• The Swiss government appears to be taking concrete steps in going forward with its plans to create a state-issued cryptocurrency. The government of the Alpine nation has requested a preliminary report on the risks and opportunities of the e-franc. Switzerland is one of the crypto-friendliest countries in the world. Risk and Opportunities of the e-franc Cedric Wermuth is the principal proponent of the study. Wermuth is the vice president of the country’s Social Democratic Party.

    Swiss Government Orders Preliminary Report on State-Issued E-Franc Cryptocurrency

    | 2018/05/19 12:00 pm
  • Call it “baloney,” “pseudoscience,” or a “mass cultural delusion,” there is no denying the fact that people believe in astrology. In fact, a 2009 Harris Poll revealed that 26 percent of Americans believe the stars control destiny. Now, it appears people are basing their decision to buy bitcoin on their horoscope. Planetary Movements Affect Bitcoin For the sake of this article, no attempt will be made to wade into the debate of whether astrology is

    This Week’s Major Planetary Shift Has Astrology-Believers Buying Bitcoin

    | 2018/05/19 10:00 am
  • A Wall Street Journal analysis of 1,450 cryptocurrency offerings has unveiled unchecked plagiarism, rampant identity theft, and false promises of impossible financial gains.  ‘Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics’ Though it might not come as much of a surprise to those more intimately familiar with the cryptocurrency space, a Wall Street Journal review of 1,450 documents for digital coin offerings as unveiled 271 indicators of fraudulent tactics — including “plagiarized investor documents, promises of guaranteed returns and

    Plagiarism, Identity Theft, and False Promises All Too Common in Cryptocurrency Market

    | 2018/05/19 8:00 am
  • As cryptocurrency interest and trading continues to grow in South Africa, some retailers are hoping to cash in. The country will soon be the second in southern Africa to launch a crypto ATM. After February’s election of Cyril Ramaphosa as South Africa’s new president, things seemed to be looking up. However, the country is now facing new challenges with the ongoing land reform debate as well as continued allegations of corruption in the country’s government.

    South Africa Gets Its First Multi-Currency Crypto ATM

    | 2018/05/19 4:00 am
  • Sales of DRAM chips in Japan and the rest of the world have declined. The lull in cryptocurrency prices and the decline in smartphone sales are likely responsible for the decrease in sales. Lower Prices Cool Crypto Enthusiasm According to a recent Morgan Stanley report, the decline in cryptocurrency prices has negatively impacted the semiconductor market. With crypto prices falling, miners can end up operating at a loss. Morgan Stanley previously stated that Bitcoin mining

    DRAM Sales Decline Amidst Crypto Market Stutter

    | 2018/05/19 2:00 am
  • As the G20 works to create a set of “unified regulations” in regards to cryptocurrencies, the government of South Korea — the third largest cryptocurrency market in the world — reportedly plans on playing ball with whichever policies the international forum of governments and central bank governors put into place. ‘We Will Step up Efforts to Improve Things’ According to China Money Network, local media has also reported that Korean regulators have agreed to apply the Financial

    FUD No More: South Korea Set to Adopt G20’s Unified Cryptocurrency Regulations

    | 2018/05/19 12:00 am
  • Yesterday, BleepingComputer brought to light recent reports that have Ethereum miners worried, as enslaved internet-connected devices have been targeting miners worldwide.  Evidence filed by multiple internet security companies have shown that the Satori botnet, a system of IoT devices which number in the tens of thousands, has been trying to infiltrate Ethereum miners through a 3333 port exploit. This specific port has often been a way in which miners can remotely control their mining equipment,

    Watchout! Satori Botnet Targets Exposed Ethereum Miners

    | 2018/05/18 10:00 pm
  • UK-based trading platform eToro has announced it will launch an international cryptocurrency exchange and mobile wallet, debuting in the US for the first time. $100M Series E Funds Put To Work As part of a keynote speech at the Consensus 2018 conference in New York which finished May 16, eToro CEO Yoni Assia confirmed the move, which will provide US traders with ten cryptocurrency pairs. “U.S. crypto holders have a strong appetite for diversified portfolios,”

    eToro’s 9M Users Set To Increase with US Exchange & Wallet Launch

    | 2018/05/18 8:00 pm
  • Coinbase, the largest U.S. Bitcoin exchange, has initiated exploratory conversations with financial regulators regarding banking licenses. Coinbase and Ivy Koin Meet with U.S. Regulators About Banking Licenses Coinbase is now intent on learning how to obtain banking licenses. The Wall Street Journal reports that, according to undisclosed sources, the exchange held conversations with officials from the U.S Office of the Comptroller of the Currency in early 2018. According to the report: Coinbase Inc. and another cryptocurrency

    Coinbase Aims to Obtain Banking Licenses

    | 2018/05/18 7:00 pm
  • EOS, a cryptocurrency token and blockchain that claims to operate as a smart contract platform for the deployment of decentralized applications (DApps), continues to perform well in short-term bearish market conditions – and market analysts think this may be just the beginning.  ‘A Groundbreaking Event’ After skyrocketing for weeks, the now-fifth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization experienced a much-needed (and expected) pullback. Yesterday, however, the cryptocurrency once again saw an 11 percent spike in valuation — more

    Analyst: EOS ‘A Groundbreaking Event, the Likes of Which This Industry Has Yet to See’

    | 2018/05/18 6:00 pm
  • Extended reality (XR) is an exciting and emerging technology that will reshape the way we experience digital environments. Naturally, advertising will be a crucial and lucrative component of this market — but it has to be done right. Trivver aims to do just that. What is Trivver? Trivver is an all-inclusive extended reality (XR) advertising platform constructed on a set of patented technologies which aims to quickly facilitate the adoption, commercialization, and monetization of XR

    Trivver Has Brought Advertising to Extended Reality

    | 2018/05/18 5:00 pm
  • Tether, the long-controversial stablecoin pegged to the U.S. dollar, has just generated $250 million dollars worth of tokens. Tether Supplies Rise to 2.77 Billion Tether is right back at it, generating $250 million dollars worth of Tether with a few clicks, as of 11:20 AM PST today. Although this is just breaking news, the ‘granting’ of large amounts of Tether has been a topic of controversy for many in the community in the past. The

    $250 Million Tether Grant: Here we Go Again

    | 2018/05/18 4:00 pm
  • Tony Cui, the CEO of Achain — a public blockchain platform that enables developers of all levels to issue tokens and create smart contracts, decentralized applications, and blockchain systems — has written an open letter to the platform’s dedicated users and investors. In addition to detailing the successes of the project’s first phase, Cui officially announced the launch of the project’s second phase: Galaxy. Phase One’s Successful Advancements Phase One, also known as The Singularity

    Achain Enters Phase 2 of its Development: ‘Galaxy’

    | 2018/05/18 3:00 pm
  • Earlier this week, a study published by Dutch researcher Alex de Vries concluded that Bitcoin mining uses almost as much electricity as the entire Republic of Ireland — but should we really be concerned?  ‘Picked out of Thin Air’ Bitcoin mining is undoubtedly an energy-intensive process, as anyone who’s ever mined the most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization from home knows — but it might not be as concerning as many experts would lead you to believe.

    Bitcoin Mining Isn’t As Energy-Consumptive As Researchers Claim

    | 2018/05/18 2:00 pm
  • The seventh-largest bank in the Philippines by assets ran Bitcoin miners at a conference this week, signaling bullish sentiment from the local finance industry. Philippines Bank ‘Exploring How Bitcoin Works’ Through Mining Images uploaded to social media from the BusinessWorld Economic Forum 2018 by Satoshi Citadel Industries cofounder Miguel Cuneta show UnionBank CEO Edwin Bautista running four GPU miners at the bank’s booth. According to Cuneta, who was also present at the conference, UnionBank set

    Philippines: UnionBank Mines Bitcoin In Conference ‘Experiment’

    | 2018/05/18 12:00 pm
  • Jobseekers looking for their big break with Bitcoin could have faced disappointment as offers exploded and crashed in line with prices. Price Highs = Employment Highs According to new research from “augmented writing” startup Textio, job offers relating to Blockchain and cryptocurrency rise and fall entirely depending on how valuable Bitcoin is in USD terms. Researchers analyzed job advertisements containing various terms, including Bitcoin, altcoin, cryptocurrency, crypto, cryptographic hash, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and decentralized

    Bitcoin Jobs and Jobseekers Rise and Fall With Price, Research Shows

    | 2018/05/18 10:00 am
  • The price of BNB has rapidly increased following the announcement from Binance that the popular exchange will be doubling its referral commission rewards under certain conditions. Tell Your Friends The Malta-based exchange has announced that it will be doubling its referral commission rewards to 40 percent for qualified accounts. Accounts eligible to receive the increased commission rewards are those which hold 500 Binance Coins — approximately $7355 at the time of this writing. Writes the Binance Team

    Binance Doubles Referral Rewards: Binance Coin Pumps

    | 2018/05/18 9:00 am
  • Russia’s State Duma Committee on State Construction is to support the first reading of a regulatory proposition which is to incorporate the fundamental rules for the digital economy in the country’s Civil Code. At the same time, a leading Russian bank issues the first commercial bonds carried out via Blockchain-based technology. Russia is making serious efforts towards dominating the booming industry of blockchain technology, claiming that it will eventually belong to them. In April of

    Russia Moves to Regulate Crypto, Issues First Commercial Bonds via Blockchain

    | 2018/05/18 8:00 am
  • Following President Donald Trump’s announcement that the US would pull out of the Iran nuclear deal, the Iranian rial crashed from $0.00003 to $0.00002, or 50,000 rials to the dollar. Will this cause Iranians to turn to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Fleeing to Crypto Iran’s economic hardship heightened by sanctions and the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal will cause Iranians to buy more cryptocurrencies, said Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings analyst Juan Villaverde in a blog post today.

    Iranians Will Buy Cryptocurrency As Economy Collapses, Analyst Says

    | 2018/05/18 6:00 am
  • It is perhaps easy to get lost in the constant flurry of activities within the burgeoning cryptocurrency market. From government crackdowns to new crypto launches, the arena can seem like a swirling vortex of entropy. Bitcoin, the number one digital currency remains the focal point of the industry. Here are four reasons why Nakamoto’s creation is destined for even greater heights in the future. The Simplicity of the Bitcoin Blockchain Bitcoin was the first successful

    4 Reasons Why Bitcoin Will Become More Valuable

    | 2018/05/18 4:00 am
  • A seasoned counselor at the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) maintains that the control for currency issuance should remain within the government. The senior official also said that blockchain technology must remain astray from finance. His statements come despite the country’s intentions to create a state-owned cryptocurrency. Decentralization is Bad Spoken like a flat-out banker, Sheng Songcheng, a senior counselor to PBoC with more than two decades of experience, said that blockchain-based technology needs to

    People’s Bank of China: ‘Government Must Have Monopoly on Currency Issuance’

    | 2018/05/18 2:00 am
  • With institutional investment being something of a major theme in the blockchain space these days, financial advisors better start studying up on cryptocurrencies and their underlying technology – and fast – lest they risk losing their clients.  ‘It’s Really Here to Stay’ JP Morgan chairman Jamie Dimon once called Bitcoin a “fraud,” and Vanguard CEO Tim Buckley once told CNBC, “You will never see a fund from Vanguard on bitcoin.” Their loss. Despite a slew of negativity

    Nocoiner Financial Advisers Are Failing Their Clients

    | 2018/05/18 12:00 am
  • After receiving even more excellent ratings from leading blockchain experts over the past few days, Kepler’s long-awaited pre-sale is now just around the corner.  Life-Changing Inventions The second phase of the pre-ICO is set to start on May 22, will last for two weeks, and will have 5,000,000 tokens available for sale. Each token will be valued at $1.25 and can be bought using Bitcoin and Ethereum. There is also set to be a stunning

    Kepler Pre-Sale Just Around the Corner as Market Stabilizes

    | 2018/05/17 11:00 pm