• Just a few days ago, BitSpark announced that it is halting all bitcoin exchange operations. Instead, the company will be focusing all of their attention on the remittance market. Bitcoin can play an important role in the evolution of money remittance as we know it, and BitSpark feels it is the best direction for the company at this point. Also read: BitSpark Brings Bitcoin Remittances to Indonesia BitSpark Partners with BitGo And Closes Funding Round At

    BitSpark Shuts Down Bitcoin Exchange, Focuses on Remittance Service

    | 2015/05/06 3:00 pm
  • Currently, there are many separate bitcoin exchanges operating entirely independent of each other. These money markets are in no way interconnected with one another, which makes it rather inconvenient to trade across platforms. There are some benefits to having multiple exchanges, though, the primary advantage being the variety of features each exchange offers to suit the needs of different traders.  Also read: CEX.IO Offeres Bitcoin Exchange Services to US Customers Alphapoint, a US-based technology company that powers over

    AlphaPoint’s New Service to Streamline Bitcoin Trading

    | 2015/05/06 8:00 am
  • In order to bring Bitcoin to as many everyday people as possible, we need to make it more accessible to both buy and sell BTC in exchange for fiat currency. Even though most Bitcoin enthusiasts would like to see the world transition to a cashless system where all goods and services are priced in BTC instead of relying on a fiat currency value, which will not happen anytime soon. But it has to be said

    Buy and Sell Bitcoin At 4,000 Polish ATMs With Chip Chap

    | 2015/05/04 7:00 pm
  • Bitcoin exchanges in China are a hot topic right now, with multiple parties competing to become the top exchange in the country. While major players such as OKCoin and BTCChina are rolling out new features in order to remain competitive, a new player is coming on to the scene. HaoBTC has launched its international wallet service and aims to become the “Coinbase of China.” Also read: BTCChina and MrGekko Partnership Offers New Services Disclaimer: Bitcoinist has no

    HaoBTC Takes on Coinbase With Interest-Bearing Wallet

    | 2015/05/02 7:00 pm
  • Offering Bitcoin exchange services in the United States is a bit of a struggle these days. Several states allow exchanges to operate without a specific license, some require exchanges to comply with all sorts of regulations, while other states are not sure on what to do yet. However, this uncertainty isn’t stopping CEX.IO from offering exchange services to parts of the United States. Also read: CEX.IO is  Temporarily Suspending Cloud Mining Services CEX.IO: Bitcoin Cloud Mining

    CEX.IO Offers Bitcoin Exchange Services to US Customers

    | 2015/05/02 3:00 pm
  • Interesting days are ahead for Bitcoin enthusiasts in the United Kingdom. Despite the difficulties Bitcoin businesses face when trying to secure UK banking partnerships, Coinbase has managed to expand its operations to the country. UK residents will also be able to buy, sell and trade bitcoin on the Coinbase Exchange. Also read: Purse Partners Up With Coinbase Coinbase in the UK: Lots of Options United Kingdom residents will now be able to use Coinbase Wallet in order to

    Coinbase Exchange Takes Its Services To The UK

    | 2015/05/02 8:00 am
  • In the world of Bitcoin, exchanges are no longer “just” platforms for buying and selling currencies. Most of the bigger bitcoin exchanges have developed additional features and trading options in order to give them a competitive edge. BTCChina, the largest Bitcoin exchange platform in China, recently announced a collaboration with MrGekko in order to create an institutional-grade trading platform. Also read: Official: BTCChina Launches USD, HKD Deposits and Withdrawals BTCChina: Leader of the Chinese Bitcoin

    BTCChina and MrGekko Partnership Offers New Services

    | 2015/04/30 3:00 pm
  • Overstock has filed a prospectus with the SEC (the Securities and Exchange Commission) and asked permission to issue up to $500 million in stock that is controlled by a Bitcoin-like network. The new concept may transform the way the traditional stock market is perceived. However, permission is still awaited from the SEC. Also read: Interview With Overstock CEO, Patrick Byrne The filing to the SEC reads: “We may decide to offer securities as digital securities…the ownership

    Overstock Wants to Issue $500 M in Bitcoin-Like Stocks

    | 2015/04/29 8:00 am
  • Coinimal, a European digital currency merchant, recently announced its new integration with NETELLER. By adding NETELLER to its payment options, Coinimal becomes the first crypto business working with NETELLER. Also read: Neteller Wants to Acquire Paysafecard Issuer, Skrill Coinimal was launched in December 2014, aiming to improve access to Bitcoin in Europe. The Coinimal platform provides easy access for both buying and selling Bitcoin, along with some other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin or Next. Last month, NETELLER

    Coinimal Announces Partnership With NETELLER

    | 2015/04/28 8:00 am
  • When it comes to Bitcoin adoption and awareness, most of the money is flowing in through Chinese Bitcoin exchanges. Several major players, such as BTCChina, OKCoin and Huobi, are coming up with various tools and features to give them a competitive edge. And it is OKCoin who has come up with the very first Superwallet, a tool that gives mainstream consumers access to Bitcoin technology in the native currencies, starting with CNY. Also Read: OKCoin

    OKCoin Announces Bitcoin Superwallet OKLink

    | 2015/04/27 7:00 pm
  • Bitcoin experienced common symptoms of what I would like to call market manipulation: sudden rise of value followed by a steady decrease in price, punctuated with a sudden and sharp decrease in price. Also Read: Last Week’s Market Wrap Up If nothing else from this article sticks, just know that this week in Bitcoin that the price fluctuated from the low $220s, rising all the way up to $240, where it then decreased and hit

    Bitcoin Market Wrap Up 4/19-4/26: Market Slides, DASH & ZiftrCOIN Squeeze Through

    | 2015/04/27 8:00 am
  • Earlier this week, ShapeShift.io announced its latest move; the exchange integrated Tether into its platform. This addition enables access to fiat currency for the platform users. Also read: ShapeShift.io Integrates Monero and Counterparty Tether is the first blockchain-enabled platform that allows fiat currency to be used like digital cash. Tether digital cash is a token working on top of the blockchain and backed by fiat currency. By combining Bitcoin’s instant transactions with a fiat-pegged token, Tether hopes

    ShapeShift.io Adds Tether USD To Its Instant Exchange

    | 2015/04/23 7:00 pm
  • The Bitcoin community has always speculated that Mt. Gox was insolvent before its collapse in early 2014. A new study done by WizSec now confirms this speculation. The study reports that MtGox was insolvent long before it collapsed, with thieves were routinely stealing bitcoin from the exchange’s reserves. Also Read: Mt. Gox Investigation Continued: WizSec Report Released! The WizSec study also confirms that the majority of the missing Gox bitcoin was stolen by someone on the inside — echoing a report

    WizSec Study: Mt. Gox Insolvent As Early As 2011

    | 2015/04/23 3:00 pm
  • Today the Bitcoin community was presented with great News. It seems that MTGox customers will now be able to claim their lost Bitcoin. An MTGox trustee has opened a two-way process for customers who lost their funds. MtgGox customers will be able to initiate this process either through Kraken or through claims.mtgox.com, a special MTGox platform created for this purpose only. Also Read: Bitcoin Exchange Kraken Revamps Their Website for Margin Trading “This website makes

    MTGox Customers Will Be Able to Retrieve Their Funds

    | 2015/04/22 10:15 pm
  • Coinmate.io, a new UK-registered bitcoin exchange has just launched. Coinmate.io features USD/bitcoin trading, 0.2% trading fees, and free deposits and withdrawals for Euros, Czech Koruna, and the Polish Zloty. Launched on April 15th, Coinmate.io aims to provide a quality exchange service for Europe and the rest of the world. Coinmate.io is equipped with multiple layers of security to protect users. Also read: Interpol Creates its Own Cryptocurrency to Fight Virtual Currency Crime Disclaimer: The author

    Coinmate.io: New Bitcoin Exchange Launches in Europe

    | 2015/04/21 3:00 pm
  • Coinify, the company that allows merchants to accept Bitcoin payments in next-day settlements, has entered into a partnership with PensoPay. PensoPay a service that enables free, instant settlements in a fraud-free and chargeback free Bitcoin payment environment.As a result of this partnership, PensoPay has become a Coinify Certified PSP Partner.  Also Read: vibist In a press release, Coinify, announced, “Effective as of March 15, 2015, the agreement entitles PensoPay the right to promote, advertise, and sell the

    Coinify Signs PSP Partner Agreement with PensoPay, Helps Merchants Accept Bitcoin Payments

    | 2015/04/18 7:00 pm
  • First Global Credit, the world’s first Finance Company 100% focused on digital currency products, has appointed Jon Matonis as a Non-Executive Director. Announcing the appointment, Gavin Smith, Chief Executive and Founding Director of First Global Credit said that he is delighted to welcome Jon to the Board. Also read: Deutsche Banker Starts New Bitcoin Exchange in Brazil Gavin Smith said, “We have found we share a mutual vision for both the future of Bitcoin and

    First Global Credit Appoints Jon Matonis Non-Executive Director

    | 2015/04/16 8:00 am
  • Bitcoin enables users to do a multitude of things, one of which is remitting money overseas quickly and at a low cost. This capability is why Bitcoin currently has the most potential in emerging markets, where impoverished and unbanked people rely heavily on remittances from family members in other countries. BuyBitcoin.ph, a Bitcoin exchange platform for citizens in the Philippines, hopes to take advantage of this potential. Also read: Palarin Brings a Coinbase-Like Bitcoin Exchange to The Philippines

    Satoshi Citadel Industries Acquires BuyBitcoin.ph

    | 2015/04/15 8:00 am
  • Bitcoin operations in Canada have taken a hit earlier this year, as two of its major exchanges had to shut down. Both Vault of Satoshi and CaVirtex — the leading Canadian bitcoin exchange — halted all Bitcoin-related services in Q1 of 2015. However, it looks like CaVirtex is far from done, as the exchange platform was recently acquired by New York-based bitcoin exchange Coinsetter. Also read: Virtex Shuts Down Unexpectedly, Customers Lose Funds. CaVirtex: Closing Down

    Coinsetter Acquires CaVirtex Bitcoin Exchange in Expansion

    | 2015/04/10 9:00 pm
  • One key area where Bitcoin could make a splash is in the world of money remittances. As things stand right now, sending money overseas is a very costly business, with fee amounts running in double digits most of the time. Bitcoin is a borderless digital currency at low to 0 fees, making it a viable competitor. Bitspark, the world’s first end-to-end remittance service powered by Bitcoin, has recently partnered with Bitgo Inc. Also Read: BitGo Secures

    Bitspark Partners With BitGo To Offer Multi-sig Security

    | 2015/04/10 3:00 pm
  • ShapeShift.io, is an instant online cryptocurrency exchange that provides instant currency exchange between many cryptocurrencies without having to open an account. This Thursday, ShapeShift.io announced it was integrating Counterparty (XCP), along with Moner (XMR) into its platform. Customers anywhere in the world will now be able to buy or sell XCP or XMR instantly with Bitcoin or over two dozen of other cryptocurrencies with the ShapeShift.io exchange platform. Also Read:  ShapeShift Raises £525k, Reveals its Mysterious

    Shapeshift.io Integrates Monero and Counterparty

    | 2015/04/08 12:00 pm
  • Buttercoin, an American start-up that provides digital currency exchange services, has announced that it will be closing its operations on April 10, 2015. According to the company, it is shutting down due to a lack of interest in Bitcoin among venture capital firms. Also Read: UK Plans to Regulate Bitcoin Exchanges Interestingly, the reason cited has surprised many Bitcoin observers, as lately there has been a lot of seed funding by venture capitalists in several

    Buttercoin Announces Permanent Shutdown on April 10th

    | 2015/04/08 8:00 am
  • Bitcoin on Wall street has been the subject of many headlines in 2015 thus far. As bitcoin makes headway in the financial world, the signs are clear, Wall Street is quickly moving in on bitcoin. Also Read: Interview with David and Ron of Digital Currency Labs The Wall Street Journal reports: Amid a slew of deals involving prominent finance and tech companies lie signs that the U.S. business establishment is exploring innovative new enterprise uses for digital

    Wall Street is Quickly Moving in on Bitcoin

    | 2015/04/04 8:00 am