• Mycelium, one of the oldest mobile bitcoin wallets, has announced Mycelium Wallet 2.1 but also confirms the shipment of its Mycelium Entropy, a secure paper wallet generator, will be delayed again. Local Trader Local Trader is Mycelium’s answer to peer to peer bitcoin selling and buying service, LocalBitcoins. In this update, they fixed an erroneous generating of the address of the meeting point by adding a fallback geocoder.  The other improvement to Local Trader is

    Mycelium Updates Wallet & Entropy Is Delayed

    | 2014/12/27 8:00 am
  • BitPay has announced that they have integrated with Xsolla, a well-known billing platform that helps game developers monetize and improve conversion. Big gaming companies like Twitch have also started accepting bitcoin as a reliable in-game payment method. In this revolutionary move Bitpay and Xsolla ensured that Bitcoin will be available for gamers everywhere. According to Bitcoin Pulse there are more than 100 thousand Bitcoin transactions made daily. “As such it is an ideal time for

    Bitcoin & Gamers. BitPay Integration with Xsolla.

    | 2014/12/26 3:00 pm
  • The open-source, local trader app, Mycelium, that Android users have been able to utilize for months now has finally come over to the bright white side of digital tech by releasing a bitcoin wallet for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. There was no grandiose announcement to usher in the App. Dmitry Murashchik, also known across social platforms as Rassah, simply made a Reddit post on the bitcoin subreddit with the title hinting at only a

    Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet Arrives for Apple Products; No Plans to Expand to Other Platforms

    | 2014/12/19 8:00 pm
  • For those that may not know Coinkite, it’s an independent business that focuses of bitcoin wallets, along with multi-signature wallets, touts bank-grade security along developer API and privacy. As CEO Rodolfo Novak would describe it, it’s a one-stop shop for everything you need. Coinkite just celebrated a year’s worth of hard work and dedication to the bitcoin infrastructure. To kick the next chapter off, they decided to offer a starter package to all users for

    Coinkite Goes Free! Offers Privacy and Multi-Signature Wallets at No Cost

    | 2014/12/17 2:00 pm
  • Safello, one of the more popular European Bitcoin exchanges, is expanding their vast array of payment options for UK customers. As the United Kingdom is proving to hold a big customer base for people looking to both buy and sell bitcoin, European exchanges have to adapt to the growing demand. Offering faster payment methods is an important step in the right direction, which will in turn help with bitcoin adoption in the UK. Bitcoin enthusiasts

    Bitcoin Exchange Safello Adds Faster Payments For UK Customers

    | 2014/12/16 8:00 pm
  • Recently, a service called the Living Room of Satoshi announced reopening its doors despite the unfair Australian goods and services tax (GST). Bitcoin business are hit hard by the GST ruling, and Living Room of Satoshi announced prior that it was closing shop due to the financial regulation. The service provides Australian residents with a way to pay bills and utilities with bitcoin while utilizing BPAY, a popular universal bill-payment system that nearly every major

    Living Room of Satoshi Says Future of Company is Positive in Australia, But A Little Unclear

    | 2014/12/16 9:00 am
  • An interesting thread was posted at reddit this last Thursday raising an important issue; Bitcoin is becoming more and more mainstream by the day, in many parts by the help of companies like Bitpay, Coinbase or Circle. These companies are trying to facilitate Bitcoin adoption by offering a simpler approach and the easiest way for newbie’s and merchants start using the digital currency but without having a real contact with it. The thread “Can we

    Are Companies Like Coinbase and BitPay Giving the Best Bitcoin Approach to Newbies?

    | 2014/12/14 8:00 pm
  • December 11, 2014 — Microsoft now accepts bitcoin. Enabled by bitpay, the tech giant now allows users to spend their bitcoins on Microsoft Content. The announcement was originally published on Firehose, Microsoft’s news blog, but even before the official announcement the bitcoin community noticed the customer support page titled “How do I use Bitcoin with my Microsoft account.” Users can add bitcoin to their Microsoft account, but are not yet able to directly purchase digital

    Bitpay Enables You to Buy Xbox Games and Music Using Bitcoin.

    | 2014/12/13 6:00 pm
  • Recently ZeusMiner decided to cancel their anticipated Volcano next gen Scrypt miner. The move to stop manufacturing chips and miners is being made in favor of shifting completely to their cloud mining platform ZeusHash. The move was a difficult one for ZeusMiner as it is a successful chip and hardware manufacturer who provided Scrypt ASIC miners to miners directly and also to vendors as ZeusMiner branded and OEM. The change was one that was especially

    ZeusMiner’s CEO Terry Li On Changes From Hardware Sales to ZeusHash Cloud Mining

    | 2014/12/11 12:00 pm
  • When I previously chatted with Spendabit, they were just starting out with about a million items that could be purchased. Things are always growing in the Bitcoin space at a rapid pace, and Spendabit is no different with now more than 2.5 million items indexed. Today I talk with Chris, the CTO and Co-Founder of Spendabit regarding region support and how Spendabit has changed in the last couple of months. 1. For a brief refresher,

    Spendabit: Region Support and Update!

    | 2014/12/11 7:30 am
  • When it comes to pushing Bitcoin adoption, we have to make both the technology and the software easy to understand for every age category. As we Bitcoin enthusiasts like to say : “It has to be easy enough for my grandmother to understand”. EasBit, a startup company located in The Netherlands, wants to create a granny proof Bitcoin wallet. EasBit has launched a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo in order to develop a granny-proof Bitcoin wallet

    Easbit Launches Crowdfunding Campaign To Create Granny-proof Bitcoin Wallet

    | 2014/12/09 9:15 pm
  • On December 8, a scheduled software update left Blockchain.info vulnerable for 2.5 hours, and hundreds of bitcoins are reported stolen. Blockchain.info published a security disclosure on their blog and committed themselves to rectifying any issues experienced by affected users. “When making a scheduled software update overnight to our web-wallet, our development team inadvertently affected a part of our software that ensures private keys are generated in a strong and secure manner. The issue was present

    Hundreds of Bitcoins Are Reported Stolen From Blockchain.info Accounts

    | 2014/12/09 2:09 am
  • Exclusive 20 Minute Interview With Coinapult COO & CFO Justin Blincoe By Alberto Mata On Friday November 28, Coinapult re-launched their Bitcoin by SMS service and announced it via a reddit post titled “Send BTC by SMS – a new, global service from Coinapult that operates through plain old txt msg, no need for a data plan. Bitcoin can boldly go where it hasn’t gone before.” The post received 245 comments and 901 upvotes, and

    Exclusive 20 Minute Interview With Coinapult COO & CFO Justin Blincoe

    | 2014/12/07 7:01 am
  • On Friday November 28, Coinapult re-launched their Bitcoin by SMS service and announced it via a reddit post titled “Send BTC by SMS – a new, global service from Coinapult that operates through plain old txt msg, no need for a data plan. Bitcoin can boldly go where it hasn’t gone before.” The post received 245 comments and 901 upvotes, and the Coinapult SMS walkthrough infographic received 54,093 views. “If I’m working in Canada, and

    Coinapult Re-Launches bitcoin by SMS service.

    | 2014/12/06 11:44 am
  • India being a country that have less adaptation of bitcoins, the difficulty to obtain bigger chunks of bitcoins from bitcoin sellers has been increasing. Now, through a partnership with UnoCoin’s Investor, as a Unocoin customer, you have an opportunity to bid on the 50,000 bitcoins that are auctioned by US Marshals. Read their announcement here http://www.usmarshals.gov/assets/2014/dpr-bitcoins. There is a Syndicate that has been formed by Second Market that allows you to bid on these bitcoins.

    UnoCoin to Bid for on Bitcoins From US Marshal

    | 2014/11/30 8:21 pm
  • Bitcoin in India is a huge opportunity for players to come in and reap rewards, but tread carefully, this market is full of risk. One company in particular is blazing trails in the Indian bitcoin market with little to zero competition. Bringing Bitcoin to Billions Unocoin is positioning itself as the “Coinbase of India” for many reasons. They are fully compliant with standing regulations. This is imperative as bitcoin in India enters a murky grey

    UnoCoin: CoinBase of India

    | 2014/11/29 11:21 am
  • Like many services, BTC.SX allows you to trade Bitcoin on an intuitive interface. Unlike most services that offer similar capabilities, BTC.SX is the first BItcoin-ONLY trading platform; allowing users to take advantage of rising or falling Bitcoin prices using leveraged trades. BTC.SX was first established in 2014 by Joe Lee with co-founders George Samman, who also happens to be a former Wall Street Portfolio Manager, and Vincent Hoong (CFO), who is was a Chartered Accountant

    BTC.SX : Bitcoin Trading Platform

    | 2014/11/28 8:00 pm
  • Bitcoin Shop, operator of a bitcoin eCommerce marketplace, announced its plans to donate 50% of its economic gross profits to Africare, a non-profit organization based in Washington D.C. Africare is currently fighting the spread of Ebola across the western part of Africa while strengthening local health care systems, supplying personal protective equipment and administering behavior change education to try to prevent the disease from spreading. Africare has raised over $50,000 to date towards their goal of $100,000

    Bitcoin Shop to donate portion of profits to help fight against Ebola

    | 2014/11/27 11:59 pm
  • KnCMiner, a company, based in Sweden, has unveiled their new line of Solar chips which will have a 16 nm process. Currently, most updated chips run on a 20 nm process. 20 nm process chips can achieve the efficiency of .7 W per Gh/s. 16 nm chips are believed to improve the efficiency of mining tenfold, resulting in an efficiency of .07 W per Gh/s. With these specifications, a 1.4 KW miner that could be

    KnCMiner Unveils Plans for Solar ASIC Chips

    | 2014/11/25 11:59 pm
  • Slush’s Pool was introduced in late 2010 and was the brainchild of Marek Palatinus who saw a need for pooled mining resources to be able to keep more people mining Bitcoin. He developed the Stratum style of mining to help miners receive payouts in a landscape of escalating mining power. The development of Slush’s Pool brought with it a new era of Bitcoin mining and changed forever the way we mine Bitcoin and many other

    Slush’s Pool Beta Is More Than Just a Facelift

    | 2014/11/25 8:02 pm
  • Interesting news in regards to the expansion of bitcoin across the world comes in the fashion of expansion through Vietnam. VBTC Vietnam and Coinarch Pte announce that they will bring upon Vietnam, the first live bitcoin trading platform. This platform will be named VBTC plus, and it will offer advanced trading tools to Vietnam. The cooperation between VBTC Vietnam and Coinarch is one that makes much sense due to the high level of expertise offered

    VBTC Vietnam Co. Ltd. and Coinarch Pte. Ltd. announce launch of Vietnam’s first Bitcoin leverage trading platform

    | 2014/11/22 11:59 pm
  • The International Bar Association did a fascinating interview with Bobby lee. We have summarised the 45 minute long interview for you. Bobby Lee, the owner of BTC China the largest and first Bitcoin exchange in China. Previously an engineering manager at Yahoo as well as the vice president of technology at Walmart. His brother, Charlie Lee is also the creator of Litecoin. Recently, a video came out where he was interviewed by Rebecca Lowe over

    Interview with Bobby Lee, CEO of BTC China, on bitcoin

    | 2014/11/20 5:04 pm
  • BitBay is trying to develop a new decentralized marketplace that is said to be introducing a revolution in e-commerce. BitBay is completely decentralized and has no single point of vulnerability or failure. The platform puts the world at the user’s disposal. Members can buy and sell anything, anywhere; so members can use BitBay in the States, or use BitBay in Tokyo or in any other country in the world.

    BitBay – Decentralized Marketplace and the Internet of Things

    | 2014/11/20 4:00 pm