• PayPal has unveiled a new piece of hardware that will make it easier for retailers and in-store merchants to accept contactless card payments, such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, and EMV-enabled cards. The PayPal Here Chip Card Reader has been unveiled to US customers and is aimed to make the transition to these brand new payment options much smoother. ALso read: What Would Happen if Bitcoin Was Accepted Globally? PayPal Here Chip Card Reader Costs

    PayPal Here Chip Card Reader Mimics Bitcoin in Backwater Way

    | 2015/09/28 1:51 pm
  • In an exclusive interview with Bitcoinist, Mr. Brandon from Cryptonit, an organization that promises to offer the most secure platform to trade traditional fiat money such as USD and EUR for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, litecoin, Peercoin, Namecoin, etc. says that they are going to launch anonymous debit cards by the end of 2015. Coming from a company that is registered with the relevant authorities in the UK, the anonymous debit cards are expected to gain

    Cryptonit to Launch Anonymous Debit Cards by the End of 2015

    | 2015/09/28 11:31 am
  • This week saw some modest gains in the Bitcoin price. While this growth was far from extreme, it was indeed fairly unexpected. Last week, the price entered a sideways pattern that threatened to point downward, coming off of some bearish activity. Most of this week remained in that same pattern, but the markets pulled upward late Sunday night. Also read: The Bitcoin Halving: Deflating the Hype Daily Bitcoin Price Action September 21: $229.28 September 22:

    Bitcoinist Weekly News Re-Hash: Bitcoin Computer Launched, Ecuador Censorship

    | 2015/09/28 8:00 am
  • India is one of those countries where Bitcoin and blockchain technology could thrive. With a large part of the population being rather tech-savvy, it only makes sense these people would be open-minded towards any new form of technology coming their way. But there is one critical issue: internet connectivity in the country is not up to par. Google want to change that by bringing hundreds of free Wi-Fi spots to railway stations in India. Also

    Google Brings Wi-Fi Connectivity To India, Bitcoin Adoption To Benefit?

    | 2015/09/28 5:04 am
  • Uber is one of the most innovative companies as far as the concept of a sharing economy is concerned. Not only will the company allow anyone with a driver’s license to become a “cab driver” whenever they feel the need for it, but they continually look at ways to expand their services. UberEVENTS allows event organizers to pre-pay rides – to and from the venue – for their guests. Also read: What Would Happen if

    UberEVENTS Provides An Excellent Opportunity for Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology Integration

    | 2015/09/27 2:58 pm
  • Some services in life are already automated, but there are still a ton of improvements to be made. Energy suppliers in the UK, for example, will now automatically switch customers to more expensive plans. The era of “fixed” fuel rates is coming to an end, which will affect tens of thousands of UK households over the next few weeks. However, if the customer fails to switch over themselves, they will pay an additional £186 fee.

    Blockchain-based Ledger By UK Energy Suppliers Could Prevent Late Fees for Customers

    | 2015/09/27 8:22 am
  • Bitcoin and the underlying technology of the blockchain has become a pretty important invention of our time. The cryptocurrency application itself has given us a sketch of new meanings that apply to money and mediums of exchange. The blockchain can house and transact with unlimited amounts of valued assets through its publicly distributed ledger, and among these valuable building blocks is unforgeable data. This data can lead to incredible concepts produced by the blockchains transparency

    Blockchain Identity: Solving the Global Identification Crisis

    | 2015/09/27 8:00 am
  • All gambling operations, regardless of whether it is of the Bitcoin-flavor or not, rely on the house edge to run a profitable business. Investors on some platforms are even allowed to put their own BTC in, allowing users to have a more passive method of income if they do not feel like taking a risk.  Gambling operators must strike a balance between a low enough house edge to entice players to use their services while

    YABTCL Gambling Platform Releases Variable House Edge Feature!

    | 2015/09/26 12:00 pm
  • What, exactly, would happen if everyone just dropped the money they were using (USD, the euro, the yen, etc.) and resorted to dealing in bitcoin from here on out? Also read: “Blockchain Technology” is Bringing Bitcoin to the Mainstream This is a question that we’ve likely entertained on an individual or otherwise small scale at some point or another. As a civilization, however, it’s not likely we’ve actually sat down and thought through the full

    What Would Happen if Bitcoin Was Accepted Globally?

    | 2015/09/26 8:00 am
  • Credit cards are one of the most common payment methods around the world, yet they are also one of the least secure forms of payment. There is no other payment method in history suffering from such a high rate of fraud and chargebacks, as these cards were never intended to be used for online payments. Several banks have issued a new version of their credit cards, which should make them more secure. Also read: 20

    Banks Introduce EMV-chipped Credit Cards To Keep Bitcoin At Bay

    | 2015/09/26 12:54 am
  • When the word “Bitcoin” is spoken, it invokes a strong sense of novelty. It is a new idea, a concept so foreign, so different from anything that has ever existed, that people have trouble compartmentalizing the idea in their minds. The initial reaction towards finding out about Bitcoin or even hearing it is different for each individual. It just might have something to do with intelligence. It’s not a stretch to believe that the average

    The Bitcoin Question: Buy Now or Cry Later?

    | 2015/09/25 3:00 pm
  • India is one of the world’s biggest booming economies, and e-commerce seems to be taking center stage in the lives of everyday consumers. At the same time, Bitcoin acceptance in the country is seeing an uptrend as well. Even though Bitcoin might not make a major impact in the world of e-commerce in India just yet. there are some benefits to using the frictionless virtual currency when dealing with live goat sales. Also read: Letstransport

    India Attempts Livestock E-Commerce Sales, Bitcoin Payments Next?

    | 2015/09/25 1:38 pm
  • More and more stories are coming out regarding people in a seat of power abusing constitutionally protected human rights such as freedom of speech and privacy. The latest person to join this growing list of illustrious people is Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, who resorted to hiring a foreign company to remove content putting him and his wife in a negative daylight. Also read: Great Firewall of Thailand Proposal Could Enforce Bitcoin Ban Even Further Rafael

    Ecuador President Rafael Correa Pays Foreign Company For Internet Content Takedowns

    | 2015/09/25 8:20 am
  • The approaching halving of Bitcoin’s block reward is the subject of much optimism among Bitcoin enthusiasts and price speculators. Hardcore believers, uncaring about its exchange rate, look forward to the “halvening” as a milestone in Bitcoin’s history. Each block reward halving represents a triumph for Bitcoin, for they signify that Bitcoin has remained relevant enough for mining to continue. Speculators, on the other hand, look to the halving as a source of hope. Since the

    The Bitcoin Halving: Deflating the Hype

    | 2015/09/25 8:00 am
  • The world of finance and banking has not seen much innovation over the past 50-60 years. Money has stayed the same over the decades albeit there might be a different King or Queen on banknotes and coins. The biggest financial innovation in the banking sector today — in the UK at last —  is the fact that 20 GBP notes will no longer be printed on paper, but will make the switch to polymer. Also

    20 GBP Note Goes Polymer, Competitors Embrace Blockchain Technology

    | 2015/09/24 12:00 pm
  • Reinvent.Money is an upcoming conference taking place at Erasmus University in Rotterdam this weekend. During this one-day event, the future of our monetary system will take center stage. Entrepreneurs and industry experts from all corners of the financial world will share their ideas and vision for the future. Bitcoin and blockchain technology will be a hot topic of conversation during this conference. Also read: Money 20/20 – The Venetian, Las Vegas – October 25-28, 2015

    Reinvent.Money Takes Place September 26 In Rotterdam

    | 2015/09/24 9:27 am
  • Ledger (not to be confused with the hardware wallet company) aims to be the first of its kind: a bitcoin-only scholarly journal. Ledger plans on publishing original research articles exclusively about cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency-related topics, such as mathematics, politics, and economics, to name a few. Also read: Tim Draper’s Startup U Should Focus More on Bitcoin “Ledger aims to encourage greater involvement by academics in cryptocurrency and foster a culture of rigorous analysis and peer-review

    Ledger: First Scholarly Bitcoin Journal Invites Authors

    | 2015/09/24 8:00 am
  • Freedom of speech is a basic human right that is not embraced with open arms in every country in the world. China has its great “firewall”, and it looks like Thailand wants to restrict Internet access in the entire country as well. The political groundwork for Thailand’s Great Firewall has been revealed, and it’s not looking good. Also read: Jeb Bush Wants to Repeal FCC Net Neutrality Regulations Internet Censorship in Thailand Is Coming Closer

    Great Firewall of Thailand Proposal Could Enforce Bitcoin Ban Even Further

    | 2015/09/24 4:53 am
  • In the Spring of 2015, the Federal Communications Commission modified its common carrier regulations to include Internet Service Providers (ISP), essentially creating net neutrality in the United States. Now, Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush hopes to reverse the FCC’s decisions and overturn those regulations, returning the ISP industry to the way it used to be. Also read: Neteller Lowers Bitcoin Deposit fee to 1%, Twice as Cheap as Credit Cards Bush’s argument for repealing net

    Jeb Bush Wants to Repeal FCC Net Neutrality Regulations

    | 2015/09/23 7:10 pm
  • NeuCoin is a virtual currency that has been in development for quite some time. Originally announced by the launch of the whitepaper in February of 2015, the NeuCoin team unveiled their plan of battle for the future. Core values include convenience, not requiring upfront investments to get acquainted with the currency, and a large focus on microtransactions. The long wait is finally over, as NeuCoin has officially launched today. The NeuCoin Project Focuses On Many

    NeuCoin – Not Just Another Blockchain, But A Complete Virtual Currency Ecosystem

    | 2015/09/23 2:30 pm
  •   We’re now less than 6 weeks from Money 20/20, the industry’s primetime conference and trade show. Spaces are filling up and time is running out so we wanted to make one last call for companies interested in sponsoring or exhibiting. With 10,000+ attendees, including more than 1,000+ CEOs, from 3,000+ companies and 75 countries, expected at our 2015 U.S. event, Money 20/20 is critical to realizing the vision of disruptive ways in which consumers

    Money 20/20 – The Venetian, Las Vegas – October 25-28, 2015 – Last Call For Sponsors

    | 2015/09/23 11:30 am
  • One of the major announcement in the Bitcoin world came from an unlikely ally, as Neteller, a leading online payment processor, enabled the virtual currency as a payment method last year. Bitcoin users can fund their Neteller account with virtual currency, and spend it on any website where this payment method is accepted. Just recently, Neteller has lowered the Bitcoin deposit fees from 5% to 1%. Also read: QuickActions Wins Disrupt SF 2015 Hackathon The

    Neteller Lowers Bitcoin Deposit Fee To 1%, Twice As Cheap as Credit Cards

    | 2015/09/23 8:21 am
  • Tim Draper has become one of the biggest names in the Bitcoin world in recent years. After successfully placing the highest bid on the first batch of Bitcoins seized and sold by the FBI during the shutdown of Silk Road, Tim Draper has become synonymous with price predictions and Draper University , a startup accelerator. Also read: Bitcoinist Weekly News Re-Hash: Bitcoin Price Rockets, FinTech Industry Stirs Draper University Center of Focus in ABC’s “Startup

    Tim Draper’s Startup U Should Focus More On Bitcoin

    | 2015/09/23 8:00 am