• The crypto currency scene is becoming divided; on one side we see venture capitalists entering the space and making digital currencies turn into mainstream, on the other side we find the true believers of Satoshi Nakamoto original idea that wants to preserve the digital currency’s anarchistic implications.

    The Cryptoanarchy Institute and Hacktivism

    | 2014/10/24 11:42 pm
  • Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn Co-founder and Startup of You author, who sits on the boards of Mozilla Corporation, Swipely, Kiva, and Airbnb joins Blockstream’s Board of Directors as Blockstream raises at least $15.18m in a funding round that is still open. The information was reveled in a recent Securities and Exchange Commissions (SEC) filing. Blockstream is “a private company with a very public mission: the transformation of technologies of trust for the benefit of all.” On

    Reid Hoffman joins Blockstream’s Board of Directors

    | 2014/10/24 6:54 pm
  • The Bitcoin arbitrage service Bitcoin Trader and the very well known Moolah exchange and escrow service, have announced bankruptcy; both the CEO´s in charge of the companies are missing. Despite all the criticism, all this seems very similar to what many times happened in the traditional financial system:

    Lessons to Learn from Moolah and Bitcoin Trader collapse

    | 2014/10/24 3:34 am
  • Cryptocurrency is a world full of “firsts”. Bitcoin was the first coin, Litecoin was the first scrypt coin, Peercoin first established POS, Darkcoin was the first successful privacy centric coin, things like that. Today I’m here with Robert Murray, owner and founder of Umbrella Holdings. Umbrella plans on releasing cryptocurrencies which will help insure losses against Bitcoin and Litecoin right now, with potentially more in the future. What is Umbrella? Umbrella is an insured cryptocurrency

    Umbrella Holdings: Insure your Cryptocurrencies!

    | 2014/10/24 1:00 am
  • The digital currency industry is expanding rapidly and bitcoin is becoming more and more of mainstream use; in fact the digital currency industry is currently creating a new set of “employment market” never seen before. To meet the constant demands of this new industry growth, Companies are starting to require the expert hand of qualified professionals to ensure the best quality of their services and to keep up with developments and the ever-growing competition in the sector.

    Interview: David Berger, Digital Currency Council (DCC) President

    | 2014/10/23 11:36 pm
  • While Bitcoin briefly did break the magical $400 barrier a couple weeks ago, it has now receded to the $380-$390, experiencing a lot of sideways movement between the two. In an attempt to keep current however (graphs do not reflect this) the price of Bitcoin has fallen down to the $360-$370 range, just showing how the price of Bitcoin can change to a day to day basis. Bitcoins volume is slowly decreasing, and price is

    Market Summary: The $400 Barrier

    | 2014/10/23 11:12 pm
  • This November, 19 bitcoin entrepreneurs are gathering, during four weeks, to live, work, and learn together on the island of Bali, for the first ever Bitcoin Bali Binge. It is a beta test for creating frequent international crypto-retreats, where those crypto enthusiasts working to help the world catch up with the tech can flock together and you can join them if you like!

    Bali Bitcoin Binge (B3) 2014, an alternative Bitcoin meeting

    | 2014/10/22 6:49 pm
  • BANX would be just an ordinary company if it were not for one thing: cryptocurrency. Mark Lyford (pictured below), whom I have known for quite a while now, has recently released BANX, a one stop shop for cryptocurrnecy related ventures. This includes everything from mining to gambling, all in an effort to make several steady streams of revenue to benefit the shareholders.  Seen below is an excerpt also from BANXshares website, giving a little background information regarding

    BANX Shares: Interview

    | 2014/10/21 11:46 pm
  • A new and much waited crypto currency project has opened the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) today. Breakout Coin is a cryptography-secured game token used at the heart of our revolutionary gaming platform. Breakout Coin will bring a positive change to an already booming online gaming industry. Breakout Coin is trying to reunite the online gaming industry and digital currencies.

    Breakout coin (BRO), the Online Gaming Cryptocurrency

    | 2014/10/21 11:29 pm
  • We had the opportunity to interview a senior Manager who works at Exxon for nearly 30 years.His name is Mr E. Joris and during his distinguished career at Exxon he developed many different strategies and build up Exxon facilities all over the world. He is also a close family member of the writer of this article and thus has been introduced into the world of crypto. Mr Joris already bought some Bitcoins as well as

    Analysing digital currency. Views of a senior manager.

    | 2014/10/21 2:40 pm
  • Bitcoin-South – New Zealand’s First Digital Currency Summit Bitcoin South is bringing together decision makers in Law, Regulation, Accounting, Finance, Technology, Business & Entrepreneurship for 2 days of discussions to clarify the future of the digital currency space in NZ. An ideal opportunity to learn about “What is Bitcoin?”, it’s legal and accounting status and it’s technological advances, which are disrupting countless industries around the globe already. Presented in a natural progression over 2 days

    Less than 40 days to go until BitcoinSouth, Queenstown, New Zealand!

    | 2014/10/21 11:58 am
  • Ribbit.me is a new StartUp that aims to introduce a new and totally decentralized Ebay like Marketplace, with one special feature that provide the ability of users getting some cash back simply by selling and buying through the Platform! Ribbit.me is about to be launch at the end of this month, and Bitcoinist took some time to have a nice conversation with Ribbit.me CEO and Co-founder Sean Dennis:

    Interview with Ribbit.me, the first decentralized Rewards program built using Blockchain Technology with it’s own Marketplace

    | 2014/10/20 5:17 pm
  •   Welcome to Bitcoinist News Bits! A lot of exciting things happened on the market, let’s check them out!   Coinbase hired former adviser of the Senate Coinbase, one of the leading digital wallet providers, hired John G. Collins, as its head of government affairs. He was the former adviser to the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee and will be working on policies related to the virtual currency from now on. The Coinbase

    Bitcoinist News Bits 20.10.14

    | 2014/10/20 11:04 am
  • Swarm, a next generation crowdfunding platform leveraging Bitcoin technologies, has announced the first five companies that will raise funds on the Swarm platform: Manna, Coinspace, SwarmOps, Judobaby, and Tom and Gary’s Decentralized Dance Party (DDP). What is a Decentralized Dance Party? In the words of Tom and Gary: “The Decentralized Dance Party (DDP) is a portable, battery-powered Party System. It consists of hundreds of Party People, carrying boomboxes, and a DJ who wears a backpack,

    The Swarm First Five: Tom and Gary’s Decentralized Dance Party

    | 2014/10/19 5:26 am
  • Over 1100 BTC have been reported as missing from Moolah, a financial platform offering consumer, merchant, and exchange services in the UK, US, and Ireland. The Syscoin developers reported Moolah owes 750 BTC and is initiating legal action via Selachi LLP. The other 400+ BTC missing were reported on the BitcoinTalk forums by forum users in a thread created by BlockaFett. On October 14, 2014, Alex Green published Moolah’s post-mortem on the company blog. “…we

    Dogecoin Community hit by Moolah Scam

    | 2014/10/19 5:19 am
  • Swarm, a next generation crowdfunding platform leveraging Bitcoin technologies, has announced the first five companies that will raise funds on the Swarm platform: Manna, Coinspace, SwarmOps, Judobaby, and Decentralized Dance Party (DDP). On October 13, 2014, Rick Falkvinge, a Swedish IT serial entrepreneur, uploaded a video to YouTube where he pitches SwarmOps. What is SwarmOps? “SwarmOps [is] management software for decentralized swarm organizations.” Why SwarmOps? “As long as everyone has bought into the goals and

    The Swarm First Five: SwarmOps

    | 2014/10/19 5:02 am
  • Gyft, the app that enables you to “buy, send, and redeem digital gift cards” and pay in bitcoin has now added Starbucks to it’s list of over 200 retailers. Gyft’s story begins at TechCrunch Disrupt SF in 2012 where the company launched with the ambitious goal of becoming “the mobile gift card mall for consumers” and taking the then $100 billion market for plastic gift cards and moving it to the digital realm. Plastic gift

    Starbucks gift cards come to Gyft

    | 2014/10/18 7:37 am
  • Swarm, a next generation crowdfunding platform leveraging Bitcoin technologies, has announced the first five companies that will raise funds on the Swarm platform: Manna, Coinspace, Swarmops, Judobaby, and DDP. Swarm interviewed Sol Lederer from Coinspace, a 20,000 square foot workspace in Brooklyn; these are some of the insights Sol reveals. What is Coinspace? “We want to build a co-workspace in Brooklyn that operates for crypto-businesses — whether it’s freelancers or startups. We’re going to operate

    The Swarm First Five: Coinspace

    | 2014/10/18 7:11 am
  • Swarm, a next generation crowdfunding platform leveraging Bitcoin technologies, has announced the first five companies that will raise funds on the Swarm platform: Manna, Coinspace, Swarmops, Judobaby, and DDP. Manna is a personal smart drone company that envisions creating drones that can be controlled over 4G LTE Internet from your smartphone. “…everything is Internet-based which is really cool, because that means rolling updates. You don’t have to buy separate piece of software or run down

    The Swarm First Five: Manna

    | 2014/10/18 7:00 am
  • As the title suggests, Bitcoin is now on what seems to be like a correction. From the rapid increase of the market bottom of $300 and consecutive increases to the peak of $410, Bitcoin seems to be on the decline yet again, and is currently sitting around $380.Volume has also came down again, so Bitcoin won’t be going anywhere soon. Some more sideways movement from Bitcoin for now. Ripple is still number two regarding market

    Market Analysis: Correction

    | 2014/10/18 4:46 am
  • Starting today, football fans can now purchase pre-sale tickets for college football’s St. Petersburg Bowl if they pay with Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Bowl BitPay, the leader in business solutions for Bitcoin, has teamed up with ESPN to sponsor this game and incorporate Bitcoin in all facets of the fan experience, from ticket sales to concessions, for the first time ever at a major sporting event. This is an exclusive ticket pre-sale for fans, who prefer

    BitcoinBowl: BTC Meets College Football

    | 2014/10/17 9:53 am
  • There is still a few more days left for submitting comments to the NYDFS regarding the BitLicense, but for some Australian Bitcoin companies it is already too late. The Living Room of Satoshi has suspended all operations in light of the recent goods and services tax (GST) ruling on bitcoin. The Living Room of Satoshi was “a simple, secure way to pay your everyday Australian bills (electricity, rego, phone, credit card, etc) with bitcoin.” Unfortunately,

    Australia Government Taxes Bitcoin

    | 2014/10/17 5:33 am