• Bitcoinist spoke with Kumar Gaurav, CEO of Cashaa, a blockchain-powered P2P marketplace that makes it possible to send and receive cash anywhere in the world with zero fees.  Unfortunately, when it comes to remittances, the poorer the country, the higher the fees, says the CEO of Cashaa, a blockchain startup based in Canary Wharf, London. Too often, the poorest of citizens can lose up to 20% when receiving money from abroad with traditional services like Western Union.

    Like an ‘Uber for Traders’: How Cashaa Drives Remittance Costs to Zero

    | 2016/12/30 9:00 pm
  • Amsterdam has introduced the “Contactless Payment Jackets” for beggars, an electronic payment system that allows people to donate to the homeless. Amsterdam Fully Embracing Digital Payments Although the recent demonetization policies are mostly felt in developing countries where the economy is predominantly cash-based, developed countries are actually spearheading the movement. Most recently, the Netherlands have joined the ranks of developed countries like Sweden and Denmark in the war on cash. As a consequence of a society that relies heavily on

    Amsterdam Conscripts Homeless in the War on Cash

    | 2016/12/29 3:00 pm
  • China has included Blockchain technology in its 13th National Five-Year Plan, via an Informatization Strategy published December 15 by the State Council. ‘Intelligent Services Will Be Everywhere’ “The internet, cloud computing, large data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, bio-genetic engineering and other new technologies will drive… the evolution of everything – digital, network, intelligent services will be everywhere,” the document states. The real world and the digital world are increasingly converging as one; the global

    To the Mao-oon! China’s New 5-Year Plan Adds Blockchain Technology

    | 2016/12/28 6:30 am
  • This article will cover another approach to solving the data bloat problem in blockchains utilizing a tried and tested enterprise software solution – the Enterprise Database – alongside an Ephemeral Blockchain. [Note: This article is an op-ed] Blockchain Data Bloat in the Supply Chain MultiChain, Sidechain, BigchainDB, Factom, and other chains built either on or off the Bitcoin Blockchain will eventually suffer from the data bloat syndrome. Pruning techniques like SPV and sharding can help with this syndrome

    …And It’s Gone: How Ephemeral Blockchains Can Fix Data Bloat

    | 2016/12/27 3:00 am
  • The U.S. government has acknowledged monitoring the progression of cryptocurrencies. However, Bitcoin’s transparent public ledger and pseudonymity may allow it to fly under the radar.   U.S. Gov’t Monitoring Bitcoin Since Beginning CSRA Inc., which provides information technology services to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, has confirmed to Newsweek that Bitcoin was under surveillance as early as its initial development. The biggest concern is that the peer-to-peer, trustless monetary network may lead to an unprecedented creation of

    U.S. Gov’t is Monitoring Crypto, But Bitcoin May Fly Below Radar

    | 2016/12/25 4:00 am
  • Card fraud at the Point-of-Sale (POS) has been on the rise as the security chip provides little protection for data stored after the purchase, and especially when mobile payments are factored in. This is where tokenization becomes relevant. [Editor’s note: This is a guest article submitted by Lori Ciavarella] Enticing Targets for Cyber Thieves The end of 2013 through to 2014 was a difficult time for merchants and data security. Huge corporations like Target and Home Depot

    Why Tokenization Will Be Key in Protecting Your Payment Data

    | 2016/12/24 1:00 am
  • Bitcoinist caught up with Chris Horlacher, CEO of Equibit, a decentralized, peer-to-peer securities platform. It integrates multiple blockchains into a single application allowing issuers and investors to manage every aspect of their relationship in a decentralized, secure manner. Interview with Equitbit CEO, Chris Horlacher Bitcoinist: What’s the major problem with OTC markets, depositories and transfer agents that you’re trying to solve with blockchain technology? Chris Horlacher (CH): The entire securities industry is built on top of

    ‘Ultimately There’ll Be Many Different Blockchains’ – Equibit CEO, Chris Horlacher

    | 2016/12/23 2:30 am
  • The Bitcoin Blockchain has enabled millions of workers in India to receive bigger paychecks in Indian Rupees through a new partnership between Bitwage and Unocoin.  Less Waiting, Bigger Paychecks for Indians Indian Bitcoin exchange Unocoin has partnered with Bitwage in an effort to improve wages for international workers. Leveraging bitcoin transactions, Bitwage is able to skip currency exchange and international transaction fees. It transfers wages directly to workers in India, who now have the option of being paid

    Bitcoin is Now Helping Indians Receive Bigger Paychecks from Abroad

    | 2016/12/22 2:30 am
  • After a few months of experimenting with bitcoin payments for municipal services, the City Council of ‘Crypto Valley’ Zug in Switzerland announced that the pilot program will become a permanent fixture with possible plans to expand.  Bitcoin Payments a ‘Worthwhile Experiment’ Early May this year, Zug City Council decided to place bitcoin payment system on a pilot program to test the feasibility of bitcoin payments for municipal services. At current, the program has been used only

    Zug, Switzerland Makes Bitcoin Payments ‘Permanent’

    | 2016/12/16 8:00 am
  • India is touting biometric security as the next step in payments, shunning cash and cards in a bid to make the economy secure and free of corruption. Also read: SAXO BANK PREDICTS ‘OUTRAGEOUS’ BITCOIN PRICE OF $2,100 NEXT YEAR India Gov’t: Biometrics Future Of Payments The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), which is working on issuing every Indian citizen with a 12-digit ID called Aadhaar, should form the basis for transactions together with mobile-based

    War on Privacy: India Wants 400M Biometric Payments a Day

    | 2016/12/07 10:00 am
  • East London schoolboy, Ebenezer Odubanjo, presented VeeCee, an innovative online shopping platform for kids and young people, as part of the annual Disrupt 24 Hour Hackathon. Also read: ESMT BERLIN BECOMES FIRST GERMAN UNIVERSITY TO ACCEPT BITCOIN Kids Want Virtual Currency Too VeeCee empowers young people to curate their own buying choices by maintaining an online wish-list. It then provides parents a portal through which to make the purchases and gives them final say on whether items are appropriate. The platform

    12 Year Old ‘Disrupts London’ with Virtual Currency for Kids

    | 2016/12/06 4:00 pm
  • The master decryption keys for the ransomware, CrySis, has been released to the public, news that will undoubtedly come as a pleasant surprise to those victimized by the malware. Also read: Most Popular Bitcoin Wallet to Allow Credit and Debit Card Funding Another Ransomware Tool Bites the Dust The decryption keys first became public when a user posted them on a the forums of bleepingcomputer.com. The user, known only as crss7777, posted the decryption keys

    Ransomware Tool Has Decryption Keys Leaked by Anonymous User

    | 2016/11/16 4:00 am
  • On Wednesday morning at the Money20/20 conference in Las Vegas, a unique and timely panel discussed the emergence and potential applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in the global, traditional payments arena. Also read: Technical Analysis: Bitcoin Price to Hit $1500 By Year-End? Bringing Blockchain to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning As computational technology advances, leveraging trends in data and meta-data will help organizations understand both their customers and other businesses more extensively. AI

    Money 20/20 Panel: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    | 2016/10/31 12:00 pm
  • Who really understands what a blockchain is? Could you explain it to your mother? Chain CEO Adam Ludwin got down to fundamentals yesterday, as he explained his company’s intention to transform financial services by digitizing already-existing assets. Also read: Visa Introduces Blockchain-based Solution for Payment Services Ludwin spoke on a Tuesday afternoon panel with at the Money 20/20 Conference in Las Vegas. Blockchains Transform Finance From the Bottom Up Assets including U.S. dollars and Starbucks points

    Only Permissioned Blockchains Can Transform Finance, Says Chain’s Ludwin

    | 2016/10/26 4:37 am
  • On Sunday afternoon at the Money20/20 conference in Las Vegas, a cybersecurity panel discussed challenges facing financial services organizations in preparing for or responding to malicious cyberattacks. Sharing information on ransomeware attack management, panelists argued, is a near necessity for financial services organizations. With organizations facing increasing risk from swarm-like cyberattacks and associated ransom payment demands, panelists urged for organizations to proactively prepare for and manage response strategies to a cybersecurity breach incident. Also Read: BTCC Aannounces

    Money20/20: Cybersecurity Panel Praises Information Sharing to Reduce Cybercriminal Risks

    | 2016/10/25 2:00 am
  • Visa is working on a blockchain-based solution for cross-border, business-to-business exchange called Visa B2B Connect. Cross-border payments between businesses is a complex market that is fraught with problems but is lucrative nonetheless, a potential that Visa seems eager to tap into. Also read: CoinAgenda Brings Blockchain Leaders to Vegas on October 25 Visa Unveils its Collaborative Project Visa, in collaboration with tech start-up, Chain Inc., unveiled the project on October 21, 2016. Chain, a startup that Visa

    Visa Introduces Blockchain-based Solution for Payment Services

    | 2016/10/24 1:14 pm
  • An open source, blockchain-based project, Antshares, has reportedly raised $4.5 million in their ICO to help fund their blockchain that operates under an “Onchain universal blockchain” framework. In addition to this, they have also announced a partnership with software giant, Microsoft. Also read: Earning Bitcoin to Watch Ads: Is the “Attention Economy” Finally Here? Introducing Onchain’s Universal Blockchain Framework The purpose of the Antshares project, which is located in Shanghai, China, is to digitize, record,

    Antshares Raises Millions in ICO, Partners with Microsoft

    | 2016/10/09 3:00 am
  • A team of global security engineers based in more than 9 countries across five continents recently got together to form a powerful global capability network known as Hackpool. They have recently launched their clearnet website: www.hackpool.is Disclaimer: This is a press release. Bitcoinist is no responsible for this firm’s products and/or services.  A parallel .onion site will be launched soon. Security engineers, hackers, pentesters and military strategists will find Hackpool as a unique strategic platform

    Hackpool : A new strategic resource pool for security engineers, hackers, pentesters and military strategists

    | 2016/10/04 10:01 am
  • On Thursday night, Yahoo sent out a “NOTICE OF DATA BREACH” to its users, claiming it believed a 2014 hack, which compromised at least 500 million users, was done by state-sponsored actors. The company does not believe the attacker is still in its systems. Also read: Poloniex to Ban New Hampshire Residents An internal investigation confirmed a copy of “certain user account information” was stolen from the California tech giant’s systems in  late 2014 by what

    Yahoo Confirms 2014 Data Breach, 500 Million Users Compromised

    | 2016/09/23 7:07 am
  • BitShares Munich is building the future of digital payments. Disclaimer: This article was provided by the Vanbex Group. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with the firms represented by the Vanbex Group and is not responsible for their products and/or services. BitShares Munich Announces BlockPay, Holds Successful ‘Pre-ICO’ After securing a considerable financial footing following their recent pre-initial coin offering (pre-ICO), the Germany-based independent software development company is poised to deliver on their prospective vision to reshape the

    BitShares Munich Launches Successful 13-Day Pre-ICO

    | 2016/09/18 11:00 am
  • On September 14th, 2016, professional services firm, KPMG, announced a suite of services built around distributed ledgers and how companies can implement them into their business models. Also read: Vanbex Group Selected as Top Up-and-Coming Tech Company in Canada KPMG and Microsoft Partner Up to Create Blockchain Solutions As part of this effort, KPMG will collaborate with Microsoft in a partnership they say will combine the best aspects of both firms to offer the best experience

    ‘Big Four’ Auditor, KPMG, Launches Blockchain Services

    | 2016/09/15 10:25 am
  • VANCOUVER, B.C. — Vanbex Group, a blockchain-based products and professional services firm, has been invited to speak on its latest product, Genisys, at the Banff Venture Forum (BVF) being held at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel from Sept. 22-23. Disclaimer: This is a press release. Bitcoinist is not responsible for  this firm’s products and/or services Genisys is a blockchain integrated payment system that leverages the features and benefits of a distributed ledger network while layering

    Vanbex Group Selected as Top Up-and-Coming Tech Company in Canada

    | 2016/09/14 1:00 pm
  • A research company, called Blockfreight, is unveiling their new blockchain platform. It is billed as the world’s first end-to-end blockchain solution for the global cargo shipping industry. Also read: vDice Sponsors Ethereum Devcon2 Blockfreight Wants to Automate the Global Supply Chain With Blockchain-Based Cargo According to the press release, the team seems to believe that the Blockfreight blockchain will be one of the most significant innovations to the freight industry since the advent of ISO containers sixty

    Blockfreight Wants to Put the Shipping Industry on the Blockchain

    | 2016/09/11 5:00 am