• Bitcoin has undergone another impressive rise. Since our last price piece, everyone’s favorite digital currency has spiked by nearly $20, and is now hovering at around $767 at press time. Also read: Bitcoin Price Bursts Ahead, Nearing $700 Bitcoin Continues Towards the Moon As one analyst proclaimed: “The bitcoin price… bubbles just below $700… and the mood in Bitcoin Land is positive.” And yet despite the latest catapult, some are claiming that bitcoin, upon hitting $700,

    Bitcoin Price to Hit $1,000 Once Again? The Rally Continues

    | 2016/06/17 5:00 am
  • As if there were any doubts among fans, Bitcoin has proven to be as innovative and surprising as ever. In what has been a long-awaited moment, the bitcoin price has risen beyond what anyone expected and is hovering at around the $682 mark at press time. Also read: Counterparty: The Fuel for Bitcoin Price Stability? Naturally, the next step is to go even further. Many are wondering if $700 isn’t just wishful thinking, anymore. While predictions

    Bitcoin Price Bursts Ahead, Nearing $700 USD

    | 2016/06/13 6:00 am
  • Bitcoin’s price has surged up nearly 11%, past the 600$ mark since last night’s round of trading, coming to rest near the $640 level at the time of writing. The market cap has reached 10 Billion US Dollars coming into the morning. This puts Both price and Market Cap at the highest it’s been in a little over two years. While mo st of the top Cryptos have enjoyed growth over the past few weeks,

    Bitcoin Price, Market Cap Reach 2 Year High

    | 2016/06/12 7:55 am
  • Bitcoin has managed to move one step further up the financial stairway, reaching $581 USD as of press time. While the jump isn’t as large as its predecessor, the price of bitcoin hasn’t been this strong in well over a year, and many are breathing a long sigh of relief and hoping things continue to stay this way. Their hopes may come true, with a little push from Counterparty. Also read: Bitcoin Price Closer Than

    Counterparty: The Fuel for Bitcoin Price Stability?

    | 2016/06/09 5:00 am
  • Perhaps last week gave us so much excitement that we needed some time off. In our previous price piece, bitcoin shocked its fans by jumping to the $530 range within a matter of days. Now, we look at bitcoin, and it hasn’t moved. In fact, several days later, Bitcoin is exactly where it was before. Also read: Bitcoin’s Price Explodes, Is $600 Around the Corner? Will the Price Stay Flat at $530? Will the currency

    Bitcoin Price Finds Stability After Massive Bull Rally

    | 2016/06/03 5:00 am
  • We all knew the bitcoin price wouldn’t stay down for long. Following what some felt was a crushing blow at the hands of Ether, bitcoin has jumped up by nearly $100 and is now hovering at $537 at press time. Also read: Bitcoin Rises, But What Will Happen in July at the Halving? Bitcoin Price Takes Off Just when we thought bitcoin was down for the count, something in its DNA has changed to give

    Bitcoin’s Price Explodes, Is $600 Around the Corner?

    | 2016/05/30 2:00 am
  • Bitcoin has undergone a bit of a blunder and fallen by $10 since our last price piece. At press time, the currency is hovering at around $440, and some are feeling a bit nervous all over again. As the bitcoin price falls, many are wondering: is Ether to blame? Also read: Bitcoin Price Stays Put, Can Traders Finally Relax? Is Ether Taking Over? As usual, price analysts had been predicting massive drops in recent weeks;

    Ether to Blame for Bitcoin’s Decline?

    | 2016/05/23 5:00 am
  • Since our last bitcoin price piece, the markets haven’t gone anywhere. Presently, the price is hovering around $455, which is relatively unchanged from where it previously held ground. Bitcoin has found a comfortable place that it evidently enjoys, so we probably shouldn’t expect dramatic change any time soon. Also read: Bitcoin Price Stagnates, What Happens Next? Bitcoin Price Takes a Rest But as one source puts it, things are set for a flash of the old

    Bitcoin Price Stays Put, Can Traders Finally Relax?

    | 2016/05/18 5:00 am
  • Since our previous look at the bitcoin price, bitcoin has enjoyed a hike of about two dollars. It’s not terrible; after all, any rise in price is something worth celebrating, but at the same time, $2 is nothing to jump and holler about. Considering bitcoin’s operations in the past, it’s probably safe to say that Bitcoin has found a spot to hover close and settle down for at least a little while. Also read: Bitcoin Price Stagnates, What

    Will the Bitcoin Price Hang Where It Is for a Little While?

    | 2016/05/15 5:00 am
  • This week has witnessed tension in the world of Bitcoin. For the most part, the currency has been on a relative bull run since this price observance series began. Users witnessed a bit of a drop amidst worry regarding claims made by a certain Dr. Wright, but afterwards, the price found its way back on the rise. Also read: Bitcoin is Back: Price Rises Nearly $15, Returns to $460 Bitcoin Price Movement Slows Down For the

    Bitcoin Price Stagnates, What Happens Next?

    | 2016/05/11 6:00 am
  • BitcoinAverage (May 9, 2016) — The unraveling of the supposed mysterious inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, made headlines this week across mainstream media outlets. Yet, despite the potential implications of the identity of Satoshi, who owns 7% holdings of the total BTC supply, the price held steady, only selling off a measly 4.6%. This article was provided by the Vanbex Group. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with the firms represented by the Vanbex Group and is

    BitcoinAverage: Craig Wright Can’t Keep Bitcoin Down For Long

    | 2016/05/09 3:34 pm
  • Bitcoin is back! After a temporary price drop since our previous price piece that saw it fall to a disappointing $448, our favorite digital currency has jumped back on the horse and commenced its journey into the sunset. Also read: I Am Satoshi: Will Dr. Wright Cause Panic in the Bitcoin Markets? The Bitcoin Rally Returns The sentiment among the majority of market analysts was that the currency was on its way backward — getting ready

    Bitcoin is Back: Price Rises Nearly $15, Returns to $460

    | 2016/05/08 12:32 pm
  • Will Craig Wight´s “I am Satoshi” claim cause people to panic sell their bitcoins? If he is Satoshi, then he controls a large supply of the total coins in existence and could sell them. The last two times in recent bitcoin history when there was a major news event, the price tanked and then recovered. It appears that until Wright moves some bitcoin that are from a block that Satoshi is known to control, people don´t

    I Am Satoshi: Will Dr. Wright Cause Panic in the Bitcoin Markets?

    | 2016/05/04 8:50 pm
  • The bitcoin price has fallen… Probably not in the same manner as Olympus or London, but it has seemingly taken a trip down south to the $453 range at press time, equaling a $15 drop since our previous price study. Also read: Bitcoin Price Inches Towards $470, Will $500 be Next? Bitcoin Price Takes A Dive, But Should We Be Worried? Some may take this as a time to panic; that reaction may be premature. Things

    Bitcoin Price Blunders, Suffers $15 Decline

    | 2016/05/01 6:00 am
  • Bitcoin has done it again. Since the time of our last price watch piece, the bitcoin price has risen by a whopping $11, hitting a four-month high of about $468 at press time. Also read: Bitcoin Price Moves Forward; $457 and Rising Bitcoin Price Continues To Rise If this isn’t reason enough for bitcoin haters to lose their fear and mistrust after 2015, then it’s plausible to think that there will always be doubters living

    Bitcoin Price Inches Towards $470, Will $500 be Next?

    | 2016/04/27 9:00 am
  • Bitcoin (BTC) markets rumbled with bullish intent this week, as the bitcoin price advanced 9.3% to $470, the highest level reached 2016. This article was provided by the Vanbex Group on behalf of BitcoinAverage. Despite visibly low volumes, a continued uptrend lasted through the week, breaking resistance levels with little to no retracement. Charts show an uncanny resemblance to a pattern that began on Sept. 20 and lasted through October, right before an exponential burst

    BitcoinAverage Report: Bitcoin Price Hits 2016 High

    | 2016/04/26 12:00 pm
  • Since our previous look at the bitcoin price, everybody’s favorite coin has jumped another $14, bringing it to $457. What has once been described as a stagnant, slow and stuck in the middle entity is now rising faster than it has in quite some time, and digital currency enthusiasts are keeping their fingers crossed and hoping things last this way for quite a while. Also read: Bitcoin Price Enjoys an Impressive Jump, Will it Endure?

    Bitcoin Price Moves Forward: $457 and Rising

    | 2016/04/25 3:07 am
  • Apr. 11 – 19, 2016 — Over the week of Apr. 11 – 19, the bitcoin price showed early signs of a bullish renewal. The price moved up steadily, +3.6%, on an Apr. 16 high of $435.67 registered at bitcoinaverage.com. This article was provided by the Vanbex Group on behalf of BitcoinAverage. This is the highest mark since Mar. 1, which must have excited traders with the prospect of a continuation bull trend that began on September

    BitcoinAverage: Bitcoin Price Stirs Up Bullish Sentiment

    | 2016/04/24 10:35 am
  • In our previous look at the bitcoin price, we observed that everybody’s favorite coin had hit a barricade in its attempts to reach the top. The price was being described as stagnant, and everyone began wondering if Bitcoin had found itself a nice little hole to lay in for the time being before continuing its trek to the final point of the financial mountain. Also read: Bitcoin Price: Stagnant or Satisfactory? The Bitcoin Price Rollercoaster

    Bitcoin Price Enjoys An Impressive Jump, Will it Endure?

    | 2016/04/23 6:00 am
  • The bitcoin price has remained steady over the last few months, hovering around the mid $400 USD range. Typically, one bitcoin has equaled anywhere between $420 and $430. Also read: Blockchain Platform Waves Raises More Than $2M at the Start of the Crowdsale Campaign Is the Recent Bitcoin Price Stability a Good or Bad Thing? We’ve recently heard it said that the state of bitcoin has become “stagnant.” I suppose this is one way to look

    Bitcoin Price: Stagnant or Satisfactory?

    | 2016/04/18 6:00 am
  • BitcoinAverage, April 12, 2016 — The price of bitcoin had little to show last week relative to the range of price movement mostly sideways trading, which hit $423 on the upper limit and $415 on the lower end.  This article was provided by the Vanbex Group on Behalf of BitcoinAverage. The Weekly BitcoinAverage Report The most exciting activity was a run up to $424 on April 8th, applying counterweight to the previous week’s low of

    The BitcoinAverage Report: The Boring Week of Bitcoin

    | 2016/04/12 9:00 am
  • The price of Bitcoin has been trending upwards for the past couple days giving some people the opinion that it is in a bullish phase. The value of the cryptocurrency has been quite eventful as it had been sitting at USD $375 over the past couple of weeks until just recently bumping up over the $400 mark. On the 21st of February, the price had touched $450 per BTC and seemed to be edging towards

    What’s Causing Bitcoin’s Current Bullish Run?

    | 2016/02/22 12:58 pm
  • This week proved to be a quiet one as the community showed little activity following the Christmas holiday and going into New Year’s. The price grew during the week, but not much; overall, we saw a 0.97% growth. There were a few bits of interesting news to break up the monotony of the price’s sideways pattern, but even then the post-Christmas week did not yield much excitement.  Also read: Bitcoiners Beware: Microsoft has your Encryption

    Bitcoinist Weekly News Re-Hash: Samsung Pay Hits Online Shopping, Moe Levin Talks 2016

    | 2016/01/04 8:00 am