• December is the month of holiday spirits, looking back on the year, and drinking gluwein. Now don’t worry if you hate gluwein, there is always a choco loco. Yes you read it correctly choco loco. Here is how some people make it, but over here in most bars they just take hot chocolate and throw in some rum and some cream. Another tradition in this festive month is the “good intentions list for 2015.” In

    Bitcoin in 2015? Breakthrough or bust?

    | 2014/12/25 3:00 pm
  • This is the second instillation of a two-part article that discusses whether or not 2014 was a success or failure for Bitcoin investment. In the first part, we looked at the year-long downtrend in the Bitcoin price, and assessed the usefulness of the price in determining the growth of Bitcoin as a whole. We concluded that the possibly fraudulent activity from the Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange may have artificially pumped the Bitcoin price to its

    Bitcoin Investment Recap 2014: Bitcoin Economy Growth

    | 2014/12/22 8:00 am
  • Madeira Beach in Florida became the first municipality in the world to officially use Bitcoin. The city’s resolution to become a “Bitcoin beach” comes ahead of the  St. Petersburg Bitcoin Bowl. This event  is sponsored by BitPay. For those who doesn’t know it already, Bitpay is the world’s leading Bitcoin payment processor. The game is scheduled to take place in neighbouring St. Petersburg on December 26th. The expected turnout will probably draw thousands of Bitcoin users.

    Madeira, Florida to Become First Bitcoin Beach

    | 2014/12/21 8:00 am
  • As 2014 comes to a close, people in mainstream media, popular online media, and the Bitcoin community have been ruminating on whether or not 2014 was a success or failure for Bitcoin. Many people outside of the Bitcoin community have focused solely on the Bitcoin price, and have therefore deemed the digital currency as the “worst investment of 2014.” On the other hand, people within the Bitcoin community have cited the expansion of the Bitcoin

    Bitcoin Investment Recap 2014: Mt. Gox’s Long Term Effects

    | 2014/12/19 2:00 pm
  • Safello, one of the more popular European Bitcoin exchanges, is expanding their vast array of payment options for UK customers. As the United Kingdom is proving to hold a big customer base for people looking to both buy and sell bitcoin, European exchanges have to adapt to the growing demand. Offering faster payment methods is an important step in the right direction, which will in turn help with bitcoin adoption in the UK. Bitcoin enthusiasts

    Bitcoin Exchange Safello Adds Faster Payments For UK Customers

    | 2014/12/16 8:00 pm
  • With the holidays coming around, many people are looking to purchase gifts, so some holiday cash is needed. The price slump Bitcoin and most of the cryptocurrency spectrum is experiencing right now should be temporary and was foreseen. History tends to repeat itself, so predicting trends are relatively easy. People always want extra cash around this time, so liquidation of assets is a popular choice. The only thing different this year is that Bitcoin is

    Market Summary: 12/7 – 12/14

    | 2014/12/15 7:00 am
  • Yes people it is that time of the year… again. People dashing around in search for that perfect gift. But what do we in the digital currency community do and where do we buy our gifts? Well here are some pointers and some reputable services that are available to the crypto enthusiast to still get those nice and beautiful presents to your loved ones. We know that waiting in line and shopping in over crowded

    Christmas and Bitcoin, The Digital Currency Santa.

    | 2014/12/13 1:00 pm
  • The goal of this article is to review Bitcoin’s growth as a whole, and discuss key events that happened in each month, and attempt to predict what we can expect 2015 to be like using 2013 and 2014 as years of comparison. This article will be broken down into months covering January- part of December. Bitcoin’s market will be explained simply rather than thoroughly analyzed. I hope you enjoy this article as we review this

    Bitcoin 2014 Year in Review

    | 2014/12/12 5:00 pm
  • While most of the Cryptocurrency market is down, one coin in particular has been moving a lot this week, in fact up 15% from the 11/22/2014 levels. The currency in regards, of course being Ripple. With a 24h volume of over 2 and a half million dollars, Ripples price per coin slowly approaches $0.015 per Ripple, which is impressive, considering total supply is 99,999,979,958 XRP. This price increase and subsequently market capitalization increase, of course,

    Market Summary: Ripple’s Rise and Bitcoin In A Holding Pattern

    | 2014/12/07 2:06 pm
  • Bravenewcoin, a company I’ve talked to in the past, was all about giving the end user the most amount of information over a variety of cryptocurrencies, and using powerful tools to compare them. While for people that have holdings in cryptocurrency this may be useful, what about people that just want to get into Bitcoin? This is where Bitcoin.info comes in, allowing easy access to market data and more regarding Bitcoin. 1. For those that don’t

    Bitcoin.Info: One place for all of your Bitcoin Information needs!

    | 2014/12/05 10:39 am
  • The impact that derivatives have had on the stock market has long been something academics and industry experts alike, have tried to quantify. In finance, a derivative is a contract that derives its value directly from the value of another asset. This underlying entity can be various things, ranging from individual stocks right up to the whole index, plus commodities and many others. By design, derivatives are used to insure against price variations. To the

    Bright Future(s) with Bitcoin Derivatives

    | 2014/12/04 3:00 pm
  • Bitcoin in India is a huge opportunity for players to come in and reap rewards, but tread carefully, this market is full of risk. One company in particular is blazing trails in the Indian bitcoin market with little to zero competition. Bringing Bitcoin to Billions Unocoin is positioning itself as the “Coinbase of India” for many reasons. They are fully compliant with standing regulations. This is imperative as bitcoin in India enters a murky grey

    UnoCoin: CoinBase of India

    | 2014/11/29 11:21 am
  • Savvy seasoned shoppers know to skip the black friday shopping mayhem for the relaxed comfort of shopping from their home on cyber monday. Cyber monday is the day online shopping skyrockets through the roof. According to Adobe Systems 2013’s Cyber Monday saw an increase of 16% from 2012 to an astonishing record $2.29 Billion in sales. (USA Today) This year, shoppers will not have to wait for Cyber Monday to get crazy discounts on their

    Beat Cyber Monday, Save Money NOW with Bitcoin

    | 2014/11/26 7:30 pm
  • The effect of the US dollar being removed from its pedestal of the global reserve is immense; the consequences of such disruption are bound to lead to war or widespread anarchy. A Broken System Anyone who has dared to inspect the under workings of the American financial market usually uncovers enough disparaging information to justify immediately assuming the fetal position. For many, ignorance is bliss, the idea that your life savings can drastically lose value

    Bane for U.S Dollar, Boom for Bitcoin

    | 2014/11/25 8:08 pm
  • BitBay is trying to develop a new decentralized marketplace that is said to be introducing a revolution in e-commerce. BitBay is completely decentralized and has no single point of vulnerability or failure. The platform puts the world at the user’s disposal. Members can buy and sell anything, anywhere; so members can use BitBay in the States, or use BitBay in Tokyo or in any other country in the world.

    BitBay – Decentralized Marketplace and the Internet of Things

    | 2014/11/20 4:00 pm
  • The second country that we will take a closer look at is the Isle of Man. The Isle of Man is  nestled between Ireland, England,Wales and Scotland. It has been a haven for online gambling companies for a couple of years now. However The Isle of Man is looking toward the future like an open minded country should. There has been quite a storm about the Isle of Man’s decision to become a “pro digital

    Pro Bitcoin countries: Isle of Man.

    | 2014/11/18 8:00 pm
  •   During our news reporting, interviews, articles, academic life, and networking, we made some interesting connections and friends from all walks of life. So why not do a special interview with some of our connections we’ve build up? That is the exact thought we at Bitcoinist had. However due to the high status and fame these people and their companies have, we will not use their original names. These prominent people speaking out for or

    Digital currency in perspective. Three views.

    | 2014/11/17 8:49 pm
  •     The rumors have been flying that the UK Treasury is looking into digital currencies and how to create some form of legal net for these currencies. The UK Treasury is asking for information on new digital currencies from the public, law enforcement agencies and financial regulators. However, most of these people do not know what digital currencies are. That is why the UK government is giving the hand of friendship toward the Bitcoin

    Crypto Regulation UK style?

    | 2014/11/17 8:20 pm
  •   Who or what is Mobile Vikings?  They are a cell phone operator like Base, Vodafone, T-Mobile but have way better deals to offer their customers. Mobile Viking services are available in Belgium, The Netherlands and Poland. However they are an innovative company and are looking for oportunities to expand. Every time a customer recharges his or her credit on their smart phone, they receive multiple “goodies” so to speak.  These items Mobile Vikings customers

    Mobile Vikings: a Belgian company that accepts Bitcoin.

    | 2014/11/17 8:49 am
  • Bitcoin is yet again recovering from its weekly low of $321 and is currently sitting at $360 range, around a 10% increase in the last 10 days. We have been in the dumps for quite a while now, and it sure seems the market is turning for the good. While progress has stalled around the $370 mark, the constant volume and low prices may prove to be enticing enough for investors to get in at

    Market Analysis 11/9 – 11/15

    | 2014/11/15 11:59 pm
  • “ We were aware that some criminal elements were focusing in on creating a next gen version of the Silk Road.“ the FBI stated  to Bitcoinist a couple days ago. “Like all new things, and the digital currency is something new, there are always opportunistically criminal elements that try to worm their way in. We let them bathe in the false sense of security long enough to collect data so we can prosecute the perpetrators to the fullest

    Cleaning house: Federal government dismantling Silk road 2.0

    | 2014/11/14 11:59 pm
  • There has been a lot speculation, shouting matches, opinions, dubious accusations etc. that flew around concerning digital currencies, or like some call them crypto currencies. Some journalists from the more traditional media made unfounded accusations like “Mt. Gox has crashed so Bitcoin will follow suit”. If professionals and academics read things like that what do they think? Are there some that are sceptical or what is the deal? It does seem it’s “all quiet on

    Is digital currency “the solution”? The academic perspective.

    | 2014/11/11 9:04 am
  • People always ask me: “What to do with your Bitcoin and other crypto”? the answer is: you can do a lot with it. Buying gift cards for amazon, iTunes etc. However you want to do a solid investment. Maybe investing in some real money and what is better than buying proof sets, gold coins, silver coin sets etc. When you want to do this you need to be very careful. This article is written because

    Investing Bitcoins in physical coins. Risky business.

    | 2014/11/10 2:28 pm