• The team behind Eligma, an AI-driven and blockchain-based cognitive commerce platform, announced the first of many features, which they will start testing in the first Bitcoin city this April. The Elipay system, platform’s cryptocurrency transaction system, is set to enable cryptocurrency transactions for all users – be it online or offline. In their early development and testing phase and during the crowdsale campaign, which Eligma is currently running, they are planning on showcasing the usability

    ELIpay Enabling Crypto Transactions in the First Bitcoin City

    | 2018/03/16 5:00 am
  • Bitcoin is invading the college experience in Illinois as students are flocking to courses that focus on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Most college students tend to focus their enthusiasm and energy on courses devoted to their particular major. Classes that fall outside of that purview are often taken due to being easy, allowing students to keep up their GPA. However, a new field of study is proving extremely popular in Illinois colleges, drawing students from

    Bitcoin Classes Proving Popular in Illinois Colleges

    | 2018/03/16 3:00 am
  • ZeroEdge is extremely excited to announce that entrepreneur, blockchain and machine learning expert, and mentor, Jacob Salvador has joined the ZeroEdge advisory team. Jacob is an experienced investment professional with a demonstrated history of working in the asset management, project finance, and the private equity industry. Skilled in DLT and Blockchain technologies with a solid hands-on experience implementing tech projects, Jacob has held advisory board positions of select blockchain companies that have successfully launched their

    Jacob Salvador – CFO at Bitspace and Blockchain Specialist Advisor Joins Zerocoin – Crypto Currency for Gambling

    | 2018/03/16 2:00 am
  • Betrium is a partially-decentralized worldwide betting exchange and sportsbook – developed by MIT and MIPT graduates – which accepts cryptocurrencies and offers low commissions. It also serves as an effective platform for event organizers, developers, and third-party service providers. After an extremely successful pre-ICO round, the Betrium main ICO is set to begin on April 5th and run through May 14th. Unregulated Gambling: A $1 Trillion Industry Last year, the global gambling market totaled roughly

    Gambling Platform Betrium to Launch Main ICO After Raising More Than $1.2 Million During Its Pre-ICO

    | 2018/03/15 4:00 pm
  • Effective communication is the lifeblood of any community, therefore, for a market to thrive effectively, the representative entities must find an appropriate means of interacting with one another. Blockchain is a decentralized technology in all of its ramifications. As democratic as it is, every blockchain possesses the capacity to survive as an independent entity even though their achievements may be limited in isolation. Therefore, finding a system that will enable effective interaction between independent blockchains

    Fusion Moves Blockchain Technology from Theoretical Analysis to Proper Implementation

    | 2018/03/15 8:45 am
  • As opinions differ on the actual definition of cryptocurrencies, the US state of Wyoming has gone ahead and passed a bill referring to crypto utility tokens as a new asset class. Developing regulations seems to be at the top of the US government’s crypto to-do list, but one thing seems to be putting a spanner in the works, and that is finding a definition for the term itself. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) refers

    Crypto Utility Tokens Are a New Asset Class According to the State of Wyoming

    | 2018/03/15 3:30 am
  • ZeroEdge’s goal is to become the leading gambling platform in the worldwide online gambling industry. The project aims to achieve this by offering both tools and infrastructure to those desiring to construct and run their own games on the ZeroEdge platform. In doing so, ZeroEdge maximizes brand exposure and facilitates the mainstream adoption of the ZeroEdge token (ZERO). ZeroEdge’s platform offers a wide variety of casino games, as well as betting on all major leagues,

    Don’t Miss Your Last Chance to Claim ZeroEdge 58% Pre-ICO Bonus Tokens

    | 2018/03/14 11:00 pm
  • Lithuanian startup Safein may soon be the first crypto/fiat provider with an EMI (Electronic Money Institution) license! The modern-day e-commerce market is a veritable storm of international legislative and tax regulations. Though this situation has been true in fiat for much longer than with our beloved decentralized markets Whilst I don’t agree with the sentiment of Bank of England (BoE) governor Mark Carney’s recent comments, his statements contain some concerning truths. Primarily that cryptocurrencies such

    ICO Plans to Become World’s First EMI Licensed Fiat & Crypto Payments Provider

    | 2018/03/14 9:00 pm
  • My guest today is a well known name in blockchain circles, Peter Borovykh, who’ll be giving us an insider view of global blockchain and cryptocurrency trends and projects. He is the author of “Blockchain Applications in Finance” and has spoken at events and conferences worldwide. Peter recently spoke at the Blockchain for Wall Street Conference and now he is here to share his insights on global blockchain changes with us. He is a leading blockchain and

    Interview with Peter Borovykh: Author of ‘Blockchain Applications in Finance’

    | 2018/03/14 8:00 pm
  • The ZeroEdge token pre-sale is just about complete – but there’s still a few hours left for you to receive a massive 58% bonus on Zerocoin token purchases. What is ZeroEdge? ZeroEdge.Bet is a one-of-a-kind online gambling platform which uses the power of blockchain technology to offer 0% house edge casino games, commission-free sports betting exchange, and an open-source platform for constructing and running customized games. Anyone who wants to have their own online casino

    ZeroEdge Pre-ICO Almost Complete – Last Chance to Get Massive Bonus

    | 2018/03/14 7:30 pm
  • Nine million users have flocked to global trading and investment platform eToro. What exactly is so appealing? The great sense of community and user-friendly interface are big pluses, according to a number of customer testimonials. Housewife-turned-trader Lena Birse (‘Onegirl’ on the platform) admits to having “no financial background” yet enjoyed a 36 percent gain on her eToro investments in 2017, and is now a Popular Investor (PI) on the site. “What I love about eToro

    Why Have 9 Million Traders Flocked to eToro’s Social Trading Platform?

    | 2018/03/14 6:00 pm
  • ZeroEdge is extremely excited to announce that entrepreneur, blockchain expert, and mentor, Dean Karakitsos has joined the ZeroEdge advisory team. Dean is a visionary innovator in disruptive technology development and business management with more than 20 years of experience bringing an industry-changing approach to designing and launching dynamic new technology products across multiple industries. Dean is a founder of Bloqchain Science – New-York based blockchain development and solution provider which specializes in smart contracts creation and

    Dean Karakitsos – Founder of Bloqchain Science Joins Zerocoin – Crypto Currency for Gambling

    | 2018/03/14 1:00 pm
  • Following the attempted breach of its systems earlier this month, popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced its plans to evolve its ecosystem by implementing a decentralized exchange. Binance Keeps Building Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, announced on Tuesday that the company is currently developing its own public blockchain for the transfer and trading of digital assets. The network will be called Binance Chain and is set to provide cryptocurrency traders of all kinds

    Big Things for Binance as Exchange Decentralizes

    | 2018/03/14 8:30 am
  • Though Bitcoin has garnered significant mainstream media attention over the past few months, Ethereum might become the cryptocurrency at the top of the heap in 2018. CryptoDaily predicts that Ethereum’s value could exceed Bitcoin’s as early as 2018. The moment when a non-Bitcoin cryptocurrency surpasses Bitcoin’s value is popularly known in cryptocurrency circles as “The Flippening,” an event so anticipated that Flippening Watch is devoted purely to tracking its progress. Ethereum has already experienced a

    How NBT and Weeve Are Solving the Scaling Issue of Ethereum

    | 2018/03/14 3:00 am
  • While the central banks of some countries are hoping to be a part of the virtual currency revolution, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is concerned about the repercussions of going digital. A cashless society is definitely the way of the future, a future that some governments and banks are trying to be a part of. Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) may be an abomination of decentralized cryptocurrencies, but it is happening. Sweden’s Riksbank is

    ‘Central Bank Digital Currencies Could Destabilize the Global Economy’ Says Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

    | 2018/03/13 9:30 pm
  • BitRewards provides a premium rewards platform powered by artificial intelligence for both merchants and shoppers. How Bit Works BitRewards mission is to provide a loyalty and rewards platform which connects online retailers of all kinds with customers. With BitRewards, merchants get BIT software at no charge. The software is based on an innovative and profitable product with a five-year market history, which has been proven to grow revenue by an average of 17 percent. Meanwhile,

    BitRewards Hits Softcap, Offers Cashback & Loyalty Points in Cryptocurrency

    | 2018/03/13 11:00 am
  • On March 10, the ICO of the operating platform SKYFchain was launched. This is the first B2R (Businesses-to-Robots) operating platform for unmanned cargo logistics of its kind, based on the blockchain technology of smart contracts. The system is available to all market participants and allows implementing logistics schemes and financial calculations of any complexity in SKYFT tokens. SKYFchain is an open blockchain platform for keeping records of all the key events occurring with cargo robots and

    SKYFchain Operating Platform for Unmanned Cargo Logistics Started the ICO

    | 2018/03/13 1:30 am
  • The biggest problem affecting low-income earners in developing countries from achieving a better quality of life is inaccessibility to credit. In fact, one of the main goals of the United Nations is inclusive and sustainable economic growth that can only be achieved if low-income earners (for emerging economies) with limited access to credit and loans are given financial inclusivity through decentralization of credit facilities that are currently dominated by the big banks. In Brazil, for

    SWAPY – Using Blockchain to Enable Easy Access to Credit and Affordable Loans

    | 2018/03/12 3:30 pm
  • Online sports betting has been growing in popularity over the past few years and is now the leading form of online gambling in the world. An interesting niche within the world of online sports betting has also been growing and, while not yet quite as popular, is set to explode in 2018! Betting on E-Sports at Crypto Casinos If you are looking to get in on some hot ESports betting action at one of the

    ZeroEdge to Offer 0% Commission on E-Sports Betting

    | 2018/03/11 9:00 pm
  • Election history was recently made as Sierra Leone became the first country to use blockchain technology to verify voting results in their presidential election. Sierra Leone Region Makes History The application of blockchain technology recorded another milestone recently. While the innovative technology has made tremendous strides in business, it is now putting its stamp upon the political sphere. The country of Sierra Leone has the distinction of being the first to feature blockchain-verified voting in

    Sierra Leone Becomes First Country With Blockchain-Verified Election Voting

    | 2018/03/11 7:00 pm
  • IPCHAIN ​​Database represents a unique use case of blockchain technology and ensures the optimal protection of intellectual property – thanks to cooperation with international IP authorities and stakeholders. Protect, securely share, and sell your creative work and sensitive information with IPCHAIN ​​Database, which is designed to address the needs of scientists, inventors, artists, and companies. The platform protects all types of intellectual property by placing a hash securely on the blockchain. IPCHAIN ​​Database puts special

    IPCHAIN Database Using Blockchain to Protect Intellectual Property

    | 2018/03/11 6:30 am
  • The number of websites sneaking in malware to mine cryptocurrencies such as Monero has grown by over 700% in recent months. Have you been affected? Exponential Increase in Web Miners This unprecedented rise seen recently in the cryptocurrency market has not come with its fair share of problems and controversy. It makes sense that in an emerging market that people will try to take advantage of newly emerging markets to turn a profit. Whether this

    New Report Finds Staggering 725% Increase in Malicious Mining Software

    | 2018/03/10 6:00 pm
  • ZeroEdge is extremely excited to announce that entrepreneur, investor, and Blockchain/Crypto advisor, Cecilia Paolino-Uboldi has joined the ZeroEdge advisory team. ZeroEdge is extremely excited to announce that entrepreneur, investor, and Blockchain/Crypto advisor, Cecilia Paolino-Uboldi has joined the ZeroEdge advisory team. During 17 years, Cecilia has had a varied career in the technology and gaming industries working as a business developer and channel manager building and developing strategic partnerships and alliances internationally most notably at IGT

    Cecilia Paolino-Uboldi – Partner & Global Head of Commercial Affairs at Slotguru joins Zerocoin – Crypto Currency for Online Gambling

    | 2018/03/10 2:00 pm