• Crypto “revolution” has been most evident in the fintech sector but it slowly making inroads in other areas and even artists are beginning to appreciate the benefits that cryptocurrency can bring. A series of articles by Tim Schneider from ArtnetNews pretty much sums up the current state of play in the art world and the digital economy, and I urge anyone who is interested in the topic to review those in greater detail. The author

    How Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Tech are Changing the Art World

    | 2018/04/20 10:30 pm
  • Since Square, Inc. added Bitcoin trading capabilities to its payment app, the value of its stocks has increased spectacularly. Dan Dolev, an analyst at Nomura Instinet, believes this ascending trajectory will most likely continue. As a result, Nomura Instinet raised its Square target price to $65 USD. Bitcoin Makes Square Profitable Dan Dolev predicts a “sizable boost” to Square’s revenues and profits in the first quarter, thanks to Square having added Bitcoin trading features on

    Bitcoin Boosting Square Earnings

    | 2018/04/20 6:30 am
  • Crypto markets are maturing, it remains to be seen how many companies that have raised money by issuing tokens will be alive in the next two years.  For anyone serious about blockchain technology and ICOs, Blockchain Expo Global is a must event to attend and this year, the event has attracted even more visitors than before. Held in London, UK, the event itself is a 2-day exhibition and an opportunity for companies to pitch and

    Blockchain Expo Global – Crypto La La land

    | 2018/04/19 10:30 pm
  • Barclays Plc, a British multinational investment bank and financial services company headquartered in London, has a fairly long history of putting down Bitcoin. Now, the financial institution looks to be changing its tune as it begins gauging its clients’ interest in a potential cryptocurrency trading desk. Asking Around Barclays is the second major investment bank interested in potentially trading cryptocurrencies, following behind New York City-based investment giant Goldman Sachs Group Inc. According to a report from Bloomberg, which

    Barclays Considering Bitcoin Trading Desk

    | 2018/04/19 4:30 am
  • 7% of all the Bitcoin in existence changed hands last week – that’s just one fascinating insight provided by new data showing Bitcoin’s lifelong hodl habits. Charts Depict A History Of HODL Compiled by Bitcoin lending platform Unchained Capital, the analysis of Bitcoin unspent transaction outputs (UTXOs) has produced unique insights into how cryptocurrency investors store or spend their coins. “Since all bitcoin in existence is contained in some UTXO, this means that all bitcoins

    New ‘HODL Waves’ Data Shows 7% Of All Bitcoin Changed Hands Last Week

    | 2018/04/18 12:00 pm
  • As the end of U.S. tax season approaches, Bitcoin bulls believe that the digital currency will finally begin its next run to prices over $20,000. But is it really going to run? The past few months have been rough for cryptocurrency investors, with the cryptocurrency market cap plummeting from a high of $820 billion all the way down to $250 billion. This came after the mainstream media began to pile onto cryptocurrencies in a manner

    Could Bitcoin Be Prepping for Run as U.S. Tax Day Passes?

    | 2018/04/17 8:00 pm
  • In an official International Monetary Fund Blog post yesterday, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde showered positive sentiment on the cryptocurrency market, though also cautioned against both “crypto-condemnation” and “crypto-euphoria.” Instead, the French lawyer suggests taking a rational, clear-minded approach towards the regulation of digital assets. ‘A Significant Impact’ The cryptocurrency market is absolutely brimming with fraudulent projects, which will never actually see the light of day. But there are still players that will have an

    IMF’s Lagarde: Bitcoin ‘Could Have a Significant Impact on How We Save’

    | 2018/04/17 12:30 pm
  • Bitcoin prices can only go higher – much higher – according to no fewer than ten expert predictions for 2018. Experts: Bitcoin Will Cost At least $20k By 2019 Despite a stubborn bull market characterizing Bitcoin in Q1 this year, naysayers calling time on the alleged cryptocurrency ‘bubble,’ April’s price uptick has reversed sentiment throughout the industry. Now, traders, commentators, investment players and financial professionals alike are releasing their sky-high Bitcoin price forecasts, with some

    Top 10 Expert Bitcoin Price Predictions For 2018 & Beyond

    | 2018/04/16 3:00 pm
  • You’ve probably heard it all before: “Don’t you wish you invested in Apple when it was $5 a share? Don’t you wish you invested in Microsoft when it was $5 a share? Well, Bitcoin is the next Apple or Microsoft.” According to Brian Kelly, nothing could be truer. ‘This Is Like the Internet in the 1980s’ Tune in to any mainstream media outlet and you’ll likely see a flood of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt)

    Bitcoin is ‘Like the Internet in the 1980s,’ Says Brian Kelly

    | 2018/04/15 7:15 am
  • The SAFT may be a cousin of the SAFE – but the relationship comes with strings attached and anyone considering doing down the rabbit hole should consider potential implications very carefully. The rise of ICOs has been difficult to ignore. What was once seen as a gimmick is now threatening to reshape the fundraising industry. This is particularly the case for VCs and investors who are concerned with very early stage investments. The fear of

    SAFT – The Not So ‘Simple Agreement for Future Tokens’

    | 2018/04/15 3:00 am
  • Yet another bitcoin-related scam has ruined the lives of many Nigerians unfortunate enough to have invested in it. Vanished As reported by The Guardian, a bitcoin company based in Calabar, Nigeria has made off with millions of Naira in customer funds. After making multiple unsuccessful phone calls to the company angry customers apparently descended upon the company’s office early yesterday morning — after which they discovered that the company no longer existed. The office had been

    Nigerian Bitcoin Scam Makes Off with Millions (Again)

    | 2018/04/14 7:00 pm
  • Pantera Capital Management, a crypto hedge fund with more than $800 million in assets, shares the positive view of some Wall Street analysts and crypto advocates in that the Bitcoin price has reached its “probable” low at $6,500. Breaking the 200-Day Moving Average Public Bitcoin price predictions and recommendations have never been a preference for Pantera Capital Management. The fund’s investments came to light in 2014, but it has only made three buy and one

    Crypto Hedge Fund: Bitcoin Price Reached its ‘Probable Low’ at $6,500

    | 2018/04/14 12:30 pm
  • Bitcoin may be heating up again, but 2013’s Nobel Prize-winning economist isn’t convinced that the first decentralized digital currency is as legitimate as many proponents think. ‘It’s Glamorous’ Bitcoin has been all over the news since last year, with many pundits arguing whether or not the cryptocurrency is here to stay. One Nobel Prize-winning economist argues for the latter. Robert Shiller, a professor of economics at Yale University and co-founder of the Case-Shiller Index who

    Bitcoin is a ‘Glamorous’ Fad, Says Nobel Prize-Winning Economist

    | 2018/04/14 10:00 am
  • The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has come out guns blazing in the fight to combat ICO fraud and protect small investors. As we know, cryptocurrencies stole the headlines in 2017, with Bitcoin’s biggest milestones, such as reaching an all-time high value of $20k, a definite topic of conversation around the investor dinner table. Potential investors could trade in existing cryptocurrencies, or be a part of a brand-new virtual currency by investing in a start-up’s ICO.

    SEC Getting Ready for a Massive Crypto Fraud Battle

    | 2018/04/12 9:30 pm
  • Famous cryptocurrency investor and trader Mike Novogratz has hired a Goldman Sachs executive for his cryptocurrency merchant bank.  $40K Bitcoin by End of 2018? Last November, Mike Novogratz made headlines when he predicted that Ethereum would hit $500 by the end of 2017 and Bitcoin could reach $40K by the end of 2018. Novogratz’s prediction for Ethereum proved true as the cryptocurrency actually surpassed $500 and even almost hit $1400. Since then, the whole cryptocurrency

    Mike Novogratz Hires Goldman Sachs Exec for Crypto Merchant Bank

    | 2018/04/12 3:30 pm
  • Japan has always been a hotspot for Bitcoin, but now there’s data to prove it. World Leader Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) has officially released data which proves that the country is one of the foremost leaders in the world of Bitcoin trading. According to the country’s financial watchdog, a minimum of 3.5 million people was trading digital currencies on Japan’s 17 domestic exchanges at the end of March. The data also shows that a

    Bitcoin Boom: Japan Trades $97 Billion in One Month

    | 2018/04/12 1:30 pm
  • The Texas State Securities Board (TSSB) has released a report detailing some of the risks, including fraud, involved in investing in cryptocurrencies in the state. Investing can be a risky business. The are countless tales of victims losing thousands and even millions in Ponzi schemes and dodgy dealings. Even the biggest financial institutions can be guilty of shady and illegal behavior. The virtual currency sector is no different and for some investors, the cryptocurrency market

    Texas State Securities Board Investigates Crypto Investment Fraud

    | 2018/04/12 1:30 am
  • Bitcoinist spoke with the one and only Max Keiser, Wall Street veteran and host of the Keiser Report, who explained why he’s bullish on BTC, expecting it to go well over $100,000.  My view of the world-shaking tech that Bitcoin is has not changed. – Max Keiser Bitcoinist: The Keiser Report was probably the first show to cover Bitcoin as early as 2011. At what price did you first buy Bitcoin? Has your view of

    Max Keiser: I Wouldn’t Be Surprised If George Soros Attempts to ‘Corner’ Bitcoin Market

    | 2018/04/10 8:00 am
  • As institutional investors prepare to officially enter the cryptocurrency market, the New York Stock Exchange may soon list Bitcoin futures contracts. ‘There Is a Trend Here We Can’t Ignore’ Earlier this week, the New York Stock Exchange’s parent company, Intercontinental Exchange Inc., agreed to acquire the 136-year-old Chicago Stock Exchange. Now, the financial institution may have its eyes set on Bitcoin. As reported by Bloomberg, Intercontinental Exchange Inc. has indicated that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency futures

    ICE Chief: ‘We Can’t Ignore’ Bitcoin Trading

    | 2018/04/09 5:00 pm
  • Credit Suisse’s latest estimates indicate that for the first time the richest 1% own 50.1% of all global wealth, a proportion that’s likely to move to the richest 1% owning two-thirds of global wealth by 2030. World’s Rich Getting Richer Global wealth inequality had improved between 2000 and the financial crisis of 2007-2008 but the trend since has seen global wealth statistics shifting. The top 1% of individuals have gained a greater proportion of the

    Bitcoin’s Richest Could Own a Significant Part of Global Wealth

    | 2018/04/09 3:00 pm
  • Since going parabolic in November and reaching all-time highs in December, the cryptocurrency market has collapsed in steep and shocking fashion — leading to a flood of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) from both mainstream media outlets and your co-workers left holding heavy bags. According to some analysts, however, the last few months have merely been growing pains in a steadily maturing market. Older, Wiser Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market as a whole have always been

    Institutional Investors Are Flocking to ‘Maturing’ Cryptocurrency Market

    | 2018/04/09 9:00 am
  • According to some Bitcoin bears, we’re a long way from the floor — but that hasn’t stopped the world’s ultra-rich from buying the dip, including George Soros and the Rockefeller family. ‘Essentially Worthless’ Recent news has suggested some big-time institutional investors are taking an interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies ignoring the Bitcoin bears. According to Capital Economics, a London-based investment research firm, the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization is set to get slaughtered in

    If Bitcoin is ‘Essentially Worthless,’ The Ultra-Rich Didn’t Get the Memo

    | 2018/04/08 1:30 pm
  • Alexander Borodich, CEO of Universa.io and “business angel of year 2016,” shares a few tips on investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for 2018. [Editor’s note: This article was submitted by guest author: Alexander Borodich, CEO Universa.io, venture investor, and Forbes contributor who also has a Ph.D. in mathematics and electronics.] Cryptocurrencies, as decentralized systems of electronic cash, drastically changed our approach to payment instruments, saving investments, and attracting capital. We have seen how the Bitcoin price has risen by more than

    4 Tips for Investing in Cryptocurrencies: What to Be Aware of in 2018

    | 2018/04/07 3:30 am