• Operating a Bitcoin wallet on your computer or mobile device is one of the easiest ways to keep control over your funds at any given time. One thing that is often overlooked, though, is that all of these devices run on an operating system that might not be as secure as the everyday consumer would like. In the worst case scenario, users leak all kinds of personal and privacy information. The recent Windows 10 release

    Operating System Privacy Settings to Affect Bitcoin Usage?

    | 2015/08/08 10:00 am
  • After ruling Bitcoin as an intangible asset just a year ago, the Australian Senate Economics References Committee now feels that Bitcoin should be treated as a regular currency for Goods and Services Tax purposes. This is due to many emerging enterprises leaving Australia for other countries with more progressive cryptocurrency regimes. Also read: Teaching Encryption Soon Illegal in Australia Bitcoin as an Intangible Asset For a long time, Bitcoin had been exempt from taxation in

    Australia Ready to Treat Bitcoin as a Regular Currency

    | 2015/08/07 7:00 pm
  • Recently, Bitcoiners became aware that Blockchain.info displayed bitcoins supposedly controlled by Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, as being sent to another bitcoin address. As theories ran wild, many quickly pointed out that other block explorers did not show this transaction. It was eventually discovered that Blockchain.info had a bug that allowed transactions to be displayed that weren’t signed with the correct private keys to verify which address sent the coins. Also read: The Future of Blockchain.info A

    Blockchain.info: Satoshi’s Bitcoins Have not Moved

    | 2015/08/07 12:00 pm
  • E-commerce is a booming business, as more and more consumers complete their purchase online. But there is one major problem plaguing both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar shopping, and that is counterfeit goods. Verifying the integrity of a product, especially when it is sold by a third-party vendor, is impossible until it arrives at the recipient’s doorstep. Alibaba, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in China, launched TaoProtect for counterfeit reporting purposes. Also read: Block Verify Turns

    Alibaba & Blockchain Technology Fight Against Counterfeit Goods

    | 2015/08/07 5:29 am
  • Bitcoin hoarding has been dubbed as one of the “major problems” hampering the adoption growth of this disruptive digital currency. While there are over 14 million bitcoins in circulation at the time of publication, only a fraction of that amount is changing hands on a regular basis. As a result, there are a lot of coins not moving to different owners, leading to various addresses “hoarding” bitcoins. Also read: New Economy Movement Focuses on Equal

    Bitcoin Companies Are Compounding the Bitcoin Hoarding Problem

    | 2015/08/06 3:00 pm
  • For many years, two major computer operating systems have been considered to be more secure than Microsoft’s Windows. Both Mac OS and Linux have been less plagued by viruses, worms, trojan horses, and all kinds of malicious software, even though the number of threats against Linux systems is on the rise. But now it seems like even Mac OS is not as secure as many people would like to think. Also read: Apple Pay Users

    Macintosh’s First Firmware Worm Developed, Bitcoin Implications Dire?

    | 2015/08/06 8:00 am
  • Intelligence agencies from all over the world are spying on each other, and there is a lot of information being withheld from the public to see. When WikiLeaks came around, that paradigm was turned on its head, as the general public got access to all kinds of classified information. Yet for some reason, Julian Assange is not keen on releasing any intel he found on Ecuador. Also read: Hacking Team Collective Gets Exposed Due To

    Julian Assange Tightlipped on Ecuador Spying Tactics, Lack of Transparency Worrying

    | 2015/08/06 5:20 am
  • Microsoft’s Bing has entered into a partnership with Tango Card to let users of the search engine redeem reward points for a chance to win $500 in Bitcoin. With this partnership Bing Rewards has become one of the first clients to utilize Bitcoin as a reward. Also read: Microsoft Planning Aggressive Global Implementation; Thinking Long-Term on Bitcoin In the announcement, Microsoft states that through the Bing Rewards homepage, Bing users are now able to enter

    Bing Attracts Customers With Bitcoin Rewards Sweepstakes

    | 2015/08/05 3:00 pm
  • The Law of Bitcoin is designed to be a reference book for any user looking for legal advice regarding implementing Bitcoin into their own company. With a lacking amount of solid legal information in this department, the book is a necessary for anyone looking to remain 100% complaint while transacting with Bitcoin. Also read: Mark Karpeles Admits to Tweaking Mt. Gox User Balances for Millions of Dollars   Can you tell me a little bit

    Exclusive Interview with ‘The Law of Bitcoin’ Team

    | 2015/08/05 8:00 am
  • Transparency is playing an ever-important role in the daily lives of consumers, as well as businesses. More and more services are being offered in a decentralized nature, which increases the need for transparency even further. India, a country where e-commerce is booming, and Bitcoin adoption is on the rise, is trying to solve the logistics issue plaguing business in every corner of the nation. Also read: Zebpay Making Headway in India Letstransport – Smooth Logistics

    Letstransport Could Decentralize Logistics in India, Bitcoin Payments Next?

    | 2015/08/05 5:14 am
  • Even for a Bitcoin Maximalist, it’s difficult to ignore the launch of a non-Bitcoin blockchain technology that raised over $18 million on bitcoin alone. Just several days ago on July 30th, the Ethereum development team announced its long-awaited and much-discussed first live release, called “Frontier,” to the general public. While Frontier – lacking any GUI and requiring exclusive use of the command line – is aimed toward developers, the release marks a significant milestone for the

    Ethereum Launches Frontier; Ether Mining Begins, Trading to Follow

    | 2015/08/05 1:33 am
  • Trees, a California-based medical marijuana distributor, recently has proposed the idea of delivering marijuana kits by air. An idea that certainly is novel and could end up being one that innovates the industry as it becomes more commercialized. Also read: American Green Builds World’s First Marijuana Vending Machine Accepts Bitcoin The company currently only serves the San Francisco Bay area and accepts Bitcoin as well as more traditional forms of payment through online bank transfers,

    Bitcoin-Purchased Marijuana May Soon be Available via Drone

    | 2015/08/04 12:00 pm
  • The Chamber of Digital Commerce (CDC) celebrated its 1 year anniversary on July 19, 2015. Just in its first year, the Chamber has already played an enormous role in Bitcoin education and FinTech regulation. Its efforts to help shape the New York BitLicense framework are one of its greatest contributions this year. Also Read: Chamber of Digital Commerce and DCC Partner to Promote Digital Currencies The Digital Chamber is truly on the forefront of the Bitcoin industry.

    Perianne Boring Speaks On FinTech Regulation and CDC Goals

    | 2015/08/04 8:00 am
  • It is no secret that any type of card reader can be used for both legal and illegal activities. Making credit card payments in most countries involves either the customer or cashier to swipe the card through a card reader. Square, a company, known for its credit card payment processing capabilities, faces some security concerns as far as their Square Reader device is concerned. Also read: Samsung Pay Faces Same Struggle as Bitcoin Startups In

    Square Reader Vulnerable to Card Skimming, Bitcoin A More Secure Payment Solution

    | 2015/08/04 5:33 am
  •   [ezcol_1quarter] ★★★★/5 Director: Rick Famuyiwa Feature Film, Coming-Of-Age Drama/Comedy Starring: Shameik Moore Tony Revolori Kiersey Clemons Kimberly Elise Rakim Mayers (aka A$AP Rocky) Blake Anderson Running Time: 1 hour 55 minutes Rated: R [/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_3quarter_end] It opens with a textbook definition: Illegal drugs, an idiot, and slang for cool: Dope. Definitions are at the core of this film, Dope (2015), which takes place in “the Bottoms” of Inglewood, California: the textbook definition of ‘a bad place,’ characterized

    Dope (2015) Film Review

    | 2015/08/03 3:00 pm
  • Since last week, Bitcoin has dropped a net total of approximately $10 (3.5%). This drop came after a brief surge to the high $290s; the Bitcoin price flirted with $300 but ultimately failed to break through the resistance. Furthermore, news of Mark Karpeles’ arrest seems to have indirectly affected the price. Also Read: Last Week’s Market Wrap Up Just a few days ago, Mark Karpeles — the ex CEO of the now-defunct Mt Gox exchange

    Bitcoin Market Wrap Up 7/26 – 8/2: Markets Down, Vanillacoin Takes Lead

    | 2015/08/03 9:00 am
  • But what all this has to do with Bitcoin you might ask? In fact, it hasn’t. But this event itself can be used as a perfect example on how Bitcoin could be used to circumvent this sort of issues – If the rapper had his $422,000 Stash turned into Bitcoin he could travel anywhere in the world without ever having to be addressed by authorities.

    Snoop Dogg Learns One Reason Why Bitcoin Is Better Than Cash: Civil Forfeiture

    | 2015/08/03 8:00 am
  • The major Bitcoin news headline this weekend came in the form of former Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles being arrested in Japan. After Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox was forced to shut down in 2014 due to “funds being stolen by hackers”, a recovery process for affected customers slowly started taking shape. But it looks like justice will be served sooner rather than later, as Mark Karpeles admitted to misusing customer funds. Also read: MtGox: Deadline

    Mark Karpeles Admits to Tweaking Mt. Gox User Balances For Millions of Dollars

    | 2015/08/03 5:08 am
  • Though the United Kingdom plays a definitive role in the growth of FinTech industry, which is now worth £20 billion in annual revenues to the UK, employs 135,000 people, and attracted 42% of all European FinTech investment in 2014, Prime Minister David Cameron is not satisfied. Thus, Cameron, has welcomed FinTech 2020, which aims to make the UK the premier location for at least 25 global FinTech leaders, whether by IPO, global market share or

    FinTech 2020 Aims to Make UK a Hub for Financial Innovation

    | 2015/08/02 8:00 am
  • In a follow-up to the previous article in which a Japanese source claimed that the Japanese Metro Police Department was looking into additional charges against former Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles for fraudulent system manipulation, sources now confirm that Karpeles has been arrested by Japanese Police. Karpeles is suspected of having accessed the exchange’s computer system and falsifying data regarding its outstanding balance. Also read: Mark Karpeles Possibly Charged on Suspicions of Fraudulent System Manipulation

    Mark Karpeles Arrested In Japan on Suspicion of Fraudulent System Manipulation

    | 2015/08/01 5:03 pm
  • With multiple Bitcoin debit cards in existence today, companies have a hard time distinguishing themselves from one another. E-Coin, one of the lesser known Bitcoin debit card providers, recently introduced cards for EUR, USD, and GBP denominations. Doing so removes any conversation rate fees associated with their previous cards, and makes it easier to spend Bitcoin. Also read: Bitcoin Debit Card Issuer E-Coin Partners With BitGo New Currency Cards Are a Success So Far When E-Coin launched

    New E-Coin Cards Denominated in Three Major Fiat Currencies

    | 2015/08/01 5:00 pm
  • Aiming to expand in Asia, particularly in the Southeast, the leading exchange platform of digital currencies in Mexico, meXBT, has bought CoinRepublic, a Singapore-based cryptocurrency brokerage firm. Also read: Revealing Bitcoin’s Legality, the ZapChain Summit Despite the fact that there are a limited number of merchants accepting Bitcoin in Southeast Asia, cryptocurrency companies are entering the region to tap what they believe to be a huge potential. The region’s population is twice as large as that

    meXBT Acquires CoinRepublic Expands to Southeast Asia

    | 2015/08/01 3:00 pm
  • ZapChain, a website where one can engage in online discussions regarding a variety of topics, will entertain an online summit to discuss the benefits that are brought to us by the use of Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s history is stained due to its use in criminal activities and the darknet, yet, it does not the change the potential for both present and future. A person unfamiliar to bitcoin may have heard of it through a news channel

    Revealing Bitcoin’s Legality: The ZapChain Summit

    | 2015/07/31 3:00 pm