• If there was anyone left on this planet who thought there was nothing going on with the Chinese economy you might want to rethink that statement very soon. Over the past few months, the Chinese Yuan has been losing value, and things have taken a turn for the worse now that China suspended some foreign banks from FX trading. Capital outflows for the Chinese Yuan are getting out of hand, as investors are looking for

    Suspension Of Chinese Yuan FX Trading To Set Off Bitcoin Rally

    | 2015/12/30 4:18 am
  • According to CEO Brian Armstrong, Coinbase is now running the new version of Bitcoin software, Bitcoin-XT, a move which has divided the Bitcoin community in the past few days. The company is merely experimenting with the software, it stresses; however, this has inspired much contentiousness on online Bitcoin forums, including being removed from Bitcoin.org.  Also read: Samsung Pay Bringing More Competition to Bitcoin by Enabling Online Shopping in 2016 Coinbase is now running BitcoinXT (BIP101)

    Coinbase Tests Bitcoin XT, Gets Removed From Bitcoin.org

    | 2015/12/29 4:00 pm
  • For some countries around the world, times are very tough as local economies are starting to fall apart. Ukraine is one of those countries, as inflation will be hitting a record-high of 44 percent later this year. Combine that number with a near 25-percent inflation, and anyone can see why the Ukraine economy needs a bailout. At the same time, Ukraine’s central bank is warning people about the use of Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

    Ukraine Economy Bailout Presents Bitcoin Opportunity

    | 2015/12/29 10:04 am
  • Samsung is planning to expand its mobile payment service, Samsung Pay, into the US online shopping market. Additionally, Samsung will allow more smartphones to support the payment wallet, offering it to cheaper Samsung devices “within the next year,” according to Samsung Pay global co-general manager Thomas Ko. Also read: Apple Pay Statistics Are Far From Promising — Bitcoin a Global Alternative Samsung Pay has grown much faster than rival Apple Pay and Android Pay since

    Samsung Pay Bringing More Competition to Bitcoin by Enabling Online Shopping in 2016

    | 2015/12/28 6:46 pm
  • Peter Sunde, co-founder of the beloved (and hated) Pirate Bay, has returned to the public after being released from jail. Now, he has his sights set on the music industry once again, making it the butt of his satirical new gadget. Also read: Fallout 4 Player gets Bitcoins Stolen: The Dilemma of Piracy This machine is called the Kopimashin; its sole purpose in life is to make 100 copies of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” per second.

    Pirate Bay Co-Founder Attacks Music Industry With New Gadget

    | 2015/12/28 5:39 pm
  • ChangeTip is one of the most popular Bitcoin-related tipping services on the Internet today. By offering a convenient and simple user interface, and a ton of integrated platforms to spread some social love, ChangeTip has quickly made a name for itself in the world of digital currency. But the company is not resting on its laurels, as they have announced a Social Giving Challenge to bring warm meals to the homeless. Also read: Bitcoinist Weekly

    Bring Warm Meals To The Homeless With Bitcoin And ChangeTip

    | 2015/12/28 1:18 pm
  • Users looking for an expansive Bitcoin casino with excellent player bonuses look no further than NASCasino, a Bitcoin casino stationed in Cypress. From deposit bonuses that engage players in making their first deposits, to bonuses for positively engaging in the Bitcoin community, there is sure to be a promotion that will appeal to you. Disclaimer: This article was provided by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with NASCasino and is not responsible for its products and/or services. With

    NASCasino releases 9 promotions for Bitcoin Gambling!

    | 2015/12/28 1:00 pm
  • We saw some interesting activity in the Bitcoin markets this week. During the first half of the week, we saw a run-up to $460, followed by a few days that made us think that $460 might be a new sticking point in the market. Those notions were dashed during the latter half of the week though, as the price starting falling on Christmas night, hitting a low of $407. A late-week recovery brought the price

    Bitcoinist Weekly News Re-Hash: Factom Lies, Bitcoin Price Falls on Christmas

    | 2015/12/28 9:00 am
  • Bitcoin has been around for about five years and was slow to catch on before becoming extremely popular with people who saw value in it. Its price has been highly volatile at times, but many people feel that it is a worthy alternative to fiat (paper) currencies. Experiences with the use of Bitcoin have been varied since its inception.   Online Purchases with Bitcoin   The use of Bitcoin is slowly becoming more common, particularly with online

    Are Universities Likely to Offer Bitcoin Degrees in the Future?

    | 2015/12/28 6:11 am
  • To people active in the Bitcoin world, certain things started making sense quite some time ago, while the rest of the world is still catching up. Blockchain technology – which powers the Bitcoin network – can be used for so much more than just financial services. A recent article details how the Reserve Bank of India acknowledges the potential of the blockchain, including protection against counterfeiting. Also read: Visa: 2015 is the “Year Of Payments,”

    Reserve Bank of India Publicly Endorses Blockchain Technology

    | 2015/12/28 3:27 am
  • Visa Europe called 2015 “definitely the year for payments” thanks to growing transaction volume and the joining of Apple into the payments sector. Samsung and Google also fine-tuned their products with FinTech, gaining a lot of momentum. Read More: Bitcoin Is Superior To Cashless Systems Of Today What is of most interest to Bitcoiners is the companies acceptance of Bitcoin businesses issuing their cards for Bitcoin prepaid programs or even debit cards. “Mix in the

    Visa: 2015 is the “Year Of Payments,” Bitcoin a Major Player

    | 2015/12/27 12:00 pm
  • It’s been seven months since the grand opening, and digital currency exchange Gemini already seems to be making a few enemies. Also read: Decred: The New Kid on the Digital Currency Block Gemini is the brainchild of Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. Earning fame through their lawsuit against Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg, they have gone on to build solid names for themselves in the arena of bitcoin and digital currency. Gemini has many benefits, a big

    Is Gemini Making Enemies Already?

    | 2015/12/27 8:00 am
  • Trouble is brewing in the world of Bitcoin and digital currencies now that wallet provider and exchange platform Coinbase started running the Bitcoin XT client as part of their production servers. As many of you are well aware, Bitcoin XT is considered a fork of Bitcoin Core and was launched to address the upcoming block size debate issue. Another discussion has spawned forth from this decision, even though it was announced weeks ago. Also read:

    Bitcoin XT Discussion: “Have Wallets Refuse To Send To Known-Non-Compliant Wallets”

    | 2015/12/27 3:42 am
  • Supporting the Bitcoin network in an active manner is of the utmost importance for all of the digital currency’s community members. Creating and deploying full Bitcoin Nodes will help in securing the network itself, and broadcast new transactions to miners and other nodes all over the world. Popular Bitcoin exchange and mining company BTCC has deployed 100 Bitcoin nodes across five continents to keep things trucking along. Also read: Factom CEO Peter Kirby Comments on

    BTCC Deploys Full Bitcoin Nodes To Keep Network Secure

    | 2015/12/26 12:23 pm
  • Peter Kirby, CEO of Factom, posted a small blog update a few hours ago regarding the Honduras Title Project. In this post, it was mentioned how certain misconceptions regarding the project needed to be cleared up, such as the stalling of the project itself. Even though the team remains optimistic the deal with the Honduran government will come to fruition, it will not take place this year. Also read: UK Bank Account Compensation Limit Decrease

    Factom CEO Peter Kirby Comments on Honduras Title Project Status

    | 2015/12/26 3:59 am
  • The year 2015 has been great for Bitcoin and blockchain technology. In fact, some of the best real-world adoption use cases for blockchain technology came in the form of Factom securing a land registry deal with the government of Honduras. Or that is what everyone was led to believe at last, as it turns out the project is nowhere near being finished, nor is there an official deal between both parties as of right now.

    Factom Purposefully Twisted The Truth Regarding Deal With Honduran Government

    | 2015/12/25 5:15 am
  • When even banks are not able to guarantee consumer funds safety in the event of a major economic shock, things are taking a drastic turn for the worse. Earlier today, an announcement was made in regards to a new rule that will go into effect come January 1, 2016. If a UK bank goes bust, consumer accounts will only be “protected” up to GBP 75,000, which is a near 12% decline compared to the previous

    UK Bank Account Compensation Limit Decrease Heralds The Era of Plan Bitcoin

    | 2015/12/24 8:16 am
  • Bitjoy, a company, stationed in Austin, Texas, will be transitioning to a public beta starting this month. Bitjoy has support for iOS, Android, and Unity to allow for the widest amount of developers to take advantage of a platform that’s the first of its kind. Disclaimer: This article was provided by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with Bitjoy and is not responsible for its products and/or services. Bitjoy is the first company to offer a Bitcoin-based user

    BitJoy To Move to Public Beta Later This Month!

    | 2015/12/24 8:00 am
  • An Application Programmable Interface (API) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. The API specifies how software components should interact. A good API makes it easier to develop a program by providing all the building blocks. A programmer then puts the blocks together. There are many different types of APIs for operating systems, applications or for websites. Windows, for example, has many API sets that are used by system hardware and

    The Bitcoin Powered API

    | 2015/12/23 12:00 pm
  • Bitcoin acceptance by retailers and merchants remains a very struggle to this very day. A lot of parties don’t see the added benefit of accepting Bitcoin payments, even though the transaction fees are lower, and consumers from all over the world become potential customers. The latest Square Enix bundle on the Humble Bundle website can’t be paid for in Bitcoin, as payment options are decided upon by development partners. >em>Also read: BTCS Announces $1.45 Million

    Square Enix Humble Bundle Not Available For Purchase With Bitcoin

    | 2015/12/23 9:57 am
  • By the look of things, trouble is brewing in parts of Africa, as the Central bank of Nigeria  has issued an order to ban the usage of credit and debit cards abroad. According to one of the affected commercial banks in Nigeria, this is just a temporary measure, although the real reason behind the decision is still pretty vague at the moment. Will this create another opportunity for Bitcoin? Also read: Decred: The New Kid

    Bitcoin To Benefit From Central Bank of Nigeria’s International Card Ban

    | 2015/12/23 2:58 am
  • Throughout the years, consumers have all heard the stories about how financial information has been stolen when using physical payment terminals. Despite best efforts by card issuers to step up the security game, the payment terminals themselves are inherently insecure. Or to be more precise, the modulated payment protocols powering these terminals are the root of all evil, as there are major security flaws waiting to be exploited. Also read: NeuCoin Makes Moves With Facebook

    Bitcoin Is Destined To Replace Insecure Payment Protocols

    | 2015/12/22 1:03 pm
  • “This town ain’t big enough for the two of us…” Also read: Bitwalking Wants to Pay you Cryptocurrency for Walking Every Day It’s a line we’ve likely heard in various westerns, and yet it’s probably something bitcoin has said at least once or twice to its newly developing crypto-cousins. No doubt that six years ago, when bitcoin was just starting out, it was ready to take the digital world by storm as the only currency

    Decred: The New Kid on the Digital Currency Block

    | 2015/12/22 8:00 am