• With no fixed acceptance of Bitcoin on traditional financial markets, investors have had to turn to other vehicles to make their investments in Bitcoin. However, in a field so little regulated as Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, accusations of and actual market manipulation are still proving a real concern for regulators. The United States Securities Exchange Commission suspended trading on Tuesday of a penny stock related to Bitcoin that has soared in recent weeks (2000% this month),

    Bitcoin-Linked Stock Shut Down By US Regulators

    | 2017/12/20 9:30 am
  • A week to the day after CBOE launched their Bitcoin futures, CME Group followed up with a smooth introduction to the nascent crypto scene. CME is a much larger exchange, so many expect it to have a bigger impact on the markets and the overall recognition and legitimization of Bitcoin and its brethren. The big daddy of digital currencies traded higher as expected and reached an all-time high once again on December 17th, just before

    A Bright Start for CME Futures

    | 2017/12/18 5:45 am
  • Since last week Bitcoin futures have officially started trading on CBOE Global Markets. Many Bitcoin investors are anticipating a rapid price movement once CME group launches its own Bitcoin futures contract this week. The Effects of Bitcoin Futures Bitcoin futures are currently one of the most popular topics in the Bitcoin and finance communities.  In the last couple of weeks, many investors and traders were eagerly waiting for Bitcoin futures to officially start trading. Last week,

    Upcoming CME Bitcoin Futures May Draw More Trading Volume

    | 2017/12/17 10:30 pm
  • The massive spike in Bitcoin’s price and popularity has seen many businesses moving to adopt it as a payment method. The Tree House Lodge, a new hotel in the Brunca Region of Costa Rica, announced that it will be joining the growing list of businesses accepting bitcoin payments, becoming one of the first hotels to adopt cryptocurrency payments directly, without going through a clearinghouse like Expedia. Little information is available about Tree House Lodge, a

    Costa Rica’s Tree House Lodge One of the First Hotels to Accept Direct Bitcoin Payments

    | 2017/12/17 3:30 pm
  • Japanese government approval and lucrative arbitrage opportunities set Japan up as one of the largest Bitcoin trader bases. Japanese retail investors are believed to account for as much as 30 to 50% of all cryptocurrency trading.  Japan’s share of the market can be attributed perhaps mainly due to recent crackdowns on cryptocurrency trading in South Korea and China, leaving Japan the lion’s share of, if not just Asian Bitcoin business, then the world’s. Japanese government

    Japanese Retail Investors Dominate Bitcoin Trading

    | 2017/12/17 12:30 pm
  • It seems like the trend of consecutive all-time highs isn’t stopping anytime soon, as Bitcoin has sailed over $20,500 and has its sights set on $21,000. Bitcoin Breaks the $20,000 Barrier On CEX.io, a popular Bitcoin exchange, the price of just one bitcoin has broken through $20,000 with no signs of stopping. This may seem insignificant, as it only one exchange, and on top of that, we’ve seen Bitcoin prices skyrocket over the market price

    Bitcoin Price Breaks $20,000 on CEX.io Exchange

    | 2017/12/16 9:30 pm
  • Jordan Belfort, who is the real-life inspiration for the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ film, has branded Bitcoin a bubble and cautioned people that it is, in fact, a ‘scam’. Belfort, who has experience in running a scam and has the prison time to prove it, is yet another crypto critic who has labeled the world’s most popular digital currency a bubble. He added that the value of Bitcoin will also drop. In an interview with

    ‘Real Wolf of Wall Street’ Takes Up the Bitcoin Bubble Chant

    | 2017/12/16 5:00 pm
  • Goldman Sachs is asking traders to provide 100% margin on the bitcoin futures positions it’s clearing, reports suggest. Reports have hit the press this week that Goldman Sachs is demanding that certain clients stump up 100% margin on their bitcoin futures positions, with the potential for volatility in the underlying asset cited as the driving force behind the decision. On December 10, CBOE Global Markets Inc., which is one of the world’s biggest regulated exchanges,

    Goldman Sachs Won’t Offer Margin To Some Bitcoin Futures Traders

    | 2017/12/15 11:45 am
  • Governments’ continued crypto crackdowns and regulations seem to be having the opposite effect as their citizens rush to be part of the digital currency revolution. In most cases, being denied something makes you actually want it even more, especially when that something has grown by over 1,700% in less than a year. This definitely seems to be the case for Bitcoin. According to Bloomberg, trading in the digital currency increased exponentially more in countries with

    Saying No to Bitcoin Seems to Increase Its Appeal

    | 2017/12/14 7:00 am
  • Despite the expanding interest in cryptocurrencies, the truth is that most altcoins are failing. While some fall victim to poorly designed business plans and/or faulty adoption strategies, many altcoins are the product of outright scams. One thing they all have in common, however, is their attempt to emulate the success of Bitcoin. Very few altcoins have managed to ignite the kind of interest that propels a cryptocurrency from a mere novelty to something that captures

    When the Music Stops: Price Support and Liquidity After the Token Sale Ends

    | 2017/12/14 5:15 am
  • The crypto exchange has welcomed the Facebook Messenger boss to its board, which is another feather in the platform’s cap as they continue to benefit from the world’s growing fascination with digital currencies. The continued rise of Bitcoin’s price and popularity has paved the way for success for many companies, one of them being Coinbase. Last week, the well-known cryptocurrency exchange raced to the top of the US App store as the most downloaded free

    Coinbase Welcomes David Marcus to Their Inner Circle

    | 2017/12/13 9:00 am
  • The overall cryptocurrency market cap has hit $500 billion for the first time in a giant landmark for the phenomenon. 1343 Cryptos, Half A Trillion Dollars Data from Coinmarketcap, which currently tracks Bitcoin and 1342 altcoins in circulation, shows the leap forward in market valuation as multiple cryptocurrencies continue to reach new highs of their own. Ethereum and Litecoin have both posted records in the past 24 hours, $627 and $328 respectively as a new

    Cryptocurrency Is Half A Trillion: Joint Market Cap Hits $500 Billion

    | 2017/12/12 5:15 pm
  • Coinbase just halted Litecion and Ethereum buy and sell transactions, seemingly driven by the huge volume seen in each over the last twenty-four hours.  Digital wallet company Coinbase just announced on its status page, here, that as of 11:04 PST, Ethereum buys and sells are temporarily disabled. At the same time, the company is reporting that Litecoin buys and sells are temporarily disabled, although this news is delivered by way of a yellow notification bar

    Coinbase Halts Litecoin And Ethereum Transactions

    | 2017/12/12 2:45 pm
  • Once upon a time, it would have been absurd to compare bitcoin to gold. One was a new cryptocurrency with little to no adoption, and the other was a precious metal and one-time backer of world currencies. The ensuing years have seen Bitcoin grow to become one of the most precious stores of value, even surpassing that of gold. After nearly two decades of trading in the $350 – $500 range, in 2002 gold bottomed and

    In the Battle for Acceptance, has Bitcoin Accomplished What Gold Can’t?

    | 2017/12/12 12:15 pm
  • As we roll into another week of crypto trading the Bitcoin bulls have been a little subdued in the last 24 hours. BTC hasn’t fluctuated much from around $16,400 where it currently trades. Huge swings in the king of crypto were bounteous this weekend amid the launch of CBOE’s futures contracts. Bitcoin gained and lost over $5,000 in just a few days before recovering but Ethereum has remained pretty flat for weeks … until now.

    Escalating Ethereum Breaks New Records

    | 2017/12/12 1:15 am
  • The probability of a price action movement caused by the sale of a large quantity of Bitcoin will increase as long as its price continues to go up. As the digital currency gains popularity and rolls towards mainstream acceptance, smaller investors need to be aware that a large number of Bitcoin is owned by a very small number of people. According to Bloomberg, as much as 40% of the total supply of Bitcoin, currently 16.7 million

    Can Crypto Whales Manipulate the Markets?

    | 2017/12/11 5:00 am
  • The continuing frenzy surrounding Bitcoin has a number of analysts and economists worried even as global financial institutions are starting to actively participate in the crypto world. 2017 has been a banner year for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Last week saw Bitcoin race from $14,000 to over $18,000 in a few hours before coming back down to earth at just over $15,000. While many financial experts are predicting that Bitcoin will soar even higher in

    Deutsche Bank Economist Believes a Bitcoin Crash Endangers Global Markets

    | 2017/12/11 3:00 am
  • As the fervor for cryptocurrencies climbs to a crescendo in Europe and the US, the countries of Asia remain mixed. Nations of the Middle East, however, are also eager to take a ride on the digital train and Dubai, in particular, is witnessing a boom in crypto trading. Young professionals are taking to cryptocurrencies in droves, all eager to invest for the future and profit from the recent price surges. Bitcoin has had a wild

    Middle East Professionals Embracing Bitcoin

    | 2017/12/11 1:00 am
  • Bitcoin futures have become one of the most popular topics in the finance and cryptocurrency communities but as we wait with baited breath for the first contract to roll out, the question on everyone’s mind is, “How will it affect the price of Bitcoin?” Bitcoin’s Banner Year With 2017 quickly winding down, many finance and cryptocurrency experts have already started speculating on Bitcoin’s price for the next year. Before we look ahead, however, let’s take a look

    Bitcoin Price Stabilizes at $15k as Traders Fear the Potential Impact of Futures

    | 2017/12/10 9:30 pm
  • Year-end bonuses on Wall Street are getting a generous dose of digital juice as many companies plan to add Bitcoin to the traditional mix of stocks and cash. Bitcoin, it seems, is here to stay. After boasting incredible YTD gains of over 1500% and a market cap rivaling that of most S&P 500 companies, the digital currency can no longer be ignored. Although businesses as a whole are slow to adopt Bitcoin, they are beginning

    It’s Bitcoin Bonuses This Year for Some Wall Street Bankers and Traders

    | 2017/12/10 4:30 pm
  • As the Winklevoss twins became the first ever Bitcoin billionaires, they still believe that cryptocurrency has room to grow. Becoming Bitcoin Billionaires The Winklevoss twins first became famous in 2008 through their legal battle with Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg. In 2015, the twins started their own cryptocurrency exchange, called Gemini, where users could trade Bitcoin and Ethereum. Gemini is the 16th biggest cryptocurrency exchange and has a daily trading volume of over $244 million. As if

    Winklevoss Twins Predict Bitcoin Will Become ‘Multi-Trillion Dollar Asset’

    | 2017/12/10 12:00 am
  • Bitcoin is intrinsically volatile due to many factors. One of them is Bitcoin’s inelastic nature. On top of that, experts now forecast that the upcoming futures trading will further exacerbate Bitcoin’s volatility. As a result, cryptocurrency exchanges are already taking precautionary measures. Bitcoin’s Volatility About to Increase Bitcoin’s price fluctuations are wild. Its price can swing by more than $3,000 USD in just a few hours. Traditionally, volatility is measured by the volatility index, also

    Futures Trading Will Intensify Bitcoin’s Volatility

    | 2017/12/09 8:45 pm
  • In an interview with CNBC on Thursday, billionaire investor Marc Lasry admitted that he should have bought Bitcoin when it was trading at $300. Co-founder of Avenue Capital Group and part owner of NBA team the Milwaukee Bucks, Marc Lasry expressed his regret at having missed the boat – at least the early one – when it comes to Bitcoin. The digital currency, which was trading at just below $1,000 at the beginning of 2017,

    Billionaire Investor Marc Lasry Regrets Not Buying Bitcoin at $300

    | 2017/12/09 6:45 pm