• Bringing the concept of borderless banking to mainstream consumers sounds like a proper use case for blockchain technology. But at the same time, a German FinTech startup is looking to provide exactly that service without using the blockchain. Number26 has quite the ambitious plan, although their service recently expanded to six additional European countries. Also read: Is Gemini Making Enemies Already? Borderless Banking in Europe As one would come to expect from a FinTech startup

    German FinTech Startup Number26 Brings Borderless Banking To Europe

    | 2015/12/27 12:15 pm
  • The banking giant State Street Financial is continuing to move forward with its Bitcoin and blockchain studies by starting a new R&D facility concentrating on emerging FinTech. The University College Cork(UCC) and Zhejiang University (ZJU) are partnering with guidance from State Street to conduct research for their investors and clientele. As many institutions start R&D’s all across the globe, Susan Dargan, State Street’s global services offshore business director, told press: “It’s a natural extension of

    State Street Financial’s Crypto-FinTech University Initiative

    | 2015/12/18 3:30 pm
  • The Bank of Canada may be starting an initiative that will look into changing their monetary policies. The central bank’s second in command Carolyn Wilkins had some encouraging words to say about Bitcoin. It’s possible they are tired of the results of quantitative easing and manipulated interest rates so they have begun looking into alternative tools that may stave off the financial crisis and a stagnate economy ahead. Also read: Bitcoin in Business: Smart Contracts

    The Bank Of Canada Is Siding With Bitcoin

    | 2015/11/14 8:00 am
  • The Bitcoin Investor conference has started at the premier Bitcoin accepting hotel in downtown Las Vegas – The D – following a strong presence for the bleeding edge technology at fintech conference Money 20/20. Just years ago, not even Satoshi Nakamoto or Nick Szabo (the creator of smart contracts), would have imagined that things would be moving forward on such a fast time scale.The event will run through October 29th and 30th and will feature

    Following Money20/20, Bitcoin Investor Conference 2015 Held at Las Vegas Hotel “The D”

    | 2015/10/29 3:45 am
  • Technology is evolving at an accelerated pace, and the opportunities for improving nearly all aspects of everyday life are endless. So many different parts of society can be improved upon by embracing these technological innovations, including the way we deal with resources. This concept in the FinTech space is called smart cities, and some interesting ideas are being tossed around. Also read: P2P Car Rental Service CarAmigo Reaches Taxation Agreement With Belgian Government The Concept of

    Understanding FinTech – Smart Cities and Renewable Energy Meet Crowdsourcing

    | 2015/10/23 10:11 am
  • A lot of people active in the world of Bitcoin, Fintech and blockchain business have almost no affinity left for banks and other traditional financial institutions. It has to be said, though, banks are facing a fair amount of challenges these days. Not only are there more competitors in the financial space than ever before, but internal changes are taking place as well, albeit at a slower pace than most people would like. Also read:

    Understanding FinTech – Banking in a Changing World

    | 2015/10/21 3:33 am
  • Understanding the concept of FinTech and its importance to the entire world is just the first step along the way. For businesses, innovations in the FinTech world will change the way they do business forever. From a consumer point of view, new and innovative payment methods are being introduced now and then, most of which still rely on traditional financial infrastructure. In fact, consumers might be the biggest benefactors of FinTech innovation. Also read: Understanding

    FinTech Impact on Consumer Behavior – Mobile Payments

    | 2015/10/19 9:17 am
  • Apple Pay has been touted as one of the most revolutionary mobile payment forms of the past 12 months. Despite a ton of marketing efforts, hype, and integration by thousands of merchants around the world, the platform has not been without flaws. In fact, most users are still not sure whether or not Apple Pay is a favorable option. Running out of phone battery makes the entire payment utterly useless. Also read: Understanding FinTech –

    Apple Pay Stumbles After Initial Support – Bitcoin A Major Competitor

    | 2015/10/18 5:33 am
  • China is seemingly buying up a lot of Bitcoin and alternative currencies like gold right now. The devaluation of their currency has been slashed over the course of the past month. The country’s Foreign Exchange Commission has ordered financial institutions to increase its checks and balance controls for capital outflow. Currency wars in the region have led to a massive monetary dump as China’s Black Monday looms and looks to a very rough financial week. This

    Is China Turning To Bitcoin As Yuan Devalues?

    | 2015/10/17 4:53 pm
  • Fancy new terms such as “FinTech” are found all over mainstream and online media outlets these days. However, most people still have no idea what this term means, or why it is even such an important topic of conversation these days. Before we can explain the recent evolution of FinTech, we must first explain what this new hype is all about. Also read: New UK Cybercrime Report Makes No Mention of Bitcoin What is FinTech?

    Understanding FinTech – What is it And Why Do We Need It?

    | 2015/10/17 2:19 pm
  • Technological innovation in the financial sector is much needed at this point, yet there are different obstacles along the way for achieving this goal. Peer-to-peer lending sounds great on paper, but there is one major issue with most of the platforms offering such a service right now. Any type of misconduct within the company will not only harm colleagues, but it can even lead to platforms being shut down altogether. TrustBuddy: A Brief Company History

    P2P Lending Platform TrustBuddy AB Investigates Internal Financial Misconduct

    | 2015/10/16 12:33 pm