• For the last few weeks, the Bitcoin price has been on a high following bad financial news from Greece and China. Greece once again found itself staring down the barrel of a debt crisis, while China found itself in the clutches of a stock market collapse. The Bitcoin community met these ominous occurrences with optimism; the next global recession will surely give Bitcoin an opportunity to shine. The possibility of a global recession, combined with

    Bitcoinist Weekly News Re-Hash: Bitcoin Price Falls, Blockchain.info Blunders, and More

    | 2015/08/10 8:00 am
  • Since last week, Bitcoin has dropped a net total of approximately $10 (3.5%). This drop came after a brief surge to the high $290s; the Bitcoin price flirted with $300 but ultimately failed to break through the resistance. Furthermore, news of Mark Karpeles’ arrest seems to have indirectly affected the price. Also Read: Last Week’s Market Wrap Up Just a few days ago, Mark Karpeles — the ex CEO of the now-defunct Mt Gox exchange

    Bitcoin Market Wrap Up 7/26 – 8/2: Markets Down, Vanillacoin Takes Lead

    | 2015/08/03 9:00 am
  • Though the United Kingdom plays a definitive role in the growth of FinTech industry, which is now worth £20 billion in annual revenues to the UK, employs 135,000 people, and attracted 42% of all European FinTech investment in 2014, Prime Minister David Cameron is not satisfied. Thus, Cameron, has welcomed FinTech 2020, which aims to make the UK the premier location for at least 25 global FinTech leaders, whether by IPO, global market share or

    FinTech 2020 Aims to Make UK a Hub for Financial Innovation

    | 2015/08/02 8:00 am
  • Aiming to expand in Asia, particularly in the Southeast, the leading exchange platform of digital currencies in Mexico, meXBT, has bought CoinRepublic, a Singapore-based cryptocurrency brokerage firm. Also read: Revealing Bitcoin’s Legality, the ZapChain Summit Despite the fact that there are a limited number of merchants accepting Bitcoin in Southeast Asia, cryptocurrency companies are entering the region to tap what they believe to be a huge potential. The region’s population is twice as large as that

    meXBT Acquires CoinRepublic Expands to Southeast Asia

    | 2015/08/01 3:00 pm
  • Ever since Benjamin Lawsky, former superintendent of the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS), and the man behind the BitLicense, departed from his job and founded a virtual currency compliance consultancy firm, he has faced accusations of creating a conflict of interest. Also read: ShapeShift.io Refutes BitLicense, Halts Services in New York Area Soon after departing from the NYDFS, Benjamin registered the Lawsky Group in Delaware on June 17, 2015, his firm located at

    Ben Lawsky Rejects Conflict of Interest Accusations 

    | 2015/07/30 8:00 am
  • Cloud mining service providers have been facing hard times ever since the Bitcoin price dropped below $320. Whereas major Bitcoin cloud mining service providers had to shut down operations for an undisclosed amount of time, new companies started appearing all over the internet. XScrypt is one of those cloud mining companies, but it looks like the “company” has gone bust after multiple issues with payouts. Also read: MIT’s Enigma: Decentralized Cloud Platform with Guaranteed Privacy

    XScrypt Cloud Mining Provider Shows True Ponzi Colors?

    | 2015/07/28 8:00 am
  • It will probably be for the first time that a Bitcoin and blockchain focused company going for IPO in London as Coinsilium is planning to list its shares on city’s junior stock market AIM later this summer. The listing would make it the first Bitcoin company to IPO in Britain and one of just a handful in the world. Also read: Nocks Offers Multiple Tools To Make Bitcoin Payments Easier Coinsilium Group investments currently include

    Coinsilium Group listing on London’s AIM Stock Market This Summer

    | 2015/07/24 8:00 am
  • Coinbelly is a company focused on Bitcoin information; with a blockchain, news aggregator, and price charts, Bitcoin users will have no problem following transactions, Bitcoin price, or Bitcoin news. Coinbelly takes it one step further with their hardware wallet, allowing you to keep your Bitcoins safe. I’m here today with Alexander Kent from Coinbelly.   Also read: Social Media Plays Pivotal Role in Bitcoin Media Consumption   Can you tell me what Coinbelly is trying to

    Exclusive Interview with Alexander Kent of Coinbelly

    | 2015/07/17 12:00 pm
  • [ezcol_1quarter]★★★/5 Director: Torsten Hoffmann, Micheal Watchulonis Documentary Running Time: 60 minutes [/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_3quarter_end]The subject of money is undoubtedly a source of enigmatic confusion. Many people have covered it, from economic professors, to bloggers and authors; even Ira Glass on NPR. But Bitcoin continues to feed confusion over what it is, how it got here, and whether or not it could change money in our lifetime. Director Torsten Hoffmann breaks out into the world of money with his

    Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It (2015) Film Review

    | 2015/07/15 1:00 am
  • The Chicago Bitcoin Center is launching at 1871, Chicago, sponsored by a group of Chicago-based technology entrepreneurs and investors. The Center will act as a Bitcoin incubator, the result of a pioneer effort from prominent entrepreneur who claim that the Center will serve as Chicago’s key resource and center of gravity for blockchain-based technologies. Also read: Bitcoin Center NYC Launches a Startup Incubator Jonathan Solomon, the first executive director of the Chicago Bitcoin Center, says that he

    Chicago Bitcoin Center Launches at 1871 as Chicago’s First Bitcoin Incubator

    | 2015/07/11 2:00 pm
  • Last week, Coinay announced that Spanish Bitcoin enthusiasts can use its vouchers to buy Bitcoin in their neighborhoods. Bitcoinist, followed the story further and interviewed Dolf Diederichsen, CEO & co-founder of Coinay, to learn about this Bitcoin voucher solution. Also read: Is Bitcoin Better Than Gold? Part Four: Politics Tell us more about “Buy Bitcoin in neighborhood”? Dolf Diederichsen: Coinay enables consumers in Spain to walk into a nearby shop (for example, a computer store)

    Exclusive Interview With Dolf Diederichsen, Coinay CEO

    | 2015/07/10 8:00 am
  • BitFury Group has been quietly bringing online it’s 28nm ASICs increasing its hash rate to at publication time to a reported 15% of the global total of the Bitcoin network.  On the investment side they have not slowed down either. Today they are announcing they secured another $20 million in funding.  This announcement comes on the heels of a record setting 2014 for investments they received.  The investors participating in this round included DRW Venture

    BitFury Secures $20 Million in Funding, Building 100mw Data Center

    | 2015/07/09 6:00 pm
  • BitX has been building a global cryptocurrency platform that provides Bitcoin products and services — like wallets, exchanges, merchant integration, and APIs — to consumers, businesses, and developers, particularly in emerging markets. The company’s latest decision to launch operations in Nigeria marks another venture into an emerging market. Also read: BitX Takes its Bitcoin Services to Indonesia Headquartered in Singapore, BitX’s decision to launch its services in Nigeria is aimed at exploiting Bitcoin’s potential in Africa’s

    BitX Launches Operations in Nigeria as Part of Global Plan

    | 2015/07/08 8:00 am
  • The deadline for creditors to file claims against the bankrupt MtGox bitcoin exchange has been extended until July 29, 12:00 JST. Also read: MtGox Creditors May Get Their Money/Bitcoin Back! On April 22, 2015, the bankruptcy trustee created a system that enabled MtGox users to file claims against the exchange regarding their lost funds. Currently, the bankruptcy trustee is accepting bankruptcy claims filed by users using the system, an online method which the trustee claims to

    MtGox: Deadline for Filing Bankruptcy Extended

    | 2015/07/07 3:00 pm
  • Politics dominates much of the Bitcoin vs. gold debate. Bitcoin enthusiasts often speculate on how the digital currency can undermine the state, fostering individual economic liberty for society at large. On the other hand, Bitcoin skeptics worry about the currency enabling their political enemies to gain a financial advantage. For example, Bitcoin-friendly political candidates can draw in single-interest voters from all demographics — from both the left and right — by taking a strong and

    Is Bitcoin Better Than Gold? Part Four: Politics

    | 2015/07/07 8:00 am
  • Coinbase, a Bitcoin payment processing company, has announced the winners of BitHack v2, a global Bitcoin Hackathon. The winners of the contest will receive over $70,000 worth of prizes. BitHack is designed to generate new innovations with Bitcoin technology. The contest was open to anyone in the world that wanted to participate. Overall, over 300 teams registered for the event, and 84 qualified submissions from twelve countries were accepted. Many of the participants were not

    Coinbase Announces BitHack V2 Winners

    | 2015/07/02 8:01 pm
  • Physical coins are an interesting addition to the digital aspect of Bitcoin. Whereas it is not possible to physically hold your Bitcoin balance, there is a way to give them a physical representation by funding physical coins with BTC. Many manufacturers have been creating coins over the past few years, and Crypto Vault has unveiled its limited edition 24K gold plated and 0.5oz .999 fine silver Vault Coins. Also read: Crypto Vault Creates Fire-Resistant “Vault Coin”

    Crypto Vault Announces New Limited Edition Cold Storage Coins

    | 2015/07/01 8:00 am
  • Recently, Wall Street companies have become increasingly interested in Bitcoin’s technology. One of these companies is Nasdaq OMX Group Inc.; this week Nasdaw announced a partnership with Cain — a new San Francisco-based startup — for a “Pilot Test Program” to test trading private company shares with the blockchain. Also Read: Nasdaq OMX to Bring Blockchain Technology to Wall Street Bob Greifeld, CEO of Nasdaq, stated: ”We are excited about the potential impact of this new endeavor

    Nasdaq Partnership with Chain Marks a New Trend

    | 2015/06/29 3:00 pm
  • This week, Bitcoin has seen stable gains, securing a 2.25% increase. While we did see some dips this week, Bitcoin never fell below the $240 threshold. After Bitcoin hit its low at $240, it rose quickly, hitting this week’s high at $252. Since then, Bitcoin has decreased slightly and is hovering just under $250. Also Read: Last Week’s Market Wrap Up Volume has been in the average range this week — possibly on the lower end

    Bitcoin Market Wrap Up 6/21 – 6/28: BTC Holds Steady, Mintcoin Demand Increases

    | 2015/06/29 8:00 am
  • Most people consider both gold currency and Bitcoin to be deflationary currencies, given their fixed supplies. In the long run, this assumption mostly is true; once all the gold and Bitcoin has been mined, their supplies cannot be expanded to keep track with demand. As a result, prices will gradually fall as the fixed supplies of the two currencies become more valuable. However, during the short run, both currencies are capable of growing in supply

    Is Bitcoin Better than Gold? Part Three: Inflation

    | 2015/06/25 6:00 pm
  • IdentityMind is a company that provides risk management and regulatory compliance solutions to firms in the finance industry, such as banks, money service businesses, and digital currency exchanges. Today, the company is announcing its appointment of Robert Selander to its board of advisors. Selander has had an extensive career in the finance industry, with over 20 years of experience at CitiCorp and CitiBank, as well as serving as President and CEO of MasterCard.  Also Read:

    IdentityMind Appoints Ex MasterCard CEO to Board of Advisors

    | 2015/06/25 2:00 pm
  • How many times a day do you get bombarded by advertisements while watching TV, browsing the web, or listening to the radio? As consumers, we are increasingly exposed to ads across all of our media devices. They are not just unwanted, most often they are also irrelevant. The Blockchain Innovation Group (BIG) aims to alleviate this nuisance through digital currency and blockchain technology.  Also Read: ShoCard Embeds Your Identity in the Bitcoin Blockchain  About the Service Pay

    Pay To Skip: A New Model Aiming To Disrupt Advertising

    | 2015/06/24 8:00 am
  • Exmo.com, a universal cryptocurrency trading platform, has announced its complete service for storing, trading, management, and usage of cryptocurrency and fiat money. Exmo does not charge fees for deposits or withdrawals. However, customers have to pay the minimum charges made by the payment systems. Also read: Carl Force to Plead Guilty to Bitcoin Theft Disclaimer: Bitcoinist is not responsible for Exmo’s goods/services. The complete range of storing, trading, managing, and using of cryptocurrencies and fiat is

    Exmo Offers Cryptocurrency and Fiat Management Service

    | 2015/06/23 9:32 pm