• The price of Bitcoin has dropped from today’s earlier almost $1,200 high to under $940 – a comedown of $300 in a matter of hours. Correction, Correction The current press-time price of $987 per coin on Coinmarketcap represents a similar move to that which propelled Bitcoin above $1,000 from its mid-800s level two weeks ago. If the current price holds, Bitcoin will have still corrected upwards overall. Turbulence of this nature will likely spell negative

    Pop? Bitcoin Drops $300 In Hours as Bubble Fears Emerge

    | 2017/01/05 11:00 am
  • As Bitcoin nears parity with gold, Google trends indicators are showing that this may only be the start of another major run-up in value on the way to higher highs. Bitcoin Uptick in Global Trends Bitcoin performed amazingly well throughout 2016, increasing over 120% in value, reaching its all-time high market cap, breaking the $,1000 mark on the first day of 2017. Although the $1000 surge was expected by many, the continuous rise of Bitcoin continues to

    A New Bitcoin Bull-Run is Here, Google Trends Show

    | 2017/01/05 5:00 am
  • Gold might be the next milestone for Bitcoin as there appears to be little that can stop the current ‘bull run’ as price has broken the $1,100 mark. Yet Another Milestone And the beat goes on! It is clear that there is little that can stop the ‘bull run’ Bitcoin is on right now, as Bitcoin price has passed $1,100 just 72 hours after reaching four figures on New Year’s Day. This epic push towards

    Bitcoin Price Eclipses $1100 Milestone, Gold Price Next to Fall

    | 2017/01/04 11:00 am
  • Bitcoin has hit its all-time high price on pioneering Chinese exchange BTCC (formerly BTC China), reaching almost 7,700 yuan. Chinese Investors Push Bitcoin to New All-Time High As of 21.30 PST January 3, the price of a coin reached 7,658.19 yuan, beating a 2014 high of 7,588.88. [Click for a larger view] The CEO of China’s oldest Bitcoin exchange BTCC Bobby Lee marked the occasion tweeting, 🏆It's official! We've set a price record for #China

    Bitcoin Breaks All-Time High in China, $17 Billion Market Cap

    | 2017/01/04 5:00 am
  • Bitcoinist asked digital currency experts Kim Dotcom, Reggie Middleton and Tone Vays to give us their thoughts on what we should expect from Bitcoin this year. 3 Prominent Experts Share Their Predictions It would be hard to find anyone who predicted Bitcoin could more than double in value in 2016. Even the most ardent proponents can only be so optimistic. My view of its price went as high as $800 by year’s end, but I certainly

    How Far Will Bitcoin Go in 2017? Experts Weigh In With Predictions

    | 2017/01/03 4:00 pm
  • Bitcoin is eight years old today, an incredible milestone in the money experiment known as Bitcoin and its long and arduous journey from ‘nerd money’ to smart money! Money ‘Experiment’ Known as Bitcoin Still Alive Bitcoin’s blockchain has been growing ever since January 3, 2009 at 2:15PM EST, when the genesis block was created. In layman’s terms, Bitcoin is celebrating its eighth birthday today and it is currently wearing its $1,000 suit! A cause, not only to

    Bitcoin Turns 8: World’s First Decentralized Money ‘Experiment’

    | 2017/01/03 11:30 am
  • Bitcoin is king in 2016, but Sweden’s unpopular plan to create its pioneering digital currency ‘eKrona’ shows public understanding still has a long way to go. Two-Thirds Know Bitcoin, 10% Want eKrona Central Bank plans in November last year to launch the so-called eKrona in the country would have made Sweden the world’s first country to launch a national digital currency. When the public was asked about it, however, their response was far from enthusiastic.

    Swedish Public Rejects World’s First e-Krona Digital Currency

    | 2017/01/02 8:00 am
  • A New Year means new goals and new possibilities. Everyone should have a goal to reach for the year to come, and we hope you reach your goals in 2017. Bitcoin has its own goals, but Bitcoin tends to be ahead of the curve when it comes to what it can do, especially when it comes to the Bitcoin price. 2017 has proven no different. Bitcoin Hits $1,000 For the First Time Since 2013 Bitcoin

    Bitcoin Price Starts 2017 Right; Conquers $1,000 on Day One

    | 2017/01/02 12:30 am
  • Bitcoin’s amazing rise continues to break records, setting an all-time high market cap and reaching for the highest price since 2013. However, this familiar bull-run is different from the one experienced 3 years ago. Here’s why… ‘This Time, It’s Different’ One of the most basic and well-known premises of technical analysis trading is that history tends to repeat itself or as Sir John Templeton said: “The four most dangerous words in investing are: ‘this time,

    Bitcoin is Soaring to $1,000: Why This Time, It’s Different

    | 2016/12/30 11:00 am
  • Bitcoin price has risen 25% in the past 25 days. Here are some of its advantages you might want to consider for your next economic power play so you don’t miss out on what’s turning out to be the one of the best investments in decades.  Adding Bitcoin to Your Portfolio Many people are interested in a good investment, maybe for their retirement or for their children’s college fund. We all should know that the more you hold

    Investors Can’t Ignore Bitcoin Anymore: Up Over 25% in 25 Days

    | 2016/12/28 3:00 am
  • Trading volume on peer-to-peer exchanges broke another all-time high in most of South America, Russia, and even in the U.S. South America Following Venezuela According to recent stats, Bitcoin continues to gain popularity presenting itself as a way out from accentuated inflation, demonetization policies and general economic and political uncertainty in troubled countries. Besides Russia (as usual), LocalBitcoins has registered another record week across South America. Countries including Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, and Brazil are all seeing record high

    Venezuela, South America See Record Bitcoin Trading Volume…Again

    | 2016/12/27 8:00 am
  • Let’s take a look at what some of Bitcoin’s industry insiders predict for 2017 as general sentiment is more bullish than ever and BTC is eyeing a new all-time high.  Tulip? More Like Champagne Bubbles Bitcoin is no stranger to bubbles. In fact, there’s probably a Tulip-mania inspired obituary out there already. But tulips can’t store value long-term, can’t be sent to the other side of the globe in seconds, and certainly can’t live on

    Industry Insiders Predict ‘Higher’ Bitcoin Price in 2017

    | 2016/12/26 12:00 pm
  • Bitcoin continues its incredible bull run, breaking the $900 USD mark and reaching an all-time high in market cap value of over $14 billion. Bitcoin Market Cap at All-Time High Driven by global economic and political uncertainty, Bitcoin has had an amazing run since the beginning of 2016, earning the title of the best-performing commodity of 2016. In fact, Bitcoin is now bigger than Silver, SpaceX, Dropbox, and Twitter by market cap, according to Brave New Coin. The

    Bitcoin Hits All Time-High $14 Billion Market Cap, Now Bigger Than Silver

    | 2016/12/23 10:00 am
  • It’s looking to be a joyous Christmas this year for Bitcoinists as the bullish price run is shocking the world for the holidays. Bitcoin Demand Tsunami We here at Bitcoinist are wishing you a very Merry Christmas and that seems to be working out just fine, as Bitcoin is shocking the world. The last 48 hours has been a tsunami of Bitcoin demand, activity, and trading that may be unprecedented in Bitcoin history, given the

    Bitcoin May Have Set Single Day Trading Record as It Nears $900

    | 2016/12/22 9:00 am
  • All day, it was working on that ceiling. The Bitcoin price ran up to $798 on Tuesday morning, and then stepped back, but the pressure was building… Bitcoin Price Hits $800 Then news came out on Zero Hedge of other indicators that Bitcoin price was gonna blow. I head out for a walk, I come back, and $800 is crushed, well before Christmas. I told my Mom, who became a new Bitcoin investor this summer, that

    Bitcoin Price Blasts Past $800; May Hit $2000 By 2017

    | 2016/12/21 2:30 am
  • A special set of very unique circumstances has moved the global mainstream closer to Bitcoin than ever before. So let’s recap what has been driving Bitcoin demand, making it the hottest investment of 2016. 3 Reasons Bitcoin Demand Hit All-Time High 2016 has been a very strong year for Bitcoin, from the halving going off without a hitch to the introduction of Segregated Witness, to the almost doubling of Bitcoin’s value in the marketplace. In fact, its trading volume

    3 Reasons Bitcoin Demand Reached All-Time High in November

    | 2016/12/20 2:30 am
  • “It’s going to the mooooon!” pretty much sums up most popular analyses you’ll find about Bitcoin’s price. But do many consider that perhaps quite the opposite may be true? That due to the average person’s deep-seated discomfort with the trappings of cryptography, Bitcoin holders are actually making an incorrect bet — and are smack in the middle of a bubble? This lecture I gave at the University of New Mexico illustrates why if one or more

    Could Bitcoin’s Price Be in a Bubble?

    | 2016/12/16 1:00 am
  • Demand for Bitcoin seems to be on the rise again in many countries throughout the world as the global economy shows many signs of self-destruction. Bitcoin Hits Highest Price Since 2014 As nations engage in different levels of market manipulation and currency controls, savvy investors continue to use Bitcoin as an economic safe haven, driving market values to a new 2016 high early on Tuesday. According to the Coindesk Bitcoin Price Index, Bitcoin reached a global

    Bitcoin Global Price Spikes as China Market Hits $800 Per BTC

    | 2016/12/13 8:00 am
  • Current bullish sentiment and upward pressure could double the Bitcoin price in December if resistance at $820 is broken.  Short-Term Outlook According to indicators, several support levels are ready to rise even if profit-taking takes place or if the big players force a sideways lateral market. Japanese Candlestick Analysis reflects that an intermediate support level has set it at around the $700 USD mark. The chart also hints that the next relevant support level could be at

    Bitcoin Price: $820 Resistance in the Way of New All Time High

    | 2016/12/10 12:00 am
  • Leading multi-asset trading and investment expert, Saxo Bank Group, has predicted that the Bitcoin price will see new all time highs in 2017 as part of its annual “Top 10 Outrageous Predictions.” Also read: BLOCKCHAIN CHICAGO PANEL PREDICTS BITCOIN UPTAKE TO CONTINUE IN 2017 Investors Will Seek ‘Cryptocurrency Alternatives’ Saxo Bank has shared its annual ‘outrageous’ finance-related predictions for 2017. The the online multi-asset trading and investment specialist, which correctly predicted Brexit in 2014, believes

    Saxo Bank Predicts ‘Outrageous’ Bitcoin Price of $2,100 Next Year

    | 2016/12/07 6:00 am
  • [Editor’s Note: The following article is an op-ed.] This article is for general consumption, but I’m primarily intending this for all of the Bitcoin haters out there. The trolls of Bitcoin. The people who run around the Internet, mistakenly calling Bitcoin a “scam.’’ a “pyramid scheme,“ or a “Ponzi scheme.”  The ones who have successfully ignored all that Bitcoin has accomplished over the last eight years, and are ignorant enough to actually think Bitcoin is

    Why Bitcoin Price Will See Huge Gains For The Next 10 Years

    | 2016/12/05 11:00 am
  • While Bitcoin price has been rather calm as of late, the return of Bitcoin volatility could be around the corner as China introduces new capital controls. Also read: Bitcoin Price Pulls Back, But Hope for $800 and Beyond Still Strong China Tightens Grip on Capital Confirmation is coming out of China that new regulations are being placed on how businesses move capital in and out of the country. Considering the impact of China on Bitcoin, the price could be due for another

    Bitcoin Price Buoyant as China Tightens Capital Outflows

    | 2016/11/30 6:54 am
  • Technical indicators show that the bitcoin price is now preparing for a large, upward movement following the growth of intermediate support at $700. Also read: Genesis Mining Offers Black Friday, Cyber Monday Discount on Contracts Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis Long-Term Analysis Prices have built support at $700, while a lateral market—previously estimated at a higher level—currently plays out. A big cradle formation suggests that the next stage will bring an upward movement with a technical objective around

    Bitcoin Price to Reach $1500 by December as Support Continues Building

    | 2016/11/28 8:22 am