• Bitcoin continues its incredible bull run, breaking the $900 USD mark and reaching an all-time high in market cap value of over $14 billion. Bitcoin Market Cap at All-Time High Driven by global economic and political uncertainty, Bitcoin has had an amazing run since the beginning of 2016, earning the title of the best-performing commodity of 2016. In fact, Bitcoin is now bigger than Silver, SpaceX, Dropbox, and Twitter by market cap, according to Brave New Coin. The

    Bitcoin Hits All Time-High $14 Billion Market Cap, Now Bigger Than Silver

    | 2016/12/23 10:00 am
  • As Bitcoin continues breaking new highs, the future (and moon) are on everyone’s minds – let it not be punctuated by bad actors’ exploitation. Don’t Take Chances With Your Security! Previous price surges have all too often ended in rapid decline as hackers or others take advantage of weak points in security somewhere in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Not just the infamous Mt.Gox, but much more recent events such as this year’s Bitfinex hack – these all

    Here Comes Moon! Be Wary of Exchange Hacks, Protect Your Keys

    | 2016/12/23 6:00 am
  • Bitcoinist caught up with Chris Horlacher, CEO of Equibit, a decentralized, peer-to-peer securities platform. It integrates multiple blockchains into a single application allowing issuers and investors to manage every aspect of their relationship in a decentralized, secure manner. Interview with Equitbit CEO, Chris Horlacher Bitcoinist: What’s the major problem with OTC markets, depositories and transfer agents that you’re trying to solve with blockchain technology? Chris Horlacher (CH): The entire securities industry is built on top of

    ‘Ultimately There’ll Be Many Different Blockchains’ – Equibit CEO, Chris Horlacher

    | 2016/12/23 2:30 am
  • It’s looking to be a joyous Christmas this year for Bitcoinists as the bullish price run is shocking the world for the holidays. Bitcoin Demand Tsunami We here at Bitcoinist are wishing you a very Merry Christmas and that seems to be working out just fine, as Bitcoin is shocking the world. The last 48 hours has been a tsunami of Bitcoin demand, activity, and trading that may be unprecedented in Bitcoin history, given the

    Bitcoin May Have Set Single Day Trading Record as It Nears $900

    | 2016/12/22 9:00 am
  • EU legislation could legalize “widespread checks” on bank transfers as part of increased security measures to combat terrorism. Gold, Cards, Bank Transfers Under Scrutiny In the wake of the supposed terrorist attack on Berlin this week, the EU Commission has already called for tightened security restrictions throughout the 28-member bloc. Border controls may soon be able to confiscate items such as precious metals and even prepaid debit cards, which a Reuters release states are used to finance

    EU to Snoop on Gold, Cards and Bank Transfers in Security Shake-Up

    | 2016/12/22 5:30 am
  • The Bitcoin Blockchain has enabled millions of workers in India to receive bigger paychecks in Indian Rupees through a new partnership between Bitwage and Unocoin.  Less Waiting, Bigger Paychecks for Indians Indian Bitcoin exchange Unocoin has partnered with Bitwage in an effort to improve wages for international workers. Leveraging bitcoin transactions, Bitwage is able to skip currency exchange and international transaction fees. It transfers wages directly to workers in India, who now have the option of being paid

    Bitcoin is Now Helping Indians Receive Bigger Paychecks from Abroad

    | 2016/12/22 2:30 am
  • OpenBazaar, the decentralized e-commerce platform, has partnered with ShapeShift allowing users to buy products with their favorite altcoins. OpenBazaar: Altcoins Now Accepted OpenBazaar has announced the release of its 1.1.10 version. The new integration of the Shifty Button, a free to use and open-source tool created by ShapeShift, now allows customers to buy products with various altcoins such as Monero, Ether and over thirty others. The new option might certainly come in handy for users wanting

    Save Those Bits! You Can Now Spend Over 35 Altcoins at OpenBazaar

    | 2016/12/21 10:00 am
  • The Russian parliament the Duma has said cryptocurrency “is becoming objective reality” following its legalization earlier this month. Duma: Bitcoin Not A Dream In continuing debates over how to regulate Bitcoin and its ilk, the country’s Duma is attempting to work out an appropriate course of action. “It’s worth noting that today, cryptocurrency is becoming objective reality,” Andrey Lugovoy, a member of the Security and Anti-corruption Panel, said Tuesday. Given its nature, it’s important to recognize

    Russian Duma: Bitcoin is Becoming ‘Objective Reality’

    | 2016/12/21 6:00 am
  • All day, it was working on that ceiling. The Bitcoin price ran up to $798 on Tuesday morning, and then stepped back, but the pressure was building… Bitcoin Price Hits $800 Then news came out on Zero Hedge of other indicators that Bitcoin price was gonna blow. I head out for a walk, I come back, and $800 is crushed, well before Christmas. I told my Mom, who became a new Bitcoin investor this summer, that

    Bitcoin Price Blasts Past $800; May Hit $2000 By 2017

    | 2016/12/21 2:30 am
  • Pakistan has announced plans to remove its largest currency notes from circulation as Bitcoin buying has surged fourfold in the country. Pakistan Joins War on Cash The demonetization policies that have been recently implemented in countries like India and Venezuela are now spreading across the globe. More and more countries are attempting to eliminate cash transactions in what is being called an effort to reduce corruption, money laundering and black market economy. This time, Pakistan is joining the

    Bitcoin Buying Up 300% in Pakistan, Demonetization’s Next Domino

    | 2016/12/20 11:00 am
  • Republican Bitcoin proponent Congressman Mick Mulvaney is the surprise pick for Donald Trump’s Office of Management and Budget chief. Bitcoin ‘Not Manipulatable’ By Any Gov’t Mulvaney, whose support for Bitcoin has been high profile even within Washington itself, is also due to speak for a second time at the John Birch Society, a ring-wing group which verges on extremism. During his first speech in July, Mother Jones reports Mulvaney “slammed” the Federal Reserve while talking up Bitcoin’s virtues. He

    Trump Picks ‘Bitcoin Congressman’ Mulvaney for Budget Chief

    | 2016/12/20 7:30 am
  • A special set of very unique circumstances has moved the global mainstream closer to Bitcoin than ever before. So let’s recap what has been driving Bitcoin demand, making it the hottest investment of 2016. 3 Reasons Bitcoin Demand Hit All-Time High 2016 has been a very strong year for Bitcoin, from the halving going off without a hitch to the introduction of Segregated Witness, to the almost doubling of Bitcoin’s value in the marketplace. In fact, its trading volume

    3 Reasons Bitcoin Demand Reached All-Time High in November

    | 2016/12/20 2:30 am
  • The Bitcoin Blockchain has now reached 100 gigabytes in size, a milestone figure in cryptocurrency history. Bitcoin Usage is Growing According to recent stats, the Bitcoin blockchain has reached the 100 GB size mark, seeing a growth of almost 90% in the course of 2016. Such an increase in a short period of time says something about the adoption and use of Bitcoin in recent months, which has been growing at an exponential rate. However, it also says

    Bitcoin’s Blockchain Just Hit a Milestone 100 Gigabytes

    | 2016/12/19 9:00 am
  • Bitcoinist is excited to give away a total of seven KeepKey hardware wallets to our readers this holiday season! Keeping the Holiday Spirit The holidays are meant to be spent with those we love and care about. Of course, we know you love and care about your bitcoin savings as well. Which is why Bitcoin and KeepKey are keeping the holiday spirit and showing appreciation to our readers with our 2016 Holiday Season Giveaway. We’re giving away

    We’re Giving Away 7 KeepKey Wallets This Holiday Season

    | 2016/12/19 7:25 am
  • Ukraine’s biggest lender Privatbank may need to change its name after the government acquired 100% of its shares Monday. Privatbank Failure Would End In ‘Panic’ The newly nationalized bank had reportedly built up huge debts resulting from insider loans going unpaid, with sources saying its failure would cause “panic.” “Other banks would not be getting their loans back from PrivatBank, a series of bankruptcies would begin, and there would be panic,” Oleksandr Savchenko, head of

    Not So Private: Ukraine Nationalizes Failing Privatbank, Bitcoin Spikes

    | 2016/12/19 3:30 am
  • Charlie Shrem’s latest ventures, Mainstreet Investment and Intellisys, are to launch the crowdsale of their joint Mainstreet token in January. Intellisys ‘Changing Worldwide Investment Game’ The former BitInstant creator is working with CEO Jason Granger on a project which will “merge investment, securities law and technologies in a way that has not yet been done.” “The Mainstreet Investment token offering will change the game for investing on a worldwide stage,” Granger continued in an “Initial

    Charlie Shrem Announces ‘Game-Changing’ Token Sale

    | 2016/12/18 8:00 am
  • Christmas is once again around the corner (metaphorically speaking at least, as time isn’t actually endowed with too many corners), and you may be considering giving loved ones the gift of Bitcoin. But what is the best way to do it, and should you really be doing it at all? Not Just For Christmas: A Bitcoin Is For Life As a Bitcoin enthusiast, you probably love spreading the word, and what better way than to force coerce those you care about

    4 Ways to Give Bitcoin: The Christmas Gift That Will Keep On Giving

    | 2016/12/17 5:00 am
  • Kraken, a top 10 digital asset exchange by volume, has recently partnered with The Economist in an effort to provide an answer to one of the most frequently asked question in the cryptocurrency investment space: Bitcoin, Ether or both? $1 Million into Bitcoin? Ether? or Both? A competition was created and the following question was put forward to thirteen participating teams from various MBA (Master of Business Administration) programs around the world: You have $1M to invest across

    Top 3 Portfolios Favor Bitcoin Over Ether in Kraken Investment Challenge

    | 2016/12/16 12:00 pm
  • After a few months of experimenting with bitcoin payments for municipal services, the City Council of ‘Crypto Valley’ Zug in Switzerland announced that the pilot program will become a permanent fixture with possible plans to expand.  Bitcoin Payments a ‘Worthwhile Experiment’ Early May this year, Zug City Council decided to place bitcoin payment system on a pilot program to test the feasibility of bitcoin payments for municipal services. At current, the program has been used only

    Zug, Switzerland Makes Bitcoin Payments ‘Permanent’

    | 2016/12/16 8:00 am
  • Desperate times continue at Coinbase – while one user has filed a motion to block IRS access to its records, a law firm is now suing the company for an alleged role in an $8.2 million fraud racket. New Lawsuit as Regs Bite Coinbase Again In a class action lawsuit filed in Florida by Silver Law Group and Wites & Kapetan, Coinbase purportedly allowed Paul Vernon, ex-CEO of now-defunct exchange Cryptsy, to convert bitcoins worth

    Coinbase Nightmare Continues With New $8m Cryptsy Lawsuit

    | 2016/12/16 6:07 am
  • “It’s going to the mooooon!” pretty much sums up most popular analyses you’ll find about Bitcoin’s price. But do many consider that perhaps quite the opposite may be true? That due to the average person’s deep-seated discomfort with the trappings of cryptography, Bitcoin holders are actually making an incorrect bet — and are smack in the middle of a bubble? This lecture I gave at the University of New Mexico illustrates why if one or more

    Could Bitcoin’s Price Be in a Bubble?

    | 2016/12/16 1:00 am
  • The Ukraine Stock Exchange has announced it will start selling Bitcoin futures due to “quite high interest” in the country. Ukraine Trades Brent & Bitcoin Trading authorities made the statement along with news that Brent crude futures will also be offered. Trading will begin December 19. “This became possible after the National Securities and Stock Market Commission registered specifications of futures contracts and exchange in the stock market legislation,” a statement quoted by local news resource

    ‘High Interest’ Prods Ukraine to Launch Bitcoin Futures Trading

    | 2016/12/15 6:00 am
  • Ross Ulbricht’s defense team has uncovered more proof of evidence tampering in the Silk Road case undermining his life sentence for being convicted as the operator of the Silk Road marketplace.  Evidence Tampering a ‘Travesty of Justice’ Ross Ulbricht’s legal team has announced finding more proof of evidence tampering. A previously unknown copy of the Silk Road forum database clearly shows that someone with access to the site deleted significant portions of evidence, according to Ulbricht’s lawyers.

    New Proof of Evidence Tampering Could Help Free Ross Ulbricht

    | 2016/12/15 4:00 am