks after the ruling Justice and Development Party’s Mehmet Şimşek suggested the idea, Ahmet Kenan Tanrikulu, deputy chair of the opposition Nationalist Movement Party and former Industry Minister, argued a method was needed to “generate revenue” from Bitcoin. “The introduction of encouraging regulations after assessing all kinds

    Turkcoin? Turkey Politician Advises National Crypto To Profit From Bitcoin

    | 2018/02/23 6:00 am
  • Things are only getting weirder in Venezuela, as President Nicolas Maduro decides that one state-issued cryptocurrency farce isn’t enough. Now, the socialist country with a crumbling economy is ready to launch second Petro token — called Petro Gold. Maduro’s Vision Earlier this week, collapsing socialist country Venezuela purportedly launched Petro — the world’s first state-issued cryptocurrency — purportedly backed by the country’s oil reserves. The problem is, the oil allegedly backing each token has yet to

    Venezuela Decides One Coin’s Not Enough, Readies New ‘Petro Gold’ Token

    | 2018/02/22 8:30 am
  • Bitcoin (BTC) transaction fees have dipped below than those of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), marking a blow to one of the hard fork’s central remits. Battle Of The Satoshis Data from monitoring resources Wednesday confirms the turnaround as BTC continues to see a drop in transaction fees not seen for six months. In terms of satoshis, the cryptocurrency’s smallest possible unit, BCH’s lower value means a transaction fee of 10,000 sat provides worse value than an equivalent

    Bitcoin Fees Sink to 6 Month Low, Undermining Bitcoin Cash

    | 2018/02/21 6:30 am
  • Another celebrity has entered the cryptocurrency world. This time, it’s Steven Seagal as the action movie star endorses Bitcoiin2Gen. There are times when you think things couldn’t get more interesting in the crypto world, but then it does. Such a time is now as the up-and-down world of Bitcoin and its cryptocurrency brethren have been graced by the deadly mitts of Steven Seagal. The 1990s action movie star is officially endorsing the Bitcoiin2Gen cryptocurrency. From

    Steven Seagal Punches His Way into the Crypto World

    | 2018/02/21 2:15 am
  • News that Dogecoin had become a test asset for Ethereum’s inter-coin Rinkeby testnet has sparked a project aiming to hard fork it later this year. Dogecoin’s ‘Serious’ Year? Dogethereum (DOGX), which shares its name with the Rinkeby project known as Dogethereum Bridge, is looking to branch off from the Dogecoin chain in fall. This would constitute Dogecoin’s first ever hard fork. “Dogethereum is new decentralized digital currency, it will be founded on snapshot of popular

    Dogecoin Hard Forks To ‘Dogethereum’ Later In 2018

    | 2018/02/20 1:30 pm
  • Venezuela’s state-backed cryptocurrency, Petro, is about to hit the market. Amidst an extreme economic crisis in the South American country, however, there is little reason to expect anything other than failure. State-Issued Crypto Amidst a Crumbling Economy Today, Venezuela is scheduled to launch the world’s first ever state-backed cryptocurrency with its new oil-backed Petro token, which many are construing as a desperate cash grab by a corrupt government amid an ever-worsening economic meltdown. Called Petro,

    World’s Most Miserable Country to Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency Today

    | 2018/02/20 11:30 am
  • EToro, the leading social investment platform with over nine million users, has today added support for NEO to its platform. eToro Bullish on NEO The new addition now brings the total number of cryptocurrencies supported to nine and follows the addition of Stellar ($XLM) last week. NEO currently has a market cap of around $7.2 billion USD making it the seventh biggest cryptocurrency overall. NEO has seen a dramatic rise in price since its inception

    NEO is Now Supported By the eToro Platform

    | 2018/02/19 9:00 am
  • Bitcoin price has remained above $10,000 despite its rapid retrace over the weekend when market momentum suddenly fizzled out. Vays Hints At ‘Bullish’ Daily, Weekly Outlook After passing $11,000 in Sunday trading, BTC/USD peaked at $11,283 on Bitstamp before dropping $1500 in hours to hit a low of $9727. A correction took prices back over $10,000 where they remained into Monday, analysts predicting a ‘flip’ into bullish territory as Bitcoin’s most likely next move. “The

    Bitcoin Price: Will Bullish ‘Flip’ Finally Clear $11K Hurdle?

    | 2018/02/19 5:45 am
  • According to a Venezuelan official, Tuesday’s Petro pre-sale will have international reach, drawing potential investors from the US, Europe and the Middle East. It was just over two months ago that Venezuela’s president, Nicolás Maduro, announced his bold plan to introduce the country’s first state-controlled cryptocurrency. The Petro would act as a way to circumvent US-imposed sanctions, as well as combat hyperinflation in the country. In the case of the former, US financial institutions have

    Venezuela’s National Cryptocurrency ‘Petro’ Expected to Go Global

    | 2018/02/18 2:00 pm
  • A Chicago trader is facing up to 20 years in prison for stealing over $2 million in Bitcoin and Litecoin cryptocurrency from his employer. Most 24-year-olds would be quite happy to be attached to a new cryptocurrency unit for a major financial entity. That’s not a bad career path for someone who previously worked as a cryptocurrency trader in South Korea before joining Consolidated Trading LLC to become an assistant bond trader in July 2016.

    Chicago Trader Steals Over $2 Million in Bitcoin and Litecoin Cryptocurrency

    | 2018/02/17 10:30 am
  • Atari, the iconic video game company, has seen their stock price rise after announcing they would be creating their own cryptocurrency: the Atari Token. For gamers of a certain age, nothing can transport them back to their childhood faster than by just hearing “Atari.” The name alone conjures up marathon gaming sessions of Pac-Man or Warlords (or Yars’ Revenge, my personal favorite) while sitting on the living room floor in front of the TV. Now

    Grab Your Joystick! Atari to Create Its Own Cryptocurrency

    | 2018/02/17 7:30 am
  • Ripple, the third largest cryptocurrency by market cap, has been on a tear lately, and it has now signed a significant deal with Saudi Arabia’s central bank. Ripple Rapidly Gaining Traction Ripple continues to make inroads into the traditional financial sector. It has recently announced a massive deal with the UAE Exchange and a major partnership with Lianlian International. Additionally, Banco Santander is set to roll out Ripple payments in Q1, and just today came the

    Ripple Signs Major Deal with Saudi Arabia’s Central Bank

    | 2018/02/15 10:30 am