• A.I. Coin is taking blockchain technology to a new level of performance and intelligence. The promising new currency features enhanced block-chain security, instant payment transactions, lower fees, and greater efficiency. The product of eight years of research in artificial intelligence, A.I. Coin is one of the first digital currencies to utilize artificial intelligence. The A.I. Coin Project is Proof-of-Stake (POS) – 21 million coins will be minted. Also Read: Is NeuCoin the Strongest Altcoin Opening in 2015

    Exclusive Interview with A.I. Coin Founders

    | 2015/03/26 9:00 pm
  • Neteller has been making waves lately by starting to integrate Bitcoin and starting to be available in the US in states Nevada and New Jersy. They recently announced that they would be buying Skrill Group (Sentinel Topco Ltd) for roughly 1.1 billion euros in order to expand its online services. Also Read:  Neteller now Accepts Bitcoin Deposits From the press release at Forexmagnates: Optimal Payments Plc (LSE: OPAY), the group behind the popular NETELLER payment

    Neteller Wants to Acquire Paysafecard Issuer, Skrill

    | 2015/03/26 7:45 pm
  • Factom is a data layer for the blockchain that allows users to permanently secure documents and even whole business processes. The Factom technology is especially compelling for those who want to build trust with users by providing complete transparency and real-time auditability of their systems, while at the same time maintaining user privacy.

    Factoids: The Tokens that Drive the Factom Protocol

    | 2015/03/26 3:00 pm
  • Coinprism, in a recent blog post, has announced the support of cold storage for TREZOR on its platform. Coinprism is the first Bitcoin 2.0 platform to integrate cold storage. This launch brings new things to both Bitcoin 2.0 applications as well as the Coinprism wallet itself. First, users will now be able to store colored assets in cold storage. Second, users will be able to link their spending to their TREZOR devices. Users of Coinprism and

    Coinprism is now TREZOR Compatible

    | 2015/03/26 8:00 am
  • Neteller has just enabled Bitcoin deposits. Neteller is an e-money service owned and operated by the British global payments company – Optimal Payments PLC. NETELLER services allow customers from over 200 countries to transfer money to and from merchants, such as forex trading firms, social networks, or online gambling firms.

    Neteller now Accepts Bitcoin Deposits

    | 2015/03/25 10:36 pm
  • Bitwage is announcing that it will be partnering with Xapo, a bitcoin debit card provider, to release the Bitwage International Debit card. This international payroll debit card service is the first of its kind.   Also Read:  Xapo Announces Free Multi-Signature Deep Cold Storage; Five Private Keys Generated Offline and Scattered Across the World This debit card will allow employees and contractors using Bitwage’s bitcoin payroll service to withdraw United States Dollars, Euros, and British

    Bitwage Partners With Xapo for New Debit Card Service

    | 2015/03/25 3:00 pm
  • Colored Coins is an advanced application of Bitcoin’s blockchain. The protocol is considered to have Bitcoin 2.0 properties, as it expands the use of Bitcoin’s blockchain. Colored Coins are tokens that are marked to represent real world assets. They can be used to prove ownership of cars, real estate, precious metals, etc., and are pretty easy to issue. While there aren’t very many cryptocurrencies that are Colored Coins, the ones that are colored offer some interesting

    Colored Coins, What They Are and How They Work On The Bitcoin Blockchain

    | 2015/03/25 8:00 am
  • Most of the Bitcoin trading volume is changing hands across Chinese bitcoin exchanges. Therefore, Chinese exchanges are feeling pressure to come up with new and innovative features to preserve their dominance and expand bitcoin adoption. OKCoin, one of China’s leading bitcoin exchanges, is attempting to do exactly that. Higher Volume Due To 0% Spot Trading Fees There are a few things all Chinese bitcoin exchanges have in common. For starters, all of these platforms are

    OKCoin To Expand Bitcoin Adoption With New Service

    | 2015/03/24 9:00 pm
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    The Litecoin Association, which consists of directors Andrew Vegetabile, Jason King, Eric Mihalik, Ryszard Mielcarek, and Phillip Auman, has just launched litecoin.com. The website is designed to educate merchants and users on how to use and accept Litecoin as an alternative payment method. This announcement follows the association’s last announcement, which established a new team composed of developers and graphic artists. The development team has put in a substantial amount of work into the website,

    Litecoin Association Takes Step Forward and Launches Litecoin.com

    | 2015/03/24 3:00 pm
  • Inside Bitcoins Berlin 2015 – Day 1 – The Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Investing   Inside Bitcoins Berlin – Day 2 – Emerging Issues in Regulatory Compliance and Law Enforcement Efforts   Why Bitcoin is a Superior Payment System for eCommerce – Ashok Misra   Education, Communication, and the Blockchain – Jeremy Gardner The Inside Bitcoins Berlin 2015 conference had many excellent speakers at the event as you can see from our broadcast videos

    Inside Bitcoins Berlin 2015 – Video Broadcast #2

    | 2015/03/24 9:00 am
  • KNC is a well-known mining company based in Sweden for releasing ASICs last year of massive hash rate, namely the Scrypt ASIC miner Titan. At time of announcement when Scrypt was still heavily GPU mineable, the Titan was capable of hashing 250-300 mh/s, and up to 400mh/s for the second batch of orders at a equally titanic price of $10,000. Also Read: Bitcoinist News Bits: The KnC Lawsuit Investigation Shortly after KNC delivered the first Titans,

    Customers Detail KNC Fraud, Lawsuit Launches Soon Part 1 of 3

    | 2015/03/24 8:00 am
  • Most people look at Europe as an easy place to buy and sell bitcoins. For the most part, this stereotype is fairly accurate. However, there are still several countries — mostly located in Eastern Europe and non-European Union states — where there is a demand for competition among Bitcoin exchanges. Anycoin Direct is expanding their services to these countries by launching a new service called Trustpay. Anycoin Direct: A Major European Player Bitcoin enthusiasts all across Europe have

    Anycoin Direct Launches Bitcoin Initiative in Eastern Europe

    | 2015/03/23 3:00 pm
  • The Bitcoin market this week has been volatile, shifting a total of $43.39 between this week’s peak of $293 and low of $250. We saw the market retest territory and for a little while it seemed like we would break $300, with volumes exceeding $50,000,000 at some points. Also Read: Last Weeks Market Wrap Up The massive fall drop in the bitcoin price — amounting to approximately 15%– may be due to the fact that the Evolution drug

    Bitcoin Market Wrap Up 3/15 – 3/22: Evolution Admins Run w BTC, DRK Rebrands to DASH

    | 2015/03/23 8:00 am
  • T-Mobile Poland announced in late February that they would start offering a 20% discount for mobile top-up credits paid with bitcoin. The announcement is part of a three month partnership with Warsaw-based bitcoin payment processor, InPay. T-Mobile Poland is the first business of the large telecommunication company to test bitcoin payments. An InPay spokesperson said T-Mobile Poland’s motivation for the partnership with the bitcoin payment processor, was the mobile operator’s recent initiative to explore new services and

    T-Mobile Poland Offers 20% Discount for Bitcoin Purchases

    | 2015/03/22 3:00 pm
  • Lately, the cryptocurrency ecosystem has been pledged by a series of hacks and other attacks. Digital currency exchanges seem to be the preferred target for hackers since they usually carry large volumes in their wallets.

    42 BTC Stolen From Allcrypt Exchange

    | 2015/03/22 8:00 am
  • Although every day we hear new cases of companies and businesses starting to accept bitcoin, the general public still doesn’t see much use for the digital currency. In fact, it is still pretty difficult if not impossible for a mainstream bitcoin user to do online shopping and paying directly with bitcoin. This has given rise to a new business niche on the ecosystem and the chance for new companies to flourish. What exactly is Purse?

    Purse Partners Up With Coinbase

    | 2015/03/21 3:00 pm
  • “Rakuten’s mission is to empower the world through the Internet,” commented Yaz Iida, President of Rakuten USA. “Not only can bitcoin support this vision by helping our merchants better compete globally, but it also has the potential to benefit society by enhancing the security, privacy, and convenience of financial transactions.” Rakuten, a giant in Japan’s business world, will now allow US customers to pay for items on its website, Rakuten.com (formerly buy.com), which offers almost

    Rakuten Brings Shopping With Bitcoin To US Customers

    | 2015/03/21 8:00 am
  • The UK government plans on regulating digital currency exchanges in an effort to support technological innovation while preventing criminal use of such technologies. In a document released along side the announcement of the 2015 budget, the Treasury stated that they intended to apply anti-money laundering regulation to digital currency exchanges within the UK.  Also read: Bitcoin Taxes: Working for Bitcoin The Treasury plans to seek consultation later this year to gather views on how the

    UK Plans to Regulate Bitcoin Exchanges

    | 2015/03/20 5:00 pm
  • Airbitz, a simple to use mobile wallet for iPhone and Android, has launched a unique two factor authentication that protects users accounts while making the login simple. The latest version of Airbitz, which will become available on 3/18/15, will feature 2fa with the tap of a button without the need to frequently type in the six digit code which is standard. In addition to this, users also won’t need to store a backup seed. Also

    Airbitz Launches Simple and Secure 2fa

    | 2015/03/20 3:00 pm
  • Navajo Coin recently announced that they will be releasing a new wallet enabling full anonymous transactions. The Navajo Developer team has been working on a new technology that will turn their coin into a fully secure anonymous crypto currency.

    Navajo Coin Goes Anonymous

    | 2015/03/20 8:00 am
  • One of the most interesting stories of 2015 has been the SaruTobi iOS game, which lets players earn Bitcoin as they progress through the game. In fact, so many people have played this game in order to get their hands on some chunks of Bitcoin that it caught the attention of Apple themselves. And not in a good way mind you, as SaruTobi has been pulled from the Apple App Store. Odd Timing for Removal

    Apple Removes SaruTobi Bitcoin Game From App Store

    | 2015/03/20 7:00 am
  • Poland based start-up Cryptosteel is taking Bitcoin key storage to a whole new level of safety. Cryptosteel is an offline cold wallet solution that allows you to record your private data and avoid having to share it with a third­-party. Cryptosteel touts itself as the indestructible, stainless-steel wallet that lets you safely store your Bitcoins worry-free. Also Read:  Burst: Decentralized File Storage – Exclusive Interview Founder Wojciech Stopinski has combined his passion for Bitcoin and his

    Introducing Cryptosteel: The World’s Safest Cold Wallet Storage

    | 2015/03/19 9:00 pm