• Bitcoin.com pool has lost 13.21 BTC or over $12,000 USD due to a bug in BitcoinUnlimited software, which caused it to mine a block bigger than 1MB. So…What Happened? Bitcoin.com, an information portal, which also provides mining pool services has lost out on 13.2 BTC due to a bug in the Bitcoin Unlimited software, which is used on the pool. Bitcoinist spoke with Bitcoin Unlimited developer Andrew Stone a.k.a. “theZerg” to figure out what really happened: Bitcoinist:

    Bitcoin Unlimited Dev: Bug Caused By ‘Miscounting of Bytes’

    | 2017/01/31 4:30 am
  • Bitcoin has now become a “great hedge” against the centrally-controlled banking system according to BTCC CEO Bobby Lee.  Bitcoin: Designed to Protect Your Wealth  The current debt-based, centrally-controlled banking and monetary system have created a monster, not much unlike “Frankenstein’s Monster.” Bitcoin has now become a monster the centralized power structure is trying to control. As Satoshi Nakamoto has stated before, Bitcoin was created in response to “The Great Recession” of 2007-2009 that many countries

    Rage Against the Machine: Bitcoin ‘A Great Hedge Against the System’

    | 2017/01/30 11:00 am
  • The Czech Republic has opted to clamp down on Bitcoin anonymity as part of a range of regulations, which are expected to continue in the coming years. Regulation-Free Czech Crypto Ends From January 2017, the government and European Commission have been underlining the need for exchanges to perform suitable KYC checks on customers. Prior to this, cryptocurrencies were officially unregulated. “This puts new obligations on exchanges and other service providers with virtual money, local news resource

    Czech Republic Moves to Clamp Down on Bitcoin ‘Anonymity’

    | 2017/01/30 7:30 am
  • Amir Taaki’s Bitcoin evangelism has been described by a critic as “defense of criminality” during the Sundance Film Festival 2017. Taaki’s ‘New-World Defense Of Criminality’ Taaki is one focus – along with 3D gun producer Cody Wilson – of ‘The New Radical,’ a documentary premiering at Sundance directed by Adam Bhala Lough. In a review of the film, Owen Gleiberman of Variety considered Taaki, who has been involved with Bitcoin since its earliest days, as

    Sundance 2017: Amir Taaki, Cody Wilson and ‘Defense Of Criminality’

    | 2017/01/30 4:30 am
  • Civic CEO Vinny Lingham has forecast the “Trumping” of gold in first years of the US presidency in his “most controversial blog post yet” on Bitcoin’s future. Lingham on Gold & The ‘Trump Effect’ The early Bitcoin entrepreneur, building on a previous post about Bitcoin’s identity versus gold’s, stated a combination of global factors stemming from Donald Trump’s policies would ultimately cause serious problems for the commodity and the US dollar. “… My goal of this

    Vinny Lingham: Gold Set For ‘Trump Effect,’ Gen. X & Y Choose Bitcoin

    | 2017/01/29 10:00 am
  • Paxful has unleashed their new ‘Bitcoin Kiosk’  widget allowing anyone to buy bitcoin in 300 different ways. Bitcoin Kiosk: 300 Ways to Buy Bitcoin People ask me all the time “How do I starting buying Bitcoin?” It’s a good question when meeting someone in stranger through LocalBitcoins.com may be intimidating for a newbie. Entering into a mass surveillance dragnet through Coinbase, via the IRS, may also fail to create an appealing introduction. Now, Paxful has a

    New ‘Bitcoin Kiosk’ Aims to Make Buying Easier Than Ever

    | 2017/01/28 2:00 am
  • Monero’s stratospheric rise in value, darknet market acceptance and positive outlook mean this year could see it become Bitcoin’s de facto ‘appcoin.’ Bitcoin and ‘Giving Away Information’ The altcoin, which has shot from $0.50 to $12 per coin since January 2016, boasts privacy and anonymity features, which are gaining a steady stream of well-known fans. “If I pay my rent in Bitcoin, it wouldn’t be that hard for the landlord to figure out how much money

    Could Monero Become Bitcoin’s Anonymizing ‘Appcoin’?

    | 2017/01/27 11:30 am
  • Mexico’s biggest cash cow is under siege as Donald J. Trump threatens to tax or halt remittances to the country in order to pay for his border wall. Western Union Shares Dive Following Trump’s executive order to start building the southern border wall issued on Wednesday, markets are already taking into account the possibility of a tax on remittances from the U.S. to Mexico. This is already being felt by such remittance giants as Western Union whose shares dropped 2.44% today. As a

    Trump’s Mexico Feud Creating a Perfect Storm for Bitcoin Remittances

    | 2017/01/27 8:00 am
  • After a successful trial, China is one step closer to becoming the first country in the world to issue its own blockchain-based virtual currency. However, it will probably be a far cry from its open-access, transparent and immutable counterpart, Bitcoin. China: ‘YuanCoin’ Trial a Success Following the rise in popularity of the first blockchain-based currency in the world, i.e. Bitcoin, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) is getting closer to issuing its own, albeit centralized, government-backed sovereign digital

    China Trials Its Own ‘Bitcoin’ But Here’s Why It Will Probably Suck

    | 2017/01/26 11:30 am
  • Venezuela has arrested a group of Bitcoin miners for allegedly “affecting stability” of the country’s electricity supply. Thirsty Work Causes Problems for Miners As reported in local news resource Criptonoticias, four people running 300 machines to mine bitcoins are now in custody in Charallave, Miranda province. The Venezuelan Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigation Corps said that the operation, which also involved the selling of bitcoins on the country’s border, was having a negative impact on

    Venezuela Arrests 4 Bitcoin Miners as Trading Highs Continue

    | 2017/01/26 6:00 am
  • 2017 may be a year of many firsts. The first Bitcoin ETF. The first Bitcoin file sharing program. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame also has announced the first-ever blockchain-based public ‘Fan Vote’ for their list of 2017 inductees, and it was a huge success. World’s Largest Public Blockchain Vote Held The ‘Fan Vote’ through blockchain technology was conducted by Votem, who builds mobile voting platforms to enable people around the world to easily

    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Holds World’s Largest Public Blockchain Vote

    | 2017/01/26 2:00 am
  • Brazilian hotel chain Vert Hotéis now accepts Bitcoin in an effort to connect with the tech-oriented crowd and after multiple customers requested to pay with the cryptocurrency.  Stay in Brazil for Bitcoin In an effort to expand their customer base and to keep up with the growing demand, Vert Hotéis has added Bitcoin to the list of accepted payment methods for three of the hotels managed by the Brazil-based company. Bitcoin is now accepted in hotels Ramada Encore Minascasa,

    Brazilian Hotel Chain Now Accepts Bitcoin After ‘Multiple Requests’

    | 2017/01/25 11:00 am
  • Bitcoin’s price dropped slightly after the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) published a summary of its findings after inspecting major Chinese exchanges. PBoC: ‘Continued Focus’ on Exchange Activities “According to the initial inspection and the problems found, the inspection group decided to continue to focus on payment and settlement, anti-money laundering, foreign exchange management, information and financial security and other aspects of further inspection,” the translated statement reads. Investigators suggested that investors should pay attention to

    PBOC to ‘Continue Focus’ on Exchanges as Volumes Plummet

    | 2017/01/25 7:00 am
  • Europol, Interpol and the Basel Institute on Governance have revealed three focus areas for their planned regulations on cryptocurrency exchanges. Regulations are Definitely Coming A sure sign that Bitcoin has become more mainstream and accepted than ever is the increase in regulations. Nations are looking for tax revenue from Bitcoin users, and government law enforcement agencies are treating Bitcoin just as they would any other publicly traded currency. Recently, Europol, Interpol and the Basel Institute on Governance

    More Regulations Coming to Bitcoin Exchanges Against ‘Economic Crimes’

    | 2017/01/25 2:30 am
  • The release of Kim Dotcom’s BitCache and Megaupload 2 (MU2) has been said to be a transformational project that alone could double Bitcoin’s global value. It looks like we’ll have to wait awhile for this new app and new Bitcoin value to reach fruiting, as we update you on the new release schedule. Dotcom’s Megaupload 2, BitCache Delayed Last summer, online business mogul Kim Dotcom announced two future Bitcoin applications called Megaupload 2.0, or MU2,

    Kim Dotcom Reveals New Launch Schedule for BitCache, Megaupload 2

    | 2017/01/24 11:00 am
  • Almost 2.3 Billion people can now shop on Amazon without a computer or a bank account following Purse.io’s Android app launch.  Shopping with Bitcoin on Amazon Now Available to 2.3 Billion Following the launch of its iOS app, Purse.io has now released the Android version for its platform, enabling billions to shop on Amazon with Bitcoin on the most popular smartphone operating system with over 1.4 billion users globally. With both operating systems supported, the number

    2.3 Billion People Can Now Use Bitcoin on Amazon

    | 2017/01/24 7:00 am
  • Bitcoin investor Roger Ver has returned to Reddit after the social platform went back on its decision to ban him. Ver: Ban Was ‘Misunderstanding’  Following Ver’s r/memorydealers account being suspended last week, the ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ can now access and participate in all forums as before. It is understood Ver was originally banned for so-called ‘doxing’ – revealing the real identity of another user, in this case r/Bitcoin subreddit moderator Theymos. He also reposted a link, which

    Reddit Censorship: Roger Ver Returns Following ‘Misunderstanding’

    | 2017/01/24 4:00 am
  • In its Internet Health Report 2017, the Mozilla Foundation points towards a more transparent and decentralized internet, in which the Bitcoin’s underlying technology the Blockchain will play a significant part. What Makes a Healthy Internet? Although we usually think of the internet as a global network that is open and equal to all, this is often not the case. Different countries apply different rules and restrictions, some of them enforcing them with methods like the ones

    Mozilla Foundation: Bitcoin’s Technology Bolsters Internet Health

    | 2017/01/23 12:00 pm
  • Was getting ready to use the very popular website for online services, Fiverr, yesterday, and discovered they are taking a step back with their business for 2017. The Bitcoin payment option I have been using since 2014 is no more. What’s Fiverr? For the few who do not know, Fiverr is the world’s leading online freelance services website that offers “gigs” provided by vendors for just $5 USD. These gigs range from writing press releases

    Fiverr No Longer Accepts Bitcoin After ‘Purely a Business Decision’

    | 2017/01/23 9:00 am
  • HashCash founder and Bitcoin pioneer Adam Back along with others have praised entrepreneur Andreas Antonopoulos for his explanation of the benefits of Segregated Witness (SegWit) technology. Back: Antonopoulos ‘Best I’ve Seen’ On SegWit Antonopoulos, known for his advocacy of the tool as a solution to Bitcoin’s blockchain capacity issue, released the explainer in a Medium post back in August. Last week on Twitter, he reiterated support for Segregated Witness for the reasons he originally highlighted. @theonevortex I'm

    HashCash Creator: Antonopoulos Explainer on SegWit ‘Best I’ve Seen’

    | 2017/01/23 4:00 am
  • Following inspections from People’s Bank of China, the Big Three Chinese exchanges have halted margin and zero-fee cryptocurrency trading. The End of the Beginning? Bitcoin’s surge in price at the beginning of 2017 caught the attention of the Chinese government, which has been fighting tooth and nails against capital flight in the country, restricting foreign investments and gold importations. Given that an overwhelming majority of the Bitcoin trading volume comes from China, the government has

    Zero-Fee Bitcoin Trading Officially Ends in China; Begins in the UK

    | 2017/01/22 2:30 pm
  • Countries are reiterating tax specifications as Bitcoin becomes increasingly regulated around the globe amid rising price and popularity.  Bitcoin Taken Seriously, Increasingly Regulated Starting the year in the $1,000 USD range, Bitcoin has had an eventful month and January isn’t even over yet! So far, we’ve seen many countries take a new stance on Bitcoin in regard to regulations and taxes. Although this may cause some commotion in the short-term, as seen with the Public

    Bitcoin is Being Increasingly Regulated Across the Globe

    | 2017/01/22 4:00 am
  • 2017 is full of positive energy, renewed spirit, and the winds of change. As with any new year, new aspirations come with it, and the world is waiting for Bitcoin to gain its “killer app” that will take the digital currency mainstream. Kim Dotcom is working on it, but it will have to wait a couple more days. ‘I Want to Take Bitcoin Mainstream’ Last summer, online business mogul Kim Dotcom announced two future Bitcoin

    Kim Dotcom’s Megaupload 2.0 & BitCache Experience Aborted Launch

    | 2017/01/21 12:00 pm