• The BitKan “2017 Shape the Future” Blockchain global summit has changed its location, it will now be held in Hong Kong instead of Beijing and will take place later this month on September the 20th and 21st. Tickets for the event are still available to purchase. BitKan has changed the location of their “2017  Shape The Future“summit from Beijing to Hong Kong, where it will now be held in the Grand Hyatt Hotel where it

    2017 Blockchain Global Summit – Shape The Future

    | 2017/09/14 8:00 pm
  • The San Francisco and Toronto based blockchain initiative Open Money has announced that it is postponing until Saturday its highly anticipated email only pre-sale event. The program is being expanded as the pre-sale amount was over sold the day before it was scheduled to begin. Open Money experienced a flood of activity that provoked committed amounts of public token investors to demand more than what was available, which would be unfair to those already signed

    Open Money Expands Pre-Sale Due to High Demand

    | 2017/09/13 3:15 pm
  • Less than a year after the industry began, running a Blockchain business using a digital token has suddenly become a lot more complicated. ICOs Float Between A Rock And A Hard Place The free-for-all of the first six months of 2017 when Blockchain startups and ‘projects’ created and sold tokens at will, often for hundreds of millions of dollars, has changed thanks to snap regulatory decisions. The context of regulator reactions continues to dictate digital

    UK Issues a Warning on ICOs But Some Are Already Immune

    | 2017/09/12 8:00 am
  • LAToken’s research team, formed by Deutsche Bank and McKinsey alumni, prepared the first LAT Crypto Research, outlining that total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies can reach $5 trillion by 2025, with asset-backed tokens driving the growth. To read the full report, follow the link, and we’ll share the highlights with you in this post. Total Market Cap to Reach $5 tn by 2025 Cryptocurrencies market capitalization has surged by 830% from last August, reaching $165 billion. The adoption rate of cryptocurrencies may be as high

    LAT Research: The Exponential Growth of Crypto Markets to $5 trillion

    | 2017/09/12 6:30 am
  • Token-as-a-Service (TaaS), the first-ever tokenized closed-end fund dedicated to blockchain assets, announced today it has begun a strategic partnership with Matchpool, the first platform for mainstream matchmaking powered by a cryptographic token economy. Matchpool uses group dynamics to assist participants to match with each other and runs using a decentralized matchmaking protocol. Matchpool seeks to provide a generic platform for matchmakers, allowing anyone to create their own community ‘pool’ for free and invite members to

    TaaS Forms Technological Partnership With Matchpool to Facilitate Connections in Cryptospace

    | 2017/09/08 11:30 am
  • Consumer software, which represents approximately 40% of the $333 billion dollar global software industry, is quickly occupying a growing role in how people conduct their lives and interact with the world around them. We increasingly use apps to be more productive, entertain ourselves and to find and build personal relationships. At the same time, the cryptocurrency market is expanding exponentially around the world. A year ago the total market cap of Bitcoin plus Ethereum was just under $10 billion. Today, their combined market

    Open Money to Drive Mainstream Crypto Adoption

    | 2017/09/08 4:16 am
  • The deputy director of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, a top think tank based in Beijing, says that China’s ICO ban is likely a temporary stop rather than a permanent decision. Wang Jifeng at The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, which is closely affiliated with the PRC’s State Council, argued that the decision concerning the ICO ban is not likely to be permanent in a CCTV interview. The initial stop move was taken by the government

    China’s ICO Clampdown Possibly Only Temporary Says China Expert

    | 2017/09/07 1:15 pm
  • According to Cisco, about 50 billion devices are due to come online by 2020. With the Internet of Things getting closer the world will never be the same again. The underlying concept for IoT is basically connecting any device to the Internet and/or to each other — everything from cellphones, coffee makers, washing machines, headphones, lamps, wearable devices to almost anything you can think of. [Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article] And it’s been going on for

    REVAIN and Internet of things: how soon?

    | 2017/09/02 5:00 am
  • The daddy of all cryptocurrencies gained a surprising defender in its case for mainstream validity this week. The US Department of Homeland Security described it as “a lot more legitimate than people give it credit for”, as reported by CNBC. It’s just used by criminals isn’t it? So the scare-mongering tactics of certain elements of the press would have the uninformed believe. One of the most frequent arguments heard against bitcoin is that its “untraceable” nature attracts

    The Bitcoin ‘It’s Not Actually All That Good for Crime’ Shocker!

    | 2017/09/01 4:00 am
  • Fees have been extraordinarily high this past week, and this article aims to clear up misconceptions and help users make smarter decisions in setting the right fees for their transactions. $3 fee for a $5 transaction? With the recent Bitcoin rally up into the mid $4,000’s there has been a huge influx of users that really don’t understand how Bitcoin works under the hood. And that’s okay, most people are here just for the investment. But

    How Bitcoin Fees Work and Why They’ve Been So High

    | 2017/08/30 3:30 am
  • A blockchain startup REVAIN that offers a new generation of online reviews started selling tokens on August 21 and the results are striking: 883 BTC accumulated during the first 6 hours with the total of 1052 BTC. [Note: This is a sponsored article] They note there was an unexpected server overload during the first several hours of crowdsale that resulted in technical issues preventing some of our investors to contribute that we had to work

    Revain Crowdsale Update: $4 000 000 in the first day

    | 2017/08/29 9:53 am
  • Russian blockchain start-up BeOne is implementing blockchain technology to online education and course delivery through the development of a distributed ledger backed platform. The BeOne platform is created with the intention of offering users with varying educational backgrounds, a range of online courses across a broad spectrum of domains. The platform, currently undergoing closed alpha testing has announced the launch of its ICO campaign to raise funds necessary for building a comprehensive finished product. Users

    BeOne Streamlines Online Education with Blockchain Technology, Announces ICO

    | 2017/08/28 11:34 am
  • Viberate continues to tread on its path towards its end game – that is to offer any musician on the planet the opportunity to create a profile for free and start offering gigs to event organizers in exchange for crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ether, or their very own native currency, Vibe. Viberate’s co-founder UMEK talks about the beginnings of the platform and the vision they’re after: We started as a simple DJ ranking service,


    | 2017/08/26 7:45 am
  • UTRUST, a fintech solutions company is on the verge of making cryptocurrency payments a norm with its new PayPal-like platform. Unlike other cryptocurrency payment processors, the UTRUST payment solution ensures that the interests of both users and merchants are protected. UTRUST is the creation of a highly experienced team, who have been involved with a range of different sectors including corporate management, B2C startups, payment solutions, blockchain development and more. They have created one of

    UTRUST, the PayPal-like Cryptocurrency Payment Solution Announces ICO Campaign

    | 2017/08/24 10:00 am
  • Cryptocurrency Dash have this week announced that they are to fund a Blockchain Research Lab in partnership with the Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering at Arizona State University. More Blockchain Research? If it seems like every other week there is a news story about yet another tin-pot government, trying to work out how blockchain technologies can benefit them, then take heart. Dash are spending their cash on bringing some high-end research back into the educational sphere. The new

    Dash Sponsors Arizona State University’s New Blockchain Research Lab

    | 2017/08/21 5:00 am
  • Microsoft has announced the launch of Coco – a first-of-its-kind ultra fast and secure blockchain service for companies that can process over 1,600 transactions per second. Microsoft’s New Blockchain Service Recently, Washington-based tech giant Microsoft announced a new blockchain framework designed for enterprise systems. The new framework, called Coco, will utilize Microsoft’s technology to offer an advanced, fast and reliable blockchain system. The main advantages of the Coco framework are its ability to process over 1,600

    Microsoft Launches Advanced Enterprise Blockchain Service

    | 2017/08/20 1:00 pm
  • Blockchain technology has proven itself to be invaluable for many different applications and now the Pentagon is looking at using blockchain technology to vastly bolster national security. There’s no denying the fervent interest generated by blockchain technology. The primary focus of blockchain for many people is in cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin. However, an unlikely player is looking at this fascinating innovation: the Pentagon. The Washington Times is reporting that the US military is looking into

    Pentagon Looking to Draft Blockchain Technology for Security Purposes

    | 2017/08/19 10:30 am
  • DMarket is the first cross-game marketplace that allows gamers from all over the world to trade or exchange in-game goods originating from any gaming platform. Their ICO, launched on August 17, 2017, has raised over $7 million in its first 24 hours. The Birth of the Game Asset Marketplace The world first saw it on a large scale when Team Fortress 2 released the item market in 2008. Thousands upon thousands of dollars were being

    DMarket Launches ICO, Aims to Turn Virtual Items into Real Life Assets

    | 2017/08/18 1:00 pm
  • On August 15, 2017, the blockchain-based AdEx announced its partnership with China’s first open source blockchain, NEO (formerly AntShares). Since the announcement, values of the ad network’s native token, ADX, have more than quadrupled. A Tale of Two Blockchains Last week the ad network publicly released its AdEx Core, the base smart contract that will power the advertising network, on GitHub. Originally built on the Ethereum blockchain, AdEx Core will be ported over to the

    AdEx Announces Partnership with NEO, ADX Values Skyrocket

    | 2017/08/17 11:45 am
  • Viberate will shake up the global live music industry by creating a decentralized marketplace that helps musicians, fans, and event organizers find each other and support one another. [Note: This is a sponsored article.] Being a musician is often a difficult job. Only the most successful artists have agents that hustle to get them live gigs and exposure. The vast majority of musicians are left to fend for themselves and are often ill-equipped to handle

    Musicians Gain a Voice as Viberate Shakes Up the Live Music Industry

    | 2017/08/17 10:30 am
  • Until now, finding ourselves with a wallet full of Bitcoin but devoid of cash has meant one thing. An intense period of holding on to our asses. I mean, nervously watching every price rise from the time we sold until we could afford to buy back in. Or in my case, never quite getting to that point. Now there is a solution for those of us desperately HODLing who sometimes also find ourselves desperate for

    How to Release Equity and Still Hold on to Your Crypto Assets with SALT Lending

    | 2017/08/16 8:30 pm
  • Sending money via GPS satellite sounds like something from a science fiction movie, but soon it could become a real service for people to use all over the world. Blockchain specialist company Blockstream has introduced satellites that can help people that don’t have internet access the Bitcoin network. Beaming Blocks Via Satellite Blockstream, a leading company in blockchain technologies, has introduced a brand-new way to interact with the Bitcoin blockchain. Marketed towards people without easy

    Blockstream Introduces Satellite Systems to Access the Blockchain

    | 2017/08/16 3:30 pm
  • On September 10, Bitcoin and blockchain industry leaders from around the world will be in attendance for the much-anticipated premiere of the documentary, one of the highlights at this year’s Shape the Future: Blockchain Global Summit in Beijing, China. Directed by well-known Chinese director Li Yunqi and BitKan Co-CEO Fanny Yu, and with photography by renowned photographer Du Peng, Bitcoin – Shape the Future is a beautifully produced and informative film. It chronicles the history

    Chinese Documentary ‘Bitcoin – Shape the Future’ to Premiere at Blockchain Global Summit

    | 2017/08/15 7:30 am