• Following over a decade of economic turmoil, Zimbabweans are turning to bitcoin for some financial stability. Yes, you read that correctly!  I mean, seriously, just how messed up is that? As a result, bitcoin is reportedly selling in the capital, Harare, for almost double the global average, according to TheNational.ae. I Thought Harare was That Gorilla Meme… From our ivory tower perched high on Crypto Mountain, we often look down at the mere mortals below. We

    Zimbabwe News – Bitcoin Selling at Twice Global Dollar Average

    | 2017/10/19 8:30 pm
  • After many cryptocurrency exchanges have become targets of hacks, users are looking for a decentralized alternative in order to protect their assets. Eliminating Risks Over the past few months, the cryptocurrency market had an impressive growth rate, reaching a total market capitalization of $176 billion at its peak. Such rapid growth has not only garnered the attention of investors and speculators, however. With the increased interest in cryptocurrency trading, more and more criminals have focused on hacking

    Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges Are the Next Big Thing

    | 2017/10/12 2:00 am
  • After China and Korea banned ICOs experts believe that Japan will become the leader of Bitcoin markets. Tough Month For Bitcoin September has been a very tough month for the decentralized cryptocurrency. Firstly, Chinese regulators imposed a strict ban on all Initial Coin Offerings and ordered several cryptocurrency exchanges to shut down their operations. The regulations by the Chinese authorities caused a lot of turmoil in the cryptocurrency markets worldwide. Shortly after Chinese authorities imposed

    Japan On Track to Become Bitcoin Market Leader

    | 2017/10/04 11:45 am
  • South Korea has had Bitcoin fever in the past few weeks, and the fire just continues to be fueled. Top exchange Korbit has been acquired by gaming company giant Nexon for 91 billion Korean won. The Growing South Korean Market South Korea has been disrupting the charts when it comes to cryptocurrency trade volume, and the old money is noticing. Many companies in South Korea are hopping aboard the train, investing heavily in the nation’s crypto

    South Korean gaming giant Nexon acquires Korbit for $80 million, $150 million valuation

    | 2017/09/26 6:00 pm
  • After Chinese regulatory authorities cracked down on Bitcoin trading in the country, Japan’s Financial Services Agency has announced that they will begin to closely monitor cryptocurrency exchanges. Consequences Of China’s Ban China’s decision to ban ICOs and Bitcoin Exchanges earlier this month resulted in the migration of many traders to Japanese and South Korean markets. This made Japan the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange market and proved the old adage ‘with great power comes great responsibility’

    Japanese Bitcoin Exchanges To Go Under ‘Full Surveillance’ Starting October

    | 2017/09/25 1:00 pm
  • Evolve Fund Group is preparing to launch Canada’s first Bitcoin ETF that will be tradeable on the TSX. Evolve Launching A Bitcoin ETF Evolve Fund Group Inc. is a financial corporation that is based in Canada. According to a recent report, the Canadian finance firm has filed a preliminary prospectus for Canada’s first Bitcoin ETF. The Bitcoin ETF is going to be called “BITS” and will be an easy and fast way for stock investors

    First Bitcoin ETF to launch in Canada

    | 2017/09/23 2:47 pm
  • A researcher at the Central University of Finance and Economics suggests that the Chinese government should start its own cryptocurrency. The Current State of Bitcoin in China In the last couple of days, there have been a lot of rumors flying around about the future of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in China. Currently, Chinese regulators have forced prominent cryptocurrency exchanges like BTCChina and Huobi to shut down their operations by the end of the month.

    China Should Create Its Own Cryptocurrency ‘As Soon as Possible’

    | 2017/09/20 11:45 pm
  • CHINA BANS BITCOIN; a phrase that many people in the Bitcoin community have heard a dozen times and will probably hear it a dozen more. But for the first time, it could have some truth behind it. BTCChina has announced on Twitter plans to shut down operations by the end of the month China Rumors in Full Swing Rumors have been swirling the crypto space over the past few days about China apparently tightening its

    BTCChina Announces They Will Stop Trading by End of Month

    | 2017/09/15 12:00 pm
  • Major Chinese exchanges BTCChina and ViaBTC have announced they will shut down operations causing Bitcoin price to plunge as OKCoin and Huobi are expected to follow.  ICO Crackdown The recent days have been very interesting for cryptocurrency traders worldwide. On September 4, news emerged that Chinese regulators banned all Initial Coin Offerings that are based in China. The report from the People’s Bank of China stated that no individual or organization may longer raise funds through

    Bitpocalypse? Bitcoin Price Plunges as Chinese Exchanges Close

    | 2017/09/15 7:00 am
  • As you well know, on August 1st, 2017 a hard fork occurred with Bitcoin that led to the creation of a new cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency is being referred to as Bitcoin Cash which is represented by the BCH symbol. This hard fork in Bitcoin means that a lot of changes have occurred in both currencies. There was an internal debate over what should be done in the future to handle the scaling issues in Bitcoin,

    CEX.IO After the Hard Fork

    | 2017/08/31 9:24 am
  • The IRS is hoping to use the Reactor software by Chainalysis to track Bitcoin movement from wallet to wallet and then to exchanges in order to catch tax cheats. For some peculiar reason, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for the United States thinks that people are using Bitcoin in order to cheat on their taxes. However, it must be said that a lot of people do cheat on their taxes every year. The exact amount

    IRS Hopes to Catch Bitcoin Tax Cheats With Blockchain Tracking Software

    | 2017/08/23 8:00 am
  • The first Bitcoin exchange in Egypt is set to launch later this month as a dire economic situation has led to a thriving black market and the state currency losing almost half its value. Egypt has long been an exotic land of mystery, home to the majestic pyramids and the inscrutable Sphinx. Now the country of over 95 million people is fully entering the 21st century of digital currency. The very first Egyptian Bitcoin exchange

    First Bitcoin Exchange in Egypt Set to Begin Trading This Month

    | 2017/08/18 7:30 am
  • Spoof orders, illegal on financially regulated markets, are on the rise and being exploited on largely unregulated Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets. Demonstrable instances, perpetrated by a group or individual known as Spoofy, have occurred on Bitfinex and GDAX. Spoof orders, or placed market trade orders that are not actually intended to be executed, are part of the rampant manipulation of traders on cryptocurrency exchanges. Trading into your own buy or sells is also illegal in

    Unregulated Bitcoin ‘Wild West’ Gives Rise to Spoofy

    | 2017/08/08 5:30 pm
  • The famous cryptocurrency exchange platform, Gemini, agreed to sell its Bitcoin market data to the Chicago Board Options Exchange, Incorporated (CBOE). Getting into the Bitcoin Game The cryptocurrency exchange, Gemini, was founded in 2016 by the famous Winklevoss twins. In October of that same year, the exchange officially received permission from the New York State Department of Financial Services to operate in 31 states. Gemini’s major focus had originally centered around Bitcoin trading, however, with the popularity and value

    Winklevoss’ Gemini Exchange to Allow CBOE to Use Bitcoin Market Data

    | 2017/08/03 10:00 pm
  • Singapore is witness to its first legal battle regarding cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, according to local newspaper, The Straits Times. The lawsuit revolves around a series of trades placed by UK based market maker B2C2 on the “World’s Most Advanced Bitcoin Trading Platform”, Quoine. Specifically, the market maker claims that trades were unlawfully reversed by Quoine, leading to proceeds being “misappropriated” without authorization. You Mentioned a Bitcoin Pricing Error We’ve all been there. Nonchalantly browsing around a store, not really

    Legal Dispute Rages Over Singapore Exchange’s $3.78m Bitcoin Pricing Error

    | 2017/08/01 10:15 pm
  • The decision by Coinbase not to offer the hard forked Bitcoin chain, in operation on August 1, to its customers could have legal implications as the exchange faces the ire of many feeling they are owed their Bitcoin Cash. Coinbase, as one of the more popular Bitcoin exchanges, followed suit with a number of other competitors in announcing that it would not be supporting the hard fork currency of Bitcoin, known as Bitcoin Cash (BCC). However,

    Coinbase Could Face Legal Battle for Leaving Out Bitcoin Cash

    | 2017/08/01 11:30 am
  • The Fork Awakens… BitcoinCash is expected to fork off from the main chain on Tuesday taking roughly 30% of the hashpower with it. Antpool, the largest bitcoin mining pool, is expected to mine the alternate chain. BitcoinCash Hard Fork August 1st has been a long-awaited day for months on the calendars of Bitcoin enthusiasts worldwide. But with the UASF being deemed a success by many people in the community, a new event is worrying some

    BitcoinCash (BCC) Hardfork: What it Means and How to Secure Your Assets

    | 2017/07/31 4:00 pm
  • BTC-e has made an announcement on Bitcointalk. In the post, BTC-e provides more information about what is currently happening with the exchange from their point of view. BTC-e Makes Latest Announcement Following the arrest of Alexander Vinnik, a 38-year-old Russian man that is accused of money laundering, the BTC-e exchange domain has been taken down by the FBI, with multiple reports connecting the two and describing Vinnik as a “key person behind the platform” that used

    BTC-e Disavows Alexander Vinnik, Promises to Return User Funds

    | 2017/07/31 10:00 am
  • Coinbase users are moving their funds to wallets and exchanges where they will be credited for Bitcoin Cash (BCC ) tokens, causing delays in Bitcoin withdrawals from the exchange. Coinbase, the world’s largest (and often highest-rated) Bitcoin exchange, has made it clear that they will not honor the new Bitcoin Cash (BCC) token created by the Bitcoin blockchain split set to occur on August 1. Coinbase’s policy is to only support one version of a

    Mass Exodus from Coinbase Spawns 12 Hour Bitcoin Withdrawal Delays

    | 2017/07/30 2:45 pm
  • Alexander Vinnik, 38, has been arrested in Greece on a U.S. warrant. While he is suspected of running one of the largest online money laundering operations, additional reports are emerging naming him as the mastermind behind the Mt. Gox heist that sent Bitcoin spiraling out of control in 2013. The Man Behind the BTC-e Exchange For almost seven years, BTC-e has operated as one of the oldest digital currency exchanges in the world. During that entire

    Alexander Vinnik Arrested in Greece with Ties to Money Laundering, BTC-e, Mt. Gox Theft

    | 2017/07/26 4:30 pm
  • 13 Japanese exchanges, all members of the Japan Cryptocurrency Business Association (JCBA), have jointly agreed to temporarily halt Bitcoin transactions on August 1st. Suspension of Bitcoin Deposits and Withdrawals The Japan Cryptocurrency Business Association (JCBA) has announced that 13 Japanese exchanges will suspend Bitcoin trading on their platforms, for the upcoming possibility of a Bitcoin split. The exchanges are fearing a potential delay of Bitcoin transactions and even loss of transactions, that may occur on August 1st.

    13 Japanese Exchanges to Temporarily Halt Bitcoin Transactions on August 1

    | 2017/07/21 11:00 am
  • Switzerland’s Falcon Private Bank has partnered with a local Bitcoin exchange giving the financial institution the opportunity to offer Bitcoins, as well as altcoins, to its customers through asset portfolios. On Wednesday, Falcon Private Bank took major steps in a number of avenues within digital currency when it announced that it would be storing and trading Bitcoin within its asset infrastructure. Wealthy customers of the bank will now be able to branch out into digital currencies, allowing them

    Switzerland’s Private Banking Sector Offering Bitcoin as an Asset

    | 2017/07/14 3:30 pm