• This case-study will focus on Bitcoin’s rise in Nigeria. It was partially inspired by a question from Bloomberg’s Joe Weisenthal about what benefits does Bitcoin bring to people living amid a currency crisis.   Economies with Currency Black Markets There is a currency crisis in the Nigerian economy, and using Bitcoin remittances offers real, measurable financial benefits to its population of 173 million. In the event that President Trump blocks remittances from the US to Mexico (which is a form of capital control

    Nigeria: An In-Depth Look at Using Bitcoin in a Currency Crisis

    | 2017/02/02 11:00 am
  • Trading volumes continue to break records in Mexico as citizens look for ways to escape Peso inflation, lack of financial services and the recent 20% gasoline price hike. Mexico Wants Bitcoin Just last month, Mexican exchange Bitso reported record-breaking trading volume in the BTC/MXN market. Fueled by the recent BTC price surge and the economic uncertainty that rules the country, citizens are turning to Bitcoin as a means to protect their savings from the peso’s

    Now Mexico is Catching Bitcoin Fever as Peso Plummets

    | 2017/01/06 12:00 pm
  • Speculation is growing that Beijing is behind Bitcoin’s sudden $300 drop Thursday, as an uptick in yuan/ dollar value causes a bubble to burst. The Dust Settles? “The Chinese government’s policy is an important factor,” Joseph Yang, a finance worker who owns about $2 million of bitcoins, told Bloomberg Friday. “There may be room for further gains in price, but there’ll be a big pullback soon. It’s hard to sustain such a rapid rise for a

    All Eyes on Beijing as Bitcoin Investors Anxious for Stability

    | 2017/01/06 7:00 am
  • As the deadline for handing in India’s decommissioned 500 and 1,000 rupee notes arrives, the government has signed a law jailing those who continue holding them. 4 Years’ Jail for Possessing Worthless Rupee Notes The Indian Cabinet has cleared a so-called ordinance, transferring liability to consumers and away from banks and authorities after a final cut-off point of March 31. Consumers could thereafter land themselves in jail for four years. Regular consumers only have until tomorrow

    India Will Now Jail Junked Rupee Holders for 4 Years

    | 2016/12/29 8:30 am
  • This article will cover another approach to solving the data bloat problem in blockchains utilizing a tried and tested enterprise software solution – the Enterprise Database – alongside an Ephemeral Blockchain. [Note: This article is an op-ed] Blockchain Data Bloat in the Supply Chain MultiChain, Sidechain, BigchainDB, Factom, and other chains built either on or off the Bitcoin Blockchain will eventually suffer from the data bloat syndrome. Pruning techniques like SPV and sharding can help with this syndrome

    …And It’s Gone: How Ephemeral Blockchains Can Fix Data Bloat

    | 2016/12/27 3:00 am
  • Bitcoinist caught up with Chris Horlacher, CEO of Equibit, a decentralized, peer-to-peer securities platform. It integrates multiple blockchains into a single application allowing issuers and investors to manage every aspect of their relationship in a decentralized, secure manner. Interview with Equitbit CEO, Chris Horlacher Bitcoinist: What’s the major problem with OTC markets, depositories and transfer agents that you’re trying to solve with blockchain technology? Chris Horlacher (CH): The entire securities industry is built on top of

    ‘Ultimately There’ll Be Many Different Blockchains’ – Equibit CEO, Chris Horlacher

    | 2016/12/23 2:30 am
  • OpenBazaar, the decentralized e-commerce platform, has partnered with ShapeShift allowing users to buy products with their favorite altcoins. OpenBazaar: Altcoins Now Accepted OpenBazaar has announced the release of its 1.1.10 version. The new integration of the Shifty Button, a free to use and open-source tool created by ShapeShift, now allows customers to buy products with various altcoins such as Monero, Ether and over thirty others. The new option might certainly come in handy for users wanting

    Save Those Bits! You Can Now Spend Over 35 Altcoins at OpenBazaar

    | 2016/12/21 10:00 am
  • There are more than just bitcoin price spikes and capital gains that stemmed from the ongoing currency wars. Bitcoin and its users are, in fact, on a bigger mission: providing refuge for currency war hostages. ‘Bitcoin Isn’t Just An Economic System’ The trajectory of bitcoin has changed over the years. In the beginning, people were curious about Bitcoin’s real-life applications. And the common answers from thought leaders would be in the area of remittance services and

    Global Currency Wars Are Creating Bitcoin’s ‘Killer App’

    | 2016/12/14 10:00 pm
  • Australia is mulling the idea of decommissioning its highest value banknote in what appears to be a global trend for removing physical bills. Minister: Priority ‘Closing Down Loopholes’ As was previously reported, the country’s banks are already arguing for removal of larger notes, and making calls for a cashless economy. Speaking in a radio interview Wednesday, Australian revenue and financial services minister Kelly O’Dwyer said the move would come as part of a “crackdown on the black

    Unholy Trinity: Australia Joins in Cash Crunch, $100 Bills Could Go

    | 2016/12/14 6:10 am
  • New data coming from eMarketer’s latest worldwide retail forecast shows that this year, China will manage to surpass the US and become the world’s largest retail market, with sales of over $4.886 trillion, compared to the average sum of $4.823 trillion in the US. Also read: Chinese Attack on Bitcoin Core Doubtful Due to Asia’s growing number of online shoppers, reports indicate that this year alone, the entire continent will spend a record $1 trillion,

    China to Become World’s Largest Retail Market Thanks to Ecommerce

    | 2016/08/20 11:49 am
  • On July 10, 2016, Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi, announced that their cheap line of phones, known as Redmi, had sold over 110 million units in just 3 years. This news could have implications for bitcoin, as cheaper smartphones could directly result in higher trading volume in the country. Also read: Bullish Trading Ahead? Bitcoin Price Sees New Technical Patterns The Redmi and Redmi Note, less than half the price of other Xiaomi phones like the

    Record Sales for Xiaomi Smartphones Could Benefit Bitcoin Users

    | 2016/07/13 2:12 am
  • We sat down recently with Rune Christensen, the founder of MakerDAO, to discuss The DAO’s collapse and the implications it will have for Ethereum and Cryptocurrency moving forward after the soft fork. He expresses doubts at the notion that the Ethereum community holds any obligation to The DAO and other interesting viewpoints from security to hard-fork consensus. Also Read: Pound vs Yen: The Battle Over Bitcoin Rages On Rune Has Faith in Ethereum, Not The

    MakerDAO Founder Claims “Absolutely Zero” Obligation to DAO Investors In Interview

    | 2016/07/10 5:42 am
  • Owncloud GmbH released an official statement last week, detailing their thoughts and feelings on Frank Karlitschek’s new service, NextCloud, and announced the closing of ownCloud Inc. They cite the Launch of Karlitschek’s new product and the “poached” devs as causes for the shuttering of the Massachusetts incorporated organization, just 12 hours after the NextCloud announcement. The report also details the formation of the “ownCloud Foundation,” an effort to strengthen the community despite the corporation’s closure.

    ownCloud Inc. Closes Doors Following NextCloud Announcement

    | 2016/06/08 12:00 am
  • On April 26th, Taiwan held its first public hearing concerning blockchain technology and its relationship with money transmission, current regulations, and academic research. The meeting saw Government officials, blockchain promoters, and scholars gathering at the Taiwanese Legislative Council to discuss distributed ledgers and the economic implications they will bring. Also read: Vitalik Buterin: Blockchain and the Future of Courts Taiwan Bankers Should Research Blockchain Technology ‘As Soon As Possible.’ During the meeting National Taiwan University Professor,

    Taiwan Holds First Public Blockchain Hearing

    | 2016/04/27 9:00 pm
  • Chip-Chap, the Bitcoin app that is usable at more than 10,000 ATMs in Spain and Europe, expands its network to the Hellene country of Greece with more than 500 EasyPay ATMs, which from now on will allow the purchase of bitcoin via the Chip-Chap android app. Also read: First Blockchain Hackathon In Greece Disclaimer: This is a press release. Bitcoinist is not responsible for the products and/or services of these firms. Buy Bitcoins In Greece

    Chip-Chap Allows You to Buy Bitcoin At More Than 500 ATMs In Greece

    | 2016/04/14 9:28 am
  • 4 April 2016 – Openbazaar has been moved to the main bitcoin network, and is officially open for business. You can buy, sell and moderate transactions using the newest beta release, and sell real goods and services for Bitcoin. There have been several improvements to the app since our interview with Sam Patterson about the testnet launch, and they certainly show. Read Also: Secure DAO Marketplace Launches Massive Crowdsale Dr. Sanchez’ Thoughts on OpenBazaar Release

    OB1’s Washington Sanchez Speaks about OB Release

    | 2016/04/05 2:28 am
  • 3 April 2016 — That’s Right. You Read the tagline correctly: The first fully open source, IPFS and Ethereum-based, international marketplace’s crowdsale will go live this August. It shares a lot of functionality with OpenBazaar, uses Slock.it’s DAO model, and it’s built with security and privacy at the top of its feature list. The contract, Mist Plugin and description are available here. Revolutionary, right? There’s just one, tiny, little, itsy-bitsy hangup you should be aware

    First Secure DAO Web Marketplace Launches Massive Crowdsale

    | 2016/04/03 7:51 am
  • 30 March 2016 – This month leaves us some interesting trends in the cryptocurrency market, With Bitcoin remaining solidly above $400 USD coming out of last month’s bullish run, scraping $399 just once on the sixth and averaging day-to-day around $415. This despite a plateau in hashpower on the network, likely in anticipation of the coming halving and problems with core scaling development. Even more fascinating, though, is the explosive price increase of Ethereum, increasing

    Monthly Price Trends Show BTC Stagnation, Ethereum’s Long Hold Viability

    | 2016/03/30 5:18 am
  • Bitrefill is a mobile top up service that allows people to purchase additional minutes on their pre-paid phones with bitcoin. The company services a wide range of mobile operators, including AT&T and Verizon. The company is a graduate of the Boost VC accelerator, having entered the program in January 2015 and began operating on a bootstrap model. Also read: The Rein Project Completes First Freelance Project Bitcoin Top Ups With Bitrefill On their website, Bitrefill lists

    Bitrefill: Bitcoin Mobile Top Ups Across the World

    | 2016/03/14 7:20 am
  • Zebpay today announced a new set of app features exclusively for pro bitcoiners. Already available on Google Play, the app’s new features allows users to set their own bitcoin price (bid / ask), keep Rs balance in app to buy bitcoin instantly and check transaction status using transaction id. Disclaimer: This is a press release. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with this firm and is not responsible for its products and/or services. Delivering on the promise

    Zebpay Releases Powerful New Features on Android App

    | 2016/03/07 5:57 pm
  • Arlington, VA – BTCS Inc. (OTCQB: BTCS) (“BTCS” or the “Company”), a blockchain technology focused company which secures the blockchain through its transaction verification services business, and Spondoolies-Tech Ltd. (Spondoolies), an Israeli transaction verification server manufacturer, received merger approval from the Israeli Office of Chief Scientist (“OCS”). Disclaimer: This is a press release. Bitcoinist is not responsible for this company’s products and/or services. Spondoolies and BTCS to Merge The OCS approval is one of two key

    Spondoolies Tech Gets Approval for BTCS Merger

    | 2016/02/26 3:25 pm
  • The Vanbex Report is a periodic summary of the blockchain industry’s top news stories from the biggest companies, as well as the most promising newcomers. The ‘one currency to rule them all’ debate has existed ever since the first set of altcoins — Bitcoin alternatives — started appearing in the digital currency ecosystem. Also Read: IBM Joins with Linux Foundation’s HyperLedger Project to Advance Open-Source Blockchain Tech The typical argument ranges between the necessity, or

     The Vanbex Report: Digital Revolution, Will Bitcoin Survive?

    | 2016/02/24 4:00 pm
  • February 19, 2016 – IBM launches its Openblockhain repository on GitHub under the liberal Apache license. OpenBlockchain represents a significant milestone in blockchain development, as the non-copyleft open source licensing allows the business enterprise community to start serious Hyperledger development using the tool. Also Read: Kanye West Doesn’t Understand P2P Technology IBM Releases Vital Blockchain Development Tool   IBM’s involvement in the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Project spurred the release of this blockchain development framework, and

    IBM Positions Blockchain as Networked Computing Backbone With OpenBlockchain

    | 2016/02/19 6:26 am