• Most of the Bitcoin trading volume is changing hands across Chinese bitcoin exchanges. Therefore, Chinese exchanges are feeling pressure to come up with new and innovative features to preserve their dominance and expand bitcoin adoption. OKCoin, one of China’s leading bitcoin exchanges, is attempting to do exactly that. Higher Volume Due To 0% Spot Trading Fees There are a few things all Chinese bitcoin exchanges have in common. For starters, all of these platforms are

    OKCoin To Expand Bitcoin Adoption With New Service

    | 2015/03/24 9:00 pm
  • Most people look at Europe as an easy place to buy and sell bitcoins. For the most part, this stereotype is fairly accurate. However, there are still several countries — mostly located in Eastern Europe and non-European Union states — where there is a demand for competition among Bitcoin exchanges. Anycoin Direct is expanding their services to these countries by launching a new service called Trustpay. Anycoin Direct: A Major European Player Bitcoin enthusiasts all across Europe have

    Anycoin Direct Launches Bitcoin Initiative in Eastern Europe

    | 2015/03/23 3:00 pm
  • Lately, the cryptocurrency ecosystem has been pledged by a series of hacks and other attacks. Digital currency exchanges seem to be the preferred target for hackers since they usually carry large volumes in their wallets.

    42 BTC Stolen From Allcrypt Exchange

    | 2015/03/22 8:00 am
  • The UK government plans on regulating digital currency exchanges in an effort to support technological innovation while preventing criminal use of such technologies. In a document released along side the announcement of the 2015 budget, the Treasury stated that they intended to apply anti-money laundering regulation to digital currency exchanges within the UK.  Also read: Bitcoin Taxes: Working for Bitcoin The Treasury plans to seek consultation later this year to gather views on how the

    UK Plans to Regulate Bitcoin Exchanges

    | 2015/03/20 5:00 pm
  • With approval from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the Bitcoin Investment Trust (BIT) is set to be the first publicly traded bitcoin fund. The exchange beats the famous Winklevoss Twins in their attempt to create the first Bitcoin ETF. The Winklevoss Twins’ exchange has been ready for more than a year, but has failed to launch due to not getting regulatory approval. The reason for the delay is that they are trying to create

    BIT to be The First Publicly Traded Bitcoin Fund

    | 2015/03/17 8:00 am
  • In a recent report by Goldman Sachs, the Chinese Yuan is now used in about 80% of Bitcoin exchange transactions. In addition to this, they stated that Bitcoin is a megatrend that could redefine the financial industry within the next decade: “Bitcoin, along with improved payment security, ‘big data’ analytics and faster payment networks are the components of a technology trend that will disrupt the payments ecosystem.” Is The Chinese Yuan Taking over Bitcoin? According

    How China Will Shape Bitcoin’s Future

    | 2015/03/14 8:00 am
  • Since its founding in 2013, ShapeShift has gained popularity because of its speed and privacy. Despite its success, little was known about the company or the people behind it. Now, though, the exchange has announced the true identity of its founder and CEO: Erik Voorhees, prominent Bitcoin entrepreneur. Also Read:  Shapeshift.io launches Lens Tool Extension for Firefox In addition to this news, ShapeShift annoucned that it raised £525k (563,745 USD) from Barry Silbert and Roger Ver. “Why the

    ShapeShift Raises £525k, Reveals its Mysterious Creator

    | 2015/03/11 8:00 am
  • More and more Bitcoin exchanges have been popping up in the past few months. Given the recent attacks against popular exchanges, such as Bitstamp and BTER, a lot of Bitcoin enthusiasts are looking to use alternative platforms. UMEX, a Bitcoin exchange currently in open beta, is catering towards professional Bitcoin traders with their variety of order options. UMEX – Two Rounds of Beta Testing One of the main things to consider when running an exchange platform

    UMEX Exchange Offers Several Trading Options

    | 2015/03/10 3:00 pm
  • At the end of 2014, I published a two-part summary on the state of Bitcoin. In the first part of that report, I argued that the 2013 bitcoin price peak was actually an artificial bubble created by fraudulent trading bots on the now-defunct Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange. Furthermore, I argued that the year-long downtrend of 2014 was a symptom of the correction of the artificial Gox bubble; once Gox shut down in early 2014, the

    Review of Bitcoin in The First Two Months of 2015

    | 2015/03/09 9:00 pm
  • Today BTCFlow has launched the first institutional exchange in Brazil, Latin America’s largest economy. “The digital currency market in Brazil is still in its infancy,” said Marcelo Miranda, founder of BTCFlow.  “However, we are seeing aggressive growth and adoption in other markets, and have no doubt Brazil will follow suit.” BTCFlow was founded by Marcelo Miranda, a nine-year veteran of the Brazilian division of Deutsche Bank. While at Deutsche, he was the head of equity trading

    Deutsche Banker Starts New Bitcoin Exchange in Brazil

    | 2015/03/07 3:00 pm
  • LedgerX is a trading and clearing platform exchange dealing with Bitcoin. The company is currently seeking for regulatory approval from the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to start dealing with bitcoin. If approved, LedgerX will be the first federally regulated bitcoin exchange and clearing house to list bitcoin options for the institutional market.

    LedgerX Implements Market Surveillance

    | 2015/03/07 8:00 am
  • Bill Barhydt, serial entrepreneur and former Netscape director, debuted his first Bitcoin startup, Abra, on Wednesday, March 4. The announcement came on the last day of the Launch Festival, an annual conference known for premiering new and innovative startups. In his speech, Barhydt explained that Abra was created to help migrant workers in various countries send money to their loved ones back home. “Our mission with Abra is to turn every smartphone into a teller

    Abra: A New Kind Of Bitcoin Remittance Service

    | 2015/03/06 3:00 pm
  • The Virtex bitcoin exchange has recently put its trading API offline without warning, and has left many customers without access to the funds they had in their trading accounts. One customer contacted Bitconist.net saying that he had $10,000 USD in a Virtex trading account that he could not withdraw when the exchange unexpectedly shut down. In addition to the offline API, the Virtex website is no longer available. When trying to visit the website, we were

    Virtex Shuts Down Unexpectedly, Customers Lose Funds

    | 2015/03/05 6:07 am
  • In the summer of 2014 Coinbase, a bitcoin wallet and exchange service, proposed changes to the BitLicense draft, which was proposed by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS). The bill was opened up to a 30-day comment period at which time Coinbase submitted a 15 page proposal for changes to the draft. In December, the NYDFS’s released its revised BitLicense, and while many agree it’s a step in the right direction, Coinbase

    BitLicense: Breaking Down the Revisions

    | 2015/03/03 9:00 pm
  • The trio behind Coinimal has decided to take buying crypto-currency into their own hands and launched their own exchange on December 15th. According to Coinimal’s CEO, Paul Klanschek, they were motivated by their experiences buying bitcoin and other crypto-currencies from European companies.  “All three of [us] are from Austria and [have been] active in the crypto scene for a few years already. Every time we had to buy Bitcoins we experienced how hard it was

    Coinimal Wants to Make Buying Bitcoin Faster

    | 2015/03/03 3:00 pm
  •  Igot is an Australian Bitcoin exchange founded in 2013 that is growing at a rapid pace with a focus on the remittance market. Igot is expanding internationally, with local presence in Asia, Europe, and UAE. With a combination of transparency and compliance, Igot is quickly becoming a globally known Bitcoin exchange. Igot is currently available in 40 countries, which includes the EU and parts of the Middle East and Africa. Customers can use all exchange

    Bitcoin Exchange Igot Acquires TagPesa

    | 2015/03/01 9:00 pm
  • Bitcoin Builder has been keeping the public in the dark as of late, but it has recently recently updated their website with a new announcement: “We’ve re-launched as a ‘Bitcoin Exchange Aggregator’ that pulls in the best prices from multiple exchanges and allows you to trade without fee. Bitcoin Builder will now enable you to sell and buy bitcoins knowing that you will be getting the best price, and trade executions are feeless. Bitcoin Builder

    Bitcoin Builder buys your GOXBTC

    | 2015/02/27 3:00 pm
  • Bitcoin was packed with headlines this week, which is the first thing I look for when there is a price change. While this does not always work, it is a good rule of thumb that I go by. Bitcoin experienced the loss of two exchanges, CARVITEX and Netagio, as well as a follow up on Mt. Gox from WizSec. Also read: Last Weeks Market Wrap Up For the majority of the week, Bitcoin enjoyed relative

    Bitcoin Market Wrap Up: 2/15 – 2/22, Bitstake trending

    | 2015/02/23 8:00 am
  • CleverCoin allows easy, transparent, and secure exchanging of Bitcoins. Originating in 2013, the entire exchange was developed and is currently maintained under its own management. Over the last year, Clevercoin has been improving and growing. Catching the attention of many people, Boost VC decided to select Clevercoin to work with. I had the opportunity to talk to Paul Buitink, marketing manager over at CleverCoin, regarding this new and exciting headline. Describe to me what services CleverCoin provides. 

    CleverCoin Incubated by Boost VC: Exclusive interview

    | 2015/02/22 3:00 pm
  • In 2013, Mt. Gox was the exchange that all Bitcoin users knew. Having the most liquidity and volume, this is where most Bitcoins were exchanged. Whether it was the transaction malleability exploits, trade withdrawal exploits or the infrastructure is not being able to handle the load, Mt. Gox went to dust, losing 850,000 Bitcoins. In USD equivalent at the time of the collapse, this equated to over $400 million customer funds that were unaccounted for.

    Mt. Gox Investigation Continued: WizSec Report Released!

    | 2015/02/21 9:21 pm
  • With the recent news of Netagio restructuring its business model to wealth storage from a Bitcoin exchange platform, Bitcoin Exchange CAVIRTEX also known as Canadian Virtual Exchange, has taken a similar path.  According to their latest news update that was posted on February 17, 2015, Carvitex has intentions to cease operations and stop being “an active Bitcoin business” as soon as possible. Effective immediately, CAVIRTEX intends to cease carrying on an active Bitcoin business and will

    Bitcoin Exchange CAVIRTEX Shut’s Down After Database Hack Leaves User Data Exposed

    | 2015/02/20 9:00 pm
  • On February 16, 2015, Netagio, a Bitcoin exchange in Europe, announced that it would be closing on March 18th, 2015. Netagio closed the order books on February 16, as well as the Bitcoin, GBP, USD, and EUR exchange platform. Netagio is not filing for bankruptcy or closing — it is just changing its business model. Starting on March 19, Netagio will be providing vault storage services for those looking to keep their assets in a safe place.

    Netagio Ends Bitcoin Exchange, Moves to Wealth Storage

    | 2015/02/19 9:00 pm
  • This week, Barry Silbert posted a tweet saying the new Coinbase exchange had exceeded Bitstamp and BTC-e trading volume for the first time. Silbert is the Founder of Digital Currency Group, a company building the foundation for the digital currency revolution by supporting new startups and ideas Bitcoin ecosystem. He is also the creator of the Bitcoin Investment Trust, as well as the founder of SecondMarket, a platform that manages private investment funds. It was on the

    Coinbase Exchange Passes Bitstamp and BTC-e in Trading Volume

    | 2015/02/17 9:00 pm