• Making Bitcoin more convenient for the everyday consumer is not an easy task to accomplish. In order to adhere to Bitcoin’s true decentralized nature, there should be no need to rely on third-party services whatsoever. That being said, most of the Bitcoin accessibility tools are created by third parties, which is not a bad thing for now. Nocks is one of those tools that aim to make life in the world of Bitcoin and digital

    Nocks Offers Multiple Tools To Make Bitcoin Payments Easier

    | 2015/07/23 4:00 pm
  • Social messaging applications play an important role in our daily lives, and several companies are targeting developing markets in order to build a large user base. Line, Japan’s most popular social messaging application, has introduced their Line Lite app and made it available to eleven emerging markets. Facilitating payments is just one of the many features available, and Bitcoin could prove to be an interesting candidate. Also read: Factom Experiences Groundbreaking Fundraising Round, Releases Beta>/em>

    Line Lite Targets Emerging Markets, Huge Opportunity for Bitcoin Payments

    | 2015/07/23 6:00 am
  • Cybersecurity is a booming business, as there have been numerous attacks and threats against Internet services in recent years. Even in the Bitcoin world, there is a constant threat to various services by hackers looking for a way to score some easy money. As a result, there is an increase in cybersecurity startups, and some of them are seeing a major success once they IPO. Also read: Symbiont Develops Smart Security for Financial Institutions Cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity Is A Hot Market, Bitcoin Businesses to Benefit From New Solutions

    | 2015/07/20 8:00 am
  • The recent media storm about Hacking Team has shed light on some things most people would have rather never known. And despite all of the negative parts, there are major companies still showing a legitimate interest in hacking Team and what they can bring to the table. Building more drones to inject spyware through Wi-Fi networks is just one of the many possibilities. Also read: Hacking Team Collective Gets Exposed Due To Non-Decentralized Servers Boeing

    Installing Spyware With Drones Could Lead to Linking People To a Bitcoin Address

    | 2015/07/19 10:08 am
  • Security over the Internet is a topic of great concern among industry experts, as it looks like we are on the brink of facing a massive threat. As much as one-third of the world’s encrypted Web connectivity suffers from a fatal flaw, which could be exploited any day now. Additionally, the same type of attack can be used to break into certain types of wireless networks. Also read: Trestor Foundation Provides A Solution For Greece

    HTTPS/TLS RC4 Vulnerability Serious Threat to Bitcoin Platforms

    | 2015/07/17 8:00 am
  • Ever since the Internet became a mainstream tool, one of the main concerns has been how users would be able to get content through illegal means. Piracy is a daily occurrence in the Internet world, regardless of whether the media in question is a book, tv show, movie, or audio track. The Authors Guild is calling for a major revamp of the copyright law to help combat this perceived problem. Also read: New Australian Law Attacks

    How the Blockchain Can Help Authors Guild Fight Piracy

    | 2015/07/15 7:00 pm
  • BitX has been building a global cryptocurrency platform that provides Bitcoin products and services — like wallets, exchanges, merchant integration, and APIs — to consumers, businesses, and developers, particularly in emerging markets. The company’s latest decision to launch operations in Nigeria marks another venture into an emerging market. Also read: BitX Takes its Bitcoin Services to Indonesia Headquartered in Singapore, BitX’s decision to launch its services in Nigeria is aimed at exploiting Bitcoin’s potential in Africa’s

    BitX Launches Operations in Nigeria as Part of Global Plan

    | 2015/07/08 8:00 am
  • Now, ‘Scan Your Face to Pay Your Bill’ will be a reality as MasterCard is exploring and experimenting with a new program: approving online purchases with a facial scan. For the purpose, it is testing a Smartphone app that uses facial recognition to verify online purchases. Also Read: IdentityMind Appoints Ex MasterCard CEO to Board of Advisors When facial recognition system, a computer application for automatically identifying or verifying a person from a digital image

    MasterCard Closing In On Facial Scanning for Approving Online Purchases

    | 2015/07/06 6:00 pm
  • A pair of Bitcoin entrepreneurs and the MIT Media Lab has revealed a prototype for a system called Enigma, a decentralized cloud platform with guaranteed privacy. Enigma allows users to store, share, and analyze personal data without it being fully revealed to any party. Powered by the blockchain, Enigma aims to be a secure, multi-party computation. Also read: Should we Raise the Bitcoin Block Size Limit? The team at MIT has already developed a prototype for

    MIT’s Enigma: Decentralized Cloud Platform with Guaranteed Privacy

    | 2015/07/02 6:00 pm
  • Physical coins are an interesting addition to the digital aspect of Bitcoin. Whereas it is not possible to physically hold your Bitcoin balance, there is a way to give them a physical representation by funding physical coins with BTC. Many manufacturers have been creating coins over the past few years, and Crypto Vault has unveiled its limited edition 24K gold plated and 0.5oz .999 fine silver Vault Coins. Also read: Crypto Vault Creates Fire-Resistant “Vault Coin”

    Crypto Vault Announces New Limited Edition Cold Storage Coins

    | 2015/07/01 8:00 am
  • As London FinTech Week approaches — being held during September 2015 — Kevin Taylor, author of Fin Tech Law: A Guide to Technology in the Financial Services Industry that covers topics from Bitcoin to cybersecurity, will be available for interview, meeting or excerpt requests. Also read: Republican Senators Want to Outlaw Online Gambling in the US The city of London is going to host FinTech Week this September to represent the thriving Fintech community. The organizers

    Kevin Taylor Takes Questions During London FinTech Week

    | 2015/06/30 8:00 am
  • The world of Bitcoin and digital currency is a playground for aspiring developers, as there are still many technological advancements and implementations waiting to be unlocked. In order to help with that process, there are several API’s at your disposal to add Bitcoin functionalities to your applications. One of those platforms is BlockTrail, and they offer a complete set of tools to take your app to the next level. Also read: Symbiont Develops Smart Security

    BlockTrail Makes Bitcoin Development Easier by Lowering Entry Barriers

    | 2015/06/29 7:00 pm
  • When the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) released the final draft of BitLicense, the community worried about Bitcoin companies having trouble complying with the law. Digital currency administrators, exchanges, and traders have 45 days to apply for BitLicense; however, many of them might not be able to meet the requirements of BitLicense. In such situations, IdentityMind Global™ may help companies by providing a BitLicense compliance management platform. Also read: The Final BitLicense: Revisions and Reactions from the Industry As

    IdentityMind Global™ Advises on BitLicense Compliance

    | 2015/06/23 12:00 pm
  • bitSome local newspapers and online portals are reporting that Polish banks are forcing online payment providers, such as Cashbill and Bluemedia, to terminate contracts with Bitcoin exchanges and cantors. It appears that the issue is currently only being reported by Polish language media, as not a lot of information regarding the issue available in English media. When Bitcoinist received an e-mail from Justyna Laskowska Witek of BitBay.net, we learned that his company is not the only one affected by

    Poland Banks Pushing Companies to End BTC Exchange Contracts

    | 2015/06/22 3:00 pm
  • The world of finance already seems to evolve at a slow pace, yet some countries manage to come up new ideas that make the situation even worse than before. Recently the Belgian Court of Cassation has decided to let the Department of Finance use any evidence in court, even if it has been obtained through “dubious” activities. Also read: European Court Says Website Liable for User Comments Which Evidence is Allowed and Which is Not? When

    Belgian Court Allows “Unlawful Evidence” In Fiscal Court Cases

    | 2015/06/18 3:00 pm
  • William ‘Bill’ Dennings III has joined Bitreserve as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), bringing over two decades of experience to the company. Before joining Bitreserve, Dennings worked as CISO for MasterCard for 15 years, and was Nike’s first ever CISO. Thus, he comes with comprehensive work experience to help Bitreserve move ahead safely and securely. Also read: Bitreserve Now Allows You to Peg Bitcoins to Swiss Franc Dennings is an expert in the information security

    William Dennings Joins Bitreserve as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

    | 2015/06/13 8:00 am
  • Inside Bitcoins is excited to host its next bitcoin event on July 10-11 2015 in Chicago, Illinois. The 2-day event will take place at the Navy Pier and feature the most pertinent bitcoin topics. Some of the sessions will be on blockchain-based Startups, investing, security and risk mitigation, fintech innovation, Bitcoin for non-profits, and mobile payments. Also Read: Bitcoin Meetup Growth Around The World (April 20th – May 19th 2015) Perhaps one of the most exciting elements

    Inside Bitcoins Comes to Chicago

    | 2015/06/12 3:00 pm
  • Our everyday life is slowly taking on a more digital form, which is made possible thanks to great advances in technology. However, our imperfect knowledge about these technologies leads us to make errors, which often results in valuable information getting into the wrong hands. Australian supermarket chain Woolworths has recently learned this lesson first hand, accidentally leaking customer data.  Also read: Smart Contracts, Intelligent Investing Woolworths Forced To Cancel $1M USD Worth of Gift Cards

    Woolworths Leaks Customer Data, Blockchain Technology A Viable Alternative?

    | 2015/06/09 8:00 am
  • After a year of testing, BitPay has launched, Copay, a secure and shared Bitcoin wallet. BitPay advertises Copay as a “true” Bitcoin wallet rather than an online account, securing users’ personal funds with the option of multi-sig. Also read: BitPay Study: Bitcoin is Now and Every-Day Currency On BitPay’s official blog, the company says that Copay is an outcome of the efforts put towards the goal it set for itself one year ago. BitPay aimed to build a Bitcoin

    BitPay Releases Copay after Successful Beta Testing

    | 2015/06/08 8:00 am
  • Many Bitcoin enthusiasts around the world are keeping a close eye on the developments being made in the mobile payments industry. Cashless transactions are on the rise in several countries around the world, and the shifting paradigm leaves the door open for alternative payment methods to gain a foothold. While Apple Pay may seem to be a strong contender, a recent security vulnerability may have you think twice about using it. And that gives Bitcoin

    iOS Vulnerability Spoofs Apple Pay, Bitcoin the Better Option?

    | 2015/06/05 9:40 pm
  • Trust is a component in both gold currency and Bitcoin, although working in two fundamentally different ways. With gold, trust is almost always required, be it in mining, minting, or banking. On the other hand, with Bitcoin, mandatory trust only enters the equation with a centralized mining network. All other trust requirements with Bitcoin occur when an individual voluntarily gives a company or other person control over his or her coins. Also read: Is Bitcoin Better

    Is Bitcoin Better Than Gold? Part Two: Trust

    | 2015/06/04 3:00 pm
  • Bitcoin is often advertised as an anonymous digital currency that offers a high level of user privacy. People can hide their identities behind a wallet address, and generate additional addresses if needed. But is Bitcoin as anonymous and privacy-centric as uneducated people assume? The answers might surprise you. Also Read: All About: The Blockchain Part Six Anonymity vs. Pseudonymity Right now, there is a decent level of customer privacy in business. But it only exists

    Bitcoin is Not Anonymous and Lacks Privacy

    | 2015/06/04 8:00 am
  • Bitcoin is a great way to move money around the world, and it is also a movement that wants to decentralize all services. However, the digital currency has not been embraced fully just yet, due to identity and reputation management, which could not be decentralized up until now. Trust remains an important factor, and people don’t trust decentralized platforms just yet. One of Bitcoin’s positive aspects is that there will be no disputes when things need

    Bitrated to Bring Reputation to the World of Bitcoin

    | 2015/06/03 7:00 pm