• According to a new report, a French market regulator has started cracking down on online trading platforms that offer cryptocurrency derivatives. Cryptocurrency Derivatives With the recent rise for cryptocurrencies worldwide, many trading platforms have started offering binary options, contracts, and derivative products tied to major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. These new trading products have drawn the attention of several regulatory agencies in Europe. One of them is the French Autorite des Marches Financiers, which

    French Regulators Are Cracking Down on Cryptocurrency Binary Trading

    | 2018/02/22 5:30 pm
  • The first step of a potential crackdown on cryptocurrencies is underway in the UK. Investigators are said to be taking a good look at Bitcoin and its underlying technology, as a means of measuring cryptocurrency’s overall risk to central banking and traditional financial institutions, while also assessing whether or not regulatory measures are necessary. Is Regulation Impending? The UK appears to be setting the stage for cryptocurrency regulation. According to The Telegraph, The House of Commons

    UK Investigating Crypto, Spinning Future Regulation as Positive

    | 2018/02/22 3:00 pm
  • Looking forward to 2018, several new pieces of legislation will be voted on or come into effect that will – for better or worse – reshape how ICOs, cryptocurrencies, and their investors function. Whether these laws target cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings directly doesn’t change the fact that they will have a significant impact on the industry globally. [Note: This is a guest article by Zarah Tinholt and Matthew Unger] The past year was a

    A Look Ahead at Crypto-Compliance & Regulation in 2018

    | 2018/02/21 4:30 am
  • South Korea will “encourage” banks to interact with cryptocurrency exchanges, regulators have said in a surprising development in the country’s narrative. Choe: We Want ‘Normal’ Transactions As local news media outlet Yonhap News Agency reports Tuesday, Choe Heung-sik, governor of the Financial Supervisory Service, has announced government organs will “support” all legitimate transactions in the cryptocurrency trading space. The comments were delivered during a meeting which included representatives from South Korea’s exchange industry. The emphasis

    South Korea to ‘Support’ And ‘Encourage’ Crypto Transactions – Regulator Chief

    | 2018/02/20 9:30 am
  • Law enforcement in Bangladesh is actively hunting down users of Bitcoin as the use and trading of the cryptocurrency is still illegal in that particular country. Cryptocurrency advocates have it pretty easy in Europe and North America. We worry about exchange rates, whether to sell off or hodl, and the ongoing up-and-down of crypto prices. At least we don’t have to worry about the police knocking on our door just for engaging in cryptocurrency. Such

    Bitcoin Users Hunted by Police in Bangladesh

    | 2018/02/20 5:30 am
  • A South Korean cryptocurrency regulator in charge of “devising measures against cryptocurrency speculation” was found dead in his home from an apparent heart attack on Monday, semiofficial government news agency Yonhap News reports. A government spokesperson told The Wall Street Journal they weren’t “sure about the cause of death.”  South Korean police are investigating the death of Jung Ki-joon, 52, who led economic policy at the Office for Government Policy Coordination. His job involved developing rules for regulating

    South Korea Investigating Cryptocurrency Regulator’s Death

    | 2018/02/20 1:00 am
  • White House cybersecurity coordinator and special assistant to the president, Rob Joyce, stated the US still has a long road ahead of it before it starts regulating the world’s first cryptocurrency. Haste makes waste Bitcoin investors in the US worried about government regulation need not start sweating, yet. At the Munich Security Conference in Germany, Joyce — a nearly three-decade veteran of the National Security Agency who helps coordinate policy strategy in regards to cybersecurity

    White House Official: Bitcoin Regulation Won’t Happen Anytime Soon

    | 2018/02/19 3:45 am
  • All over the world, legislators, financial experts, and academics are bewildered by the spectacular growth of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market. They now realize that financial regulatory agencies lack sufficient experience and authority with cryptocurrencies; therefore, these agencies are unable to perform their oversight duties. As a result, some are even mulling over the creation of a new regulatory agency. However, more regulation will undoubtedly hinder the growth of the crypto space. SEC and CFTC’s Obsolete

    Financial Regulators Are Unable to Control the Crypto Market

    | 2018/02/16 6:00 pm
  • Japan is one of the world’s most crypto-friendly nations at the moment. It made digital currencies legal tender in April last year and enjoys a free and unfettered crypto trading environment. The drive behind this adoption of virtual currencies is an efficient and structured framework of regulation. This is about to be improved with the merger of two of the country’s leading cryptocurrency groups. According to reports the Japan Blockchain Association and the Japan Cryptocurrency

    Cryptocurrency in Japan: Crypto Industry Groups to Merge, Launch Self-Regulatory Body

    | 2018/02/16 2:30 am
  • While governments worldwide drag their feet and argue over cryptocurrency legislation, various states in the US are vying to become the blockchain capitol of the country. Arizona aims to allow state taxpayers the ability to pay their fair share with Bitcoin, while Tennessee looks to officially legitimize cryptocurrency purchases by making them legal on paper. Now, Wyoming is throwing its hat into the ring, with four blockchain boosting pieces of legislation up for consideration. Blockchain

    Wyoming Welcomes Bitcoin Industry with Blockchain-Friendly Bills

    | 2018/02/15 6:30 pm
  • Seven of the biggest crypto companies have joined forces this week to form the first UK trade body for the industry, as reported by The Telegraph. Pre-empting the ever-looming threat of the financial authorities,  they have produced a code-of-conduct, which they hope will form the basis of any future regulation. Industry-wide Self-Regulation CryptoUK will represent the interests of the entire cryptocurrency sector, and its founder members reflect this diversity. Initially, the body covers exchanges, trading platforms and

    Crypto Industry, Regulate Thyself – Cryptocurrency Giants Form Self-Regulatory UK Trade Body

    | 2018/02/13 11:30 pm
  • Unlike larger banks who are criticizing crypto, some smaller institutions in Switzerland, Germany and Liechtenstein are bucking the trend. They are are instead offering their clients opportunities to be a part of the digital currency revolution. Big banks are losing out Whether it be as a method to control the financial freedom that cryptocurrencies offer, or as a genuine way to introduce virtual currencies to the masses, regulation is on the increase. While some major

    Europe’s Small Banks See Crypto as Opportunity to Take on Big Banks

    | 2018/02/13 7:30 pm
  • Even though Thailand has not banned the use of cryptocurrencies in the country, its central bank has announced that financial institutions will no longer offer crypto-related services. Banks Barred From Bitcoin As per a request from the Bank of Thailand, the country’s financial institutions will no longer be allowed to invest in or sell digital currencies, develop trading platforms, or grant loans to clients hoping to purchase crypto. In addition, these institutions cannot offer any

    Thailand Finance Minister: ‘Regulators Cannot Stop Use of Virtual Currencies’

    | 2018/02/13 2:00 pm
  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have long had a reputation for being the payment tools of criminals. Now, Europol claims billions of dollars are being illegally laundered with cryptocurrency in Europe. Large Estimations According to the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation (Europol), three to four billion pounds ($4.1 to $5.5 billion) of criminal money is being laundered using cryptocurrency in Europe alone. Europol’s director, Rob Wainwright, told BBC’s Panorama: It’s growing quite quickly and we’re quite

    Europol Claims $5.5 Billion Laundered Using Cryptocurrency

    | 2018/02/12 11:00 pm
  • The cryptocurrency market has largely operated free from regulation since Bitcoin first came about in 2009. With crypto on everyone’s minds these days, however, the IMF says Bitcoin regulation is an unavoidable eventuality. “It’s Inevitable” According to International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Christine Lagarde, it’s not a matter of “if” cryptocurrencies will be regulated by world governments, but rather “when.” Explained Lagarde to CNNMoney: It’s inevitable. It’s clearly a domain where we need international regulation

    IMF: Cryptocurrency Regulation is ‘Inevitable’

    | 2018/02/12 11:00 am
  • While the US government figures out exactly how to handle Bitcoin and the volatile cryptocurrency market, Brian Quintenz, a commissioner with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, suggests crypto companies should start regulating themselves. Regulate Yourself With the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others, there are plenty of solid options for savvy investors who do their own research in the cryptocurrency market. On the flip side, however, exists a wealth of fraudulent scams, Ponzi schemes, and

    Top US Official Tells Cryptocurrency to Regulate Itself

    | 2018/02/12 9:00 am
  • Following the fallout from fraudulent Ponzi-scheme Bitconnect’s demise, New Jersey has officially ordered cryptocurrency investment entity Bitstrade to stop offering unregistered and fraudulent securities in the state. New Jersey regulators have uncovered yet another fraudulent cryptocurrency investment company. The announcement comes by way of Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal and the Division of Consumer Affairs and has been ordered by the Bureau of Securities after an investigation found Bitstrade to be in violation of New

    New Jersey Cracks Down on Fraudulent Bitstrade

    | 2018/02/11 7:00 am
  • With Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies finally bouncing back after a steep correction to start the new year, finance ministers in France and Germany are looking to shut down the party by calling for a crypto crackdown. France and Germany ‘Threatened’ by Cryptocurrency French and German finance ministers continue to call for strict regulation on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. According to reports, French Finance Minister Bruno le Maire and interim German Finance Minister Peter Altmaier signed

    France & Germany ‘Threatened’ by Bitcoin, Want Global Crypto Crackdown

    | 2018/02/10 9:45 am
  • The crypto sphere is certainly no stranger to cryptocurrency FUD. Social media platforms and groups are awash with the stuff, so much so that it is becoming increasingly harder to find any reliable information on them. In the latest twist, bogus emails have been sent out to US media organizations over an alleged crackdown on cryptocurrency in China and Hong Kong. The mainstream media needs no encouragement for its ongoing denigration of Bitcoin and its

    Scammers Sending Fake Emails to Spread Cryptocurrency FUD

    | 2018/02/07 7:00 am
  • The CFTC Chairman just told the Senate Banking Committee he wants to respect the new generation in his approach to blockchain and crypto regulation. On January 6, 2018, the chairman of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), J. Christopher Giancarlo, sat in front of the Senate Banking Committee and presented testimony on cryptocurrency and blockchain regulation. This is actually testimony that was published in written format yesterday (and that’s available here, for anyone that

    The Chairman Of The CFTC Might Just Have Brought The Bitcoin Crash To An End

    | 2018/02/06 2:45 pm
  • Following false fears of a Bitcoin ban in India, the FUD storm continues as China looks to completely eradicate cryptocurrency trading—but can they succeed? Chinese FUD Strikes Again It’s been a rough month for Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market. The price of the dominant cryptocurrency has dropped below $8,000, and many altcoins have suffered even more significant losses, following a seemingly endless flood of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) from mainstream media outlets. Now, it appears

    FUD Storm Continues as China Steps Up Pressure Against Cryptocurrencies

    | 2018/02/06 9:00 am
  • Some of Australia’s biggest banks confirmed they won’t prevent customers from buying and selling Bitcoin with credit cards, unlike some of their counterparts in the UK and US.  ‘No Restrictions’ Following a different approach than Lloyds Banking Group, JP Morgan, Bank of America, and Citigroup, Australia’s biggest banks currently have no plans to bar their customers from buying and selling Bitcoin with credit and debit cards. ANZ told ABC news that it “does not prohibit

    Australia’s Major Banks Confirm They Won’t Ban Buying Bitcoin

    | 2018/02/06 1:00 am
  • The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) continues to drag their feet on approving Bitcoin ETFs, disappointing crypto enthusiasts and investors. While the world may have seemed to have gone Bitcoin crazy over the last year, the US Securities and Exchange Commission still has not. Many crypto enthusiasts were hoping that the launch of several Bitcoin trading futures would lead to the approval of ETFs, but such hopes have been in vain. The SEC is

    SEC Continues to Drag Their Feet on Bitcoin ETFs

    | 2018/02/05 7:00 am