• The Ethereal conference, set to begin on May 11th, has fallen on some controversy involving one of its newly announced guests, Deepak Chopra.  Ethereal brings futurists, entrepreneurs, investors, media icons, government officials, artists, musicians, and humanitarians for a day of storytelling and knowledge sharing. This is the pledge of those running the Ethereal conference, poised to be one of the larger blockchain-related conferences in the current ecosystem. From the event’s description, it may sound as

    Deepak Chopra: The Right Guest for the Ethereal Conference?

    | 2018/04/16 3:15 am
  • Bitcoinist is proud to bring the Blockchain and cryptocurrency industry the second year of the exclusive Blockchaineum 2.0 conference on May 23 in Budapest, Hungary. Europe’s ‘Blockchain Without Borders’ Focusing on bringing Blockchain technology into new spheres of the global economy, Blockchaineum 2.0 will feature world-class speakers from some of both industries’ best-known companies and beyond. Organized and sponsored by Bitcoinist together with Blockchain Hub Consulting, Blockchaineum 2.0 is the largest dedicated Blockchain event in central

    Blockchaineum 2.0 Brings Blockchain to Central Europe – Powered By Bitcoinist

    | 2018/04/13 7:00 am
  • The 24 year old developer live-tweeted about a debate between Samson Mow and Roger Ver on Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. He also shared some of his own thoughts on BTC vs BCH, scaling, and the development of the two networks. Live-Tweeting the Debate Currently, the Deconomy conference is happening in South Korea, hosting speakers such as Vitalik Buterin, CEO of Bitcoin.com Roger Ver, Craig S Wright, CSO of BlockStream Samson Mow, and author of the

    Vitalik Buterin Comments on Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash Debate

    | 2018/04/04 3:00 am
  • There are a lot of events covering blockchain and cryptocurrencies these days, though few have touched on the impact the technology will have on the mainstream public. The event “Blockchain of the Future: Smart Cities, Media, Smart Contracts & Beyond” gave us a look at how blockchain can affect our lives on a more social level. BlockchainNYC.org has hosted numerous events often focusing on finance, healthcare, and logistics, areas where blockchain has an obvious fit.

    Blockchain of the Future [Event Coverage]

    | 2018/04/03 4:00 am
  • The US leg of the Money 20/20 event, held in Las Vegas over the weekend, had guests Bill Barhydt of Abra, Bobby Lee, and Steve Wozniak all speaking about Bitcoin. The Money 20/20 event, which runs from the 22nd through the 25th of October in Las Vegas, describes itself as a place “where technology meets money, money meets people, people meet ideas, and ideas become reality.” The event, now in its 5th year, made cryptocurrency

    Money 20/20 : Steve Wozniak, Bill Barhydt, and Bobby Lee Promote Bitcoin

    | 2017/10/24 4:00 pm
  • East London schoolboy, Ebenezer Odubanjo, presented VeeCee, an innovative online shopping platform for kids and young people, as part of the annual Disrupt 24 Hour Hackathon. Also read: ESMT BERLIN BECOMES FIRST GERMAN UNIVERSITY TO ACCEPT BITCOIN Kids Want Virtual Currency Too VeeCee empowers young people to curate their own buying choices by maintaining an online wish-list. It then provides parents a portal through which to make the purchases and gives them final say on whether items are appropriate. The platform

    12 Year Old ‘Disrupts London’ with Virtual Currency for Kids

    | 2016/12/06 4:00 pm
  • On Tuesday evening at the WeWork Times Square in New York, Charlie Shrem and Marco Santori featured in an hour-plus long panel covering a wide range of topics in the Bitcoin space, including ICOs, the Ethereum hard fork and blockchain initiatives, in front of about 70 people. Also read: Celebrities Turn Out to Support Ross Ulbricht Appeal The CoinDesk-run panel, moderated by chief editor Pete Rizzo, was streamed on Facebook Live. A lighter demeanor permeated

    Event Recap: Charlie Shrem, Marco Santori on Trends in Bitcoin and Beyond

    | 2016/11/23 6:29 am
  • Who really understands what a blockchain is? Could you explain it to your mother? Chain CEO Adam Ludwin got down to fundamentals yesterday, as he explained his company’s intention to transform financial services by digitizing already-existing assets. Also read: Visa Introduces Blockchain-based Solution for Payment Services Ludwin spoke on a Tuesday afternoon panel with at the Money 20/20 Conference in Las Vegas. Blockchains Transform Finance From the Bottom Up Assets including U.S. dollars and Starbucks points

    Only Permissioned Blockchains Can Transform Finance, Says Chain’s Ludwin

    | 2016/10/26 4:37 am
  • 6-9 of October/ Belek, Turkey (Gloria Serenity Resort). We believe that true progress and mass adoption of blockchain technology will only come from collaboration. We want to bring together the finest minds to change the world.  Disclaimer: This is a press release. Bitcoinist is not responsible for this firm’s products and/or services. CoinsBank is pleased to introduce the Blockchain Party, to be held on 6-9 October in Belek, Turkey. The Party is a semi-private and unique event,

    CoinsBank Blockchain Party to Promote Innovation 

    | 2016/08/17 12:12 pm
  • In a conference at Toronto, the heart of the Canadian blockchain industry, technologist and author of Mastering Blockchain, Andreas Antonopoulos, gave a chilling keynote urging technologist to invest in core skills around blockchain and not to worry and speculate about price swings of virtual currencies. Also read: Smart Guns on the Blockchain, Introducing Blocksafe He made many parallels around past technologies, where technologists who invested in learning the core technologies like .NET, Java, and HTML

    Education not Speculation: Message from the Blockchain Training Conference

    | 2016/07/02 12:00 pm
  • The DashnDrink is back! Disclaimer: This article was provided by the Vanbex Group. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with the firms represented by the Vanbex Group and is not responsible for their products and/or services.  DashnDrink Returns Better Than Ever The innovative point of sale soda machine project put together by Jeremy Maus and Dustin Eward, two Dash investors, two pioneering chaps, will be making another long-awaited appearance at this year’s d10e Conference in San Francisco

    ‘DashnDrink’: Dash-Powered Vending Machine Returning for d10e

    | 2016/06/17 3:56 pm
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    Vancouver, B.C. — The Vanbex Group and d10e are proud to announce a new partnership between the Vancouver-based professional services firm and international conference hosts d10e. Disclaimer: This is a press release. Bitcoinist is not responsible for this firm’s products and/or services. The Vanbex Group will provide communications, public relations and strategic services to d10e to help deliver an unprecedented, exclusive and intimate exploration of the hottest developments in decentralization. “We are very excited to

     D10e to Deliver First-of-its-Kind Blockchain Event With Virtual Reality

    | 2016/05/28 5:00 am
  • Aten Coin, the “KYC/AML compliant digital currency,” is holding its 3rd conference in Chicago on May 27, 2016 at the IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law. Also read: Japanese Company Raising Funds Abuses Tech Bureau Corp. Credentials Aten Coin: A Compliant Digital Currency? The title of the conference is “Beyond Bitcoin: Privacy, Money, Crime, and a Better Digital Currency.” As the title suggests, the conference will focus on the crime-related problems associated with Bitcoin, and how

    Aten Coin to Hold Conference on Digital Currency Compliance

    | 2016/05/14 7:59 pm
  • On 21 and 22 June over 1,500 people from the world of fintech will come to Nave Boetticher, Madrid to take part in MoneyConf. This invite­ only event is being brought to Madrid by the organisers of the world’s largest startup event Web Summit. Disclaimer: This is a press release. Bitcoinist is not responsible for this firm’s products and/or services. Web Summit’s MoneyConf Coming to Madrid MoneyConf is the most important global meeting place for

    Web Summit to Host Two-Day FinTech Event in Madrid

    | 2016/05/13 10:08 am
  • On Tuesday at the Consensus Conference in New York City, Deloitte announced a number of partnerships with companies in the blockchain space to develop 20 ongoing blockchain initiatives and prototypes, thereby signaling a commitment towards becoming an early mover in blockchain consulting services. Also read: Craig Wright Exits The Bitcoin Stage With Weird Blog Post Deloitte Making Big Industry Moves The “Big 4” firm is scoping and leading development for blockchain-related solutions that span across

    Deloitte Announces Growing Blockchain Initiative and Services

    | 2016/05/06 5:00 am
  • At the Money 20/20 Conference in Copenhagen last week, both Bitcoin and particularly the Blockchain were discussed widely.  The conversation has shifted vastly over the past 3 years, as established financial players are actively looking towards Blockchain technology to benefit their businesses.  There were 4 Bitcoin centric presentations, and the following article summarizes them as follows. Also read: Bitcoin Taxes 2016: Accurately Reporting Bitcoin Usage On Wednesday morning, banking super star Blythe Masters, formerly of JP

    Money 20/20 Highlights: Blythe Masters, Blockchain Innovation

    | 2016/04/14 6:00 am
  • At the Money20/20 Europe Conference last week, Coinify announced a partnership with iSignthis which will enable users to purchase Bitcoin on the Coinify platform via major credit cards. Also read: Another Round of Reused R Values Leads to More Stolen Bitcoins New Coinify Partnership Aims to Increase Bitcoin Accessibility Through directly tying a user’s identity to transactions, the move signals a strong and legally compliant synergy, one which will likely prove to be a fantastic

    Coinify Partners With iSignthis to Enable Bitcoin Purchasing on Credit Cards

    | 2016/04/10 6:00 am
  • On Tuesday afternoon at the Money 20/20 conference in Copenhagen, a panel of industry leaders discussed the ongoing trends towards the tokenization of financial data and their respective involvements in these endeavors. Tokenization is growing in popularity among payment processors and their clients alike, and there are a number of overlapping ideas with how the Blockchain obfuscates sensitive information while still making information accessible for applicable parties or use cases. MasterCard in particular wants to

    Money20/20: MasterCard to Launch Tokenization Initiatives

    | 2016/04/06 9:00 am
  • Andrew Wiseman, a Swedish-based Principal at Oliver Wyman management consultancy, detailed his views on development trends in blockchain technology at the Money 20/20 conference in Copenhagen on Monday afternoon. Fascinatingly, Mr. Wiseman labeled blockchains as exhibiting a “Kardashian Effect,” in the sense that they are widely discussed and popular, but many who reference them do not understand why this may be the case. Unlike the Kardashian hype cycle, however, Mr. Wiseman believes that the Blockchain

    Oliver Wyman Principal: Blockchain Exhibiting ‘Kardashian Effect’

    | 2016/04/05 9:00 am
  • On Monday afternoon at the Money 20/20 conference in Copenhagen, a panel of industry leaders provided an update on their views of the current status of regulation in the Bitcoin and blockchain spaces in Europe. Of primary note was a statement around the short term future of digital currency regulation in Europe. Speaking on issues surrounding attention being placed on Anti-Money Laundering (AML) concerns, Monica Monaco of Trust EU Affairs made a bold yet not-surprising statement,

    Money 20/20: Industry Leaders Weigh in on Blockchain Regulation

    | 2016/04/05 6:00 am
  • Apple and FBI have squabbled over the information relating to the murder of fourteen US citizens in a terrorist attack in San Bernardino early this year.  Just Yesterday, the Justice Department stated that Apple Inc. has used “false” arguments to avoid handing over information pertinent to the investigation of the attack. President Obama is now speaking out on this issue, arguing that there needs to be a balance between privacy and national security. Also Read:

    Obama Doesn’t Want You to Have A Swiss Bank in Your Wallet

    | 2016/03/12 4:46 pm
  • Money 20/20 Europe 2016 is just around the corner, set to bring the world’s largest financial technology conference to European professionals and enthusiasts. On April 4-7, over 3,000 people will gather at the Bella Center in Copenhagen, Denmark to listen to industry leaders speak on the future of finance. Also read: Exclusive Discount: €600 off on Money 20/20 Europe Money 20/20 Europe The 3,000 attendees includes over 1,000 CEOs from 1,000 companies in 75 different countries. Some

    Money 20/20 Europe Ushers in the Future of FinTech

    | 2016/03/12 6:00 am
  • Money 20/20 Europe is coming up. The 3-day event starts on April 3 and runs until April 7th. Tickets for this conference are pretty expensive, so you will want to take advantage of Bitcoinist.net’s discount code and save €600. Also read: Coinify Processes Bitcoin Real Estate Sale By using the discount code BITCN200, €600 will be taken off the full price of delegate passes. You can use this now to get the discount on the

    Exclusive Discount: €600 off on Money 20/20 Europe

    | 2016/03/11 9:42 pm