• An interesting thread was posted at reddit this last Thursday raising an important issue; Bitcoin is becoming more and more mainstream by the day, in many parts by the help of companies like Bitpay, Coinbase or Circle. These companies are trying to facilitate Bitcoin adoption by offering a simpler approach and the easiest way for newbie’s and merchants start using the digital currency but without having a real contact with it. The thread “Can we

    Are Companies Like Coinbase and BitPay Giving the Best Bitcoin Approach to Newbies?

    | 2014/12/14 8:00 pm
  • When companies or individuals are trying to bring Bitcoin to the masses, one of the main obstacles to overcome is how your potential new Bitcoin enthusiasts can easily purchase the digital currency. Bit4Coin is looking to bring prepaid Bitcoin cards to the masses, starting with 30 stores in Turkey. Bit4coin is a Dutch company, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In order to bring prepaid Bitcoin cards to 30 stores in Turkey, they have partnered with

    Prepaid Bitcoin Vouchers Are Coming To Turkish Retailers

    | 2014/12/14 7:00 am
  • December 11, 2014 — Microsoft now accepts bitcoin. Enabled by bitpay, the tech giant now allows users to spend their bitcoins on Microsoft Content. The announcement was originally published on Firehose, Microsoft’s news blog, but even before the official announcement the bitcoin community noticed the customer support page titled “How do I use Bitcoin with my Microsoft account.” Users can add bitcoin to their Microsoft account, but are not yet able to directly purchase digital

    Bitpay Enables You to Buy Xbox Games and Music Using Bitcoin.

    | 2014/12/13 6:00 pm
  • Yes people it is that time of the year… again. People dashing around in search for that perfect gift. But what do we in the digital currency community do and where do we buy our gifts? Well here are some pointers and some reputable services that are available to the crypto enthusiast to still get those nice and beautiful presents to your loved ones. We know that waiting in line and shopping in over crowded

    Christmas and Bitcoin, The Digital Currency Santa.

    | 2014/12/13 1:00 pm
  • SchiffGold, is a company managed by Peter Schiff, currently one of the largest international precious metal dealers who as early this year started to accept Bitcoin. Formally branded as Euro Pacific Precious Metals, SchiffGold along Amagi Metals and Digital Tangible became the most reputable Precious Metal dealers to first integrate Bitcoin as payment for Gold and Silver Bullions. The Company specializes in dealing high-quality bullion coins and bars always providing the best options and lower

    SchiffGold – Buy Gold and Silver with Bitcoin

    | 2014/12/13 7:00 am
  • The goal of this article is to review Bitcoin’s growth as a whole, and discuss key events that happened in each month, and attempt to predict what we can expect 2015 to be like using 2013 and 2014 as years of comparison. This article will be broken down into months covering January- part of December. Bitcoin’s market will be explained simply rather than thoroughly analyzed. I hope you enjoy this article as we review this

    Bitcoin 2014 Year in Review

    | 2014/12/12 5:00 pm
  • On December 5, Stellar Executive Director Joyce Kim disclosed news of a ledger fork related to a failure of their consensus system. The consensus system used by both Stellar and Ripple have never been used at the scale Stellar is implementing, and the system failed to reach consensus causing a fork in the ledger. Stellar has about 140,000 active accounts per week, and over 3 million total accounts. The maximum number of total accounts the

    Stellar Forks and Decides to Create a New Consensus System.

    | 2014/12/12 4:00 pm
  • Crypto Finance Analysis Consulting and CCEDK joined forces to create and make available the first Bitcoins hedge fund based on the Nxt Asset Exchange allowing people from the non crypto world to profit of its growth by buying shares directly with euros. The idea was to create a financial service to open a door to the crypto world to the average investor, because crypto currencies are too hard to understand, the market too volatile, and

    CryptoCoins hedge fund: NxtInside* gives birth to a new partnership

    | 2014/12/11 3:30 pm
  • Recently ZeusMiner decided to cancel their anticipated Volcano next gen Scrypt miner. The move to stop manufacturing chips and miners is being made in favor of shifting completely to their cloud mining platform ZeusHash. The move was a difficult one for ZeusMiner as it is a successful chip and hardware manufacturer who provided Scrypt ASIC miners to miners directly and also to vendors as ZeusMiner branded and OEM. The change was one that was especially

    ZeusMiner’s CEO Terry Li On Changes From Hardware Sales to ZeusHash Cloud Mining

    | 2014/12/11 12:00 pm
  • When I previously chatted with Spendabit, they were just starting out with about a million items that could be purchased. Things are always growing in the Bitcoin space at a rapid pace, and Spendabit is no different with now more than 2.5 million items indexed. Today I talk with Chris, the CTO and Co-Founder of Spendabit regarding region support and how Spendabit has changed in the last couple of months. 1. For a brief refresher,

    Spendabit: Region Support and Update!

    | 2014/12/11 7:30 am
  • A professor emailed me the link of this “promotional video” from master card. He asked me to give a professional analysis of this video because he finds that “other writers do not have that objective capacity as an academic educated man or woman will show when writing an article”. Most of these kinds of videos hold more information than just what is being said. We did one about the Bill Gates interview a couple of

    Mastercard VS Bitcoin Speech Analysis: What’s Actually Being Said

    | 2014/12/10 8:00 am
  • When it comes to pushing Bitcoin adoption, we have to make both the technology and the software easy to understand for every age category. As we Bitcoin enthusiasts like to say : “It has to be easy enough for my grandmother to understand”. EasBit, a startup company located in The Netherlands, wants to create a granny proof Bitcoin wallet. EasBit has launched a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo in order to develop a granny-proof Bitcoin wallet

    Easbit Launches Crowdfunding Campaign To Create Granny-proof Bitcoin Wallet

    | 2014/12/09 9:15 pm
  •  What is your background Bob? I’m an executive entrepreneur with more than 29 years of experience creating, marketing, and selling products to consumer and business customers. Before Ziftr, I spent 11 years as President and EVP with PC Connection, a Fortune 1000 reseller of high tech equipment. I’ve done 6 startups to date, 2 IPOs and I hold multiple patents. I created Ziftr in 2008 and have assembled a team of about 35 talented software

    Exclusive interview with Robert Wilkins ZiftrCOIN CEO

    | 2014/12/09 3:24 pm
  • On December 8, a scheduled software update left Blockchain.info vulnerable for 2.5 hours, and hundreds of bitcoins are reported stolen. Blockchain.info published a security disclosure on their blog and committed themselves to rectifying any issues experienced by affected users. “When making a scheduled software update overnight to our web-wallet, our development team inadvertently affected a part of our software that ensures private keys are generated in a strong and secure manner. The issue was present

    Hundreds of Bitcoins Are Reported Stolen From Blockchain.info Accounts

    | 2014/12/09 2:09 am
  • December 8 — Social messaging app Gems is having a token pre-sale on Koinify, and in less than one week has raised $450k worth of bitcoin. A total of 50% of the total GEMZ supply is available for pre-sale, and 42.5% of those have been sold in the first seven days of the crowdsale. GEMZ is a Counterparty issued asset or token, and funds are going to a 2-of-3 Coinbase multisig wallet. The three key

    Social Messaging App Gems Raises Over $450k In Less Than One Week

    | 2014/12/08 3:20 pm
  • While most of the Cryptocurrency market is down, one coin in particular has been moving a lot this week, in fact up 15% from the 11/22/2014 levels. The currency in regards, of course being Ripple. With a 24h volume of over 2 and a half million dollars, Ripples price per coin slowly approaches $0.015 per Ripple, which is impressive, considering total supply is 99,999,979,958 XRP. This price increase and subsequently market capitalization increase, of course,

    Market Summary: Ripple’s Rise and Bitcoin In A Holding Pattern

    | 2014/12/07 2:06 pm
  • There is some gossip around saying Pokerstars is preparing to start accepting Bitcoin has a payment method in their site. Pokerstars is currently the most used poker gambling application around the world; a large number of the poker community members use Bitcoin regularly, and if the major online poker provider starts to accept Bitcoin it would be great news.

    Rumors Say Pokerstars Is Preparing To Accept Bitcoin

    | 2014/12/07 3:28 am
  • The Digital Currency Round Table is a joint operation between Coin Apex, the NYC-based tech startup incubator and the New York City King’s College that aims to organize a series of discussions and debates about digital currencies. These discussions not only give finance, politics, economics and media students a more complete picture of the Bitcoin landscape and showcases its enormous impact and relevant challenges to overcome but are also intended to bring awareness and spread information about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general.

    The Digital Currency Round Table Discussion Events – Promoting Bitcoin Awareness

    | 2014/12/06 2:54 pm
  • On Friday November 28, Coinapult re-launched their Bitcoin by SMS service and announced it via a reddit post titled “Send BTC by SMS – a new, global service from Coinapult that operates through plain old txt msg, no need for a data plan. Bitcoin can boldly go where it hasn’t gone before.” The post received 245 comments and 901 upvotes, and the Coinapult SMS walkthrough infographic received 54,093 views. “If I’m working in Canada, and

    Coinapult Re-Launches bitcoin by SMS service.

    | 2014/12/06 11:44 am
  • The city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil will be hosting the second Latin American Bitcoin Conference. This international event on digital currency will be featuring more than 40 speakers, including Tony Gallippi (BitPay) and Nicolas Cary (BlockChain.info), CEOs of major Bitcoin startups, and Ronaldo Lemos (MIT-MediaLab), the Civil Marco creator and host of one know TV program (Globo News). One of the sponsors of the event is Coinverse, a pioneer company in Brazil who brought and installed the first bitcoin ATM in the country and is set to be at the event showing their financial product solutions.

    Brazil to host the second Latin American Bitcoin Conference

    | 2014/12/05 6:30 pm
  • Matthew Drive, President of Mastercard believes we are seeing a huge change in payment technology whether its digital convergent or crypto currencies; it is very important for the company to look and understand what are the real benefits put into the system by this new technology; for consumers, merchants, governments, or even financial services providers what’s really critical is that what they are putting into the marketplace is trusted.

    MasterCard unfriendly towards Digital Currencies Anonymity

    | 2014/12/05 3:00 pm
  • Bravenewcoin, a company I’ve talked to in the past, was all about giving the end user the most amount of information over a variety of cryptocurrencies, and using powerful tools to compare them. While for people that have holdings in cryptocurrency this may be useful, what about people that just want to get into Bitcoin? This is where Bitcoin.info comes in, allowing easy access to market data and more regarding Bitcoin. 1. For those that don’t

    Bitcoin.Info: One place for all of your Bitcoin Information needs!

    | 2014/12/05 10:39 am