• Finally, PayPal accepts bitcoin and signs partnerships with BitPay, Coinbase and Gocoin Today, PayPal gave “Bitcoiners” good news. Scott Ellison, PayPal’s Senior Director has revealed the companies that will be working with PayPal in the bitcoin integration in an attempt to increase the adoption of bitcoin worldwide. The first completed project is an integration with PayPal’s Payments Hub, which is their alternative payments platform for digital goods. Customers with a bitcoin wallet will now be

    Finally, PayPal goes “ALL IN” with Bitcoin

    | 2014/09/24 3:03 am
  • With 55 of the top 100 tokens gaining ground today the worst of the recent market shake up is (hopefully) over. While most gains were modest a few standouts are worth mentioning. Decentralized exchange and smart property player Mastercoin, showing signs of genuine value in a rough market, is up a very respectable 54% today, rounding out it’s weekly gains of 24%. Good on you boys and girls. As attacks from on high cast doubt

    Today’s Top Dogs – 9.21

    | 2014/09/22 10:03 am
  • Bitcoin industry is going through a period of profound changes followed by an outstanding expansion. Everyday new businesses and other projects are coming up with new concepts and improved services. Exchanges are an integral part of the bitcoin industry in constant development; some exchanges are working vigorously in an effort to keep up with the ever increasing demands of the crypto currency ecosystem, while trying to offer the best innovative security options along with professional

    Interview with Bitquick’s CEO, Jad Mubaslat

    | 2014/09/22 2:06 am
  • As our search narrows, leaders emerge… When we last left off, we had established that in our search for the perfect ICO platform we’ve encountered our fair share of dead ends and dubious options. While we are confident we can launch this project off of our back porch if need be it stands to reason we’d want to give our baby every possible advantage we can find. So while we are okay with most of

    The ICO platform search: Coinprism

    | 2014/09/21 12:40 pm
  • We’ve all heard about the infamous recent celebrity photo scandal where as a result of an Apple iCloud hack, leaked nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, Kate Upton and more were made public. Recently, I had the chance to interview Nick Lambert of the MaidSafe Team to talk to him about how technology like Maidsafe and the Safenetwork could prevent leaks and secure data. Questions were geared towards user privacy. Could MaidSafe and the

    Could This Technology Prevent Celebrity Photo Scandals?

    | 2014/09/21 12:38 am
  • SocialxBot is a decentralized crypto currency that offers the innovative ability to send and receive secure, anonymous funds by merely tweeting. Now, every Twitter account in the system is automatically connected to SocialxBot. The goal of the project is to bring crypto currencies to all available markets in regard to social media, specifically focusing on the Twitter platform. Users can receive SocialxBot coins with their Twitter account without downloading the QT client. Twitter has over

    SocialxBot Enables Financial Transactions via Twitter

    | 2014/09/20 8:58 pm
  • …because you gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince? In my think tanks ever expanding search for the ideal platform from which to launch our hopes and dreams, we’ve gone through a number of stages. We’re fortunate in that our project is attracting the right kind of attention but how best to harness that attention? How best to utilize incoming resources while creating ample rewards for everyone who gets involved in

    In search of the perfect ICO platform

    | 2014/09/20 2:58 pm
  • The sky is falling, the sky is falling! One look at this weeks Coinmarketcap is all it takes to get a sense for what the market is feeling at the moment, as total market cap drops to around 5.8 billion. The new threshold marking the lowest total marketcap has been since April of this year, as 12 of the top 20 cryptos lose ground amidst Bitcoins apparent free fall.   So just what exactly is

    Price Drop Investigation

    | 2014/09/20 1:04 am
  • At SecuraCoin, Bitcoin services is the name. They not only work online, but have several physical stores to help attract more attention. SecuraCoin simply allows users to use Bitcoin from buying,selling, to even sending Bitcoin. 1. At Securacoin, what are you trying to achieve? We are growing a new  agent network that provides digital currency services to clients in a retail format in their local areas.  We are providing our services through existing money service

    SecuraCoin: Bitcoin Services

    | 2014/09/17 10:56 pm
  • This week is off to another tumultuous start. With regulatory news trickling in from across the globe, causing sheepish investors to head for the hills while most of the community seems more convinced than ever that there are practical, rational reasons for investing in the Cryptocurrency and Digital Asset markets; regardless of how poorly our aging regulatory bodies have misunderstood the technology. Still making significant progress, we have #60 on the market cap list, Bitmark.

    Today’s Top Dog – Sept 16th – Project Bitmark

    | 2014/09/17 5:25 am
  • Nonprofit United Way Worldwide announced today that it now accepts donations in bitcoin, officially becoming the largest charitable institution to adopt the digital currency into its operations. The US-based organization currently holds the title of largest privately held nonprofit in the world, raising more than $5bn annually with more than 2.8 million volunteers, 9.7 million donors and community initiatives, and partnerships with such companies and organizations like the National Football League (NFL). United Way accepting

    Donate to United Way with Bitcoin

    | 2014/09/16 12:39 am
  • When Edgar from Archcoin first reached out to me, I thought it was just another altcoin. When he told me more about the coin, I was fascinated. ARCH main goals can be summed up into two words: Designing Profit, which is taken from their motto. ARCHCoin also has a very attractive and professional look about it, which you can see from the pictures provided and their website. Their wallet is also quite unique, reminding me

    ARCHCoin: Designing Profit

    | 2014/09/15 11:31 pm
  • When catching up with Dave Flores, the founder of ARAWR PC, he told me that he longer has a mining company, and has in fact revamped it for PC repair services. Also, he has been getting a lot of press recently too, with interviews from Podnutz and an upcoming one on Computer America, which are both multi-national radio shows. 1. Since our last interview, how have you changed? Changed, Well changed the whole business platform.

    ARAWR: PC services for Bitcoin

    | 2014/09/15 11:10 pm
  • I examine the dollar tracking mechanisms of both NXT and BitsharesX. If a few months ago you would have told me I’d have two digital options, existing in an extremely low fee environment, capable of shoring up value because they were pegged to the US Dollar… I probably wouldn’t have believed you. If your currency of choice is going through a chaotic, volatile phase why not simply store that value (temporarily) in an asset that

    Big Showdown: CoinoUSD vs BitUSD

    | 2014/09/14 8:58 am
  • The Bit Drop: Bring Bitcoin to Dominica! If you don’t what the Bit Drop is, essentially it is a event sponsored by Coinapult , which we have interview before, Aspen Assurance, and Bitcoin Beauties just to name a few. On 3/14/15 at 9:26 a.m, Dominica will send Bitcoin to every resident via SMS some Bitcoin, over 70,000 strong. Not only has it made news in the Bitcoin community, it has also made news in some

    News Summary: September 7th – September 13th

    | 2014/09/13 2:56 am
  • GAW Miners one of the world-leading cryptocurrency hardware providers, has announced the launch of the world’s most easy-to-use bitcoin miner, The Hashlet Genesis. With its starting price at $9.95 it is lower than any other bitcoin miner in the world. This announcement comes soon after GAWMiners launched their cloud mining services, marking the beginning of the CLOUD Era for the Company. For Josh Garza GAW Miners CEO, the path to the future of crytocurrency mining

    GAW Miners launches the world’s cheapest miners

    | 2014/09/12 11:24 pm
  • In the world of payment processing the biggest name in the Bitcoin game is almost undoubtedly Bitpay. Fresh off the opening of their expansive Amsterdam office to round out their San Franciso and New York Offices they’ve certainly got the look and the resources to get a firm hold of their target sector. Further deepening that hold, Bitpay will soon be launching the IOS version of their app making it possible for merchants to sell

    Bitpay poised to release IOS app

    | 2014/09/12 6:39 am
  • Coinsetter is a Wall Street built bitcoin exchange for firms and individuals. The company’s trading platform puts the power of institutional bitcoin trading at the customers fingertips. Coinsetter offers an industry leading feature set to all types of users by aggregating the feeds of multiple exchanges to offer the best bitcoin prices available anywhere along with a deep liquidity near the market price nearly unmatched. Both businesses and individuals can benefit from using Coinsetter bitcoin

    Short Q&A with Jaron Lukasiewicz, Coinsetter’s CEO

    | 2014/09/12 4:22 am
  • Bitcoin Trader is the Brand name of Bitcoin Trader Holding Inc. Under the program Bitcoin Trader, Holding Inc. is providing its clients the opportunity to earn a substantial and sustainable passive income. Last week Bitcoinist has posted a Review about the Bitcoin Trader Services, this week we give you an inside approach with Thomas Oppermman, the Public Relations Manager of Bitcoin-Trader. I hear Bitcoin-Trader has opened last year, but already has a huge and growing

    Exclusive Interview with Bitcoin Trader

    | 2014/09/12 12:50 am
  • I enter both BitVCs futures contest and 1BTCXE’s trading contest at the same time. Being a true masochist when it comes to research and all things cryptocurrency I decided it wouldn’t be enough to explore 1BTCXE’s new trading platform or BitVCs new trading platform one at a time but to instead play both on nightmare difficulty by attempting to navigate both at the same time. Since both organizations decided to start and end their contests

    345 BTC in prizes, 2 contests, and 1/2 a brain – Day 1

    | 2014/09/11 3:24 am
  • After a short Paypal video talking about mobile payment systems that briefly mentioned using Bitcoin for the aforementioned payment systems, Braintree has now confirmed the rumors of Bitcoin integration. Timing seems all too well if you consider that Apple also released their new iterations of products, including and Apple payment system. Braintree is owned by Paypal, which also happens to be owned by eBay, so the possibility of finally using Bitcoin for eBay transactions may

    Paypal to start accepting Bitcoin?

    | 2014/09/11 12:29 am
  • CoinAcademy is an excellent resource if your new to the cryptocurrency game, and want to get up to speed ASAP. It is also free, which really leaves you with no reason to take them if your a veteran to cryptocurrency and just want to get a refresher, or are just starting out. 1. Why did you found CoinAcademy? Stephen & I both feel that education will play a pivotal role in fostering mass adoption of

    CoinAcademy: Exclusive Interview

    | 2014/09/10 2:15 pm
  • 9/2/14 marked the launch of the first comprehensive digital currency education site, Coin Academy. Read about the launch here. The Review Bitcoinist.net decided to try CoinAcademy and write a review about our experience. Watch the review below: When a user lands on the homepage they will be prompted to listen to a guided tour of the service. I suggest watching as it gives you a full comprehensive outline of the service. The website offers curated

    Review of Coin Academy

    | 2014/09/09 10:14 pm