• SinglePoint and First Bitcoin Capital partner up to solve payment problems in the legal marijuana industry by releasing a point of sale app. High Priority Issue for the Legal Marijuana Industry One of the lesser documented reasons for the rise of Bitcoin’s price is the role it plays in the legal marijuana industry in the United States. The problem is that US local and federal law are at loggerheads over the legality of the money

    Bitcoin Solves Legal Marijuana’s Federal Banking Problem

    | 2017/06/08 1:00 pm
  • Fintech startup POSaBIT is giving dispensaries a way to avoid handling large amounts of cash, enabling customers to buy cannabis via Bitcoin. Bitcoin Solves Cannabis Industry’s Biggest Problem Although cannabis has been legalized in Washington by state voters, banks are still being cautious about dealing with the Schedule I prohibited substance. That’s why pot stores in Washington State are typically cash-only with a few exceptions that allow the cashier to run the customer’s debit card through a cash register with a built-in ATM. However,

    Bitcoin Now an Option to Buy Legal Cannabis in Washington State

    | 2017/03/23 9:37 am
  • At 4:20pm Denver time CCC is announcing the Crypto Cannabis Conference (CCC) 2016 is hosting its second annual event in Denver, Colorado on October 21-22, 2016. The conference is special in that it works to connect the cannabis and cryptocurrency industries. While Marijuana laws have been changing at the state level, with almost half of the United States adopting medical use statutes, the plant remains illegal at the federal level. Conflicting laws have made it difficult for

    Crypto Cannabis Conference 2016 to Examine Bitcoin, Legalization

    | 2016/08/01 5:20 pm