• Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies have opened up new opportunities for all sorts of businesses and people who come with the concepts for them. One of the businesses that have sprung up is Crypto Chips, which are poker chips in a variety of different digital currencies. Entrepreneurship comes in many forms, and Crypto Chips is another great example of it. The Bitcoinist was able to interview the creator of CryptoChips.net Yakpimp from twitter and in the forums.

    Interview With Yakpimp CEO of Crypto Chips, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Poker Chip Maker

    | 2014/11/15 11:08 am
  • November 14, 2014 – Update: Manna Fundraiser is launching soon. Since the publishing of this article, Swarm has announced on it’s website that Manna and DDP crowd sales have not yet started and are launching soon. The facts that are no longer relevant are striked through in the original article below. Manna has zero backers and two days left before their swarm fundraiser ends. By Alberto Mata San Francisco, California – November 13, Manna, a

    11/14 Update: Manna Fundraiser is launching soon.

    | 2014/11/14 8:24 pm
  • Rimbit is the next generation trading platform, that complies with Government regulations, abides by society rules and more importantly it allows users to have full control of their money; it implements immense advantages, since it has no Bank fees, no country limitations, no international transaction fees and no lost Bank funds. It promises to be a highly secure platform offering a whole new range of financial possibilities.

    Rimbit – The Next Generation Trading Platform

    | 2014/11/14 5:47 pm
  • EmerCoin (EMC) is a decentralized cryptocurrency that enables international payments for practically zero fees and without reliance on a third party. Made for the real world, it is completely global and decentralized. EMC is developed by ppc.fixx.ru team that has specifically designed it for real world transactions, employing emergent technologies to create a new currency with both long-term and real broad application. Emercoin was the first in the history of crypto currencies, to used STUN protocol that allows obtaining external IP addresses, instead of WEB-services.

    Emercoin – An Innovative Global Currency

    | 2014/11/14 11:56 am
  • For those that have been living under a virtual rock for the past three months, (don’t worry, there are plenty of people under this rock) – Open Bazaar has released their beta 3.0! Not sure what Open Bazaar is? That is okay check out Bitcoinist’s coverage of the market here and here Why is Open Bazaar Important For the first time in history there is a market, this time a digital market, that cannot be

    Open Bazaar Beta 3.0 is Out!

    | 2014/11/13 8:12 pm
  • Zennet is trying to provide the technology for Computation power to be freely traded on the Zennet's open market platform. The goal is to offer anyone the possibility to rent computation power and use it to run arbitrary tasks and for anyone to monetize their hardware by making available their unused computation power.

    Zennet – A Decentralized Supercomputer

    | 2014/11/13 3:10 pm
  • It seems that the next trend for cryptocurrency may be POS, which essentially is securing the network and being rewarded coins just by having your wallet open with coins in it that are of eligible age, which varies from coin to coin. High POS is always interesting experiments, especially on how they mange inflation. The highest POS rate was 750%, but has been trumped by Snowballs. I was able to talk with the developer, “iGotSpots”

    Snowballs: 5000% yearly POS rate Altcoin!

    | 2014/11/13 6:00 am
  • Traveling to bitcoin conferences can get expensive. Some people have spent over $100,000 in travel expenses to travel to the multitude of bitcoin conferences in 2014. The Crypto Money Virtual Expo eliminates this cost altogether. Special Opportunity The Crypto Money Virtual Expo has announced special opportunity for fledgling cash-strapped startups that cannot afford to travel across the world to attend a bitcoin conference. Check out the press release below: Only 24 time slots available! Hurry

    Crypto Money Virtual Expo Enables Startups To Pitch From the Comfort of Home

    | 2014/11/13 4:12 am
  • BitcoinATM360, a global seller of Bitcoin ATMs, is now in partnerships with Coinsetter, a premier U.S. based bitcoin exchange is now in works of an intergrated partnership providing Bitcoin ATM operators prioritized access to Coinsetters exchange during time of purchase through BitcoinATM360s website. This partnership will be known as a significant advance in the Bitcoin ATM space. For the first time, an operator will be able to order a machine with backend exchange access, integration,

    Bitcoin ATM 360 to Partner with Coinsetter!

    | 2014/11/12 6:57 pm
  • Bitcoin In India For the past month, Bitcoinist.net delved into an seemingly untapped bitcoin market; India. The community in India has been very welcoming and like other bitcoin communities across the globe, are working relentlessly on bitcoin adoption and education. Why Developing Countries? Bitcoin is an excellent choice for developing markets as bitcoin is an excellent store of wealth where banks and governments cannot touch it. Ideal if your government or bank is untrustworthy. Furthermore,

    Bitcoin In India

    | 2014/11/12 1:23 pm
  • There has been a lot speculation, shouting matches, opinions, dubious accusations etc. that flew around concerning digital currencies, or like some call them crypto currencies. Some journalists from the more traditional media made unfounded accusations like “Mt. Gox has crashed so Bitcoin will follow suit”. If professionals and academics read things like that what do they think? Are there some that are sceptical or what is the deal? It does seem it’s “all quiet on

    Is digital currency “the solution”? The academic perspective.

    | 2014/11/11 9:04 am
  • We are all witnessing how the worldwide economic situation keeps getting worse and worse every day. Unemployment numbers are rising through the roof and there is no bright light ahead. On the contrary, the future is only looking gloomier at this point. So what can be done in order to create more jobs? The way things are handled at the moment leave a lot to be desired. Companies are not innovating themselves, or looking at

    Cryptocurrency Could Aid Job Creation Efforts

    | 2014/11/10 7:34 pm
  • People always ask me: “What to do with your Bitcoin and other crypto”? the answer is: you can do a lot with it. Buying gift cards for amazon, iTunes etc. However you want to do a solid investment. Maybe investing in some real money and what is better than buying proof sets, gold coins, silver coin sets etc. When you want to do this you need to be very careful. This article is written because

    Investing Bitcoins in physical coins. Risky business.

    | 2014/11/10 2:28 pm
  • It is not unknown to see scams in the crypto world. However, it was definitely surprising to see a company such as Moolah to end up as a complete and utter scam due to its owner Ryan Kennedy’s lack of respect to both his employees and customers. If it weren’t bad enough, Moolah declared bankruptcy, and funds from Mintpal, acquired by Moolah earlier this year were stolen by Ryan Kennedy. Yet, if it can be

    Syscoin’s Legal Struggle with Moolah

    | 2014/11/10 10:11 am
  • In a recent article written by a colleague over at Cointelegraph, the #11 ranked CounterParty announced the following: “Counterparty is helping power approximately two-thirds of all altcoin and Bitcoin 2.0 startups and ICOs”. At first glance that strikes me as a completely hyperbolic statement but one that I thought perhaps warranted a bit more digging. Upon visiting CounterParty’s platform I was immediately struck by how slick and clean the design was. I’ve messed around on

    Counterparty’s Extraordinary Claims

    | 2014/11/09 8:00 am
  • Cryptocurrency Takes Money 20/20 by Storm By Alberto Mata Las Vegas, Nevada – November 5 marks the end of Money 20/20, but the cryptocurrency presence in the world of finance is growing and getting stronger. Money 20/20 is the leading global event for innovation in money that sold out this year and had more than 7,500 attendees. Cryptocurrency was one of the six central themes of the conference. The six major payment themes were point

    Cryptocurrency Takes Money 20/20 by Storm

    | 2014/11/07 9:17 am
  • Breadwallet for iOS demoed live at Money 2020 By Alberto Mata Las, Vegas, Nevada – November 5, Adam Traidman, Founder & President of breadwallet, the first standalone iOS bitcoin wallet, sent $1000 of bitcoin to Aaron Voisine, Founder & CEO of breadwallet during a live demo at Money 2020. The live demo was successful and proceeded without any difficulties supporting the strong bitcoin theme at Money 2020. The team concluded the live demo at Money

    Breadwallet for iOS demoed live at Money 2020

    | 2014/11/07 7:09 am
  • Despite digital currencies being often perceived as anonymous payment networks, much of them are in fact, probably the most transparent payment networks in the world. Many of the crypto currencies have a public blockchain that makes them totally transparent.

    ZeroVert (ZER) – A new Gold Standard for Privacy

    | 2014/11/06 11:32 pm
  • KnC Miner has announced their expansion of an additional 20 MW to their data center in what they call the Node Pole by the arctic circle. The Node Pole is their nickname for the mining operations so far north. The new data center will be called Boden 2 and bring their site to a total of 30 MW and 15000 square meters. They are to have the new mining data centers operational by the end

    KnC Miners Announces 20MW Data Center Near the Arctic Circle After Turning Backs on Their Customers

    | 2014/11/06 7:54 pm
  • AlphaPoint announces partnership with Bitfinex. By Alberto Mata Las Vegas, Nevada – November 3rd at Money 2020 AlphaPoint, a white-label exchange platform, announced a strategic partnership with Bitfinex, a top bitcoin exchange by trading volume based out of Hong Kong. Bitfinex is adopting AlphaPoint’s platform as it’s backend in preparation for scaling to higher transaction volumes. The partnership was announced a day after the official launch of meXBT, a Mexican digital currencies exchange that is

    AlphaPoint announces partnership with Bitfinex.

    | 2014/11/05 10:50 pm
  • Comkort is an Estonian based exchange that opened their trading services back in February 2014, offering a series of distinct features with an incredibly fast, secure and easy-to-use real-time trading platform. Since the beginning, the quality and uniqueness of the Comkort exchange trading services has been widely appreciated and the number of the exchange users has been growing exponentially.

    Exclusive interview with the Comkort Exchange

    | 2014/11/05 8:10 pm
  • LoanCoin is set to be polymorphic digital token. It will serve as an in-network currency that will be used to pay transaction fees to loan officers and as a surety bond to ensure loan officer honesty. From the coinholders perspective, it will be an asset-backed, income-producing store of value similar to a high yielding savings account.

    LoanCoin, a decentralized Crowd Lending Network

    | 2014/11/05 7:13 am