• Cybersecurity is a booming business, as there have been numerous attacks and threats against Internet services in recent years. Even in the Bitcoin world, there is a constant threat to various services by hackers looking for a way to score some easy money. As a result, there is an increase in cybersecurity startups, and some of them are seeing a major success once they IPO. Also read: Symbiont Develops Smart Security for Financial Institutions Cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity Is A Hot Market, Bitcoin Businesses to Benefit From New Solutions

    | 2015/07/20 8:00 am
  • The recent media storm about Hacking Team has shed light on some things most people would have rather never known. And despite all of the negative parts, there are major companies still showing a legitimate interest in hacking Team and what they can bring to the table. Building more drones to inject spyware through Wi-Fi networks is just one of the many possibilities. Also read: Hacking Team Collective Gets Exposed Due To Non-Decentralized Servers Boeing

    Installing Spyware With Drones Could Lead to Linking People To a Bitcoin Address

    | 2015/07/19 10:08 am
  • In our Bitcoin Breaking News Brief article yesterday, it was mentioned how the ProxyHam Box will not be revealed after all. As sad as the news was to some privacy enthusiasts, there are quite a lot of alternatives available. In fact, most of these devices can be constructed by the end users themselves, with a little hands-on mentality. Also read: ProxyHam Box, A Privacy Protection Tool That Will Never See The Light of Day ProxyGambit

    Remotely Proxied Internet Connectivity To Boost Bitcoin Adoption in Oppressive Nations?

    | 2015/07/19 8:00 am
  • Decentralized and so-called on-demand services are facing a lot of uphill struggles these days. Not just due to the legal and regulatory considerations, but there is one major topic of debate that has not changed since day one. Is an on-demand contract an employee, a self-employed person, or should they be categorized differently? By the look of things, that last option seems to be the best choice for now. Also read: Bitcoin: The End of

    Decentralized Services Responsible for On-demand Worker Class Creation?

    | 2015/07/18 7:43 am
  • If there was ever a time when it became clear the current system is failing and things need to change, it would be right now. A government IT official used fake degrees to run US law enforcement data systems for years and was only found out a few days ago. Screening processes are not doing a thorough enough job it seems. Also read: Chicago Bitcoin Center Launches at 1871 as Chicago’s First Bitcoin Incubator Educational

    Educational Credential Fraud Lands Government IT Official A Job Without Proper Degree

    | 2015/07/17 9:04 am
  • Security over the Internet is a topic of great concern among industry experts, as it looks like we are on the brink of facing a massive threat. As much as one-third of the world’s encrypted Web connectivity suffers from a fatal flaw, which could be exploited any day now. Additionally, the same type of attack can be used to break into certain types of wireless networks. Also read: Trestor Foundation Provides A Solution For Greece

    HTTPS/TLS RC4 Vulnerability Serious Threat to Bitcoin Platforms

    | 2015/07/17 8:00 am
  • Social media is a new type of technology that revolutionizes our everyday lives. Whether we want to stay in touch with friends or families, read the latest news, or simply share what we love and do with the world, social media is there to help. And even though there are some privacy concerns regarding social media, most people still use this centralized type of service for lots of reasons. Also read: Twitter Wants Your Date

    Social Media Plays Pivotal Role in Bitcoin Media Consumption

    | 2015/07/16 12:00 pm
  • The Digital Currency Council (DCC) supports the development of best-in-class professional practices in the digital currency economy through training, certification, as well as connectivity with peers and prospective clients, has entered into a partnership with the Chamber of Digital Commerce (“Chamber”) to strengthen the advocacy and education efforts for the digital asset and digital currency industry. Also Read: Chamber of Digital Commerce Launches New Site, Announces Advisory Board The DCC, which has members from leading professionals

    Chamber of Digital Commerce and DCC Partner to Promote Digital Currencies

    | 2015/07/16 9:00 am
  • Ever since the Internet became a mainstream tool, one of the main concerns has been how users would be able to get content through illegal means. Piracy is a daily occurrence in the Internet world, regardless of whether the media in question is a book, tv show, movie, or audio track. The Authors Guild is calling for a major revamp of the copyright law to help combat this perceived problem. Also read: New Australian Law Attacks

    How the Blockchain Can Help Authors Guild Fight Piracy

    | 2015/07/15 7:00 pm
  • [ezcol_1quarter]★★★/5 Director: Torsten Hoffmann, Micheal Watchulonis Documentary Running Time: 60 minutes [/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_3quarter_end]The subject of money is undoubtedly a source of enigmatic confusion. Many people have covered it, from economic professors, to bloggers and authors; even Ira Glass on NPR. But Bitcoin continues to feed confusion over what it is, how it got here, and whether or not it could change money in our lifetime. Director Torsten Hoffmann breaks out into the world of money with his

    Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It (2015) Film Review

    | 2015/07/15 1:00 am
  • August would have been a very exciting month for technology enthusiasts around the world. A security researcher, by the name of Ben Caudill, had set the date and time to unveil his privacy device that would allegedly mask the physical location of Internet users. But for some reason, that unveiling has been scheduled, which is cause for concern and consternation around the world. Also read: Dutch Government Officials to Change Privacy Laws With Bulk Online

    ProxyHam Box, A Privacy Protection Tool That Will Never See The Light of Day

    | 2015/07/14 9:17 am
  • Decentralization of everyday aspects of our society is upon us, and as you would come to expect, government officials are not too keen on giving up their control and power. Airbnb is one of the most interesting projects in recent years, as it allows citizens to rent out their home for a short time to people looking for a place to stay. Also read: Tim Draper-Backed DataWallet Pays Users To Sell Personal Info To Advertisers

    San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors Wants to Centralize Airbnb And The Decentralized Economy

    | 2015/07/13 7:02 am
  • The Chicago Bitcoin Center is launching at 1871, Chicago, sponsored by a group of Chicago-based technology entrepreneurs and investors. The Center will act as a Bitcoin incubator, the result of a pioneer effort from prominent entrepreneur who claim that the Center will serve as Chicago’s key resource and center of gravity for blockchain-based technologies. Also read: Bitcoin Center NYC Launches a Startup Incubator Jonathan Solomon, the first executive director of the Chicago Bitcoin Center, says that he

    Chicago Bitcoin Center Launches at 1871 as Chicago’s First Bitcoin Incubator

    | 2015/07/11 2:00 pm
  • Even though most of use several social media platforms n a daily basis, hardly anyone thinks about the possible consequences and implications this has. Sharing personal information with a social media platform may sound like a great idea, but it hardly ever is. And now Twitter wants to actively know your date of birth for rather obvious reasons. Also read: Dutch Government Officials To Change Privacy Laws With Bulk Online Surveillance>/em> Animated Balloons And Ads,

    Twitter Wants Your Date of Birth For Targeted Ads, Time For Decentralized Social Networks?

    | 2015/07/07 3:50 pm
  • Politics dominates much of the Bitcoin vs. gold debate. Bitcoin enthusiasts often speculate on how the digital currency can undermine the state, fostering individual economic liberty for society at large. On the other hand, Bitcoin skeptics worry about the currency enabling their political enemies to gain a financial advantage. For example, Bitcoin-friendly political candidates can draw in single-interest voters from all demographics — from both the left and right — by taking a strong and

    Is Bitcoin Better Than Gold? Part Four: Politics

    | 2015/07/07 8:00 am
  • [ezcol_1quarter]★★★/5 Director: Tomer Kantor Online, Documentary Running Time: 52 minutes[/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_3quarter_end]At the moment, US politicians are lining up in droves to seek the coveted  Presidential seat in the White House, and yet public faith in government institutions are at the lowest in decades. In an attempt to revive citizen participation, many candidates are slapping on new faces, new words, and new labels like ‘restore,’ ‘defend’ or ‘grassroots.’ But despite their tries to enfranchise a disenchanted

    Ulterior States (2015) Film Review

    | 2015/07/03 2:00 pm
  • Crowdfunding platforms is one key area where Bitcoin has not yet been able to break much ground, even though there are local initiatives such as BitFlyer’s platform. Now that major electronics company Sony has announced their Japanese crowdfunding platform, things might be picking up for Bitflyer and Bitcoin as well. Also read: Kraken Aims to Take Mt. Gox’s Place in japan Sony Launches “First Flight” Crowdfunding Platform It is no secret that Sony has been

    Sony’s First Flight Crowdfunding Platform Targets Japanese Market, Bitcoin Boost Imminent?

    | 2015/07/01 3:44 pm
  • Physical coins are an interesting addition to the digital aspect of Bitcoin. Whereas it is not possible to physically hold your Bitcoin balance, there is a way to give them a physical representation by funding physical coins with BTC. Many manufacturers have been creating coins over the past few years, and Crypto Vault has unveiled its limited edition 24K gold plated and 0.5oz .999 fine silver Vault Coins. Also read: Crypto Vault Creates Fire-Resistant “Vault Coin”

    Crypto Vault Announces New Limited Edition Cold Storage Coins

    | 2015/07/01 8:00 am
  • Inside Bitcoins is coming to Chicago, Illinois July 10-11, 2015 at the Navy Pier. Speakers at the event will include top industry experts and professionals who will share insights into the cutting edge of bitcoin. Bitcoinist is proud to be an official media sponsor of the event. Also Read:Inside Bitcoins Comes to Chicago The schedule and complete list of confirmed speakers and sessions have been officially announced. Some of the sessions at Inside Bitcoins Chicago

    Inside Bitcoins Chicago: Speaker Highlights

    | 2015/06/30 3:00 pm
  • Coding is becoming an ever important aspect of our society. Where coders used to be called “geeks” and “nerds” for spending time behind a computer to create applications,  society is now relying on those people for our everyday life in many ways. And if you have ever wanted to see someone code live, Livecoding.tv is well worth checking out. Also read: Citi Suggests UK Government Create its Own Digital Currency Livecoding.tv – The Coders’ Version

    Livecoding.tv – A Valuable Tool For Up-and-coming Bitcoin Developers

    | 2015/06/30 2:24 pm
  • Many entrepreneurs from all over the world are keeping a close eye on Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Ever since Bitcoin started gaining popularity in 2011, quite a few entrepreneurs have dabbled in digital currency companies, not always knowing what they were getting themselves into. SmartUp is an application that virtually mentors entrepreneurs, which could be beneficial for all investment areas, including Bitcoin. Mentoring Entrepreneurs With SmartUp The Internet has opened the floodgates for anyone with

    SmartUp Mobile App Aims To Mentor Potential (Bitcoin) Entrepreneurs

    | 2015/06/29 8:08 pm
  • The world of Bitcoin and digital currency is a playground for aspiring developers, as there are still many technological advancements and implementations waiting to be unlocked. In order to help with that process, there are several API’s at your disposal to add Bitcoin functionalities to your applications. One of those platforms is BlockTrail, and they offer a complete set of tools to take your app to the next level. Also read: Symbiont Develops Smart Security

    BlockTrail Makes Bitcoin Development Easier by Lowering Entry Barriers

    | 2015/06/29 7:00 pm
  • While developers around the world are discovering potential sue cases for blockchain technology, security analysts have disclosed multiple SSH key vulnerabilities plaguing Cisco’s network security virtual appliances. Exploiting these vulnerabilities could give hackers unlimited access to these virtual appliances. Also read Popular Android Apps Vulnerable to HTTPS Bug, More Education on Technology Needed? Cisco’s Two SSH Vulnerabilities Cisco is one the world’s leading companies as far as networking capabilities is concerned. With most of our

    Cisco Virtual Appliances At Risk Due To Two SSH Vulnerabilities

    | 2015/06/28 2:54 pm