• This week, we saw an overall decline in the bitcoin price, as it fell from $398.78 at the beginning of the week to $373.55 at Sunday’s close. This week’s bearish activity was characterized by relatively flat activity, punctuated by sudden price drops that the market seemed to be unable to fully recover from. Meanwhile, in the news, we learned of new Bitcoin network milestones, regulatory efforts and investments.  Also read: Gamerholic, the Next ‘Billion Dollar Gaming

    Bitcoinist Weekly News Re-Hash: Bitcoin Mining Milestone, DCG to go Public?

    | 2016/02/01 8:00 am
  • Amid the turmoil of today’s news regarding Russia “banning bitcoin“… again. It seems a good time to sit back and ask ourselves just what kind of threats cryptocurrencies face both internally and externally. The obvious starter to this conversation is of course, government regulation. As entrenched oligarchies feel their stranglehold of the money supply loosening we can expect a whole range of tactics to be employed by various regulatory bodies across the globe. In fact,

    What can actually kill Bitcoin?

    | 2014/09/15 3:46 am
  • Bitcasino.io, the popular online casino which deals exclusively in Bitcoin, have announced today they will be expanding their sportsbook to include many more sporting events which members of the site can bet on. The sportsbook is currently being updated to include up to 10,000 events during league times and will be completed in August. This expansion means members will have the ability to bet with Bitcoin on their favourite teams and best loved sports. A

    Bitcasino.io Updates Sportsbook to Include Up to 10,000 Events Each Month

    | 2014/07/22 6:36 pm