• Coinbase is starting to offer over-the-counter (OTC) crypto trading services to clients. No official word has been provided by Coinbase yet, but a few unnamed sources who spoke Business Insider confirmed the move. This development is yet another attempt by the burgeoning startup to establish itself as a significant player in the financial market. Coinbase GDAX to Support OTC Crypto Block Trades Coinbase created the GDAX platform for institutional investors in 2014. With this new

    Coinbase Set to Offer OTC Crypto Trading Desk to Big Investors

    | 2018/05/02 5:00 pm
  • Many in Japan feared its cryptocurrency market would grind to a halt following the hack of the Tokyo-based exchange, Coincheck. It appears that those fears were unwarranted, however, as the exchange is set to remain operational under Monex Group. More Than Profitable Monex Group Inc., a Japanese online brokerage, finalized its acquisition of Coincheck last week for nearly 3.6 billion yen ($33 million). The acquisition comes after Coincheck’s security was penetrated on January 26th, earlier

    Monex Group Gives Coincheck New Life

    | 2018/05/02 3:00 am
  • A Japanese regulatory working group focussing on cryptocurrencies has suggested exchanges should not be “allowed” to trade certain altcoins including Dash and Monero. FSA Suggests Altcoin Squeeze As Forbes reports citing a meeting of the group, which consists of industry experts organized by Japan’s regulator the Financial Services Authority (FSA), the anonymity options such altcoins present could be grounds to banish them from the country’s burgeoning exchange sector. “It should be seriously discussed as to

    Japan Could Pressure Exchanges to Drop Monero & Dash: Reports

    | 2018/04/30 5:00 pm
  • Cryptocurrency trades surge in Malta, making the tiny nation a predominant leader in the field, surpassing countries like Japan, Korea, China, and the USA. A research carried out by Morgan Stanely also shows that Belize is second to the lead. Malta, the New Leader in Crypto Trading Volume The winds of change are blowing strong as Malta becomes the global leader in terms of cryptocurrency trading volume. In a research factoring the legal location of

    Malta is the New Leader in Global Cryptocurrency Trading Volume

    | 2018/04/30 3:00 pm
  • Despite experiencing one of the worst heists in the cryptocurrency market’s history, Coincheck has still managed to turn a significant profit. Can’t Nobody Hold Coincheck Down As reported by Reuters, Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck Inc. has recorded a writedown of roughly $432.56 million for the financial year ending in March. The information comes directly from the exchange’s parent company, Monex Group Inc. Earlier this year, Coincheck notoriously suffered a hack which saw the exchange lose

    Coincheck Posts Significant Profit, Despite High-Profile Heist

    | 2018/04/27 1:30 am
  • Good news arrives for cryptocurrency exchanges in Chile as the country’s appeals court has ordered the re-opening of their unexpectedly-closed bank accounts. A Small but Significant Victory Earlier this month, Bitcoinist reported that Chilean cryptocurrency exchanges Buda, Orionx, and CryptoMarket filed appeals to one of the country’s appeals court following the unexpected closure of their bank accounts from Itau Corpbanca, Bank of Nova Scotia, and state-owned Banco del Estado de Chile. Guillermo Torrealba, Buda’s co-founder

    Chilean Cryptocurrency Exchanges Win Battle Against Banks

    | 2018/04/26 5:00 pm
  • Bitstamp — a popular Luxembourg-based bitcoin exchange and the oldest bitcoin exchange still standing — is apparently close to finalizing a deal for the sale of the company to a South Korean gaming company. A Major Acquisition The information comes from three unnamed individuals with insider knowledge of the matter, two of which informed Business Insider that Nexon is the probable purchaser. The individuals also claimed the two companies are in the process of solidifying the

    Bitstamp Reportedly Up For Sale to South Korean Gaming Company

    | 2018/04/26 9:00 am
  • We might get a rare chance to take a glimpse behind the curtains as a legal dispute shapes up between Zhao Changpeng, the founder of Binance, and a unit of Sequoia Capital. The parties are arguing over a funding deal which has supposedly gone awry.   Founded less than 10 months ago, Binance has grown to become the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by measure of its 24-hour trade volume. The platform’s meteoric rise has become

    Binance’s Founder Squares Off Against Sequoia Capital in Legal Dispute

    | 2018/04/26 3:00 am
  • The 16 registered cryptocurrency exchange services in Japan have come together to form the Japan Cryptocurrency Exchange Association (JCEA). This is according to a report by Asahi Shimbun, a local news outlet in Japan. The JCEA will be responsible for the self-regulation of Japanese cryptocurrency exchange platforms. The JCEA Taizen Okuyama is the chairman of the JCEA. He is the CEO of Money Partners, a forex firm which recently entered into the cryptocurrency exchange market

    Japanese Crypto Exchanges Launch Self-Regulatory Body

    | 2018/04/25 2:00 pm
  • OKEx – a popular digital asset trading platform which provides fiat-to-cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency, and derivatives trading services – has suspended the deposit of all ERC-20 tokens after discovering a smart contract bug. Pending deposits are reportedly safe, however. Squashing Bugs The bug in question purportedly allows attackers to more easily manipulate price on the platform. Therefore, to protect market integrity on the platform, OKEx has stopped the flow of incoming ERC-20 tokens. In an official blog

    Smart Contracts Act Dumb as OKEx Suspends ERC-20 Token Deposits

    | 2018/04/25 12:30 pm
  • Coinbase, the largest US Bitcoin exchange, has effectively shut off the account of WikiLeaks Shop as the latter has supposedly been ‘engaged in a prohibited use in violation’ of the platform’s Terms of Service. Shots Fired WikiLeaks Shop’s Coinbase account has been effectively suspended for being in violation of the platform’s terms of agreements. The original announcement was made by the official Twitter page of the shop itself: ANNOUNCE: Coinbase has blocked the official @WikiLeaks

    Coinbase Shuts Down WikiLeaks’ Bitcoin Account; Retaliation Follows

    | 2018/04/22 10:30 pm
  • New York is planning to probe 13 different cryptocurrency exchanges, including Coinbase.  Making Cryptocurrency Exchanges More Transparent According to a recent CNBC report, New York Attorney General  Eric Schneiderman is currently investigating 13 different cryptocurrency exchanges. One of the most popular Bitcoin wallets, Coinbase, is also being investigated. As for the investigation, Schneiderman states: Too often, consumers don’t have the basic facts they need to assess the fairness, integrity, and security of these trading platforms, The

    New York to Probe Major Cryptocurrency Exchanges

    | 2018/04/22 8:00 am
  • Binance has its own coin, KuCoin has its own coin, — and soon, Bithumb, the South Korean exchange, will be joining the club. BITHUMB Coin Bithumb, one of South Korea’s major cryptocurrency exchanges, is planning on issuing its own in-house cryptocurrency, called BITHUMB Coin. BITHUMB Coin’s initial coin offering (ICO), however, can not take place in the exchange’s home country of South Korea, since the East Asian nation banned the controversial fundraising method last year.

    Bithumb to Issue Own Coin – ‘BITHUMB Coin’

    | 2018/04/19 4:30 pm
  • Privacy-focused altcoin CloakCoin (CLOAK) hit $16 April 18 after the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance confirmed it had listed the asset. The Long Road From Rags To Riches In a move also confirmed by CloakCoin developers, Binance appeared to reverse the fortune of the stagnant altcoin, which had seen little activity for most of its four years on the market. Issued in June 2014 at $0.18 per token, CLOAK then traded below that rate from

    Blast From The Past: CloakCoin Jumps 35% After Binance Confirms Trading

    | 2018/04/18 2:00 pm
  • Kraken, the US-based cryptocurrency exchange, has announced their plans of ceasing all of their trading operations in Japan in the near future.  Release the Kraken . . . From Japan! The Kraken exchange, one of the larger cryptocurrency exchanges in existence, has just announced that they will be leaving the Japanese market for the time being. In a report published by Bloomberg, Kraken stated: Suspending services for Japan residents will allow us to better focus

    Kraken Exchange Decides to Close down Japanese Operations

    | 2018/04/17 4:00 am
  • In its continued effort to dominate the United States’ blockchain industry, popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has officially acquired Earn.com — a paid inbox service and popular social network which affords users the ability to earn, spend, and donate Bitcoin. Additionally, the San Francisco-based company has hired Earn.com’s CEO, Balaji Srinivasan, to act as Coinbase’s first-ever chief technology officer. ‘Everyone is Aligning Behind Coinbase’ Coinbase continues to send some serious waves through the United States blockchain market,

    Coinbase Acquires Earn.com, Hires Superstar CTO Balaji Srinivasan

    | 2018/04/16 2:00 pm
  • Last night, Bitcoinist reported that Binance, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, would likely be executing its unspecified quarterly coin burn sometime today — which is exactly what happened. Burn Victims Earlier today, the Binance team announced the results of its Q2 2018 coin burn in an official post on the exchange’s support page, writing: Fellow Binancians, In accordance with our whitepaper, we have now completed the burn of 2,220,314 BNB

    Binance Burns $30 Million in BNB Tokens, Price Drops

    | 2018/04/15 7:30 pm
  • The rise of cryptocurrency has brought many opportunities for investment, but such wealth potential has also attracted criminals. A recent example is of a Bitcoin robbery in Singapore, in which the victim was robbed of over $278,000 USD. The Singaporean police force has recently announced a robbery case involving a Bitcoin transaction. Pang Joon Hau, a Malaysian man, traveled to Singapore on April 8th in search of Bitcoin sellers. Carrying Lots of Cash Not a

    Buyer Loses $278,000 USD in Bitcoin Robbery

    | 2018/04/15 9:30 am
  • Binance, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has reminded users that its quarterly coin burn is right around the corner – but what is it, and when will exactly will it take place? Burn Binance Burn In case you forgot, Binance – one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchanges – is slated for its quarterly buyback and burn of the company’s own soon-to-be-native token, Binance Coin (BNB). On Thursday, the

    Binance Coin Burn Inbound – Here’s When It Will Happen

    | 2018/04/14 10:00 pm
  • Banks in Chile have closed the accounts for three of the country’s cryptocurrency trading platforms, sparking fears of an outright blanket ban in South America’s wealthiest nation. Chilean Banks Put Cryptocurrency on Ice Cryptocurrency exchanges Buda, Orionx, and CryptoMarket have filed appeals to a Chilean appeals court following the unexpected closure of their bank accounts from Itau Corpbanca, Bank of Nova Scotia, and state-owned Banco del Estado de Chile. The appeals court has agreed to hear

    ‘They’re Killing an Entire Industry’ — Chilean Banks Close Cryptocurrency Accounts

    | 2018/04/14 3:00 pm
  • One of the biggest problems facing new investors is the hurdles they’ll need to jump through to simply sign up for an exchange and deposit money. CriptoHub offers loads of coin options, unique payment processing services, and more. The Untapped Brazilian Market Late last year, Bitcoin was making headlines all over the world as it soared higher than anyone had thought possible. Tens of thousands of people from around the world flocked to exchanges to

    CriptoHub Launching Brazilian Cryptocurrency and Financial Exchange

    | 2018/04/13 11:45 pm
  • Users of Indian cryptocurrency exchange, Coinsecure, who tried to access their bitcoins were met with a nasty surprise when it became evident that the exchange had been hacked. According to the International Business Times, Coinsecure is the latest crypto exchange to experience a security breach. Most of the wallets on the Indian platform were hacked, resulting in the loss of more than 430 bitcoins with an approximate value of over $3.5 million. After users became

    $3.5 Million in Bitcoin Stolen in Coinsecure Exchange Hack – Security Chief Suspected

    | 2018/04/13 7:00 pm
  • Bitcoin scams are common in Nigeria, but people are finding ways to avoid them. Paxful, the P2P finance platform, works overtime to help them avoid such scams. The early days of the internet were marked with the infamous Nigerian scam. In this scam, a purported “prince” or important person would send an email to a victim, claiming that they needed help to lay claim to a fortune. In return for sending personal financial information, the

    Crypto Marketplace Paxful Helps Nigerians Avoid Bitcoin Scams

    | 2018/04/10 8:30 pm