• Extending the uses of digital currencies should be the main goal for the digital currency community at this point in time. To help achieve this goal, companies like 12charge.com are hard at work in order to ensure that they come up with exciting ideas, meant to broaden the amount of people who use Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Disclaimer: This article was provided by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with 12charge and is not

    12charge Allows You to Pay for Utilities and More With Bitcoin

    | 2015/05/31 6:00 pm
  • The developer of Genesis Coin, the physical cryptocoins, says that he will now be selling his products exclusively on Bitcointalk.org for the first month of the release. Currently, he has 300 coins available for purchase; if there are any left after the first month, the developer will open up to other sale avenues. Also read: Citi Suggests UK Government Create its Own Digital Currency In his detailed post, wheelz1200 says he will be selling a total of

    Genesis Coins to be Sold on Bitcointalk.org

    | 2015/05/31 3:00 pm
  • Chances are that you may have heard about the Nxt Foundation, a non-profit firm that is currently gaining a lot of momentum by promoting Blockchain technology and helping it advance, but also by offering trustless smart contracts alongside with decentralized crowdfunding and a strong open source ethos. Disclaimer: This article was provided by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with Nxt and is not responsible for its products and/or services. With over 18 months

    Blockchain Platform Nxt Has New Updates in Store

    | 2015/05/30 6:01 pm
  • IdentityMind Global is a company that deal with Bitcoin in a less direct way that is still important nonetheless. Instead of introducing a new Bitcoin technology, IdentityMind Global works on issues that come with accepting Bitcoin like money laundering and KYC issues. Also read: MasterCard Send: New P2P System Offers Near-Instant Transfers “We are impacting and neutralizing some of the most pressing issues facing our society and the financial ecosystem including Money Laundering, Transactional Fraud

    IdentityMind Global releases version 1.19 of their Platform, Emphasis on Digital Currencies

    | 2015/05/29 3:00 pm
  • Over the course of 2015, many individuals and companies have been affected by ransomware. While this may have nothing to do with Bitcoin at first glance, there have been a few cases where the ransomware could only be removed by paying a certain fee in Bitcoin. But those days may be over now, as a decryption toolkit for various types of ransomware has been made publicly available, free of charge. Also read: Hackers Steal 7,170

    Developer Creates Solution for Bitcoin Ransomware

    | 2015/05/29 8:00 am
  • ChainPay has been covering a lot of ground in the five short months since its launch. Most recently, ChainPay has reached a partnership with Payment Goblin, allowing customers of Payment Goblin to accept Bitcoin with no changes to branding. Also read: James Carter of AltXE Discusses ChainPay Specializing in enabling merchants to accept Bitcoin, ChainPay allows companies to accept Bitcoin in a seamless fashion by supporting most e-Commerce packages (like Shopify and Magneto) or by using its API to

    ChainPay Partners With Payment Goblin, Users Can Accept Bitcoin

    | 2015/05/28 11:59 pm
  • Roger Ver nicknamed Bitcoin Jesus, an early American investor in Bitcoin at Coyote WallStreet, and Peter Smith of Blockchain will be the keynote speakers at Pioneers Festival, Europe’s major conference for tomorrow’s ideas. The event brings together the smartest startups with corporations, media and investors eager to support the next big thing. Also read: MasterCard Send: New P2P System Offers Near-Instant Transfers The organizers of Pioneer Festival inform that more than 1,600 startups from 90+

    Roger Ver and Peter Smith of Blockchain to be Keynote Speakers at Pioneers Festival

    | 2015/05/28 9:34 pm
  • MasterCard has jumped on the P2P movement with its new service, MasterCard Send. While MasterCard has not gone into a lot of detail regarding the technical aspects of the service, we do know that it is built on a P2P-based system as part of the Federal Reserve’s initiative to speed up the money transfer system, which still relies on the 40+ year old Automated Clearing House (ACH)  method. With the ACH, transactions are bunched in predetermined intervals. ACH

    MasterCard Send: New P2P System Offers Near-Instant Transfers

    | 2015/05/27 8:00 am
  • Streamium.io is definitely one of the most exciting creations to come out the Bitcoin community lately. Twitter was taken by storm upon its launch it seems, with praises for its decentralized realtime streaming video service; a service that gives Meerkat and Periscope a run for their money. Also read: PayPal Fined for Deceptive Practices, Does Not Admit Wrongdoing Bring on the Disruption It wasn’t but a few weeks ago the tech media outlets were abuzz over Meerkat

    Move Over Periscope and Meerkat, Streamium.io + Bitcoin is Here

    | 2015/05/27 7:03 am
  • In the second installment of the three article KNC follow up, I talked to two people: Charlotte C. Lin, the lawyer who is behind kncclassaction.com, as well as Louise Hogarth, a documentary filmmaker who is trying to integrate BTC and movies as well as runs nonprofit campaigns. Also Read: Customers Detail KNC Fraud, Lawsuit Launches Soon Part 1 of 3 One of Louise’s previous works is the Orphan Bracelet Campaign (OBC) which started right after

    KNC Article 2 of 3 Regarding Lawsuit: Interview with Charlotte!

    | 2015/05/26 8:00 am
  • At this moment in time, the use of Bitcoin can be considered overwhelming for those that do not have a solid background in the digital currency and know what it really is about. With this in mind, there are a large amount of elements that have to be considered when switching from fiat to the cryptocurrency, but also some boundaries that can halt the adoption. However, the appearance of certain apps such as SendChat is

    SendChat Crowdfunding Begins, Send Bitcon Through Instant Messages

    | 2015/05/25 10:07 pm
  • Decentralized applications, also known as Dapps have the potential of changing the way we interact with our devices and the main uses of the Internet. However, their development is costly and many developers are discouraged by the lack of resources they can use in order to craft their projects. Disclaimer: This article was provided by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with NXT and is not responsible for its products and/or services. As the

    Corona Promotes Bitcoin 2.0 and Provides Funding for Developers

    | 2015/05/25 8:15 pm
  • As each day passes, merchants from all around the world are beginning to integrate cryptocurrencies into their business plans. At this moment in time, Smokeys Gardens, which is one of the largest daylily growers in the world, has recently announced that they have integrated DNotes, and that customers can now use this currency in order to purchase products from them. Disclaimer: This press release was provided by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with

    Smokeys Daylily Gardens Accepts DNotes and Bitcoin

    | 2015/05/24 3:00 pm
  • For the first two or three years, arguably Bitcoin was a toy for nerds, and some dissenters might even go to say Bitcoin is just for anarchists and liberalists. However, as more people used it, and more companies started accepting it, Venture Capitalists and Wall Street started catching on. Also Read: Wall Street is Quickly Moving in on Bitcoin First it was just the small seed investment round here and there, usually investments below $100,000

    Are Wall Street and The Banks Trying To Circumvent the Bitcoin Blockchain?

    | 2015/05/24 9:00 am
  • Under the Defence Trade Control Act (DTCA), Australians could face up to ten years in prison for teaching encryption. Criminal charges will go into effect next year. The new legislation will make it illegal for Australians to  teach or provide information on encryption without having a permit. Also Read: Authorities Uncover Bitcoin-Funded Gunrunning Operation Australia’s Department of Defence originally passed the Defence Trade Control Act on November 13, 2012. However, amendments were made to the

    Teaching Encryption Soon to Be Illegal in Australia

    | 2015/05/23 7:00 pm
  • Allied Control is a Hong Kong-based technology company that specializes in building immersion cooling systems for supercomputing and data center applications. Allied Control has won the prestigious Green Innovations Award; the head of Hong Kong government even recognized the company for innovation in finding environmentally friendly industry solutions. BitFury, a leading Bitcoin infrastructure provider and Blockchain transaction processing company, recently acquired Allied Control with the intention of using the company’s immersion cooling technologies to help

    BitFury’s Allied Control to Reduce Energy Footprint For Chip Cooling

    | 2015/05/23 8:00 am
  • Security remains a key issue for any Bitcoin-related companies, especially those who try to unite this disruptive technology with the existing financial infrastructure. Multi-signature security implementations are on the rise, and Bitcoin Debit Card provider E-Coin has recently partnered with BitGo in order to further secure their platform. Also read:E-coin Takes Bitcoin Debit Cards To A New Level E-Coin – One of the Leading Bitcoin Debit Card Providers One way of making Bitcoin more accessible

    Bitcoin Debit Card Issuer E-Coin Partners With BitGo

    | 2015/05/22 3:00 pm
  • VeraCrypt, free disk encryption software bought from IDRIX, is now accepting Bitcoin donations. Based on TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt adds enhanced security to the algorithms used for system and partition encryption, which supposedly makes it immune to new developments in brute-force attacks. VeraCrypt decided to accept Bitcoin donations upon request from members of the Bitcoin community. Also Read: SendChat Tightens Bitcoin Security With BlockTrail Partnership is a source-available freeware utility used for on-the-fly encryption (OTFE) to create

    VeraCrypt, The TrueCrypt Replacement Now Accepting Bitcoin Donations

    | 2015/05/21 7:00 pm
  • Kraken, a popular San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange, announced on Wednesday on the /r/BitcoinMarkets subreddit that its new margin trading option entered Beta launch. The launch of this option comes right after another popular exchange, Poloniex, opened a similar feature a few days ago. Also read: Bitcoin Exchange Kraken Revamps Their Website for Margin Trading What is Margin Trading? Margin Trading is the practice of buying stock with money borrowed from a broker. In this arrangement, the investor makes a

    Kraken Introduces Margin Trading

    | 2015/05/21 8:00 am
  • In recent weeks, we have seen an increased level of interest in Bitcoin in South American countries, such as Argentina. Is this the beginning of a Bitcoin boom in South America, or should we be more realistic? Also read: Chip Chap Lets You Buy Bitcoin From 5,000 Major Retailers South American Governments Wary of Bitcoin South American countries are notorious for their history financial instability. Not only are most countries plagued with hyper-inflationary local currencies such as

    Bitcoin in South America: Progress in the Face of Criticism

    | 2015/05/20 3:00 pm
  • The World Table is a Utah-based startup who specializes in Online Reputation Services. The company has recently announced the key elements of its online reputation product architecture, and has invited the technology and the digital currency community to participate and test their product.

    The World Table Builds an Online Reputation System

    | 2015/05/20 8:00 am
  • At the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, we were able to sit down for a one-on-one interview with Valery Vavilov, CEO of BitFury. So many changes have happened over the past couple years in the Bitcoin Transaction Processing industry (Bitcoin Mining), and many Bitcoin mining companies have began to branch out. BitFury has not only invested in and developed new technologies, but has also continued investing in themselves; the company’s talented team and stellar board of

    BitFury CEO Valery Vavilov on Company, Bitcoin Industry, and More

    | 2015/05/19 7:00 pm