• With the end of February just passing, many were saying February the most stable month of Bitcoin so far. With a net change of a $1 per day, Bitcoin users enjoyed a stable price. For a while, it looked that February was going to end with Bitcoin at a price of the mid $230s. Also Read: Last Weeks Market Wrap Up Later Sunday, after the price dipped to the upper $240s, we had a similar

    Market Wrap Up 2/23 – 3/1, Bitcoin and Darkcoin Make Bullish Moves

    | 2015/03/02 8:00 am
  • MapOfCoins.com On first glance, Map of Coins is the coolest thing ever done in an internet browser. It provides a visual representation of the many forks of Bitcoin that have come about over the years. A lot of the stuff that’s easily forgotten in the day-to-day, endless onslaught of new altcoins – that are often essentially nothing more than rebranded forks of successful projects – is easy to remember thanks to MOC. For instance, the first

    Two Websites for the Aspiring Bitcoin Expert

    | 2015/03/01 3:00 pm
  • While Netcoin is a quiet altcoin, many things have been developing in the background. With the release of PIR and OWI, not only did it receive a lot of attention from traders, but its market price grew dramatically, showing an increasing demand for Netcoin. I talked to Bryan (SnappySnap), the Director of Team Management regarding Netcoin and its decision to add POS. Also Read: Market Wrap Week: 2/1/ – 2/8/15, Netcoin and Digibyte Trending Upward

    Excluxive Interview: SnappySnap from Netcoin

    | 2015/02/27 9:00 pm
  • Disclaimer: the future is always uncertain. If, after reading this article, you decide to invest in MasterTraderCoin’s ICO and to use ToshiDesk, you are making that decision independently. You should not seek to hold Bitcoinist.net or the author liable for any damages incurred. Editors Note: Over 18.40402561 BTC has been raised so far. A wallet and source code has also been released. Recently, an Initial Coin Offering was posted to the BitcoinTalk forums advertising something called MasterTraderCoin and

    MasterTraderCoin: Hype or Innovation?

    | 2015/02/25 3:00 pm
  • Bitcoin was packed with headlines this week, which is the first thing I look for when there is a price change. While this does not always work, it is a good rule of thumb that I go by. Bitcoin experienced the loss of two exchanges, CARVITEX and Netagio, as well as a follow up on Mt. Gox from WizSec. Also read: Last Weeks Market Wrap Up For the majority of the week, Bitcoin enjoyed relative

    Bitcoin Market Wrap Up: 2/15 – 2/22, Bitstake trending

    | 2015/02/23 8:00 am
  • Proof of Stake (PoS) coins are generally considered safer than PoW coins, which are subject to 51% attacks. However, PressTab, the primary developer over at Hyperstake(HYP), has discovered a possible vulnerability that affects most PoS coins. Also Read: Hyperstake: A coin with 750% annual POS Can you tell me a little bit about how PoS coins work? Contrary to popular belief, Proof of Stake is not all that different from Proof of Work. When you are mining

    Interview with Presstab about PoS Coin Vulnerabilities

    | 2015/02/18 8:00 am
  • Bittrex, a notable Bitcoin exchange, removed 36 crypto-currencies from its listings on February 15th. Stating that they have been “flagged and warned on these wallets for at least 30 days,” Bittrex will no longer allow users to withdraw any of these coins if they were left in accounts. Given that most of the coins being delisted on the exchange had broken blockchains, refunds would be impossible. While many of the coins being delisted brought little to

    Bittrex Cuts 36 Altcoins From Exchange

    | 2015/02/17 8:00 am
  • To wrap the Bitcoin market, and the cryptocurrency network, in general, into one word, I would use the word unexpected. We were seeing the small $1-$3 fluctuations in Bitcoin for the greater part of the week, then the price broke out into a bull run. No one without insider knowledge saw this coming and caught many people by surprise. While refreshing to see Bitcoin up 10% for the next three days, it was certainly unexpected.

    Bitcoin Market Wrap Up: 2/8 – 2/15, Darkcoin Moves Up With InstantX

    | 2015/02/16 8:00 am
  • If you have been watching the markets, you have realized that Darkcoin up to over $3, an increase of 50%. Increases like this usually do not happen in currencies with large market capitalizations without good reason. Before we get to that, Darkcoin is a privacy centric cryptocurrency, the first of its kind. Many traders still recall its astronomical rise to $15, or 5x what the current price is as of now. Through Masternode and Darksend, transactions are

    Darkcoin: Instant Transactions with InstantX!

    | 2015/02/13 3:00 pm
  • This week ShapeShift.io announced it finished developing their Lens Tool add-on for Firefox. Lens is a browser plugin that allows users to send Altcoins to any Bitcoin address. Once installed in the browser users just need to click the little fox icon and choose what altcoin to send. Lens's makes altcoin payments even easier for Firefox users.

    Shapeshift.io launches Lens Tool Extension for Firefox

    | 2015/02/13 8:00 am
  • Andrew Vegetabile, director of the Litecoin Association, announced on the LitecoinTalk forums that a fifth director would be joining the team. While reorganizing the Litecoin Association, which Vegetabile alluded would be completed soon, he explained that the Litecoin Association was looking for one new director through a list of candidates. Of those candidates, Phil Auman of LitecoinLearner.com was made a new director. “It took a few weeks to filters out all the possible candidates but

    Litecoin Association Appoints New Development Team and Director

    | 2015/02/10 3:00 pm
  • Spondoolies-Tech is entering the cloud mining market by joining forces with Genesis Mining. The news is big as Guy Corem of Spondoolies has been very vocal about many cloud mining companies being a scam. Guy also does not believe in self-mining as he feels it is immoral to compete with your customers for the Bitcoin rewards. Marco Streng of Genesis Mining is also very positive about the new partnership. As one of the remaining cloud

    Spondoolies-Tech Enters Cloud Mining Partnering With Genesis Mining

    | 2015/02/09 3:00 pm
  • Here is Bitcoinist’s Bitcoin Market Wrap. It is been a relatively quiet week for Bitcoin, market-wise. Bitcoin has only fluctuated a couple percentage points every day, with usually a net difference of 1-3% daily. If we take a look at more traditional investments, 1-3% of the variation is a lot, but for Bitcoin in its current state, that is pretty stable. If we take a look at those same “traditional investments” they are down as well.

    Bitcoin Market Wrap Week: 2/1/ – 2/8/15, NetCoin and DigiByte Trending Upward

    | 2015/02/09 8:00 am
  • Geekkos is a project that was first introduced in November of 2014 by Twitter user @crazy_crypto, who is known for trading altcoins. He is the creator of the Geekkos altcoin and handles all business related to the coin. The coin specifications are as follows: Initial coin supply: 10M (10,000,000) distributed via crowdfunding Algorithm: Scrypt – 100% PoS v2 (Proof of Stake) + PoP (Proof of Play) PoS: 10% fixed interest annually I reached out to Carlos in hopes

    Interview with Geekkos CEO: Carlos Eduardo Wallauer

    | 2015/02/07 8:00 am
  • While countries like Bangladesh and Ecuador are outright banning bitcoin and other digital currencies, Italy has taken an interesting first stance on the matter. In a notice on virtual currencies, published on January 30, the Central Bank of Italy acknowledged the use of virtual currencies as legal in their country. The Central Bank of Italy started off their notice with an explanation of digital currency, then noted that the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) published

    Central Bank of Italy Acknowledges Bitcoin Exchanges with Interesting AML Twist

    | 2015/02/06 8:00 am
  • Shapeshift.io is an exchange that introduced a new exchange solution for Cryptocurrencies. The exchange allows you to instantly exchange cryptocurrencies directly between them. ShapeShift introduced the easiest way to buy or sell Altcoins offering instant conversion between coins. By offering the most private and most convenient way to swap digital currencies, ShapeShift's aims to be the leading exchange services provider within the crypto exchange ecosystem.

    Interview with Shapeshift.io CEO Beorn Gonthier

    | 2015/02/04 8:00 am
  • Let’s face it: there’s a sea of altcoins debuting practically every month. Now that cryptocurrency has made its mark for more than five years, the technology is getting more sophisticated and easier to produce. That being said, it doesn’t always mean new altcoins make a significant impact. With new altcoins premiering all the time, it’s hard to break the mold and catch some eyes. But NeuCoin seems to be doing alright with that, as they’re

    Is NeuCoin the Strongest Altcoin Opening in 2015 Thus Far?

    | 2015/02/03 3:00 pm
  • After seeing the Bitcoin price spike to $300 earlier this week, the market has been on a steady decline. In total, Bitcoin has dropped 38% this week, from a peak of $307 to approximately $223. Bitcoin’s price increased exponentially due to announcements from the Winklevoss Twins about Gemini and Coinbase’s new exchange. For the cherry on top, Google has integrated Coinbase into its Google Now application for Android. This app shows notifications in the format of cards; the Coinbase

    Market Summary: 1/25/15-2/1/15

    | 2015/02/03 8:00 am
  • When I talked to David last year, partnerships were on the distant horizon. Now, Digital Currency Labs and Arterran Renewables are striking up a deal, which will benefit both parties greatly. Bitcoinist talked to both David and Ron from Digital Currency Labs regarding this partnership. Who is Digital Currency Labs? Digital Currency Labs is a financial technology and strategic advisory company whose mission is to bridge the gap between the emerging world of digital currencies

    Interview with David and Ron of Digital Currency Labs

    | 2015/02/02 3:00 pm
  • Coinkite is a bitcoin company with a focus on security mixed with ease-of-use. They have an intense passion for multi-signature wallet technology, along with API services for developers, enterprises and users to integrate into their businesses or applications. But what can truly be done with Coinkite’s API? Seeing as the company is known for their secure wallet services, they’ve turned their vault into one of those. Also read: Coinkite Goes Free! Offers Privacy and Multi-Signature Wallets

    Coinkite API Unlocks Potential for Bitcoin Developers, Merchants and Users

    | 2015/01/31 9:00 pm
  • Hong-Kong Bitcoin company, ANX, rolled out two announcements this week that set a pretty hard stance toward strengthening their American footprint. First, ANX acquired CoinMKT’s domain name and brand rights, giving the company a foothold in Santa Monica, Calif. Then, ANX announced a new altcoin pairing for their cryptocurrency exchange ANXPRO. ANX CoinMKT Acquisition CoinMKT has been around since 2013 and based itself out of Santa Monica. It was founded by Travis Skweres and Ola

    ANXPRO Announces New Altcoin Pairing and Strengthens American Footprint

    | 2015/01/31 3:00 pm
  • MrBitco.in announced that they have officially sold the last Litecoin on their ATM network and do not plan to support it on their platform in the future. According to an announcement on Reddit from the Netherlands-based collective, the reason to pull Litecoin sales from MrBitco.in ATMs is due to low interest in the currency and a small market. Dwindling user interest in Litecoin caused us to decide to stop selling Litecoin through our ATM network,”

    ATM Collective Drops Litecoin After Claims of Low Interest

    | 2015/01/30 8:00 am