• Confronted by police on allegations of selling stolen laptops, a Pennsylvania man has also come clean and confessed to apparently stealing over $40 million worth of Bitcoin through a malware program. An alleged heist of millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin has come to light in the most peculiar fashion as a Pennsylvania man admitted to officers that he had written software that stole Bitcoin by replacing wallet addresses with his own. Theodore Price was

    Pennsylvania Man Confesses to $40 Million Bitcoin Theft

    | 2017/07/20 12:21 pm
  • There’s been no official statements as of yet – but it looks like the Mycelium Wallet will be getting built-in peer-to-peer bitcoin mixing/tumbling later this year.  The first testnet transaction from devs went out four days ago, and discussion on internal channels confirms that they’re working on integrating P2P tumbling into their popular Android wallet. Read also: Comedy Tor Forks Emerge In Response to Appelbaum Scandal P2P Tumbling In Mycelium Pipeline As for details, so

    Mycelium May Roll out P2P Tumbling Soon

    | 2016/08/19 8:21 pm
  •   Depending on your perspective and personal political leanings, the heading and course of the Tor Foundation since the ousting of Jacob Appelbaum can be characterised anywhere from “chaotic” to “unmitigated shit-show.” Highlights include A smear Campaign levelled at the former project head, controversial restructuring, an exodus of key volunteers, and a marked increase in focus on identity politics within the Foundation’s ranks. As expected, the masses have responded with that familiar vitriol and lack

    Comedy Forks of Tor Emerge in response to Foundation Drama

    | 2016/08/19 2:02 am
  • TradeZero has announced today that they will be partnering with Jered Kenna to create an off-chain “Dark Pool” exchange on their platform, in addition to their commission-free stock and ETF trading services. The exchange will implement multisig and insuring through BitGo, and fee-less currency (digital and fiat) trading within their system. The Nassau-registered broker will also be accepting opening balances in BTC. Read also: Nvidia GTX 1070 Review – Efficiency Boost Worth the Premium?  

    TradeZero Platfom Opens Off-Chain Exchange, Accepts BTC

    | 2016/08/11 7:55 am
  • In light of the recent Ethereum hard fork, a collection of anonymous figures, or Ethereum Whales, have offered their support to the DAO exploiter — believing that the core developers have an obligation to the original contract. Also read: Breakout Gaming Making Progress on New eSports Platform The Ethereum Whales According to a blog, the ETH whales believe the developers at the Ethereum Foundation have an obligation to support the original smart contract. That is

    Anonymous Figures OfferHelp to Ethereum DAO Exploiter

    | 2016/07/26 12:37 am
  • The  Ethereum Hard-Fork has been a highly divisive event on the cryptocurrency landscape. The hard fork, along with a rescue soft-fork in the weeks prior, has been a godsend to those who invested in The DAO, a smart contract built on Ethereum that ended in one of the most catastrophic implosions in Crypto history. With 12% of the extant Eth tied up in the DAO, The majority of Ethereum hashpower decided to hard-fork to refund

    Ethereum Classic Jumps Into Top 10 Altcoins In Less Than a Day

    | 2016/07/24 4:35 pm
  • Ethereum’s DAO hard fork update landed on GitHub yesterday, allowing users to vote on whether they support the Hard fork that will refund the DAO after the attack that drained around four percent of the total Ethereum (approx. 50 million US dollars worth at the time)  in circulation from the smart contract. Read Also: MakerDAO Founder’s Unique Opinions on the DAO’s Failure Ethereum Reaches A Crossroads with Hard Fork Update   This hard fork update,

    DAO Hard Fork Update for Ethereum Finally Released

    | 2016/07/17 10:32 am
  • Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Zaif continues to make media headlines in quick succession as of late. The company announced on July 3rd how they had added the XEM cryptocurrency to their trading platform. Keeping in mind how XEM has seen a spectacular value increase over the past few months, this is not entirely surprising. Also read: Litecoin Is Back: New Roadmap Signals the Start of a Renaissance It is not uncommon for cryptocurrency exchanges to add

    Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange Zaif Adds XEM Trading Market

    | 2016/07/04 5:02 am
  • There is a now form of Bitcoin ransomware on the block, going by the name of Zepto. At its core, this is a different variant of the Locky malware, which has been making the rounds for quite some time now. Security researchers detected a spike in the distribution of this new ransomware. As one would expect, Internet criminals are using spam emails to distribute this payload. Also read: Are the Winklevoss Twins Bringing the Bitcoin

    Worrisome Locky Ransomware Variant Zepto is Making The Rounds

    | 2016/07/02 5:58 am
  • Hospital IT security is not up to par, as a recent reported indicated. It looks like the threat is far more real than anticipated, as a new wave of IoT device attacks is taking place as we speak. Medical services, ranging from CT scanners to dialysis pumps, are targeted by hackers. Albeit these assailants will not shut down the machines, they are trying to retrieve confidential patient information. Also read: FBI Overstepped Boundaries Again in

    Hackers Target Medical IoT Devices To Obtain Prescription Drugs

    | 2016/07/01 3:54 am
  • The story of Silk Road is far from finished by the look of things. Gary Davis, also known as Libertas on the deep web marketplace, is fighting his extradition to the US. If he is successful in doing so, he will not be charged for his alleged involvement in Silk Road. The FBI strongly feels they have evidence linking his real identity to that of the Libertas administrator position on the platform. Also read: Running

    FBI Overstepped Boundaries Again in Silk Road Investigation

    | 2016/06/30 4:08 am
  • According to a French report from a blog operated by Bernard Debré the député of the National Assembly of France and a member of the of the Union for a Popular Movement in Paris, Debré wants to ban Bitcoin in the city. The bureaucrat recently found out from a survey he participated in that drugs can be bought with the cryptocurrency online with just a few clicks. Also read: DAO Wars Soft Fork Makes Ethereum Blockchain

    A Politician from Paris Wants to Ban Bitcoin

    | 2016/06/28 7:39 pm
  • The Ethereum community has a lot to decide lately as the network has been preparing for an upcoming soft fork expected to start roughly around June 30. According to Etherchain.org pools who have implemented the soft fork are showing consensus for the procedure. With the Ethereum community planning on the next step another revelation from Hacking, Distributed shows the soft fork may be vulnerable to DoSing. Also read: Bitcoin and Brexit: Did the Great UK Debate

    DAO Wars Soft Fork Makes Ethereum Blockchain Vulnerable

    | 2016/06/28 2:35 pm
  • Sometimes it feels like the only way Bitcoin makes headlines is either through a price change or ransomware. Cerber, one of the most dangerous types of Bitcoin ransomware alive today, has been cloned into a new variant. As a result, this undisclosed type of malware can target Office 365 users through a zero-day attack. It is very well possible millions of business users have been affected already. Also read: Russian Policymakers Set To Deal Another

    Office 365 Zero-day Leads To Ransomware Phishing Attacks

    | 2016/06/28 5:22 am
  • Locky remains one of the biggest ransomware threats to this very date. Now that the Necurs botnet is back, it looks like a new version of Locky Bitcoin ransomware is available as well. A new spam campaign is underway to infect as many computers as possible. Also read: Pound Crashes as UK Votes to Leave European Union Roughly three weeks ago, the Necurs botnet suddenly went offline, leaving security researchers puzzled as to what happened

    Necurs Botnet Resurfaces With Updated Locky and Dridex Versions

    | 2016/06/24 5:09 am
  • Bitcoin ransomware threats are once again making the headlines these days. Albeit they are now popular than screen-blocker ransomware, this is not news to be proud of by any means. Malware used on such a large scale will continue to give Bitcoin a bad reputation, even though the cryptocurrency is not at fault for these problems. Also read: Large-Scale Phishing Attack Targets Bitcoin and Web Wallet Users There is nothing more annoying than dealing with

    Bitcoin Ransomware Popularity Increased Spectacularly In 2015

    | 2016/06/23 4:37 am
  • Exciting Bitcoin products are available in abundance. A new project is currently listed on Kickstarter, which serves as the first-ever Bitcoin Card game. Bitcoin Empire, as this game is called, is designed to be played with two to four players. Also read: Cambridge University Acknowledges Need For Blockchain Education The objective of Bitcoin Empire is to collect the most bitcoins before your friends do. Albeit this concept may sound very easy, anyone who has ever

    Bitcoin Empire Kickstarter Campaign Is Live

    | 2016/06/21 6:28 am
  • The Bitcoin price has taken a tumble today with the Bitfinex trading outage, starting around 5 PM Eastern Time, and continuing into the night. This news follows scheduled maintenance on th 17th. Bitfinex is citing “server migration issues” as the source of the outage delaying their projected re-launch time several times while attempting to fix the problem, allowing bursts of cancellation requests through as they worked. The outage coincides with as much as a 9%

    Bitfinex Outage Causes Temporary BTC/USD Price Plunge

    | 2016/06/21 2:49 am
  • The soft fork proposed to fix the sticky situation The DAO has dragged the Ethereum community into is here, and is a perhaps disproportionately drastic to the problem. The proposed solution to the DAO attack is to freeze all funds in the contract by blacklisting the hashes that correspond to the stored Ether. Want to withdraw funds from the DAO or “split” from the failed experiment? Be prepared to do so on an alternate Blockchain.

    DAO Soft Fork Revised to Allow Generic “Blacklisting”

    | 2016/06/20 10:49 am
  • Andrew Vegetabile, Director of the Litecoin Association, came out against a fork of Ethereum/The DAO, Decrying interference with The DAO by outside crypto developers in an open letter to  “Vitalik Buterin, The DAO, future smart contract developers, and the throngs of individuals within the crypto ecosystem” today. Read Also:  How The Verge’s Russell Brandom Misrepresented the DAO Attack, Bitcoin Andrew Vegetabile Calls Buterin’s Intervention “Unprecedented”   He Cites the widespread negative impact outside of The

    Andrew Vegetabile of Litecoin Association Opposes DAO Fork

    | 2016/06/19 11:36 pm
  • A class action suit has been filed against Joshua Garza, Stuart Fraser, and GAW Miners, LLC.   Also read: Hillary Clinton Vocally Supports State Surveillance This suit comes following the months-long legal proceedings involving the company, including a breach of contract suit from Mississippi Power Company over nearly $350,000 USD in unpaid electricity bills, and the SEC charging Garza and the company with security fraud in December of 2015. The formal complaint filed yesterday is

    GAW Gets Sued: Josh Garza Faces Class-Action Suit Over Scams

    | 2016/06/18 1:55 am
  • The DAO Hub had an unfortunate event during the evening of June 16th as an attacker drained the DAO for 3.53 million Ether finding a bug within the smart contract code. Now the crypto-community is up in arms debating “roll backs,” hard forks, and the very foundations of smart contracts in general. Also Read: Bitcoin Price to Hit $1,000 Once Again? The Rally Continues Ethereum and DAO Developers Scramble to Fix the Mess  During an

    The Explosion of the DAO, Over 3 Million Ether Stolen

    | 2016/06/17 4:37 pm
  • Now that the Bitcoin price has been skyrocketing, more transactions are taking place on the network as well. Similar to what happened a few months ago, network congestion is taking place once again. Bitcoin Core developers are being scrutinized once again for their seemingly unwillingness to up the block size anytime soon. Also read: Review: Bitmain AntMiner S9 First 16nm ASIC to Market Miner Various Bitcoin community members are getting annoyed with the current congestion issues

    F2Pool Votes on 8MB Blocks To Alleviate Bitcoin Congestion

    | 2016/06/16 5:19 am