• IdentityMind is a company that provides risk management and regulatory compliance solutions to firms in the finance industry, such as banks, money service businesses, and digital currency exchanges. Today, the company is announcing its appointment of Robert Selander to its board of advisors. Selander has had an extensive career in the finance industry, with over 20 years of experience at CitiCorp and CitiBank, as well as serving as President and CEO of MasterCard.  Also Read:

    IdentityMind Appoints Ex MasterCard CEO to Board of Advisors

    | 2015/06/25 2:00 pm
  • How many times a day do you get bombarded by advertisements while watching TV, browsing the web, or listening to the radio? As consumers, we are increasingly exposed to ads across all of our media devices. They are not just unwanted, most often they are also irrelevant. The Blockchain Innovation Group (BIG) aims to alleviate this nuisance through digital currency and blockchain technology.  Also Read: ShoCard Embeds Your Identity in the Bitcoin Blockchain  About the Service Pay

    Pay To Skip: A New Model Aiming To Disrupt Advertising

    | 2015/06/24 8:00 am
  • Exmo.com, a universal cryptocurrency trading platform, has announced its complete service for storing, trading, management, and usage of cryptocurrency and fiat money. Exmo does not charge fees for deposits or withdrawals. However, customers have to pay the minimum charges made by the payment systems. Also read: Carl Force to Plead Guilty to Bitcoin Theft Disclaimer: Bitcoinist is not responsible for Exmo’s goods/services. The complete range of storing, trading, managing, and using of cryptocurrencies and fiat is

    Exmo Offers Cryptocurrency and Fiat Management Service

    | 2015/06/23 9:32 pm
  • When the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) released the final draft of BitLicense, the community worried about Bitcoin companies having trouble complying with the law. Digital currency administrators, exchanges, and traders have 45 days to apply for BitLicense; however, many of them might not be able to meet the requirements of BitLicense. In such situations, IdentityMind Global™ may help companies by providing a BitLicense compliance management platform. Also read: The Final BitLicense: Revisions and Reactions from the Industry As

    IdentityMind Global™ Advises on BitLicense Compliance

    | 2015/06/23 12:00 pm
  • Africa arguably has the most to gain from Bitcoin adoption, as financial inclusion is still a distant dream for the vast majority of the population. Understanding the potential Bitcoin business prospects in Africa, some Bitcoin companies like Igot, Beam, BitPesa, and BitX have set up shop in the continent. BitHub is the latest entrant, which is promising to help Bitcoin startups in the continent. Also read: The Crypto Show Hosting Ross Ulbricht Appeal Fundraiser Based

    BitHub Aims to Take South African Bitcoin Scene to a New Level

    | 2015/06/22 7:00 pm
  • Keynote2015 is a new FinTech conference that aims to spread knowledge about Bitcoin in Los Angeles, California. This conference focuses around Bitcoin, the blockchain, and the benefits these two technologies can bring to the financial sector. Keynote2015 will take place on August 3, 2015, at the Park Plaza Hotel in LA.  Also read: Trestor Partners with Cameroon for New Currency Ecosystem The Keynote team firmly believes that the blockchain is big news for the finance industry.

    Keynote2015: ‘Redefining Financial Technology’

    | 2015/06/22 9:00 am
  • Coinbase, a popular Bitcoin exchange and online wallet provider, has announced the launch of its Instant Exchange. This new service will allow Coinbase users to send and receive Bitcoin payments instantly. Coinbase says that the Instant Exchange will protect people from Bitcoin price volatility, since they will be able to complete transactions so quickly.  Also read: Coinbase Suspends Service in Wyoming Indefinitely From Coinbase’s official announcement: “Coinbase has long offered merchants the ability to automatically

    Coinbase Launches Instant Exchange, Protects Users from Volatility

    | 2015/06/17 4:45 am
  • Since the last market wrap up, price in Bitcoin has finally hit bottom and the trend has reversed. The defining moment that turned the price around was earlier this week when price hit bottom at $222. Since then, price has increased at a steady pace totaling to a net gain of 4.5% over the last seven days. If current trends hold, I’d expect Bitcoin to be either approaching or however just above $240 this time

    Bitcoin Market Wrap Up 6/7 – 6/14: BTC reverses trend, VTC Goes Down, XPM in its Prime

    | 2015/06/15 8:00 am
  • Halsey Minor, Founder & CEO of Bitreserve, has announced that his company will make holding, sending, and converting the world’s major currencies instant and free, without charging fees and commissions normally levied by banks, credit card companies, and money transfer businesses. Also read: William Dennings Joins Bitreserve as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Minor says that Bitreserve is offering free transfer and conversion of the money for its members. According to him, his company is bringing

    Bitreserve Offers Free Money Transfers and Currency Exchange

    | 2015/06/14 8:00 am
  • William ‘Bill’ Dennings III has joined Bitreserve as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), bringing over two decades of experience to the company. Before joining Bitreserve, Dennings worked as CISO for MasterCard for 15 years, and was Nike’s first ever CISO. Thus, he comes with comprehensive work experience to help Bitreserve move ahead safely and securely. Also read: Bitreserve Now Allows You to Peg Bitcoins to Swiss Franc Dennings is an expert in the information security

    William Dennings Joins Bitreserve as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

    | 2015/06/13 8:00 am
  • Vaultoro, a Bitcoin gold exchange, continues to build out its platform, now allowing users to instantly buy gold with bitcoin via a standard deposit. This service, called “Instant Order,” is meant to further the company’s mission to deliver a great user experience. Users can now tell the exchange to watch all the addresses that belong to an account (including addresses generated in the past), and place a buy order if any new bitcoins are deposited. Also read: Is Bitcoin

    Vaultoro Instant Order: Mining Gold With ASICs?

    | 2015/06/11 8:00 am
  • Bitcoin businesses have been getting a lot of attention in recent months. Some of that new attention can be attributed to massive VC funding flowing into the world of digital currency. If this trend continues, the Bitcoin industry will surpass the $1 billion USD mark in VC funding will be passed before the end of the year. Also read: CleverCoin Incubated by Boost VC: Exclusive Interview Solving A Critical Issue There are two critical issues

    Bitcoin Capital Raises $1,297,460 in Crowdfunding Campaign

    | 2015/06/10 7:22 am
  • Over the last week, Bitcoin has continued to experience price slippage after briefly hitting a peak of $233 early in the week. From the peak, however, things went downhill. The price dipped to a low of $221 — a 5% drop. For the rest of the week, the price fluctuated between $225 and $223, aside from a brief bull run to $232. Through all the volatility, however, Bitcoin only dropped in value by 2.9%, much less drastic

    Bitcoin Market Wrap Up 5/31-6/7: BTC Slippage Ccontinues, Vertcoin Leads the Pack

    | 2015/06/09 4:52 am
  • BitExchange has announced its “University Bitcoin ATM Program,” an initiative to spread Bitcoin adoption on university campuses. The company believes that educating university students about Bitcoin and getting them to use the digital currency is an important step in making Bitcoin a popular currency.  Also read: Robocoin’s Romit Software: Become a Bitcoin ATM The ATMs BitExchange will provide are the new BitFlash ATMs, the one-way ATM with a simple, 3 step process for getting Bitcoin. According to BitExchange,

    BitExchange Hopes to Increase University Bitcoin Acceptance

    | 2015/06/08 7:00 pm
  • In the recently held Pioneers Festival 2015 (On 28th and 29th May) in Vienna, Austria, Dronamics, the startup that manufactures drones for transporting goods, has won the ‘5th Pioneers Challenge’. Dronamics convinced the jury peppered with top investors e.g. Fred Destin from Accel, Lior Susan of Formation 8, Marvin Liao from 500 Startups, Oliver Holle of Speed Invest and Simon Levene of Mosaic Ventures from their drones service. Also read: Bitcoin Adoption To Thrive From

    Dronamics Wins the 5th Pioneers Challenge at the Pioneers Festival 2015 in Vienna, Austria

    | 2015/06/07 7:00 pm
  • This interview was conducted before Changpeng Zhao’s post in /r/bitcoin explaining how OKCoin failed to respect its gentlemen’s contract. Therefore, that Reddit post acts as further support for Roger Ver, who shares his point of view below. Also read: To Avoid Legal Hassle With Roger Ver, OKCoin Stops Managing OKCoin.com Below the interview, readers can find excperts from Zhao’s Reddit post. Reading the emails OKCoin and you exchanged, no where does it appear that OKCoin

    Roger Ver on OKCoin’s Breach of Contract, Changpeng Zhao’s Latest Revelations

    | 2015/06/01 8:00 am
  • BitGold is a service that essentially digitizes gold, allowing people to buy and sell the precious metal within 1% of spot price. Once purchased, the gold is stored in one of the 10 Brink locations; deposits can be redeemed as 10g gold cubes of 1kg bars. Also read: Bitcoin Mining vs. Gold Mining: a Comparison BitGold allows users to send and receive gold for free, in a fashion similar to the way Bitcoin is transacted. Additionally, BitGold

    BitGold Acquires GoldMoney, Expands its Reach

    | 2015/05/25 3:00 pm
  • Allied Control is a Hong Kong-based technology company that specializes in building immersion cooling systems for supercomputing and data center applications. Allied Control has won the prestigious Green Innovations Award; the head of Hong Kong government even recognized the company for innovation in finding environmentally friendly industry solutions. BitFury, a leading Bitcoin infrastructure provider and Blockchain transaction processing company, recently acquired Allied Control with the intention of using the company’s immersion cooling technologies to help

    BitFury’s Allied Control to Reduce Energy Footprint For Chip Cooling

    | 2015/05/23 8:00 am
  • InvestYourWay, an online fund building platform, yesterday announced it was introducing Bitcoin as a new asset for investment. The company believes making an investment in digital currencies available as part of a diversified portfolio strategy. By offering Bitcoin as part of a fully diversified fund the firm becomes the first UK regulated investment manager to provide Bitcoin investment as part of a bespoke portfolio. Also Read: Blockchain Investor Inc. Offers Opportunities for Investors InvestYourWay clients

    UK Investment Manager InvestYourWay Offers Bitcoin-based Investment Fund

    | 2015/05/22 8:00 am
  • Kraken, a popular San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange, announced on Wednesday on the /r/BitcoinMarkets subreddit that its new margin trading option entered Beta launch. The launch of this option comes right after another popular exchange, Poloniex, opened a similar feature a few days ago. Also read: Bitcoin Exchange Kraken Revamps Their Website for Margin Trading What is Margin Trading? Margin Trading is the practice of buying stock with money borrowed from a broker. In this arrangement, the investor makes a

    Kraken Introduces Margin Trading

    | 2015/05/21 8:00 am
  • On May 6, 2015, Cryptor Trust launched Blockchain Investor Inc. (BCI), a blockchain technology investment company. Cryptor Trust, a global investment company for bitcoin and cryptocurrency assets, has developed BCI to facilitate investments in industry-leading blockchain technology companies. Also Read: Cryptor Europe Inc. Announces a Global Public Offering of 25 Million Shares of Common Stock Both small and large-scale investors from around the globe are invited to participate in the Blockchain Investor Inc. open cryptocurrency

    Blockchain Investor Inc. Offers Opportunities for Investors

    | 2015/05/14 3:00 pm
  • Although Bitcoin has not yet reached Wall Street, its underlying blockchain technology will soon be right in the middle of the action. NASDAQ OMX, the company behind the NASDAQ stock exchange, revealed that it is testing a system that uses blockchain technology to oversee stock trades on a separate market solely for private companies. Also read: Overstock Wants to Issue $500 M in Bitcoin-Like Stocks The reasoning behind the idea of using the blockchain without Bitcoin holds that

    NASDAQ OMX to Bring Blockchain Technology to Wall Street

    | 2015/05/14 8:00 am