• MerchantCoin Vision by Example Earlier this month MerchantCoin published their whitepaper. The following scenario is included in the paper and illustrates the MerchantCoin vision for a consumer and seller in the commercial sector who use the MerchantCoin ecosystem. “A Consumer is browsing the internet, seeking to buy a new sports watch. Finding a great deal and placing it in the shopping cart, he discovers that the Merchant accepts PayPal, Visa, Amex, XMC and BTC. Opening

    MerchantCoin Vision by Example

    | 2014/11/01 6:04 am
  • Reveal Coin is a revolutionary new crypto asset working on top of the Bitcoin protocol supported by a social network application. It will be the most exciting way to share with friends and followers. Every Reveal is a fun surprise a full screen image or video hiding behind a creative cover.

    Reveal Coin – a new revolutionary Crypto Asset

    | 2014/10/31 11:49 pm
  • Two weeks ago, Alex Green from Moolah.io announced that the cryptocurrency exchange Moolah.io would be shutting down. Due to this, Dogecoin suffered from a 20% price drop, from 71 satoshis to 59. Last week, Twitch.tv shared on their Twitter that they would begin accepting Dogecoin. This drove the Dogecoin price up from 59 satoshis to 70, a 19% increase. Over the past week, however, the Dogecoin price has remained at a steady 70 satoshis. Normal Routines

    Dogecoin Price Steadies Following Fluctuation

    | 2014/10/31 11:28 pm
  • Gavin Andresen proposes a roadmap for scaling Bitcoin By Alberto Mata On October 6, Gavin Andresen, Chief Scientist at Bitcoin Foundation proposed a roadmap for overcoming challenges to scaling Bitcoin. Andresen suggests rolling out a hard fork that increases the maximum block size limit to enable Visa scale transaction volumes of about 3,000 transactions per second. The maximum block size is currently hardcoded at 1MB enabling 7 transactions per second, and if increased would have

    Gavin Andresen proposes a roadmap for scaling Bitcoin.

    | 2014/10/31 9:53 pm
  • The service Apparts4rent now offers apartments for rent in Bitcoin. Specifically economy class apartments in the heart of Israel. The service offers apartments in the satellite resort region of Bat Yam City near Tel Aviv. Amenities The apartment offers the perks of: 3-5 minute walk to the beach Near bus stop en route to Tel Aviv Well developed infrastructure Near Spas and Therapeutic Centers All apartments are fully furnished with appliances and include laundry services.

    Airbnb of Israel Accepts Bitcoin

    | 2014/10/31 12:16 pm
  • Factom to have a working product by end of year. By Alberto Mata Revealed on October 27, Factom hopes to have a working product with API calls by the end of the year. Factom blocks and chains are already operational and running. Peter Kirby, Factom President, was interviewed by Rob Mitchell on The Bitcoin Game Episode #2 where Kirby talks about Factom, its progress, and timeline. “Factom is a protocol on top of blockchain which

    Factom to have a working product by end of year.

    | 2014/10/31 8:35 am
  • Bitnation decides to begin its crowd sale now and set up a multisig later. By Alberto Mata Revealed on October 28th in an interview with Bitnation leadership, Bitnation begins its crowdsale before setting up a multisig wallet. The funds are going to a single key address owned by Bitnation CEO Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof. Tempelhof was interviewed by Andreas Antonopoulos, Stephanie Murphy, and Adam Levine from the Let’s Talk Bitcoin (LTB) team in Episode #157. Andreas

    Bitnation decides to begin its crowd sale now and set up a multisig later.

    | 2014/10/31 7:13 am
  • New Japanese Bitcoin Exchange Launches New bitcoin exchange Kraken has finally launched in Japan. Kraken aims to replaces the notorious Mt.Gox as the leader in bitcoin financial exchange industry, doing so in the very place Mt. Gox was based in. During the team’s recent announcement, security and complete trade compliance were mentioned several times. USA & European Frontier Kraken has had exceptional history in the past operating within the United States and European markets. With

    Kraken Aims to Take Mt. Gox’s place in Japan

    | 2014/10/31 6:11 am
  • Yet again, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a whole are on the decline. While this is a 2 month chart, the outlook has been a steady decline with spikes of volume (particularly around October 5th as shown in the chart). To the current average of $347.25 according to CMC at time of writing. This was after a brief dip to the $330 range, but for now Bitcoin seems to be going on a positive market trend.

    Market Summary: Declines for Everyone

    | 2014/10/30 11:57 pm
  • KROIN, is the result of a new and innovative credit based economic and financial system. Kroin aims to be an alternative and democratic economic system to the traditional financial system. It's a system that creates and distributes a digital financial asset generated directly by users. Kroin developers designed it to be an open, verifiable, transparent and user friendly platform using the blockchain technology.

    KROIN, a brand new digital financial asset

    | 2014/10/30 5:57 am
  • We were in the Crazy Sin City at one of the most exciting bitcoin conference of this year. Hashers United Bitcoin Mining Conference. We had a chance to talk to Marshall Long, executive director of Hashers. Bitcoinist -This is the first ever mining conference in the industry so congratulations guys for putting it together! This is the second day of the two days conference here in Las Vegas. Amazing speakers, lot of audience. Excited to

    Interview with Marshall Long Exec. Tech Director of Finalhash

    | 2014/10/29 4:46 pm
  • Belgian Bitcoin Association is growing steadily.  The popularity of Bitcoin is growing steadily. Some claim that reason of the Bitcoin popularity increase is because of the big companies like overstock that are accepting Bitcoin payments for their goods. However history and statistical data has shown us that it is largely due to the fact of an active Bitcoin community that is open to all that is the main reason that Bitcoin is growing strong in

    Bitcoin, beer, chocolate and the European governments.

    | 2014/10/29 8:35 am
  • Monetas is building the world’s first decentralized system for financial and legal transactions. It is a powerful, open, standards-based platform that will enable digital finance entrepreneurs to build amazing new products and services. By introducing breakthrough technological innovations and dramatically lowering the cost of doing business, it will enable a whole new class of businesses. The startup mission is to empower people to live and do business with greater freedom than ever before, creating a world of unprecedented prosperity.

    Monetas, the World’s most advanced Financial Platform

    | 2014/10/29 5:03 am
  • Justcoin, a Norwegian based digital currency exchange, has announced it was shutting down their operations. This announcement was made early today throughout social networks and Reddit, and the affected customers have been receiving an email reporting the same issue. At the exchange official Blog and twitter account you can read: “Justcoin is shutting down. Affected users, check your email.”

    Norwegian based exchange Justcoin is closing down

    | 2014/10/28 8:30 pm
  •   When you look at Bitcoin, there will always be the one big obstacle that is so hard to overcome: building relationships with banks. Despite Bitcoin gaining massive media attention, and some of the world’s biggest companies now accepting Bitcoin as a payment method, the banks are still wary of this digital currency. But why is that, exactly? Many people attribute the “negative stance” banks have towards Bitcoin because of its decentralized nature. Add to

    European Merchant Adoption of Bitcoin is Lagging Behind And Results Into Difficult Banking Relations

    | 2014/10/28 2:45 pm
  • Welcome to the weekly News Bits! Umbrella Holdings: Insure your Cryptocurrencies! Umbrella is an insured cryptocurrency that is designed to be mined with a parent coin. It is usually the industry leader in terms of market cap for its algorithm. Umbrella differs from other cryptocurrencies by automatically sending a portion of each block reward to a secure wallet. Once the exchange is deemed secure, they guarantee all Umbrella Holdings while held on exchange. It’s important

    Bitcoinist News Bits 27.10.14

    | 2014/10/27 5:37 pm
  • What is DPOS? This week, Bitcoinist has published two excellent articles on the topic of DPOS, or delegated Proof of Stake. Both written by Alberto Mata, DPOS is a new feature that Bitshares is talking about, which they believe solves problems of both proof or work and proof of stake systems alike, adding another layer of security by countering the negative effects of trust centralization. One fact that is pointed out however is that it

    News Summary 10/19 – 10/26

    | 2014/10/26 9:52 pm
  • Xapo CEO and founder Wences Casares explains the history of money in a Big Think video about Bitcoin. His explanation of the history of money is below. “Bitcoin is a new digital currency that is perhaps the best form of money that we have ever seen. It’s important because most of us don’t understand money very well and perhaps the concept that is harder for us to understand is that money is and has always

    Wences Casares talks on the History of Money

    | 2014/10/26 2:35 am
  • Conformal Systems, an open-source software company, is creating BTCSim to answer the question of what would happen if Bitcoin transaction volumes reach those of major credit card companies. The software is under development on github, but BTCSim simulations have already produced results. Maximum Block Size The current maximum block size is 1MB, but the simulations show that the maximum block size that can be processed by a full node running on a single machine is

    BTCSim simulates the rise of Bitcoin

    | 2014/10/26 1:40 am
  • What is BitUSD? “With BitShares we are taking Bitcoin and we’re making it profitable, and bringing cryptographic US Dollars that are as secure and easy to use as Bitcoin. …what we want to do is we want to create a transparent banking where we create bitUSD by collateralizing it with a crypto-asset so the people who want price stability and the people who want leverage can meet, and then back bitUSD with a crypto asset

    Daniel Larimer talks on BitUSD

    | 2014/10/25 10:25 pm
  • Delegated proof of Stake ( or DPOS) is a consensus mechanism used to secure a blockchain. The Problem Consensus mechanisms like proof-of-work cause trust centralization at the entities driving the mechanism. In proof-of-work based systems like Bitcoin, trust concentrates at the entities that can produce the greatest amount of work. In the early days of Bitcoin, this concentration of trust was not an issue because anybody could plug in their computer and mine some bitcoin.

    On Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS)

    | 2014/10/25 9:42 pm
  • What is delegated proof of stake? “(DPOS) Delegated proof of stake is a new consensus algorithms that allows shareholders (or the users of the system) to have control over who is certifying the ledger. it allows us to have 10 second block times, process 10 transactions per second or more, and allows the network to scale; to have dedicated nodes that are highly efficient and specialized yet remain in control of the shareholders. We can

    Dan Larimer talks on Delegated Proof of Stake

    | 2014/10/25 8:42 am