• Overstock.com was the first major online retailer to embrace bitcoin and the first to accommodate bitcoin across the globe. You might even say that Overstock gave the much needed push for the following boom of Bitcoin adoption. Recently, David Byrn, Overstock CEO, announced Project Medici, in which the Company was developing Blockchain based software, with the potential of sidestepping traditional stock exchanges.

    Interview with Overstock CEO, Patrick Byrne

    | 2014/11/28 11:59 pm
  • Like many services, BTC.SX allows you to trade Bitcoin on an intuitive interface. Unlike most services that offer similar capabilities, BTC.SX is the first BItcoin-ONLY trading platform; allowing users to take advantage of rising or falling Bitcoin prices using leveraged trades. BTC.SX was first established in 2014 by Joe Lee with co-founders George Samman, who also happens to be a former Wall Street Portfolio Manager, and Vincent Hoong (CFO), who is was a Chartered Accountant

    BTC.SX : Bitcoin Trading Platform

    | 2014/11/28 8:00 pm
  • Miami Beach – November 28, 2014 – More than 1500 bitcoin community members will soon be converging on Miami for a direction-setting conference aimed at driving the currency from speculation to mainstream. Building on the recent success of The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC)  in 2013 and 2014, TNABC Miami will hit Miami Beach on January 16 – 18, 2015 at the historic Fillmore Theatre in Miami Beach. In 2 short years, TNABC has grown

    The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) announces New Speakers, Bitcoin Black Friday 2 For 1 Deal

    | 2014/11/28 4:42 pm
  • BoostVC declares itself the Bitcoin accelerator. BoostVC is focusing it’s accelerator program exclusively on Bitcoin companies. The accelerator aims to invest in 20-30 Bitcoin companies twice a year for three months, and strives to accelerate 100 Bitcoin startups by 2017. “We made a promise to the bitcoin community to back 100 bitcoin companies in the next three years,” says BoostVC CEO Adam Draper. “[This focus] gets us there faster.” BoostVC is 2 years old, and

    BoostVC declares itself the Bitcoin accelerator.

    | 2014/11/28 3:12 pm
  • Security is important, in any context, be it physical or digital. When it comes to bitcoin, security is of the utmost importance yet proper security of bitcoin remains a mystery to the average newcomer in the space. We hope that by now, bitcoiners in this space have offline security measures. For those that do or do not, Trezor is a simple, practical way to store your bitcoins. Trezor is developed by czech company – SatoshiLabs.

    Trezor Video Review

    | 2014/11/28 2:00 pm
  • Bitcoin Shop, operator of a bitcoin eCommerce marketplace, announced its plans to donate 50% of its economic gross profits to Africare, a non-profit organization based in Washington D.C. Africare is currently fighting the spread of Ebola across the western part of Africa while strengthening local health care systems, supplying personal protective equipment and administering behavior change education to try to prevent the disease from spreading. Africare has raised over $50,000 to date towards their goal of $100,000

    Bitcoin Shop to donate portion of profits to help fight against Ebola

    | 2014/11/27 11:59 pm
  • BitNation Crowdsale Raises less than 1% of funding goal with under 2 months left. Launched October 10, BitNation’s crowdsale has raised 0.46% of their target seed round and 49 days remain before the sale is over. BitNation is a decentralized governance project led by Founder and CEO Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof. On October 13, three resigning BitNation team members published their resignation letters on Bitcoin Magazine in an article titled, “Why We Won’t Be a Part

    BitNation Crowdsale Raises less than 1% of funding goal with under 2 months left.

    | 2014/11/27 8:00 pm
  • What is Satoshi’s Place and how is it different then other pixel ad projects? Well, first of all, as you might have noticed, different spaces have a different value on this page. Cheaper ad spaces will be claimed rapidly making the site (and the ads) grow in value with every new advertiser. This hasn’t yet been done as far as I know with a pixel ad site of similar. Secondly, it doesnt use a content

    Interview with the founder of Satoshi’s place

    | 2014/11/27 4:08 pm
  • After a previous success of Central European Bitcoin Expo Vienna, BitcoinExpo 2014 Shanghai and Bitcoin 2 Business Congress Brussels, the CryptoEvents team brings BitcoinExpo London 2015 to you. Conference will take place in the capital of United Kingdom on 24 – 25 January 2015. The event brings value speeches, debates, networking, exhibitions and this time also startups show. The BitcoinExpo 2015 is exclusively organized for everyone who cares about startup and new technology, crypto users,

    Bitcoin Expo 2015 London

    | 2014/11/27 2:17 pm
  • Savvy seasoned shoppers know to skip the black friday shopping mayhem for the relaxed comfort of shopping from their home on cyber monday. Cyber monday is the day online shopping skyrockets through the roof. According to Adobe Systems 2013’s Cyber Monday saw an increase of 16% from 2012 to an astonishing record $2.29 Billion in sales. (USA Today) This year, shoppers will not have to wait for Cyber Monday to get crazy discounts on their

    Beat Cyber Monday, Save Money NOW with Bitcoin

    | 2014/11/26 7:30 pm
  • Yacuna launches a brand new international trading platform for digital currencies. Registered users can easily conduct their financial transactions in Bitcoins, Litecoins and Dogecoins at www.yacuna.com. All crypto currencies can be seamlessly exchanged to conventional currencies (EUR and GBP). All transactions with digital currencies on the Yacuna trading platform are subject to the same market mechanisms also known from stock exchanges. “Bitcoins and other crypto currencies have existed in a niche market long enough and have

    Yacuna launches international trading platform for digital currencies

    | 2014/11/26 12:14 pm
  • The effect of the US dollar being removed from its pedestal of the global reserve is immense; the consequences of such disruption are bound to lead to war or widespread anarchy. A Broken System Anyone who has dared to inspect the under workings of the American financial market usually uncovers enough disparaging information to justify immediately assuming the fetal position. For many, ignorance is bliss, the idea that your life savings can drastically lose value

    Bane for U.S Dollar, Boom for Bitcoin

    | 2014/11/25 8:08 pm
  • Slush’s Pool was introduced in late 2010 and was the brainchild of Marek Palatinus who saw a need for pooled mining resources to be able to keep more people mining Bitcoin. He developed the Stratum style of mining to help miners receive payouts in a landscape of escalating mining power. The development of Slush’s Pool brought with it a new era of Bitcoin mining and changed forever the way we mine Bitcoin and many other

    Slush’s Pool Beta Is More Than Just a Facelift

    | 2014/11/25 8:02 pm
  • Houston, Texas ­­ October 21, 2014: Today, a new digital content economy will be launched via PeerTracks, a talent discovery and music retail website that operates on revolutionary new blockchain technology, made known through the controversial invention Bitcoin. Mouth­to­mouth advertising is the most effective form of advertising. We learn about things through sharing, whether on or offline. Bitcoin allows, for the first time, direct transfer of wealth between individuals. For the first time ever, PeerTracks

    Digital Currency­Based PeerTracks Music Decentralizes Talent Discovery

    | 2014/11/25 5:40 pm
  • There is no denying that the current financial state of some countries is not great in any definition of the word. Yet, can bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency be the solution for some of these countries going through a financial crisis. There is no way of giving a definitive answer, but it could certainly happen. The reason why governments are forced to go against the idea of a cryptocurrency is due the decentralization it provides to

    Bitcoin’s impact in Latin America

    | 2014/11/24 11:59 pm
  • The Denver Bitcoin Center has it’s Grand Opening Party. Early November marks the beginning of the Denver Bitcoin Center, a non-profit, grassroots incubator and shared working space for Bitcoin startups. The Center had it’s Grand Opening Party on November 7, and was attended by Bitcoin users, enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs from all over including Founder of Sean’s Outpost Jason King and Founder of the College Cryptocurency Network Daniel Bloch. “The grand opening was awesome, we had

    The Denver Bitcoin Center has it’s Grand Opening Party.

    | 2014/11/24 8:41 pm
  • Today we’ll bring you news of Snapchat, Paraguay and Bobby Lee. Snapchat Investing in P2P Payments with Snapcash Snapchat, a popular mobile messaging service has announced integration of a peer-to-peer payment system called Snapcash. By partnering with the payment service Square, everyone over eighteen that are located in the US, can connect their debit cards to their account and instantly send money to friends. You just have to type the dollar sign, the amount, and

    News Bits 24.11.2014

    | 2014/11/24 4:17 pm
  • HYPR-3 is a consumer product solution for extra high security with three-factor authentication that will be arriving by May 2015. This system allows users to authorize mobile payments with their fingerprint by swiping an adhesive biometric token generator approximately the size of a nicotine patch. Attaching the HYPR-3 Sticker to a Bluetooth enabled device replaces passwords with 3 Factor Authentication.

    HYPR-3 – A Biometric Payment Gateway

    | 2014/11/24 12:48 pm
  • For those unaware of what Cryptor Europe is, you must know what Cryptor Trust is and fortunately, the answer is quite simple. Cryptor Trust Inc. is a global investment group and think tank focused not only in bitcon, but any other crypto related assets. As of right now, Cryptor Trust is the first global investment group with a formal capital structure based on bitcoin without the need of a bank account. Another thing that makes

    Cryptor Europe Inc. announces a global public offering of 25 million shares of common stock

    | 2014/11/23 8:42 pm
  • Dream Bitcoin Foundation prepares to create awareness and educate college students in Ghana. By Alberto Mata The Ghana Dream Bitcoin Foundation, a non-profit organization created to empower young entrepreneurs, is fundraising on Indiegogo for the first Regional Bitcoin Seminar at Kumasi, Ghana. There is only two days left to contribute to the fundraiser, and the seminar will be December 5 – 7. “Bitcoin can really change the life of the young Entrepreneurs(Cheetahs) in the country

    Dream Bitcoin Foundation prepares to create awareness and educate college students in Ghana.

    | 2014/11/23 3:44 pm
  • Interesting news in regards to the expansion of bitcoin across the world comes in the fashion of expansion through Vietnam. VBTC Vietnam and Coinarch Pte announce that they will bring upon Vietnam, the first live bitcoin trading platform. This platform will be named VBTC plus, and it will offer advanced trading tools to Vietnam. The cooperation between VBTC Vietnam and Coinarch is one that makes much sense due to the high level of expertise offered

    VBTC Vietnam Co. Ltd. and Coinarch Pte. Ltd. announce launch of Vietnam’s first Bitcoin leverage trading platform

    | 2014/11/22 11:59 pm
  • Great news from The Sync Foundation as they announce the first sale of one of their domains. This is incredible news for both the Sync Foundation and for its cryptocurrency SyncCoin as the domain names held by The Sync Foundation are their assets. In regards to the selling of the domain, co-founder of the Sync Foudation Mike Fiol stated that: “Premium domain names sell – it was simply a matter of patience and timing.” He calls it

    The Sync Foundation records its first domain sale

    | 2014/11/22 8:00 pm
  • Working in the Bitcoin world is like working for a drug addict with bipolar disorder. There are brief periods of astonishing, irrational exuberance followed by long periods of deep existential dread over basically nothing. During the good times, nothing can damage Bitcoin’s spirit. But for most of the time, bitcoiners are a bunch of namby-pamby worry-warts who wet their pants over everything. The Bitcoin world is neurotic in the way that fear dominates it. If

    Bitcoiners, Stop Worrying About Everything!

    | 2014/11/22 3:33 pm