• Blockchain SF is taking place at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center at 505 Howard Street in San Francisco on Mar. 7, featuring “a day of inspiration, talks, panels, demos and plenty of time to engage with attendees and speakers.” Disclaimer: This is a press release. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with this organization and is not responsible for its products and/or services. Blockchain SF: March 7, 2016 Over a dozen speakers will be featured throughout morning and afternoon

    Blockchain SF Event to Be Hosted at Nasdaq Center

    | 2016/03/04 1:39 pm
  • Mobile payments are only as secure as the wallet service is, and Apple Pay is not doing the best of jobs to protect consumer data. While many people see Apple Pay as a form of Fintech innovation, making mobile payments through Apple’s financial solution with stolen credit card information appears to be much easier than originally anticipated. Some people would go as far as saying how this mobile wallet is quite inferior to other financial

    Criminals Use Apple Pay For Fraudulent Purchases

    | 2016/03/04 3:11 am
  • March 2, 2016 — Visa is looking for Blockchain developers. In a recent job posting on Visa’s website, the payment processor noted that their software engineers are tasked with: “Designing and developing secure, scalable blockchain network and micro services that are highly scalable, efficient, and extensible.” Read also: Wall of Coins Review: Good for Bitcoin Beginners, So-So for Veterans Visa Looks to Blockchain for Future Infrastructure   The list of qualifications seems to have a

    Visa is looking for Blockchain Developers

    | 2016/03/02 6:35 am
  • The Vanbex Report is a periodic summary of the blockchain industry’s top news stories from the biggest companies, as well as the most promising newcomers. Feb. 29, 2016 — Fintech, fintech, fintech. The portmanteau spanned headlines around the world this past week, as it has the past couple of years or so. Also Read: J.P. Morgan Lays Out Its Technology Plans Fintech Future Bright Fintech refers to financial technology and applies to a segment of

    The Vanbex Report: The Future of Fintech

    | 2016/02/29 1:00 pm
  • Blockchain technology has a reaffirmed ally in the Hong Kong government. In the recent 2016 Hong Kong budget speech, Financial Secretary John Tsang spoke on many subjects close to the hearts of the Asian monetary center, including blockchain technology and the recent Mong Kong protest.  While the budget plan makes no explicit mention of Bitcoin, the vast majority of extant “blockchain technology” companies that are domiciled in Hong Kong work with the Bitcoin blockchain. The

    Hong Kong to “Explore the Application of Blockchain Technology in the Financial Services Industry”

    | 2016/02/25 7:00 am
  • D+H is a financial technology provider that works to improve financial institutions as they move into the modern era of digitized economy. One of the firms main goals is to integrate blockchain technology into the finance industry, streamlining services and making them stronger. In fact D+H executive vice president of Global Pre-Sales Moti Porath believes that the blockchain — more specifically, private blockchains — could be the biggest thing in finance since electronic trading.  Also read:

    D+H: Making the Case for Private Blockchains

    | 2016/02/23 6:00 am
  • Even though Bitcoin can do a lot of good for the unbanked and underbanked nations of the world, there has been a fair amount of opposition from banks and consumers, most notably in Africa. But even local banks in that region – including Barclays – have to acknowledge the coming change, as they are now putting all of their eggs in the baskets of FinTech and Bitcoin  If you can’t beat them, join them, seems

    Barclays Poised To Bring Bitcoin And FinTech To African Countries

    | 2016/02/19 8:33 am
  • The Australian bank Westpac had showcased its technology centre at Kogarah in Sydney last week. The local Financial Review (AFR) reported that the financial-service provider continues to promote blockchain technology. Not only does the legacy institution believe in distributed ledgers they are also pretty fascinated with artificial intelligence helping the process. Also read: AirTM Currency Conversion Success Hinges on Bitcoin Integration Westpac’s Kogarah Technology Centre The first thing the corporate firm gave insight to during the

    Kogarah Technology Centre Showcases Robotics and Blockchains

    | 2016/02/17 8:00 am
  • Tokken (pronounced Token, or Tokin’) is a new Bitcoin company that is targeting the marijuana industry’s inability to get bank accounts. Tokken was founded by Lamine Zarrad, a veteran of the financial regulation industry. Namely, Zarrad has worked for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), which regulates and supervises the country’s thousands of banks and savings associations. With the recent promises that the Department of Justice will finally leave legal marijuana companies

    Tokken Puts the Legal Marijuana Industry on the Immutable Bitcoin Blockchain

    | 2016/02/16 9:56 pm
  • JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon is back in the Satoshi spotlight. Speaking during an appearance on CNBC’s coverage of the World Economic Forum meetings in Davos last month, Mr. Dimon once again pronounced his lack of faith in Bitcoin. Also read: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Deat at age 79 Jamie Dimon: Bitcoin Going Nowhere “Bitcoin the currency, I think, is going to go nowhere,” Dimon said, “And it’s not because of anything to do

    Jamie Dimon: Bitcoin Doomed While Blockchain Is for Real

    | 2016/02/14 4:00 pm
  • Bitcoin is gaining global recognition for being a very disruptive force in the financial industry. Though the community is currently divided by the block size issue, the technology carries on and with it comes the ongoing opportunity to spawn innovation, create new applications for blockchain technology, and start new businesses. Entrepreneurs have been taking advantage of Bitcoin to develop new platforms and businesses that expand the utility of the blockchain and empower people with additional financial power.

    Innovation Through Bitcoin: An Entrepreneur’s Heaven

    | 2016/01/28 8:00 am
  • FinTech is an interesting market to keep an eye on these days, even though there is still a lot of education and guiding that needs to take place in the years to come. Tackling the financial sector head-on is not an easy feat, and the process is underestimated by a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs. At the same time, a new report shows that European startups are doing fairly well in this market, which is good

    FinTech Boom In Europe Opens Doors For Bitcoin Adoption

    | 2016/01/25 3:39 am
  • The Netherlands is often seen as a region where regulators are doing their best to keep up with financial innovation. IN the Bitcoin world, this has lead to a healthy startup ecosystem in the country, with clearly defined taxation rules. But a new report from Holland FinTech touches upon several barriers that are preventing future growth in The Netherlands, which include regulation and collaboration with financial players. Also read: DASH Block Size Increase Reaches Consensus

    The Netherlands Wants Clear Regulatory Guidelines For FinTech and Bitcoin Startups

    | 2016/01/22 3:14 am
  • Financial services firm Fidelity Investments has dropped two of its long time partners during a process to integrate financial services that provide direct competition to bitcoin. Also read: More Signs of Trouble in Asia: Barclays to Cut Investment Banking Jobs Fidelity Moves into the FinTech Age With New Partnership Fidelity is ending its partnership with credit card company American Express and the Bank of America Corporation, “a 12-year partnership that has generated billions of dollars in fees,”

    Fidelity Drops Long Time Partners to Bring in Bitcoin Competitors

    | 2016/01/05 6:00 pm
  • Samsung is planning to expand its mobile payment service, Samsung Pay, into the US online shopping market. Additionally, Samsung will allow more smartphones to support the payment wallet, offering it to cheaper Samsung devices “within the next year,” according to Samsung Pay global co-general manager Thomas Ko. Also read: Apple Pay Statistics Are Far From Promising — Bitcoin a Global Alternative Samsung Pay has grown much faster than rival Apple Pay and Android Pay since

    Samsung Pay Bringing More Competition to Bitcoin by Enabling Online Shopping in 2016

    | 2015/12/28 6:46 pm
  • Bringing the concept of borderless banking to mainstream consumers sounds like a proper use case for blockchain technology. But at the same time, a German FinTech startup is looking to provide exactly that service without using the blockchain. Number26 has quite the ambitious plan, although their service recently expanded to six additional European countries. Also read: Is Gemini Making Enemies Already? Borderless Banking in Europe As one would come to expect from a FinTech startup

    German FinTech Startup Number26 Brings Borderless Banking To Europe

    | 2015/12/27 12:15 pm
  • The banking giant State Street Financial is continuing to move forward with its Bitcoin and blockchain studies by starting a new R&D facility concentrating on emerging FinTech. The University College Cork(UCC) and Zhejiang University (ZJU) are partnering with guidance from State Street to conduct research for their investors and clientele. As many institutions start R&D’s all across the globe, Susan Dargan, State Street’s global services offshore business director, told press: “It’s a natural extension of

    State Street Financial’s Crypto-FinTech University Initiative

    | 2015/12/18 3:30 pm
  • The Bank of Canada may be starting an initiative that will look into changing their monetary policies. The central bank’s second in command Carolyn Wilkins had some encouraging words to say about Bitcoin. It’s possible they are tired of the results of quantitative easing and manipulated interest rates so they have begun looking into alternative tools that may stave off the financial crisis and a stagnate economy ahead. Also read: Bitcoin in Business: Smart Contracts

    The Bank Of Canada Is Siding With Bitcoin

    | 2015/11/14 8:00 am
  • The Bitcoin Investor conference has started at the premier Bitcoin accepting hotel in downtown Las Vegas – The D – following a strong presence for the bleeding edge technology at fintech conference Money 20/20. Just years ago, not even Satoshi Nakamoto or Nick Szabo (the creator of smart contracts), would have imagined that things would be moving forward on such a fast time scale.The event will run through October 29th and 30th and will feature

    Following Money20/20, Bitcoin Investor Conference 2015 Held at Las Vegas Hotel “The D”

    | 2015/10/29 3:45 am
  • Technology is evolving at an accelerated pace, and the opportunities for improving nearly all aspects of everyday life are endless. So many different parts of society can be improved upon by embracing these technological innovations, including the way we deal with resources. This concept in the FinTech space is called smart cities, and some interesting ideas are being tossed around. Also read: P2P Car Rental Service CarAmigo Reaches Taxation Agreement With Belgian Government The Concept of

    Understanding FinTech – Smart Cities and Renewable Energy Meet Crowdsourcing

    | 2015/10/23 10:11 am
  • A lot of people active in the world of Bitcoin, Fintech and blockchain business have almost no affinity left for banks and other traditional financial institutions. It has to be said, though, banks are facing a fair amount of challenges these days. Not only are there more competitors in the financial space than ever before, but internal changes are taking place as well, albeit at a slower pace than most people would like. Also read:

    Understanding FinTech – Banking in a Changing World

    | 2015/10/21 3:33 am
  • Understanding the concept of FinTech and its importance to the entire world is just the first step along the way. For businesses, innovations in the FinTech world will change the way they do business forever. From a consumer point of view, new and innovative payment methods are being introduced now and then, most of which still rely on traditional financial infrastructure. In fact, consumers might be the biggest benefactors of FinTech innovation. Also read: Understanding

    FinTech Impact on Consumer Behavior – Mobile Payments

    | 2015/10/19 9:17 am