• The Expanse Project has announced the development of a blockchain-based voting platform, which, according to developers, has “the potential to change the dynamics of future elections.” Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Expanse Wants to Take Voting to the Blockchain According to a press release, this new project will provide voting services secured by an immutable blockchain. By virtue of the blockchain technology, said the Expanse team, their voting protocol will store

    Expanse Launches Demo for New Blockchain Voting Platform

    | 2016/11/02 1:00 pm
  • HYPR, an encryption-specific solution to enable secure biometric login authentication, announced on Tuesday that it has secured $3 million USD in funding from RTP Ventures, Boldstart Ventures and Mesh Ventures. Also read: Only Permissioned Blockchaines Can Transform Finance, Says Chain’s Ludwin This announcement, coupled with an ever-increasing roster of multi-national customers in the banking industry and beyond, underscores the fact that biometric authentication is a key realm for advancement in login security, person-ability, and user control in securing biometric data. Speaking

    HYPR Announces $3M Funding Round for Biometric Security Products

    | 2016/10/26 8:45 am
  • Who really understands what a blockchain is? Could you explain it to your mother? Chain CEO Adam Ludwin got down to fundamentals yesterday, as he explained his company’s intention to transform financial services by digitizing already-existing assets. Also read: Visa Introduces Blockchain-based Solution for Payment Services Ludwin spoke on a Tuesday afternoon panel with at the Money 20/20 Conference in Las Vegas. Blockchains Transform Finance From the Bottom Up Assets including U.S. dollars and Starbucks points

    Only Permissioned Blockchains Can Transform Finance, Says Chain’s Ludwin

    | 2016/10/26 4:37 am
  • On Sunday afternoon’s lead-off keynote address at the Money 20/20 Conference in Las Vegas, Visa and Chain joined to collectively promote their new, blockchain-inspired payments platform, B2B Connect. Also read: Altcoin Report: Monero Shutting Down Until January Visa and Chain Use Blockchain for B2B Transactions Leveraging benefits from shared infrastructural ledger technology, including global scale, transparency, and cryptographically-backed security, the Visa B2B Connect product is built on Chain’s proprietary Chain Core software. The product will go live with a

    Money 20/20: Visa, Chain Expand on B2B Connect

    | 2016/10/25 8:00 pm
  • On Sunday afternoon at the Money20/20 Conference in Las Vegas, a panel of industry experts discussed the exciting potential of blockchain applications and the array of solutions being developed to meet the needs of a wide number of players. Panelists urged the packed auditorium to take a serious look at the quickly evolving cryptocurrency technology space, and honed in on the need to lower settlement costs and times. Also read: Money 20/20: BitPay Announces New Mobile

    Money20/20 Panel: Integrating Blockchain Into Mainstream Business

    | 2016/10/25 6:00 pm
  • On Tuesday morning at the Money 20/20 Conference in Las Vegas, Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock and t0, announced the historic arrival of trading publicly offered Overstock shares on the t0 blockchain. Also read: Money 20/20 Recap: Ethereum, Consumer Protection, Investment Overstock Moving Forward With t0 Starting on December 15th, individuals who purchased Overstock shares by the November 7th record date will qualify to purchase shares of its preferred stock, including preferred shares to be issued and traded

    Overstock Announces Publicly-Traded Shares on t0 Blockchain

    | 2016/10/25 3:46 pm
  • On Sunday afternoon at the Money20/20 conference in Las Vegas, a cybersecurity panel discussed challenges facing financial services organizations in preparing for or responding to malicious cyberattacks. Sharing information on ransomeware attack management, panelists argued, is a near necessity for financial services organizations. With organizations facing increasing risk from swarm-like cyberattacks and associated ransom payment demands, panelists urged for organizations to proactively prepare for and manage response strategies to a cybersecurity breach incident. Also Read: BTCC Aannounces

    Money20/20: Cybersecurity Panel Praises Information Sharing to Reduce Cybercriminal Risks

    | 2016/10/25 2:00 am
  • The Smart Contract Alliance, an initiative ran by the Chamber of Digital Commerce to promote real-world application of smart contracts, has announced the launch of the Smart Contract Symposium, a conference to take place in New York City on December 5th, 2016.  Of particular note is that renowned cryptographer Nick Szabo, who coined the term “smart contracts,” will give the event’s keynote address. Also read: Visa Introduces Blockchain-Based Solution for Payment Services Szabo to Keynote New York

    Nick Szabo to Keynote CDC Smart Contract Symposium in New York

    | 2016/10/24 2:56 pm
  • Visa is working on a blockchain-based solution for cross-border, business-to-business exchange called Visa B2B Connect. Cross-border payments between businesses is a complex market that is fraught with problems but is lucrative nonetheless, a potential that Visa seems eager to tap into. Also read: CoinAgenda Brings Blockchain Leaders to Vegas on October 25 Visa Unveils its Collaborative Project Visa, in collaboration with tech start-up, Chain Inc., unveiled the project on October 21, 2016. Chain, a startup that Visa

    Visa Introduces Blockchain-based Solution for Payment Services

    | 2016/10/24 1:14 pm
  • Quantum computers may end Bitcoin, all episodes of Trust Disrupted are available to view, and Jaxx vows to go international. Want to catch up on your latest digital currency and tech news? Read the stories below. Also read: Industry Report: Japanese TV Educating People on Bitcoin? TRUST DISRUPTED The new show, brought to you by TechCrunch, is now completely available for audiences’ viewing pleasure. The first season of the show, which delves deeply into digital currency

    Industry Report: Is the End of Bitcoin Near?

    | 2016/10/18 3:31 pm
  • Since its inception, Bitcoin as a payment medium has a cemented an impression of being anonymous and privacy-centric. So much so that the currency has been glorified by the masterminds behind the doomed Silk Road, and advocated by recognized influencers such as German politician Franz Schäffler, celebrity Ashton Kutcher, famed author & economist David Friedman, and finance guru Kevin O’Leary to name a few. Also read: Jaxx Announces Plans to Go International After Augur Integration

    Understanding Privacy: How Anonymous Can Bitcoin Payments Be?

    | 2016/10/14 4:48 pm
  • On October 6, 2016,  Decentral made the decision to integrate the Augur coin, REP, onto its multi-platform wallet, Jaxx. This decision created some buzz around the crypto-community, and CEO Anthony Di Iorio says there is still more to come. Also read: Industry Report: Japanese TV Educating People on Bitcoin? Augur Joins a Growing Number of Platforms on Jaxx Jaxx’s addition of Augur’s recently released currency gives users the option of 8 different platforms to choose

    Jaxx Announces Plans to Go International After Augur Integration

    | 2016/10/13 12:26 pm
  • TechCrunch creates a new blockchain series, Backpage.com’s CEO is arrested, and Antshares raises a lot of money. Want to catch up on your latest digital currency and tech news? Check out the stories below. Also read: Industry Report: Lawyers Defending Digital Currency Users TECHCRUNCH The news publication will release a six-episode series called “Trust Disrupted.” The topic: cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. TechCrunch seems to believe that Bitcoin and related digital currencies are among the hottest

    Industry Report: A Week of Big Bitcoin Money, Backpage Arrests

    | 2016/10/11 7:48 am
  • A recent downgrade of Google noted that their advertising model was being potentially threatened by companies that will offer “paid attention” services to users.  Could this rising attention economy be the silver bullet that digital currencies need? Also read: Industry Report: Lawyers Defending Digital Currency Users Why Is the Attention Economy Important? A recent analyst report by James Dix ad Wedbush Securities downgraded Google, warning of a future in which search as we know it

    Earning Bitcoin to Watch Ads: Is the “Attention Economy” Finally Here?

    | 2016/10/08 7:17 pm
  • Dubai looks to operate fully via blockchain, lawyers unite to aid digital currency users, and Iceland is interested in Auroracoin. Want to catch up on your latest digital currency and tech news? Read the following stories. Also read: Industry Report: Deutsche Bank Bailout Unlikely DUBAI Dubai is looking to place all its documentation on a blockchain by the year 2020. The announcement came by way of Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed, who also supports full, blockchain-based

    Industry Report: Lawyers Defending Digital Currency Users

    | 2016/10/08 9:50 am
  • Blockchain company DECENT has partnered with Naughty America, a major US adult content producer, to develop a platform that focuses on Intellectual Property (IP) rights and privacy protection. Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with the firms represented by Bitcoin PR Buzz and is not responsible for their products and/or services. DECENT and Naughty America: Adult Film ‘Plagued’ by Piracy This collaboration aims to produce a blockchain-based Digital

    DECENT Partners With Naughty America to Stop Porn Piracy

    | 2016/10/06 10:07 am
  • After taking a week off to visit Charlie Shrem, and having a block size showdown with Roger Ver, Chris DeRose and Junseth are back to their regular schedule on Bitcoin Uncensored. Episode 49 is a big one, covering a wide range of topics in the hosts’ unique and uncensored fashion. However, before jumping into the news, the guys wanted to know what Bitcoin icon MK Lords thinks about the show. Also read: Bitcoin Uncensored: Block

    Bitcoin Uncensored 49: A New Blockchain Deity, “Guh-neesis”

    | 2016/10/04 5:40 pm
  • Deutsche Bank isn’t likely to receive a bailout, UnoCoin sets a new funding record, and Velocity invites you to try “simple” smart contracts. Want to catch up on your latest tech and digital currency news? Read the stories below. Also read: Industry Report: Authorities Warn Against OneCoin, Likely Scam DEUTSCHE BANK Deutsche Bank is on the edge of financial crisis. Currently facing a $14 billion USD fine from the U.S. Department of Justice, German legislators

    Industry Report: Deutsche Bank Bailout Unlikely

    | 2016/10/04 2:18 pm
  • Another episode of Bitcoin Uncensored is up, and it’s a good one. This time, hosts Chris DeRose and Junseth talk with Roger Ver. Chris and Junseth have a showdown of sorts with Ver about the Bitcoin block size, the most contentious topic in Bitcoin at the moment. Also read: Bitcoin Uncensored: The Libertarian Nonsense Machine  Roger Ver: Big Bitcoin Block Size or Bust Ver, affectionately known as “Bitcoin Jesus” in the cryptocurrency world, travels the

    Bitcoin Uncensored: Block Size Showdown With Roger Ver

    | 2016/10/03 2:39 pm
  • Distributed derivatives platform Velocity went live this week with a product demo version. The “simple” smart contract invites users to speculate on price for Ethereum’s native token ether. Also read: Indian Bitcoin Startup Unocoin Holds Record-Setting Fundraiser Velocity Making ‘Financial Building Blocks’ Velocity‘s aim is to provide a blockchain-based smart contract alternative to existing derivatives, built on Ethereum. The demo version currently runs on Ethereum’s testnet. Chief architect Vignesh Sundaresan indicated where the financial industry could use his

    Velocity’s Demo Invites Users to Try ‘Simple’ Smart Contracts

    | 2016/10/02 2:58 pm
  • Have a listen to Episode 7 of the Bitcoinist podcast, featuring special guest Kevin McKernan, founder of the Cannabis Genome Project. The podcast is now available on iTunes as well as Stitcher,  and gPodder. If you like what you hear, please leave a comment or review on iTunes or in the comments: Join us as we discuss alternate uses of the BTC blockchain as a pedigree, IP managment, and marijuana strain verification platform, and future

    Now Live: Episode 7 of the Bitcoinist Podcast

    | 2016/09/30 12:30 am
  • A massive data breach at Yahoo, and IPFS prefers Ethereum over Bitcoin. Want to catch up on your latest digital currency and tech news? Take a gander at the stories below. Also read: Industry Report: Poloniex Ditches NH, Santander Embraces Ethereum YAHOO Believing Yahoo to have been the victim of a massive 2014 hack, executives of the Internet and email giant sent out a notice last Thursday evening warning users of a potential data breach.

    Industry Report: Yahoo Gets Hacked, 500 Million Accounts At Risk

    | 2016/09/27 8:32 am
  • Poloniex exiles New Hampshire, Santander joins hands with Ethereum, and a new copper gadget offers digital payments. Want to catch up on your latest digital currency and tech news? Read the stories below. Also read: Industry Report: $150 Million in Cryptocurrency is Destroyed POLONIEX Digital currency exchange Poloniex is suspending all services in New Hampshire thanks to new license-based regulations and requirements. Poloniex is giving New Hampshire customers until October 6 to withdraw their funds.

    Industry Report: Poloniex Ditches NH, Santander Embraces Ethereum

    | 2016/09/23 2:53 pm