• Lithuanian cryptocurrency payment processor CoinGate has become one of the first industry businesses to offer Lightning Network (LN) settlements for Bitcoin. CoinGate: LN ‘Without Doubt Most Awaited Bitcoin Network Upgrade’ In a post on Reddit, CoinGate, which has operated since 2014 but saw over half its transaction volume this year, confirmed it was operating LN in a “sandbox environment” while “intense testing” continues. “Lightning Network is the next major technological innovation in the Bitcoin space.

    Watch Out BitPay: CoinGate Uses Bitcoin Lightning Payments To Zap Competition

    | 2018/05/21 3:00 pm
  • Bitcoin now has over 40 hard forks resulting in spin-off tokens, new research reveals, while sentiment suggests most will suffer the fate of most historical altcoins. Bitcoin’s ‘Moved On’ From Hard Forks Being a ‘Bitcoin maximalist’ may not be as crazy as you think. In the latest installment of its market research, Hong Kong based trading platform BitMEX identified 42 struggling tokens, which “seem to have forked away from Bitcoin.” All coming after the network’s first

    Bitcoin’s 40+ Struggling Hard Forks Show Industry Has ‘Moved On’

    | 2018/05/21 1:00 pm
  • UK-based trading platform eToro has announced it will launch an international cryptocurrency exchange and mobile wallet, debuting in the US for the first time. $100M Series E Funds Put To Work As part of a keynote speech at the Consensus 2018 conference in New York which finished May 16, eToro CEO Yoni Assia confirmed the move, which will provide US traders with ten cryptocurrency pairs. “U.S. crypto holders have a strong appetite for diversified portfolios,”

    eToro’s 9M Users Set To Increase with US Exchange & Wallet Launch

    | 2018/05/18 8:00 pm
  • Cryptocurrency users are reacting after exchange Bitfinex has told traders they must confirm their tax status in order to use its services. Bitfinex: We Need Tax Info By May 24 In a message to account holders, Bitfinex, which is registered in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), said it was “required” to gain evidence of tax status, which users must provide themselves by May 24. “Pursuant to BVI law, we are required to obtain self-certifications from

    Users Call Revolt As Bitfinex Demands Tax Information

    | 2018/05/17 4:00 pm
  • The Lightning Network (LN) is approaching 2000 functional nodes as users begin to highlight the conspicuous cost savings using the technology. Lightning: 1997 Nodes, 6600 Channels, $150,000 Capacity Data captured from an overview of LN’s Bitcoin mainnet integration showed 1997 reachable nodes (with the actual number presumably much higher) at press time, with 6614 open channels and a total network capacity in excess of $150,000. Despite remaining a challenging tool in terms of user interface,

    Why Lightning Network Will Finally Help Bitcoin Beat Credit Cards, PayPal

    | 2018/05/17 2:00 pm
  • On Wednesday, Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter and the Square payment company expressed his positive cryptocurrency sentiment as he stood on stage at the Consensus conference, saying that Bitcoin should be the cryptocurrency of the internet. Jack Dorsey: Cryptocurrency Evangelist Twitter has long been a platform that has been centric for cryptocurrency users and organizations. It quickly became a way in which crypto-related entities can convey announcements and talk about cryptocurrencies with members of

    Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: Bitcoin Should Be Native Currency of the Internet

    | 2018/05/17 10:00 am
  • It seems that the creator of the Avalon Bitcoin ASIC mining hardware has taken moves to secure a stock listing spot on the Hong Kong stock exchange. The company, usually known as Canaan, is seeking for $1 billion in IPO funding. Canaan Creative, better known for their Avalon ASIC lineup in the cryptocurrency community, has just confirmed that they have a plan to facilitate a one billion dollar IPO. For those who are unaware of what

    ASIC Manufacturer Officially Files $1 Billion IPO In Hong Kong

    | 2018/05/16 9:00 am
  • Bitcoin Core developer Johnathan Corgan has joined Jimmy Song in criticizing the seeming lack of Bitcoin focus at this week’s Consensus 2018 conference. Corgan: Blockchain ‘Bashing’ Bitcoin In a long series of tweets summarizing the event, which ends May 16, Corgan highlighted what he described as “cargo-cult engineering” taking preference among speakers. “It’s like all the popular kids (Blockchain) are publicly bashing the geeks and nerds (Bitcoin) while privately trying to copy their homework,” he

    ‘Cargo-Cult Engineering’: Bitcoin Core Dev Slams Consensus Conference

    | 2018/05/16 7:00 am
  • The New-York based Gemini cryptocurrency exchange just announced the addition of 3 new cryptocurrencies to their trading lineup. The most surprising addition being ZCash, which was not expected by anybody in the community. ZCash: Privacy Focused, But On a Regulated Exchange The week of the Consensus conference has always been a week of news, innovation, and announcements from major players in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. It seems that this year’s Consensus is no different

    Winklevoss Twins’ Gemini Exchange Unexpectedly Adds ZCash

    | 2018/05/15 4:00 am
  • Popular p2p Bitcoin trading platform Localbitcoins has announced users will only be able to hold one account from May 26 as new EU privacy laws come into place. P2P: Regulatory Net Tightens As part of its adherence to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a new data privacy push from Brussels, the platform will also change how it handles trade disputes and identification requirements among other aspects of its operations. The move comes around one

    Localbitcoins Disables Multiple Accounts as EU Regulation Looms

    | 2018/05/14 3:00 pm
  • The Netherlands’ largest cryptocurrency exchange BL3P has announced it will remove Bitcoin Cash by May 15. B3LP: Hard Fork Was ‘Reason’ To Boot BCH In a blog post May 10, the exchange said that it had been “planning” to stop supporting the altcoin, but that its upcoming hard fork had provided “a reason” to complete the process. “Since there already was a planning for the removal of Bitcash the hardfork has become a reason and

    Netherlands’ Biggest Crypto Exchange Removes Bitcoin Cash Before Hard Fork

    | 2018/05/14 7:00 am
  • Cryptocurrency industry commentators have reacted suspiciously to news the CEO of Hong Kong  exchange OKEx abruptly stepped down May 14. CEO ‘Starting A New Life’ As Bloomberg reports citing both an emailed statement and private statement from Chris Lee’s spokeswoman, the executive suddenly left his post in order to “start a new life.” It was his “greatest pleasure and honour” to work with the exchange, his spokeswoman reportedly quoted Lee as saying. The news comes

    OKEx Exchange CEO’s Sudden Resignation Prompts Crypto Industry Suspicion

    | 2018/05/14 5:30 am
  • Bitcoin prices dropped May 11th after regulators investigated South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Upbit, panicking users. Upbit ‘Deceiving Customers’: Reports According to local news media outlet Chosun, authorities suspect Upbit of faking data about its balance sheet and “deceiving customers.” Users holding funds on the exchange then withdraw en masse, as shown by data uploaded to social media, causing volatility across Bitcoin markets and prices to sink below $9000. UPbit got BOGGED. pic.twitter.com/16cUBsoOIP — Korean

    Bitcoin Dips Below $9000 As Upbit Investigation Worries Korean Traders

    | 2018/05/11 7:00 am
  • French street artist, Pascal Boyart is taking bitcoin to the art world. The mural painter known by the moniker ‘PBOY’ is incorporating bitcoin QR codes in his artworks. This allows him to receive donations from the public in crypto. Bitcoin Meets Art The term “struggling artist” is an age-long trope. Not every artist is fortunate enough to have a wealthy patron financing their talents. Even with crowdfunded platforms like Ulule and Patreon, it is still

    Street Artist Nets $1000 From Bitcoin QR Codes in His Murals

    | 2018/05/10 6:00 am
  • Cryptocurrency wallet and cold storage provider Xapo now holds around $10 billion in Bitcoin, sources have said. $10 Billion On 5 Continents Speaking to Bloomberg about the startup’s network of underground vault, two clients and a further anonymous source “close to the venture” confirmed the figure was an “accurate approximation” of its holdings. Xapo made headlines when it began storing Bitcoin in a mountainside vault in Switzerland after moving to the country from California. Now,

    Xapo Vaults Store $10 Billion in Bitcoin as Investors Stir

    | 2018/05/09 11:00 am
  • A Russian mining hardware company quietly opened a “Crypto Boutique” in the country’s second city of St. Petersburg April 30. ‘We Hope We’re Not Closed Down’ CryptoUniverse, which sells and distributes Bitmain mining hardware for Bitcoin and Litecoin with offices in St. Petersburg and Moscow, opened its first shop in the former’s PiterLend shopping center. Друзья, первый в Санкт-Петербурге крипто бутик «КриптоЮниверс» открылся в ТК Питерлэнд по адресу Приморский пр. 72., 2 этаж. ⠀ pic.twitter.com/KeWLsn0vo6

    Russia Gets Its First Ever ‘Crypto Boutique’ Bitcoin Shop

    | 2018/05/08 1:00 pm
  • The CEO of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange has released dedicated support for ICOs, saying they are “100 times easier” for fundraising than venture capital. Zhao: Experience Favors the ICO In a blog post dated May 7th, Binance’s Zhao Changpeng sought to alleviate the increasingly tepid reception towards ICO campaigns as the fundraising model struggles with regulatory scrutiny and bad actors. He writes: Through my own experience, and watching hundreds of other projects at a close

    ‘100 Times Easier Than VC’: Binance CEO Plugs ICOs

    | 2018/05/07 11:30 am
  • Flintstone Technologies has joined Kali Digital in challenging the central bank of India (RBI) in court over crypto trading restrictions it imposed in April. ‘Arbitrary, Unfair, and Unconstitutional’ The Reserve Bank of India (RBI), which gained notoriety after banning banks from servicing crypto-related businesses April 6th, now faces a summons to explain the validity of its actions on May 24th. According to local news media outlet ANI, Flintstone CEO Amit Lakhanpal will seek to demonstrate

    India: Delhi Court Will Hear 2 Challenges To Crypto Ban Next Month

    | 2018/05/07 6:30 am
  • Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange giant, reports that it is operating as a profitable business, valuing itself at about $8 billion USD. Coinbase Is Paying for its Expansion in Crypto Assets Coinbase continues full steam ahead with its strategy of business expansion by hiring and acquiring start-ups. In April 2018, Coinbase acquired Earn.com for about $100 million. It was during the negotiations for this acquisition deal that San Francisco-based exchange valued itself at about $8 Billion

    Coinbase Says Its an $8 Billion, ‘Self-Sustaining’ Company

    | 2018/05/04 12:00 am
  • Cryptocurrency hardware wallet manufacturer Tangem has begun the first rollout of its ‘Bitcoin banknotes’ to its pioneer market of Singapore. ‘Cheap Enough To Hand Over’ Tangem, which seeks to make cash-like transactions using cryptocurrency more familiar to entry-level consumers, plans to mass produce the notes in their “millions” by the end of 2018. In Singapore, a jurisdiction famous for its encouraging regulatory stance on both cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, the notes will be on sale

    Singapore Trials ‘Bitcoin Banknotes’ In New Consumer Adoption Drive

    | 2018/05/03 5:00 pm
  • The government of South Korean appears to be on the verge of legalizing ICOs after the 2017 ban. According to the Korea Times, a coalition of lawmakers are looking to obtain a consensus in the National Assembly to pass a bill making ICOs legal in the country. Details of the Proposed ICO Bill Rep. Hong Eui-rak is leading the move to legalize ICOs in the country. He is a member of the South Korean ruling

    South Korea Set to Legalize ICOs Under New Conditions

    | 2018/05/03 3:00 pm
  • Coinbase is starting to offer over-the-counter (OTC) crypto trading services to clients. No official word has been provided by Coinbase yet, but a few unnamed sources who spoke Business Insider confirmed the move. This development is yet another attempt by the burgeoning startup to establish itself as a significant player in the financial market. Coinbase GDAX to Support OTC Crypto Block Trades Coinbase created the GDAX platform for institutional investors in 2014. With this new

    Coinbase Set to Offer OTC Crypto Trading Desk to Big Investors

    | 2018/05/02 5:00 pm
  • Square shares slipped slightly after Andrew Left of Citron, a stock commentary source, alleged that the company’s bitcoin trading was insignificant and overhyped. Square Shares Decline Square stock dipped briefly on April 30 losing 3.8 percent to land at $45.76 per share. The stock later rebounded but still closed out with a 0.48 percent loss. This decline followed a tweet by Citron on April 30 saying that Wall Street was “drunk on bitcoin.” This statement appears

    Square Shares Slide After Citron Says ‘Wall St. Drunk on Bitcoin Nonsense’

    | 2018/05/01 9:00 pm