• Verv has added another first to its list of achievements in the energy trading business. The company’s smart hub has been used to facilitate the first blockchain energy trade transaction in the U.K. This comes barely five months after the company launched its energy trading community in a Hackney housing estate. Details of the Trade Using technology created by Verv, one kilowatt-hour of solar electricity was sent to another residential building on April 11, 2018.

    First Ever Blockchain Energy Trade Completed in the UK

    | 2018/04/30 1:00 am
  • France is to tax gains from cryptocurrency sales as capital gains of “movable property.” The country has moved to reduce the rates from up to 45% to a flat 19%. A Bit of History Earlier this year, the High Administrative Court of France was seized on behalf of several taxpayers, challenging the instituted regimen, in force since July 2014, related to taxation of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency-related transactions. Under the aforementioned tax legislation, gains from

    France Slashes Cryptocurrency Taxes in Half

    | 2018/04/29 2:00 am
  • Arbitrage exists as a result of market inefficiencies and would therefore not exist if all markets were perfectly efficient. How does one capitalize on this market phenomenon? A trader who, in 1970, pioneered a computerized trading system once said: The elements of good trading are: (1) cutting losses, (2) cutting losses, and (3) cutting losses. If you can follow these three rules, you may have a chance. This is, of course, Ed Seykota, a former commodities trader.

    Crypto Arbitrage Trading – The Pursuit of Happiness

    | 2018/04/27 5:00 pm
  • The Central Bank of Venezuela will receive $1 billion from the proceeds of the Petro sale.  Petro Sale Exceeds $3 Billion President Nicolas Maduro made the announcement in a statement to reporters on April 26, 2018. The money is being earmarked for foreign exchange auctions as the country tries to recover from a crippling economic crisis. According to the Venezuelan President, early sales of the Petro cryptocurrency exceeded the $3 billion mark. Thus, he has

    Central Bank of Venezuela to Receive $1 Billion from Petro Sale

    | 2018/04/27 3:00 pm
  • Binance has launched a new feature that allows users to convert crypto dust into BNB tokens. Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the Binance CEO made this known via a tweet on April 23, 2018. What is Crypto Dust? Crypto dust refers to a fractional cryptocurrency value. It is usually impossible to trade crypto dust due to the fact that they are less than the transaction fees. Being lower than the minimum trading limit, it usually sits idle

    Binance Now Lets Users Convert Crypto Dust to BNB

    | 2018/04/25 11:30 pm
  • A week-long vote in the Ethereum community has been held in regards to whether or not developers should implement a patch which would restore a disabled contract and unfreeze 587 wallets holding 513,774.16 ETH — currently worth roughly $318,000,000 USD. After much debate, the results are in, and the noes have it. Deep Freeze As a bit of background, the Parity multisig library was hacked to the tune of 150,000 ETH in July 2017. Afterward,

    Ethereum Community Votes Down $318 Million Parity Refund Request

    | 2018/04/25 8:30 pm
  • Amid talk of Bitcoin prices rebounding, the best performing asset in the world year to date is in fact not Bitcoin… but Binance Coin (BNB). 75% Gains Since January The token of what is now the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange has gained almost 75% since January 1, far outpacing extant assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. As online commentator BambouClub noted citing the data from Blocklink.info, BNB even beat Netflix, Twitter and Amazon to deliver

    Binance Coin Outperformed Everything So Far in 2018

    | 2018/04/25 5:30 pm
  • When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, investors consider the high volatility as one of the most critical challenges. Besides the obvious risks, the sharp price movements also represent real opportunities that anticipate generous profits. Leaving the investor’s viewpoint aside, the high volatility of the cryptocurrencies doesn’t allow these to become widely accepted means of payment. Oduwa is a project that focuses on volatility issues that erode the crypto space from the inside. The day when

    Oduwa – the Revolutionary Exchange with Built-In Risk Mitigation Solutions

    | 2018/04/25 4:30 am
  • Francois Villeroy de Galhau, governor of the Bank of France and policymaker at the European Central Bank (ECB), has said new laws are needed to target cryptocurrency exchanges. De Galhau: We ‘Should Work On’ Exchanges Speaking at the City Week banking conference in London April 24, de Galhau, who has gone on record to make some curious claims about cryptocurrency in the past, appeared to choose the industry as a specific point of interest. “In

    Bank Of France Governor: ECB Should Focus On Crypto Exchanges

    | 2018/04/25 4:00 am
  • Goldman Sachs has had its feelers in the cryptocurrency waters for a while. Now, the Wall Street giant looks set to take the plunge, having just hired a cryptocurrency trader to help the company expand into digital asset markets. High Profile Hire With Bitcoin looking rather bullish once more, Goldman Sachs is getting serious about cryptocurrency. Goldman Sachs has hired former trader Justin Schmidt to head the multinational investment bank’s and financial services company’s digital

    Goldman Sachs Hires Crypto Trader ‘In Response to Client Interest’

    | 2018/04/24 11:00 am
  • In what one senior analyst calls a struggle “to remain relevant,” Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has been burning $12 worth of its own supply every day — hoping the increased scarcity will help in its fight against its dominant competitor, Bitcoin (BTC). ‘Purely a PR game’ Bitcoin Cash (BCH), a hard-forked cryptocurrency meant to solve Bitcoin’s (BTC) scalability issues, is up 100 percent against the USD in the last seven days. Trading against rival BTC, BCH

    Bitcoin Cash Burning $12 Per Day While ‘Struggling to Remain Relevant’

    | 2018/04/24 5:15 am
  • In an attempt to halt a currency crisis, and over concerns related to money-laundering, the Central Bank of Iran has banned the banks of the country from dealing in virtual currencies such as Bitcoin. The Central Bank of Iran (CBI) has moved to prohibit banks from taking transactions which enable the buying, selling, or the promoting of virtual currencies. The bank’s move was reported on Sunday by the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA). As reflected

    Iran Bans Banks From Touching Bitcoin

    | 2018/04/23 3:30 pm
  • Dan Bilzerian, serial socialite and son of Armenian takeover specialist Paul Bilzerian, has told his millions of fans it is “time to get back in” cryptocurrency. Bilzerian And Bitcoin: Second Time Lucky? The outspoken gambler and internet personality, dubbed Buzzfeed’s “most popular man of Instagram” and whose net worth is over $100 million, hinted he was preparing to buy back into the market in a tweet April 22. Time to get back in crypto —

    ‘Time to Get Back Into Crypto,’ Declares Socialite Gambler Dan Bilzerian

    | 2018/04/23 7:30 am
  • The market has finally turned bullish and there seem to be many diamonds in the rough left for finding. There are many major conferences coming up which is a very positive sign heading into summer. This week has a few specific cryptocurrencies which can yield significant returns in the near future. These cryptocurrencies include ZCL, ARY, and HIRE. State of the Market  The price of BTC is still down over 50 percent since the highs

    3 Cryptocurrencies Likely to Beat Bitcoin for the Week of April 23

    | 2018/04/21 2:00 pm
  • Initially dismissed as a fleeting, fringe trend by banks and regulating bodies, cryptocurrency was left largely untouched for a long time. For years, the crypto market was like the wild west. But as the cryptocurrency market and the hype around it continue to boom, financial players and governments are beginning to wake up, all scrambling to figure out just how they’ll conquer this new frontier while creating some serious arbitrage opportunities. [Editor’s note: This is

    How Various Countries Benefit & Suffer from Regulation Arbitrage Today

    | 2018/04/21 7:00 am
  • Crypto markets are maturing, it remains to be seen how many companies that have raised money by issuing tokens will be alive in the next two years.  For anyone serious about blockchain technology and ICOs, Blockchain Expo Global is a must event to attend and this year, the event has attracted even more visitors than before. Held in London, UK, the event itself is a 2-day exhibition and an opportunity for companies to pitch and

    Blockchain Expo Global – Crypto La La land

    | 2018/04/19 10:30 pm
  • Disgraced UK data analysis firm Cambridge Analytica wanted to raise $30 million by issuing its own altcoin, according to reports which surfaced April 17. We Wanted Users To ‘Reclaim Data’ Using Blockchain Citing anonymous sources “familiar with the matter,” Reuters reveals the company, which continues to face mass scrutiny after allegedly compromising personal data of millions of Facebook users, wanted to issue its token via an ICO. “Prior to the Facebook controversy, we were developing

    Cambridge Analytica ‘Was Planning $30M ICO’ Sources Say

    | 2018/04/18 4:00 pm
  • Privacy-focused altcoin CloakCoin (CLOAK) hit $16 April 18 after the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance confirmed it had listed the asset. The Long Road From Rags To Riches In a move also confirmed by CloakCoin developers, Binance appeared to reverse the fortune of the stagnant altcoin, which had seen little activity for most of its four years on the market. Issued in June 2014 at $0.18 per token, CLOAK then traded below that rate from

    Blast From The Past: CloakCoin Jumps 35% After Binance Confirms Trading

    | 2018/04/18 2:00 pm
  • NEO has often been likened to “The Chinese Ethereum,” and for good reason. The platform, among other things, similarly runs smart contracts and decentralized applications. However, in order to stay in business in the world’s strictest regulatory environment, NEO has to play by the rules — which has pushed the project to the top of China’s blockchain foodchain. Playing by the Rules In an interview with The Hong Kong Economic Journal, NEO founder Da Hong-fei

    NEO’s Regulatory Compliance Crucial for Chinese Dominance

    | 2018/04/17 6:00 pm
  • Prominent cryptocurrency reviewer Ian Balina has lost $2 million in a cryptocurrency hack — or has he? Cause for Question While in the middle of a YouTube livestream, popular cryptocurrency proponent Ian Balina received the following message: Ian, did you know that somebody transferred all your tokens from your account? As it turns out, Balina’s stockpile of cryptocurrencies, worth $2 million USD, disappeared from his wallet — causing the cryptocurrency evangelist to cry hack, writing

    Ian Balina Loses $2M in Hack, But Not Everyone’s Convinced

    | 2018/04/17 6:00 pm
  • Bitcoinist spoke with Darren Marble, CEO of CrowdfundX, a fintech marketing firm that uses artificial intelligence and digital marketing to help its clients acquire retail investors and shareholders at scale. His company was responsible for designing, producing, and marketing historic Reg A+ IPOs to NASDAQ, NYSE, and OTC Markets Group, as well as Security Token Offers (STOs) such as KodakCoin. I predict that NASDAQ, the NYSE, or OTC Markets Group will launch a token market.

    ‘I Think ICO is a Dirty Word’ – Lessons in Compliance from KodakCoin (Interview)

    | 2018/04/17 8:00 am
  • This week has been very exciting with altcoins and bitcoin building momentum for a shift in market sentiment and crypto value. December until early April saw one of the largest corrections in Bitcoin’s history and the upcoming few months should present the perfect opportunity for a rebound of the cryptocurrency space. This week is very important for cryptocurrencies such as: Ripple (XRP), Komodo (KMD), and HireMatch (HIRE). For the first time in months, the news

    3 Altcoins Likely to Outperform Bitcoin for the Week of April 16

    | 2018/04/15 1:00 pm
  • The SAFT may be a cousin of the SAFE – but the relationship comes with strings attached and anyone considering doing down the rabbit hole should consider potential implications very carefully. The rise of ICOs has been difficult to ignore. What was once seen as a gimmick is now threatening to reshape the fundraising industry. This is particularly the case for VCs and investors who are concerned with very early stage investments. The fear of

    SAFT – The Not So ‘Simple Agreement for Future Tokens’

    | 2018/04/15 3:00 am