• The correlation between blockchain technology and the financial industry is hard to overlook these days. A few weeks ago, several firms – including Axoni – tested the blockchain as a way to use smart contracts for single name credit default swaps. As it turns out, distributed ledgers are far more efficient than most financial players assumed. Also read: CEX.io Adds Ether Trading Support to Crypto Exchange Axoni And Others Focus on Blockchain-based CDS Established financial

    Axoni Achieves 100% Success Rate With Blockchain-based CDS

    | 2016/04/18 2:42 am
  • Embrace, Extend, Extinguish. Sounds like the slogan from an evil comic-book organization like Hydra, or the League of Shadows. In reality, it’s the oft-cited business mantra of Microsoft, with regards to how they handle emerging competitors and open source technologies.  Also read: IMF leak Validates Crypto Adopter Concerns You’ll find it parroted most in the open source community, particularly when Microsoft pulls stunts like their recent “partnering” with canonical to implement an Ubuntu-like Posix environment

    Keeping the Blockchain Open in the Shadow of Tech Giants

    | 2016/04/14 12:00 pm
  • At the Money 20/20 Conference in Copenhagen last week, both Bitcoin and particularly the Blockchain were discussed widely.  The conversation has shifted vastly over the past 3 years, as established financial players are actively looking towards Blockchain technology to benefit their businesses.  There were 4 Bitcoin centric presentations, and the following article summarizes them as follows. Also read: Bitcoin Taxes 2016: Accurately Reporting Bitcoin Usage On Wednesday morning, banking super star Blythe Masters, formerly of JP

    Money 20/20 Highlights: Blythe Masters, Blockchain Innovation

    | 2016/04/14 6:00 am
  • To the casual observer, trading cards died as soon as Al Gore “invented” the internet. Gamers know it’s been quite the opposite; cards went digital and business is booming. Spells of Genesis, on of the latest trading card games to hit the market, thinks it has a unique advantage over other games. This article was provided by the Vanbex Group. It’s not just trading card games (or TCGs) like Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft either. Sports

    Own Your Deck in Spells of Genesis

    | 2016/04/13 6:00 pm
  • At the Cato Institute’s “The Policy Challenges of a Decentralized Revolution” in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, Patrick Byrne confirmed that the island nation of the Barbados has indeed ran trials hosting their local fiat currency, the Barbadian Dollar (pegged at $0.50/1-dollar), on a blockchain equivalent. Mr. Byrne spoke to the larger trends ongoing with the technological shifts towards decentralization, and then off-handedly mentioned confirmation of Barbados’ successful trail linking fiat currency to Blockchain technology. Given the pioneering nature

    Patrick Byrne: Barbados Tests Fiat Hosting on Blockchain

    | 2016/04/13 6:00 am
  • Despite the wide variety of cyber attacks against companies and individual users all over the world, far too many websites contain security vulnerabilities.  Hackers have a relatively easy time to gain access to centralized databases and obtain sensitive user information. Also read: Security Experts Create Solution For Petya Bitcoin Ransomware Three In Four Sites Have Security Vulnerabilities A new report by Symantec paints a rather painful picture for enterprises and individual website owners who collect

    500 Million Records Stolen in 2015 Due To Security Vulnerabilities

    | 2016/04/13 3:05 am
  • April 11, 2016 — A decentralized currency can not only exist with regulation and oversight, it must. Following publication in Cointelegraph of the Vanbex Report titled, Outlawing Bitcoin: A Matter of Control, commenter Simon remarked: “So a decentralized currency requires … centralization?” Written by Brandon Kostinuk The Necessity of Oversight in Decentralized Currencies This comment arose from a statement in the article that read: “A decentralized digital currency requires regulation and oversight.” His confusion — incredulity,

    Vanbex Report: Decentralized Oversight

    | 2016/04/11 6:00 pm
  • On Wednesday afternoon at the Money20/20 Conference in Copenhagen, a panel of experts from the Bitcoin industry shared their thoughts on the current state and potential of Blockchain technology.  The discussion was delivered to an overcrowded room, as interest in Blockchain was widespread at the conference.  The talk was wide-ranging, with topics consistent of the Blockchain’s potential to Ethereum to long term applications of the blockchain. Also read: WageCan Launches Euro-Based Bitcoin Debit Card Discussing

    Money20/20: Blockchain Technicalities and Potential

    | 2016/04/08 12:00 pm
  • Los Angeles, CA — Revolutionary blockchain-related technology created by Raistone Inc. is set to launch a finalized proof-of-concept this summer, the success of which could change the way digital trading and transactional systems are designed and deployed. Disclaimer: This is a press release. Bitcoinist is not responsible for this firm’s products and/or services. Financial technology startup Raistone is preparing to bring to market a fully-functional blockchain-based digital asset transfer and distributed escrow system, according to

    Raistone Reinventing Escrow With New System

    | 2016/04/08 11:17 am
  • On Wednesday afternoon, a leading panel of leading Bitcoin experts and figures from around the industry met on a panel focused around the scaling of Bitcoin technology. This block size talk was decidedly less crowded than the previous talks around the blockchain, yet attracted a more technically focused discussion and engaged crowd of enthusiastic Bitcoiners, many of who lingered around the room afterwards, than any other panels at the conference. As Moderator Jon Matonis of the

    Money 20/20: Bitcoin industry Leaders Discuss Block Size Debate

    | 2016/04/08 9:00 am
  • At the Money20/20 Conference in Copenhagen on Thursday morning, Patrick Byrne of Overstock and t0 discussed challenges to traditional settlement infrastructure and the opportunities provided through using blockchain technology to process bonds settlements. Mr. Byrne started off by telling a story of the United States capital market in the early 1960’s, whose employees had difficulty managing the quadrupling of paper work by delivery persons on bicycles. As a result, the DTCC was created to create a

    Money20/20: Patrick Byrne Discusses t0 and Blockchain Securities

    | 2016/04/08 6:00 am
  • There is an increasing interest for blockchain technology in Japan, as NRI and Japan Exchange Group have started a new distributed ledgers trial. What makes this announcement even more appealing is how other major financial institutions are part of this collaboration as well, and the securities industry is one area where the blockchain can make a significant impact. Also read: FortuneJack: Provably Fair Bitcoin Gaming Across the Globe NRI and Japan Exchange Blockchain Study Many financial

    NRI And Japan Exchange Group Build Blockchain Proof-of-Concept For Securities Industry

    | 2016/04/08 3:29 am
  • Money 20/20 sponsor CoinsBank announced the launch of its Universal Crypto Solution at the Copenhagen event. This new initiative is focused on “next generation blockchain solutions,” and will produce new CoinsBank products such as CoinsBank Wallet, Card, Merchant Tools, Exchange, Charts and Mobile App. Disclaimer: This article was provided by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with the firms represented by Bitcoin PR Buzz and is not responsible for their products and/or services. The

    CoinsBank Announces New Blockchain Initiative at Money 20/20

    | 2016/04/07 12:00 pm
  • On Tuesday afternoon at the Money 20/20 conference in Copenhagen, a panel of industry leaders discussed the ongoing trends towards the tokenization of financial data and their respective involvements in these endeavors. Tokenization is growing in popularity among payment processors and their clients alike, and there are a number of overlapping ideas with how the Blockchain obfuscates sensitive information while still making information accessible for applicable parties or use cases. MasterCard in particular wants to

    Money20/20: MasterCard to Launch Tokenization Initiatives

    | 2016/04/06 9:00 am
  • In today’s world of advancing technology and innovation, the creation of bitcoin sparked in interest in the use of digital currencies in global financial institutions, and set the foundation for the development of blockchain. The use of this digital ledger to revolutionise tradition banking structures by providing a record of transaction between parties is expected to reduce banking risks and speed up the efficiency of transaction processes. Now is the time for banks to think about the benefits

    How to Implement the Blockchain in Financial Institutions

    | 2016/04/05 6:00 pm
  • Andrew Wiseman, a Swedish-based Principal at Oliver Wyman management consultancy, detailed his views on development trends in blockchain technology at the Money 20/20 conference in Copenhagen on Monday afternoon. Fascinatingly, Mr. Wiseman labeled blockchains as exhibiting a “Kardashian Effect,” in the sense that they are widely discussed and popular, but many who reference them do not understand why this may be the case. Unlike the Kardashian hype cycle, however, Mr. Wiseman believes that the Blockchain

    Oliver Wyman Principal: Blockchain Exhibiting ‘Kardashian Effect’

    | 2016/04/05 9:00 am
  • On Monday afternoon at the Money 20/20 conference in Copenhagen, a panel of industry leaders provided an update on their views of the current status of regulation in the Bitcoin and blockchain spaces in Europe. Of primary note was a statement around the short term future of digital currency regulation in Europe. Speaking on issues surrounding attention being placed on Anti-Money Laundering (AML) concerns, Monica Monaco of Trust EU Affairs made a bold yet not-surprising statement,

    Money 20/20: Industry Leaders Weigh in on Blockchain Regulation

    | 2016/04/05 6:00 am
  • The Bitcoin Core Sponsorship Programme has recently been announced, which is dedicated of foster innovation in the world of Bitcoin and digital currencies. There is a lot of research and development waiting to be completed, and keeping in mind how Bitcoin Core powers the majority of the existing Bitcoin infrastructure, it makes sense to ask for help. Also read: Tesla 3 and Bitcoin Make The Difference Locally Bitcoin Core Sponsorship Programme is Important Even though

    Bitcoin Core Sponsorship Programme Aims To Foster Ecosystem Development

    | 2016/04/04 7:39 am
  • 2 April 2016 – The Ethereum community has voiced its concerns about the legitimacy and functionality of ride sharing app Arcade City in an AMA with its founder, Christopher David. The AMA follows a medium post from one of his previous associates accusing David of being a fraudster that has since been taken down, and the AMA seems to be doing little to address concerns surrounding the fraud accusations, and raises more questions as to

    Arcade City AMA Raises Questions, Red Flags

    | 2016/04/02 10:25 pm
  •   Syscoin, the first cryptocurrency built specifically for the needs of online merchants and marketplaces, has released its eagerly awaited Final 2.0 Beta version, the final step toward the release of its main net release in April, said Sebastien DiMichele, Syscoin spokesperson.  Anticipation of this development, coupled with last month’s announcement that it had been chosen by Microsoft for its BaaS service, Azure, has increased both volume, making it a top ten coin on several exchanges, and

    Syscoin Releases Final 2.0 Beta, Cuts Supply by More than Half

    | 2016/04/02 1:00 pm
  • Syrian and Iraqi refugees have fled war torn nations for Europe, leaving authorities in Europe overwhelmed. The process has been described as chaotic, and Europe is divided over how to handle the influx of refugees. One possible solution is refugee registration with the blockchain. Also Read: BitNation: Decentralized Government Saving Refugee Lives: Enter the Blockchain? A group of young Spanish hackers, calling themselves NevTrace, wants to streamline how refugees make it to, and assimilate in,

    Can The Blockchain Make Refugee Lives Easier?

    | 2016/04/02 12:00 pm
  • Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, March 31, 2016 — Voxelus, the world’s first end-to-end virtual reality content creation platform and marketplace, today announced that its eagerly awaited “app store for VR content” marketplace is live, featuring completely free-to-play and free-to-download content through April 19.  Premium VR content, created by the community of more than 70,000 developers and artists who have downloaded the Voxelus Creator since its introduction at Oculus Connect, will go on sale with the launch

    Voxelus Marketplace & Voxel Cryptocurrency Go Live

    | 2016/04/02 11:42 am
  • We’ve seen the Bitcoin scaling debate rise in fervor, come to a head, and die down without a substantial resolution. Many of its by-products are much maligned by the community, but despite the balkanization and unproductive argument that has become integral to bitcoin on social media, Bitcoin continues to be more or less an attractive option in the blockchain ecosystem. No amount of squabbling and negative press coverage will change that for the core user

    C-Bit Altcoin Highlights Everything Wrong With the Bitcoin Community

    | 2016/04/02 6:00 am