• One of the biggest asset managers in the United States and major investor in the gold market, VanEck, is now entering the Bitcoin. From Gold To Bitcoin VanEck is one of the biggest investment and asset management firms in the United States. The investment giant is currently managing an estimated amount of $38 billion in assets. The firm which was founded in 1955, has offices in the United States, Germany, and Australia, which in recent years

    This Major Gold Investor is Entering the Bitcoin Market

    | 2017/08/28 1:00 pm
  • Having boldly called Bitcoin to reach $5,000 per coin by the end of the year, renowned stock picker and founder of Standpoint Research Ronnie Moas has had to re-evaluate his prediction as the digital currency hurtles towards that figure halfway through August. In the wake of Bitcoin’s record-breaking rise in value during the first half of this year, Moas has had to re-evaluate his prediction and has raised his target to $7,500 as the likely price

    As Bullish Bitcoin Barrels Past $4,000 Standpoint’s Ronnie Moas Raises Year End Forecast to $7,500

    | 2017/08/15 2:00 pm
  • Just a day after throwing shade on Bitcoin, investment firm VanEck files with the US Securities and Exchange Commission for a Bitcoin ETF. There are times when irony is so, so delicious. Cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin leading the way, has been fighting tooth and nail to get into the financial mainstream ever since its inception. Global financial and investment houses openly scoffed at the notion of digital currency that lay outside the realm of traditional regulators

    Investment Firm VanEck Files for Bitcoin ETF After Calling Bitcoin a Fad

    | 2017/08/15 6:15 am
  • Bitcoin continues to rise as financial services giant Goldman Sachs is now telling investors that they should no longer ignore the potential financial gains offered by cryptocurrency. Bit by bit, Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency are slowly insinuating themselves into the global financial market. Fidelity Investments recently integrated cryptocurrency into their operations by partnering with Coinbase. Now Goldman Sachs, one of the global giants in investments and finance, has joined the chorus in extolling

    Goldman Sachs Tells Investors: Don’t Ignore Bitcoin

    | 2017/08/12 10:15 pm
  • This ‘stealth’ cryptocurrency hedge fund is being backed by the top venture capitalists in Silicon Valley. Choosing instead to let its performance numbers speak for themselves, the fund has shied away from the spotlight and never even announced its recent fundraising round. The Way Forward MetaStable Capital, is a hedge fund in ‘stealth’ mode that primarily focuses on cryptocurrencies and ICOs. One of hedge funds founders is the well-known CEO of AngelList, Naval Ravikant. This unique hedge

    The Secret Hedge Fund That is Outperforming Bitcoin

    | 2017/07/29 11:00 am
  • In a surprising move, Rothschild Investment Corporation has joined the Bitcoin rush by purchasing the digital currency via the GBTC (Bitcoin Investment Trust) investment vehicle.   Documents available on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) show that Rothschild, one of Chicago’s oldest employee-owned investment firms, has purchased shares of the GBTC for $210,000. What is the GBTC? The Bitcoin Investment Trust is an open-ended grantor trust based in the United States. Essentially, through its publicly quoted securities,

    Rothschild Investment Corporation the Latest to Dive into Bitcoin

    | 2017/07/26 11:15 am
  • The New York-based cryptocurrency trading platform, LedgerX, announced its plan to create Bitcoin options contracts. LedgerX Receives CFTC Approval On July 24, the cryptocurrency trading platform LedgerX, officially got approval by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, to operate as a federally-regulated exchange and decided to announce its plans to offer Bitcoin options contracts. In an official press release, the New York-based platform explained in detail its plan to create one to six month Bitcoin options

    LedgerX Receives CFTC Approval, Introduces Bitcoin Options Contracts

    | 2017/07/25 11:15 am
  • Former Legg Mason investing guru Bill Miller is once again reveling in glory after his Opportunity Trust was named No. 1 among diversified funds. A lot of this reinvigoration seems to be attributed to a bold move by Miller who, in 2014, put 1 percent of his entire net worth into Bitcoin. The investing guru was recently the talk of the town as Forbes published a glowing profile of the 67-year-old value investor. In that article,

    Backing Bitcoin Helped Investment Guru Find his Feet Again

    | 2017/07/19 5:30 pm
  • The Tezos Blockchain project smashed all records with the biggest ICO to date, dwarfing the $150 million raised by Bancor’s ICO last month. This represents a rise of over 870% for the ICO market cap over the last year. The History of ICOs A more technologically nuanced alternative to the historically unchallenged Initial Public Offering (IPO), ICO is the brainchild of the meritocrats rather than the aristocrats. ICOs have opened up a new world of

    Tezos ICO Raises $232M, Pushes Market Cap for ICOs Past $100B

    | 2017/07/18 10:30 pm
  • This year has been a very profitable for cryptocurrency investors. More and more people are investing in ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) in hope to get in the next Bitcoin or Ethereum. ICO the Future of Venture Capitalism? Any way you look at it, 2017 has been a record setting – and record breaking – year for cryptocurrencies and ICOs. Over 40 different projects have managed to raise an impressive $1.2 billion USD in funding through token sales.

    Investors see ICO as the Future of Venture Capitalism

    | 2017/07/15 12:30 pm
  • A pre-school in New York has confirmed that 10 families are paying for their child’s $31,000 tuition fees using Bitcoin. The High Cost of Education – A Great Opportunity For Bitcoin “The Montessori,”  a chain of pre-schools in New York  have confirmed that at least 10 families are either paying for tuition with Bitcoin or looking to pay for their child’s tuition with the cryptocurrency. Montessori is a educational method developed by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori. It has

    New York’s Elite Are Paying Their Kids Tuition in Bitcoin

    | 2017/07/04 11:00 am
  • High school dropout and Bitcoin millionaire, Erik Finman, has hosted a Reddit AMA to shed some light on himself and his journey in the cryptosphere. Too Cool for School Erik Finman was recently featured in a CNBC story in which he described the journey through the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency world which lead him to acquire over $1.09 million in Bitcoin and other smaller holdings in altcoins like Litecoin and Ethereum. Finman took the opportunity to

    Highschool Dropout and Bitcoin Millionaire Hosts Reddit AMA

    | 2017/06/23 2:00 pm
  • Comparing the dotcom booms, Amazon share price and performance to Bitcoin draws some very interesting parallels, setting Bitcoin as potentially the world’s most lucrative trading investment. Emerging Tech market Capitalisation Then and Now Gordon Scott at Investopedia writes that Bitcoin is comparable to how Amazon was treated during the Dotcom boom. Even by the start of 1997, everyone knew Amazon had a great idea, but no one could fully explain how much its shares should be worth.

    Bitcoin Potentially the Most Lucrative Trading Investment Since Amazon

    | 2017/06/22 1:00 pm
  • In a recent article, The Motley Fool examines what billionaires Mark Cuban, Warren Buffett and Richard Branson have to say about Bitcoin. The Motley Fool’s Matthew Frankel writes that it can be a smart idea to listen to what some of the most successful people in the world have to say, and with that, he explores what three of the world’s most respected billionaires have to say about Bitcoin. While these are merely opinions, each brings

    Bitcoin Through The Eyes of the World’s Most Respected Billionaires

    | 2017/06/16 12:00 pm
  • Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak personally bought into Bitcoin at $700 to see what could be done with it. With the price now hovering around $3000 he says he’s way up on his investment. Personal Exploratory Investment Steve Wozniak, who left Apple in 1985 but remains very much invested in technology, revealed he bought BTC during an interview with CNBC on Monday: I remember getting interested in bitcoin some time ago. It was $70 for a bitcoin,

    Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Invested in Bitcoin “Just for Fun”

    | 2017/06/14 1:00 pm
  • A new machine-based investing platform called Catalyst aims to allow cryptocurrency investors to become bitcoin fund managers. Disruptive Trends in Finance Enigma is a start-up run by MIT graduates and their current project is an online financial platform called Catalyst. According to the platform’s whitepaper, “Algorithmic trading and machine learning are proving to be disruptive trends in investment management.” Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have a large barrier of entry for those looking to invest the smart way. Many current,

    MIT Grads Envision a Future Where Anyone Can Start a Bitcoin Fund

    | 2017/06/07 1:00 pm
  • UK’s most popular investment platform, Hargreaves Lansdown, will soon allow its clients to invest in Bitcoin. Hargreaves Lansdown Hargreaves Lansdown, the administer £70bn of investor money with 876,000 clients, has announced it will allow customers access to invest in Bitcoin. “By adding self-service, online dealing, the team at Hargreaves Lansdown is providing UK investors with professional and quick access to bitcoin in the UK and greater Europe,”  Ryan Radloff, XBT’s head of investor relations told the Telegraph. This follows the recent

    UK’s Most Popular Investment Platform to Offer Bitcoin

    | 2017/06/01 8:30 am
  • CNBC has championed the views of an investor that Bitcoin is an “attractive investment” and could “ease the global financial system.” Michael Preiss: Bitcoin Can Be ‘Alternative’ The World Needs In an article which strongly contrasted with the news resource’s tone last week, CNBC quotes Taurus Wealth Advisors executive director Michael Preiss, who is bullish on Bitcoin’s future. “Bitcoin’s market capitalization overtook Deutsche Bank just as of last week, so that shows you how to

    CNBC Analyst: Bitcoin Can ‘Ease Strained Global Financial System’

    | 2017/05/30 7:00 am
  • Bitcoin prices dropped yesterday from $2800 down to $2460, sparking concern and speculation across the cryptocurrency community. The large drop in value has come alongside the largest Bitcoin Bull run in the currencies history, it caused panicked posts on social media with one Reddit user posting; “What the hell happened with the drop from 2800 to 2460?!!!!!” – TakinBackMyLove, a distressed Reddit user. Many other new Bitcoin users, drawn to cryptocurrency investment by the current upward cycle

    Bitcoin’s $500 Price Drop Sets Community Abuzz

    | 2017/05/26 12:00 pm
  • Multinational financial services corporation Fidelity Investments will soon allow its clients to view the company’s cryptocurrency holdings on Coinbase. Fidelity Investments Support Bitcoin, Mine It Abigail Johnson, CEO of Boston, Massachusetts based Fidelity Investments recently gave a speech in recognition of the burgeoning potential demonstrated by Bitcoin. It’s a hot topic and one that investors are eager to consider but where financial advisers may be hesitant to recommend in anything approaching a risk averse portfolio. However, Fidelity Investments

    Fidelity Investments Will Add Bitcoin To Its Website

    | 2017/05/25 4:00 am
  • Bitcoin price has been skyrocketing, before this weekend’s cyber attack hiccup, but prices are again on the move upward. How much is a Bitcoin really worth right now? American investors are seeing a true value of more than 70% higher than the market rate this week. As Bitcoin does not have any real level of mainstream investor access like an ETF, even though that is still a possibility, the next best thing right now is

    Underlying Asset Bitcoin Value Closer to $3000 – GBTC

    | 2017/05/14 8:00 pm
  • While Bitcoin tends to have slight price premiums and discounts in different currency markets like the CNY or INR, some exchanges are now trading Bitcoin with a considerable premium. Bitcoinist explains why. Bitfinex and Poloniex Price Premium A quick look at the Bitcoin prices from all exchanges in the field and one will notice a small anomaly. Both Bitfinex and Poloniex are trading Bitcoin with a +$50 premium on the USDT market. While most exchanges

    Bitcoin Trading at a Premium on Bitfinex and Poloniex

    | 2017/04/18 12:30 pm
  • Excuse me for indulging myself, but there are many points of view towards what may be an impending hard fork for Bitcoin. This may come across as a loosely coherent ramble, but at least it is short and sweet. There is enough here to put it on wax, so here’s what I see, in the big picture. This is in response to the Medium post created by Peter Rizun yesterday, outlining how this hard fork

    Why The Bitcoin Miners Are Destined To Lose The Forking Wars

    | 2017/03/24 6:00 pm